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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 31 Part 5

Alarmed by what he had overheard outside the room, Ming god was
about to go back to the team and warn them to leave before those people
arrived. He was also going to call the police on his cell phone-- --

But when he lowered his head, he saw the man that was leaning on him
seconds ago now had a different look in his eyes. Lu Yue straightened up
and turned to open the door to the room.  Under the gaze of a bunch of
strangers, he held a liquor bottle and kicked the door open to JK’s private room!

Before anyone realized what had happened, the bottle came down on A Ge’s
head-- --Lu Yue spoke when he first entered the room, “Aren’t you so great?
Try me. Paying for damages? I have money, too”

What followed was what everyone had seen on the video; punching and pushing
that only stopped after Ming god injured himself. They called the police and the
ambulance. After the police got there, they sent those who weren’t badly hurt to
the station. Lu Yue, Yu Ming, and A Ge, whose head was bleeding, rode in the
ambulance to the hospital-- --

Then came the results from their medical examinations.

Though A Ge’s head was bleeding, the wound was considered minor which
didn’t constitute criminal liability. Lu Yue was locked up a few days for reeducation,
then paid for the damages…...However, Riot Games’ Chinese office learned about
the incident. Everyone involved, except Ming god, was banned from competing for
different lengths of time. Lu Yue got banned for the whole year, the longest of the bunch.

Ming god went to the hospital. Though his wrist was injured, the doctor didn’t give
his hand a death sentence but kept him under observation-- --

He might be able to make it to the world finals.

After Lu Yue was released from the police station, he went to the hospital to kneel
before Yu Ming’s bed for a whole night. In addition to apologize to Yu Ming, he also
asked Yu Ming not to tell anyone about the cause of the whole incident. He was afraid
that it would scare their teammates and affect their performance at the finals. He didn’t
want a whole year’s of effort go to waste…...At first, Yu Ming disagreed but in the end
Lu Yue persuaded him-- --

Lu Yue told him: I’m banned and you’re hurt. Why did all this happen? If the others
found out that they were facing such threats while playing professionally, then
everything I’ve done will be worthless.

Those words convinced Ming god to keep it a secret.

Ming god’s hand hadn’t healed by the time the team had to turn in their list of players
for the finals. With one mid banned and the other mid hurt, ZGDX had no choice but to
announce their withdrawal from the world finals at the last minute.

Afterwards, Yu Ming did want to tell everyone that it wasn’t Lu Yue’s fault for starting
the brawl, but Lu Yue wouldn’t let him. Then Lu Yue left the team and disappeared for
half a year. He didn’t contact anyone, didn’t even go home for the Chinese New Year-- --

Until today.


Yu Ming took his time to go into the details of the story, from beginning to end.  By
the conclusion, everyone was so quiet that one could hardly hear the sound of someone
breathing…...Though it could be argued that Lu Yue was simply too impulsive, it was
something that a 17 year old would do-- --

It was like a high schooler who had overheard that someone in the class next door
was going to gather a crowd to beat him up outside of the school. The high schooler’s
first reaction wouldn’t be to call the police or reporting it to the teacher; rather he would
find a way to gather even more people to beat up the instigator.

Besides, Lu Yue was doing it all by himself. Before he kicked open the door with beer
bottle in hand, he had pushed Ming god away from the door. He didn’t intend to pull Ming
god into it from the beginning.

It was an unfortunate accident that Ming god to hurt his hand which was something no
one wanted to happen.

When Ming god finished his story, there was a rather complex expression on
Little Fatty’s face. He took out of his cell phone to delete the post in front of everyone.
Then he turned around to go upstairs, closing his room door.

The staff who were responsible for public relations and publicity got together with
Xiao Rui to discuss how to make the truth go public. Though it might not completely
urn public opinion around, at least they had to let the public know that ZGDX wasn’t
the one who instigated the whole incident.

Lu Sicheng sat on the couch with his arms crossed, looking at his brother,
“Tried to play hero.”

Lu Yue lowered his head, kept chewing his rice crackers, and glanced at Ming god
with furrowed eyebrows. “Told you not to say all that nonsense.” Ming god smiled
and patted Lu Yue’s head, “You’ve been wronged for so long, can’t let you take the
blame anymore.”

Lu Yue impatiently pushed his hand away.

Tong Yao now began to feel the overbearing pressure which had hovered over
the base had finally been lifted.

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