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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 32 Part 2

Ming god put down his spoon and wiped his mouth, sighed and spoke
with a smile in the tone of an old man, “You bunch of kids.” Little Fatty
blushed, glared at Tong Yao, then fled back to his room after picking up
his own bowl, slamming the door shut-- --

Lu Yue watched Little Fatty fleeing without much expression on his face.
A few seconds later, Little Fatty opened his door, darting to the top of the
staircase as if a fire was chasing after him, and deeply bowed to the direction
of the dining table. “Lu Yue, I’ve made a mistake. I didn’t get the facts straight
before bringing you all this trouble. I’m sorry!”

Without waiting for Lu Yue’s response, Little Fatty hurriedly turned around
back to his room and shut the door again as if he was afraid his apology
would be rejected!

Little Fatty’s apology caught everyone off guard.

There was a short moment of silence around the table.

After a short while, Lu Sicheng opened his mouth, “That door will fall off
sooner or later if he keeps slamming it.” Then he looked at everyone at
the table and spoke as the captain, “What are you all looking at? Eat.”

Everyone then lowered their head and continued eating. Lu Yue casted
an eye at Tong Yao and grabbed his large bowl and spoon back. Xiao Rui
happily said, “Yeah, that’s good. Now that Little Fatty isn’t against it anymore,
then there should be no more objections to Lu Yue coming back to the team?
Lu Yue, I’ll have someone bring you a new contract to go over. We’ll be just in
time to turn in the player list for the new season tomorrow. The day after
tomorrow will be picture day for the summer season. We’ll have enough time
to arrange everything……”

Amidst Xiao Rui’s chatter, Tong Yao raised her head in confusion. “How can
you settle this thing just like this? What do you mean nobody has any objections?
Why is Little Fatty the only one who was against it? What about me? Me? Me?
I have an objection!”

Xiao Rui: “Every new player needs an alternate.”

Tong Yao: “......Don’t fool me just because I haven’t played professionally before.”

Xiao Rui: “It’s true.”

Xiao Rui: “Look at Cheng Ge, he was the alternate for someone else when
he first started playing professionally. Then after a year, he replaced Pope……”

Tong Yao kept the same expression of confusion. “......Are you trying to
persuade me or what?”

Xiao Rui: “.......................I’m just trying to tell you that gold will shine in the
end no matter what. Look at Cheng Ge and Pope, they’re both respected by
people. Each rules one region and all the other AD carries will shiver facing
them. They both are the strongest light and shadow in the history of
League of Legends.”

Tong Yao glanced at Lu Sicheng, as she had expected, he was sneering at
what Xiao Rui had said. Then she turned to looked at Lu Yue who happened
to be sizing her up like an explorer with his spoon in hand. He put down the
spoon and spoke in defiance with an indifferent voice, “The kind of ‘light’ that
got drunk and went crazy just because she lost to the Koreans once? I don’t
care for it.”

Tong Yao: “What did you say? Say that again, you better speak nicely.”

Lu Yue turned his head away.

Tong Yao stretched her leg under the table to kick the captain who was still
quietly eating his lunch. “He’s not talking, you talk!”

Lu Sucheng couldn’t pretend that he hadn’t noticed anything after being kicked
on the knee several times. He raised his head, glanced over the two bickering
kindergartners sitting right across from him. He asked with an expressionless
face, “Talk about what?”

Tong Yao widened her nostrils and angrily said, “Your brother is bullying me!”

Lu Sicheng answered with an “oh,” then lifted his chin towards Lu Yue. “She’s
here first. You have yourself to blame for coming back so late…...Besides, her
champion pool is much deeper than yours. Behave yourself.”

“You hear that?” Tong Yao used her elbow to poke the person next to her. “You!
Hear! That! I’m  here first! I have a deeper champion pool! Champion spoon
(*referring to someone who can only play a few champions and not enough to
form a pool)!”[1]

Lu Yue unhappily threw his spoon down and stared at Lu Sicheng. “Why are
you speaking up for her?”

Lu Sicheng paused as everyone at the table looked at him with the same
question in their eyes, he used his normally steady voice to declare, “I like to,
none of your business.”

Lu Yue showed his displeasure on his face.

Lu Sicheng turned to look at Tong Yao. “Don’t make a racket. It’s quite common
to have an alternate for the formal competitions in case there’s any emergency.
Everything is for the summer season. You want to keep your position, prove
yourself with your skill.”

Tong Yao puffed up her cheeks.

Xiao Rui put down his bowl and applauded. “Nice. This is the most fair effort that
I, as the team manager, have ever seen to keep the bowl of water level.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Yue: “......”

What the hell did he mean keeping the bowl of water level?

[1]: In Chinese.  Nobody says “Champion Spoon” in English.

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