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My ears are rotting…



The king of Horant, Suprangel, chose to calm down the uproar outside and within the castle. He declared peace and reconciliation because of the negotiations with the feudal lord Hifumi Tohno of the Fokalore territory within Orsongrande.

“Monetary reparations concerning the damages done by Horant.”

“The permission of Fokalore’s soldiers to be stationed within the domain of Horant.”

Especially the third point, not only was it unheard-of in history for a foreign army to be stationed within another country, but the opposing voices of the domestic nobles against Suprangel were strong. However, the king disregarded those.

Of course that didn’t mean that Suprangel happily swallowed those terms.
Even now, while listening to the talks of the nobles, who insisted in their stinging dissenting views in the name of remonstrating him with 「What insolence」, he recalled the conversation with Hifumi.

“You are asking me to place your troops in my country… ?” (Suprangel)

With the audience hall being in a desolate state because of the terrible scene of corpses being scattered all over, the two carried out their negotiations in another room that had been prepared.
In normal cases, there is a lot of importance attached to formality such as seating order, but since it was a discussion between the king and a single noble it became a conversation of both sitting on an equal level this time.

“That’s only natural. Though we will teach you how to fight, it will be pointless if it’s only 1 or 2 soldiers.” (Hifumi)

“Though I think that the compensation and the direct trade can’t be avoided…” (Suprangel)

“At the beginning.” (Hifumi)

Not making himself quite clear, Hifumi muttered towards the king while entrusting his back to the chair and looking up to the ceiling.

“I’m curious, won’t it create a situation of different small warlords rivalling with each other within the noble’s consul, if the political centre of Horant is destroyed and a large amount of the populace becomes rootless? I wondered whether I should do such experiment, but…” (Hifumi)

He says an outrageous thing with a serious look.

“However it would be too wasteful to lose the technology of magic tools due to that. There is the problem with the sense of pain and ego vanishing, but the body enhancement was good. If that sort of technology spreads even more, the killing will become a lot more enjoyable. It should also cause an effect of thinking about war more deeply in various ways.” (Hifumi)

“We will arrive at that place in the end.” (Suprangel)

“Of course”, Hifumi laughs.

“I was transferred here from another world against my will by the idiots of Orsongrande. I planned to go on a rampage a little bit as I had to hold back so long, but there was a lot less resistance than I imagined.” (Hifumi)

“Another world… ?” (Suprangel)

“Imeraria called it summoning magic. It seems to be an ancient technique, however I don’t know about it quite well. I was forcibly summoned from another country by that spell. If you feel like it, it’s alright to exchange blows with the royal family of Orsongrande due to that.” (Hifumi)

“That is… I will pass on that. Even if I said something now, it wouldn’t amount to much more than a loser’s whining. However, aren’t you denying the possibility of Horant going to war against Orsongrande?” (Suprangel)

“No, it’s a standpoint of recommending the opposite. If it reaches the point that people use their heads, the battles will become as long and violent as possible. I didn’t tell you add the provision of being non-aggressive towards Orsongrade for a reason. That’s how it is.” (Hifumi)

There was no need for Suprangel to say anything else anymore. He doesn’t know how soon that man would devour the country once again if he doesn’t finish the conference quickly and settle down the internal affairs somehow.

With this they concluded the unprecedented peace between a single noble’s territory and a whole country.

“Somehow we were welcomed with an amazing vigour.” (Alyssa)

“It’s likely the king’s instigation. His soldiers probably decreased considerably. They might not want to risk even skirmishes, to say nothing of a war, until they have reorganised their army to some extent.” (Hifumi)

Incidentally, as he left the castle, he was joined by Alyssa who caught up.

Alyssa’s group, which had intended to open hostilities upon coming into contact with the enemy, got completely discouraged.

“Origa already started the aforementioned strategy. As it had been decided that we will train the soldiers of this country for the time being, I will have you, together with the lot you brought along, stay here and drill them. The period is half a year.” (Hifumi)

“For half a year!?” (Alyssa)

“I plan to start the next step in around that time.” (Hifumi)

Hifumi says while scribbling on some kind of document. Alyssa tilted her head to the side.

“Next?” (Alyssa)

“Right, next. Because I will make sure to have Horant, Orsongrande and Vichy approach a pleasant standstill, soldiers of various places will be trained during that time. After that I will somehow give them a trigger.” (Hifumi)

Alyssa quietly sighed due to Hifumi laughing innocently.

“I leave the methods of drilling to you. Alyssa will occasionally return to the territory. While at it, we will also replace the lot stationed here. It’s also necessary to have similar training in Vichy and the other territories.” (Hifumi)

“It will become busy, eh?” (Alyssa)

“Yea, but it will also become a lot more fun. … Alyssa.” (Hifumi)

“What?” (Alyssa)

“There’s no particular necessity to continue doing the unreasonable. It’s also unnecessary to feel gratitude. I was able to enjoy Vichy plentifully.” (Hifumi)

“Do I seem to be that worn out?” After Alyssa inclines her head to the side, she laughs with her whole face.

“Gratitude, eh? I also followed Hifumi-san intending to repay the favour at the beginning, but now that’s not it. Seeing various cities in various countries, looking at an unknown world and talking with companions I’m getting along with is fun.” (Alyssa)

Alyssa’s eyes were suddenly filled with tears.

“That’s why I’m together with Hifumi-san. At the time of going through a bitter experience in Vichy, I thought about wanting to die, but since it’s this much fun right now, I consider it to be fine as it is.” (Alyssa)

“Please treat me well”, when Alyssa bowed, Hifumi tapped her shoulder while smiling as well.

“I see. It’s fine to do what you like as long as you enjoy it. It’s your life after all.” (Hifumi)

“Uh huh. It’s a blessing if you can do what you like.” (Alyssa)

“Yes, that’s right… Eep.” (Hifumi)

Once Hifumi raised his look, he saw the soldiers of Fokalore chewing their handkerchiefs behind Alyssa while spilling tears of gratitude. Their resounding, sobbing voices were similar to the wails reputed to be heard from the entrance to hell.

“Director! I will accompany you for the rest of my life as well!” (Soldier)

“Please tell us anything! We will do our utmost to fulfil your wishes!” (Soldier)

“Yea, best regards from now on too!” (Alyssa)

Watching the soldiers answer in one voice to call of Alyssa, Hifumi secretly left the place wondering since when those guys had become this disgusting. (T/N: Lol)
He hastened his return for the sake of creating the next place of conflict.

The first task of Vaiya, who became the vice-captain of the new Royal Knight Order, was to proceed towards Fokalore. It had been decided he would carry out negotiations before involving Phyrinion.

Being the initiator and an acquaintance of Hifumi, Sabnak has assisted in the guarding of the former soldiers of Horant on their travel to Fokalore before returning to the royal castle. He also had the national task to make sure they arrive with his own eyes.

Excluding Vaiya, who participated several times, the soldiers of the national army only inclined their heads to the side in doubt whether the unfamiliar training regime had any effect.

And before long they arrived at Fokalore.

“On top of the attendants having increased considerably, the person in charge is absent…” (Caim)

Caim expressionlessly muttered  a few words as if being fed up. Splitting the soldiers, who came from Horant to immigrate, into groups and assigning accommodations, he quickly broke up the soldiers and had staff members guide them.

Vaiya, who was rolled up in that skilled performance, is guided to Phyrinion by Brokkra.

The neatly cleaned-up first floor is completely a public space. There is a clerk on standby at the information desk to give easy-to-understand guidance. A row of counters is lining up in a clear order for all kinds of reports. The residents are quietly talking in the meeting space. It’s rather busy with people like apparently newly-wed who are exchanging information with fellow couples and people, who are reminiscing with others that lost their relatives as well.

“This is amazing…” (Vaiya)

Brokkra explained in detail as Vaiya was taken aback.

“All of this is following the teachings of Lord-sama. Each of the staff members, with the exception of us 5 civil official slaves, has their own individual role and it had been established that they use the pre-set format as well. They are managing everything like the occupation, family structure and address of the inhabitants.” (Brokkra)

“Address?” (Vaiya)

Vaiya posed a question hearing an unknown word.

“Beginning with this city, there is a manager and a name for each block of the cities and villages Lord-sama controls. And since all buildings have a number added to them, it has reached the point that any building is defined by its block’s name and number. The delivery service, that begun as private organisation, is using that as well.” (Brokkra)

“What a…” (Vaiya)

Vaiya can’t hide his shock due to them being able to organise things and people in a way even the capital can’t. At the time of realising that there were a lot of things he should study besides military affairs, he regretted to not have brought along even more of the other knights as well.

Once Brokkra knocked on the door, Krinola came over and opened it.
As they enter, Phyrinion stands up to welcome them.

“Welcome. Although we’ve heard about the envoy from the royal castle, I hope you can accept me, Phyrinion el Amazelotto, as representative.” (Phyrinion)

Since the moment he looked at the slightly tired expression of the smiling Phyrinion, Vaiya couldn’t avert his eyes from Phyrinion. Her soft, green and lush wavy hair and her brightly glittering orange pupils. Noticing his own leering at her smiling lips, Vaiya turned away his look in a fluster.

“Is anything wrong?” (Phyrinion)

“N-No! Please excuse me!” (Vaiya)

Vaiya, who unintentionally ends up using a loud voice, sits down urged by they reception while blushing. Brokkra tells them that his next official duty is waiting for him and leaves.

“I’m the vice-captain of the newly established Royal Knight Order, Vaiya Zuellen. (T/N: >> Tsue~ren)” (Vaiya)

Given that his face heated up once he looked at her face, he greeted her while looking slightly downwards, but as he was wearing the uniform of the knight order which attracts attention, his face flushed all the more.

“Royal Knight Order?” (Phyrinion)

Phyrinion involuntarily knitted her brows due to the unfamiliar expression.

“Though it is disgraceful, it’s an incomplete knight order that still has a bit work left to do as organisation as it was just founded the other day. The captain is Sabnak-dono, who hails from the Third Knight Order just like you. It’s likely that he is just about now returning to the capital almost as if replacing me.” (Vaiya)

“He is… By the way, you know about me belonging to the Third Knight Order?” (Phyrinion)

“I was told various things by Sabnak-dono before leaving Münster. Since you are probably experiencing hardships as his replacement, he wants to help you if he gets a chance to do so.” (Vaiya)

Vaiya pretended to not notice her instantaneous angry expression due to Sabnak’s verbal message. Rather than that, he is embarrassed to have become more talkative than usual without hurrying up the talks at all.

“Looks like various things have happened in the royal castle.” (Phyrinion)

“Yes, both, the First and Second, Knight Orders have been dissolved. Earl Tohno has played a great part in that.” (Vaiya)

Vaiya explained the situation as far as he knew himself to Phyrinion.

The war with Horant, the matter of Hifumi marching into Horant, the prince’s death and the princess’ decision. Phyrinion silently listened to all of the topics.

“… Thank you very much. The world is changing at an outrageous speed. Even the incomprehensible common sense of the original lord of this territory, I was able to realise it once again.” (Phyrinion)

Choosing this timing, Krinola exchanged the completely cooled-down black tea. Stealing a fleeting glance at Vaiya’s face during the time of placing the cups, she almost unintentionally burst into laughter. She is wondering why her own master doesn’t realise the state of the male in front of her.

“And? You surely haven’t expressly accompanied the travel of the defeated soldiers from Horant for the sake of reporting the state of things this time, right?” (Phyrinion)

“Yes, of course not. Though I also ascertained the immigrants from Horant with my own eyes, the real issue for me to come here is to convey a request from the royal castle.” (Vaiya)

“From the royal castle? Are the contents intended for my ears?” (Phyrinion)

Phyrinion made sure whether it was fine to not wait for Hifumi to return, but even grasping that, Vaiya does nothing more but continuing the prior discussion.

“Of course I’m well aware that the final decision will rest with the feudal lord. However, judging from Earl Tohno’s character, he makes prompt decisions if possible. Before that I planned to request a prior examination whether or not it will be possible.” (Vaiya)

Certainly there is also the possibility of Hifumi deciding during his stay at the royal castle, but at any rate it might be different if there is or isn’t a preparatory phase.

“If that’s what this is about, I will listen to your story.” (Phyrinion)

“Fokalore’s feudal army’s state of being undefeated, we came to the conclusion that the secret of their strength lies in the content of their training regimen. Therefore, because there won’t be a problem in borrowing a few soldiers from the feudal army, we are planning to request them to coach the national army.” (Vaiya)

“With such kind of talk, it’s even fine to talk to the civil official slaves about it. There’s probably no one as well-informed about this territory as them.” (Phyrinion)

“It’s to the degree of them knowing more than the feudal lord”, Vaiya gaze was glued to Phyrinion’s smile as she said that while laughing.

“Umm, is there something wrong?” (Phyrinion)

As expected, even Phyrinion would notice it if she was stared at with a bright right face. Though, in her case it was a feeling of wondering whether she had said anything offending in this situation.
At last noticing that he was watching her in fascination due to being called, Vaiya averted his gaze while stroking his cheeks in panic.

“E-Excuse me! Just, seeing… your beaut… y…” (Vaiya)

Vaiya doesn’t make eye contact wit Phyrinion realising the meaning of those words after finishing them.
Even Phyrinion ended up hanging her head in shame with a bright red face thanks to the unforeseen words.

“Umm… thank you very much…” (Phyrinion)

After squeezing out words of thanks a few times, both of them ended up silently looking downwards with red faces.
Krinola, who left the room quietly, got enthusiastic about reporting this to Phyrinion’s family’s home, the Amazelotto household.


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