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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 34 Part 1

The expression in Lu Yue’s eyes briefly changed as if he had thought
of something. “Where’s that damn shorty?” he asked as he approached
Lu Sicheng. He was in front of the makeup room and reaching for the
doorknob. The man who was squatting next to the door suddenly stood
up-- --His tall body was right between the door and Lu Yue.

“You go back first.”

Lu Sicheng sounded quite calm, without any facial expression. Except
for the messy hair, there wasn’t a sign of emotional turmoil-- --as if it
was Lu Yue’s imagination running wild.

Lu Yue pulled his hand back. “Is she in there?”

Lu Sicheng: “Yeah.”

Lu Yue: “Doing what?”

Lu Sicheng: “Don’t know.”

Lu Sicheng paused a bit, then said, “You go back first, she’ll be
there soon.”

Lu Yue fixed his eyes on Lu Sicheng’s eyes. “Xiao Rui insists that the
two of us take a group picture. That’s why I’m here to get her.”

Lu Sicheng just answered with an “en,” as if he wasn’t interested in
keeping the conversation going…...Lu Yue knew he couldn’t get any
more information from Lu Sicheng and gave up. He turned to go back
to the studio, “Then be quick, you two.”

Only Lu Sicheng remained in the hallway again. After a short while, the
door behind him opened from the inside. A slightly blushing face carefully
appeared through the slightly opened door. “Who were you talking to just now?”

“Lu Yue.”

Lu Sicheng turned to take a look behind him. She was wearing the uniform
now-- --He was silent for a while then used his usual, flat voice to say,
“Come out if you have the uniform on. What took you so long?”

The words “have the uniform on” almost made Tong Yao drag the doorknob
off. She tightly held onto the doorknob and opened the door a bit wider-- --
gliding out behind the door like a mud fish wearing ZGDX’s summer uniform……

The blue and white uniform on her looked a bit different from the other
teammates. The white, slender arms showing under the short sleeves
seemed to make the white uniform even whiter-- --like the skin color of
someone who never goes outside…...Lu Sicheng didn’t say anything but
just glanced over her and turned around to lead the way.

It was quite an awkward moment.

Tong Yao jogged behind to keep up with him and tried hard to find a way
to get both of them out of the embarrassing situation. “What did you see
just now?”

If Lu Sicheng took the hint, he should’ve replied that he hadn’t seen
anything at all. She didn’t expect that he would pause and honestly
respond, “I saw everything.”

Tong Yao almost tripped and stepped on Lu Sicheng’s heel. She steadied
herself and looked up, “I told you a thousand times to knock before you
open the door!”

“......Lu Yue was going to open the door without knocking just now.”
Lu Sicheng changed the subject, “I stopped him.”

“I’m talking about you, don’t bring Lu Yue into this!”

“You’ve been inside the makeup room for an hour and 40 minutes.
The chance for me to go in and see you in that condition or go in to
find you dead is about 50/50.”


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