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Just before noon the Vichy army slowly approached the stage of the battle, Fokalore, in a large spread out formation.

The gate of Fokalore was an enormous and massive iron wall.

The wall enclosed the city as well and the side facing Vichy was predominantly reinforced. It was elevated to a height of close to 3 meters in contrast to the traditional height of 2 meters.

“Get ready.” (Buer)

Without averting his gaze, Buer ordered.

The foundation of assaulting a city in this world was to either strike at the gate using a great number of people or to forcibly open it. As for the soldiers not fitting in front of the gate, they were to climb over the wall. It was such an extremely simply strategy.
Although quite a number of soldiers had deserted, Buer judged that they had an ample amount of war potential to conquer the city before the enemy reinforcements would come. Without using any originality he chose a plan of passing over the high wall and forcibly breaking through the gate by a human waves tactic in order to tear down the defense.

“Atta-” (Buer)

Before Buer could finish voicing out his order, the gate, made by Pruflas using special metals, slowly opened.

“Humph, being aware of the unfavorable numbers, they decided to surrender, huh?” (Buer)

But, it wasn’t a messenger of capitulation that appeared from within the gate. It was something as big in size as 3 of those spear throwers that had killed many of the Vichy soldiers.

It was completely charged with thick spears which didn’t allow any objections to be branded as logs.
The discharge of the spears made a deep sound of *gon*. The spears approached the soldiers of Vichy drawing a radiating line rather than a straight line. They stole the lives of several soldiers not by piercing but by smashing them.

“Wh-, Wh- …” (Buer)

With the appearance of the never-before-seen huge weapon, Buer even forgot to issue any orders as he watched a log smeared with red blood roll next to him.
Using that opportunity, the spear thrower was pulled back into the city and the gate once again closed its maw.

“What is that …” (Kasha)

Looking at the blunt weapons flying in the sky, Kasha, just like Buer, became speechless.
At her side Hifumi and Pruflas were reviewing the results.

“It might be too heavy after all?” (Hifumi)

“No matter how you look at it, there is a limit to it, no?” (Pruflas)

Watching the logs just barely reaching the enemy without even any decent velocity, those two had their attention drawn to the problematic issues  rather than the things working out and easy-goingly discussed them.
As the dwarves proposed “It is currently, so to speak, a trial product, but won’t it still be quite powerful?” it resulted in Hifumi granting permission by saying 「Why don’t you try making it then?」

“It is a failure. Just put it away into an empty storage house afterwards.” (Hifumi)

“I guess it can’t be helped. I will try to improve it once I have some time.” (Pruflas)

Unaware of Buer’s amazement, Hifumi and Pruflas judged it as failure.

As if replacing them, Alyssa came running to Hifumi’s side.

“Hifumi-san, as you have declared, the citizens are taking refuge for the moment, but is that place really alright?” (Alyssa)

“It’s fine. Leaving that aside, since the playtime for the dwarves has ended, I leave the rest to you.” (Hifumi)

“Understood! Hifumi-san, please take care as well!” (Alyssa)

Alyssa issued the next orders to the soldiers while running around.

It would be impossible to destroy the gate as long as they didn’t use quite an impressive battering ram.

Each spear thrower was handled by two soldiers. They were guided to take a rest by shift at the intervals of 30 minutes.

Hifumi carried out the finishing touches himself. (T/N: That’s one very nasty defense setup xD)

“Welcome to Fokalore!” (Hifumi)

Hifumi, who had climbed to the top of the gate, gathered the attention with a *pan pan*.

“To you, who came from distant lands, we have arranged a grandiose reception. Looking at you like this, I praise you for your splendid perseverance coming here. Please savor the banquet plentifully.” (Hifumi)

“Open the gate and come out! Fight fair and square!” (Buer)

Although Buer’s throat only got hoarse by replying to Hifumi’s words in a voice filled with anger, Hifumi ended up withdrawing quickly in the middle of Buer’s continuing speech.

All of the soldiers of the Toono territorial army knew of the battlefields up until now and what would take place from hereon. Although it would have been fine to flee, coming up to here being spurred on by Hifumi’s provocations was a mistake, all of them thought indifferently, as if it was somebody’s else’s problem.
Not swords and clubs, but repeatedly attacking them by surprise attacks with the long-distance arms they were provided with, for the territorial army a complete victory was the given. For them this war was nothing else but a one-sided, bloody, straight obliteration of their enemies.

“Don’t kill the general.” (Hifumi)

“Alright, I will tell everyone properly to not do so.” (Alyssa)

“Well then, I leave the command to you.” (Hifumi)

“Roger! Everyone, begin the attack!” (Alyssa)

Following Alyssa’s order, spears were shot successively.

Some saw their companions right in front of their eyes meeting instant death.

Although Buer, who was spared from being aimed at following Hifumi’s order, hurriedly gave the order to attack, those, trying to break into a run, were felled with aimed hits.

Even though there were also those who hid themselves in-between their companions corpses, it was easy for the spears, having their power and force repeatedly improved by the dwarves, to penetrate through a man’s body crushing its bones.
The Vichy army, even despite its numbers, was forcibly pushed back and slowly had to distance itself.

“Forward! Forward! Keep up the pressure! We will win once we get hold of the gate!” (Buer)

Not thinking of having any doubts of himself not being targeted, Buer brandished his sword as he shouted.

From the highway, scattered with corpses and severely wounded, the archers tried to provide cover with their arrows for the infantry, which departed before them.
In order to not disobey Buer’s order they sporadically shot arrows, but being thwarted by the the high walls, there wasn’t any visible effect.

Around two hours had passed since the start of the battle. Pressured by the one-sided slaughter, the number of Vichy soldier’s had considerably dropped. And yet they still struggled to arrive in front of the gate while covered in injuries. For the sake of avenging their allies, they battered with force at the gate using the swords and clubs they held in their hands.
While a sound of *gon gon*’s reverberated with multiple shifted tempos, Hifumi frowned.

“How noisy… it would have been better to install some cushioning materials on the gate, I guess?” (Hifumi)

Next to him, Kasha was plugging her ears.

Going by Hifumi’s well-known strategy, the Vichy’s army would eventually retreat as they were unilaterally massacred as it was now.

Even though I had steeled my resolve while having severe hesitation, wouldn’t it be better if that operation wasn’t executed? was what Kasha thought as well.

“Hifumi-sama” (Origa)

Origa, who had commanded the soldiers at the Lord’s mansion while he was absent, approached.

“It seems that the reinforcements of the royal castle will arrive before long. According to the scout’s report, it appears the Third Knight Unit is leading the reinforcements.” (Origa)

“I see.” (Hifumi)

“Scouts? Did you dispatch scouts into the direction of the royal castle as well?” (Kasha)

Following Origa’s words, Kasha ended up unconsciously raising her voice.

“Ah, our movements here may likewise have to change depending on the timing of the reinforcements’ arrival… Is it somehow inconvenient if we dispatch our scouts into that direction?” (Hifumi)

“N-No, it is fine to go that far if it’s for knowing the situation of our allies… No, don’t worry about it.” (Kasha)

Glancing at the flustered Kasha, Hifumi faced towards the vicinity of the gate.

“I will go kill the guys clinging to the gate.” (Hifumi)

Climbing the scaffolding, he ascended to the top of the gate once again.

Kasha also tried to follow him, but since it was originally impossible for people to climb there. Hifumi ordered her to wait on standby as it would be too narrow for three people up there either way.
As Hifumi looked down from atop the gate, he saw about 10 Vichy soldiers desperately striking the gate without even causing small vibrations to it.

“Shut up.” (Hifumi)

Hifumi withdrew a naginata from his dark magic storage and brushed the carotid artery with it precisely and gently.

Origa also undauntedly used her wind magic, she had trained hard, for cutting off the legs and arms of the Vichy soldiers. One by one the men were plunged into the abyss of death.

Having shortened the thoroughly repeated chants to the limit, the wind blades reaped the enemy’s lives continuously in succession.

In an instant, feeling as if time itself had slowed down, a shadow wedged itself into her field of vision covering her body.

At the time she fell down from the top of the gate, she came to her senses by the pain.

“Painful … arrow? Who is … ah, ah, ahhh …” (Origa)

Something like who would have been able to protect her from the arrow flying at her at that timing, there wasn’t even any necessity to think calmly about it. She couldn’t settle down catching sight of that figure.

“Hi-Hifumi-sama!” (Origa)

Having an arrow stuck in his shoulder, Hifumi had even further protected Origa from the fall. While breathing roughly he had collapsed on the city’s ground drenched in sweat.

Of course, even Kasha wasn’t an exception.

“Hifumi-san!” (Kasha)

“Kasha-san, leave this place to me. Take Hifumi-san to the mansion for medical treatment! Since Origa-san has fallen down as well, go together to the mansion!” (Alyssa)

Towards the two flustered women, Alyssa, the youngest of them, called out. She also issued an order to the soldiers to keep composure and continue the shooting.

“Th-That’s right, if we don’t hurry with the medical treatment …” (Kasha)

Although she pondered whether this might possibly be her chance to get in touch with Pajou, with only one arrow having struck him and Hifumi possessing high-ranking healing medicine, Alyssa would naturally have considered the time for medical treatment.

There was no serious injury visible on Origa, but her ankle was badly twisted and it didn’t seem like she would be able to normally stand.
Even though the front line, having seen off the two leaders, fell into confusion temporarily, they were propped up by Alyssa’s extremely unsuited fiery encouragement.

“Hey there! Aim properly while shooting!” (Alyssa)


The territorial soldier, having his back clapped, suppressed his impatience and aimed at the next enemy.
The soldiers, who took their rest in turns, were astonished by the stoutheartedness of Alyssa.

“The chief is calm for sure.”

“After all, that was Hifumi just acting.” (Alyssa)

Though it was different for Origa, Alyssa said.

“… ha?”

“Hifumi-san had been looking for a chance to pretend getting injured. Since he withdrew to the mansion after actually getting injured… ah!” (Alyssa)

Incidentally having exposed something outrageous, Alyssa began to panic.

“Fo-Forget what I’ve said! I was told to aim for the enemy general once Hifumi became injured! Aim at that guy and quickly kill him off! After hitting him, cease shooting for a short while!” (Alyssa)


Buer, not having been aimed at the whole duration of the battle, exposed his figure boldly while giving commands on top of his horse.

The Vichy soldiers, seeing their general shaking violently and dropping from his horse as well as losing the audible voice forcing them to persist in this dangerous place, noticed that the downpour of spears had ceased.

Even those soldiers clustered in front of the gate, watching their allies in the rear fleeing, escaped from the gate at full speed.

“Well then, open the gate! Half of you will accompany me to drive the enemies away until the national border! The remaining half will clear the area in front of the gate!” (Alyssa)

Other than Alyssa’s orders the territorial soldiers couldn’t follow on how easily the battle had ended. But as Alyssa told them that it wouldn’t work out if they didn’t purge the enemy before the residents returned to the city, they started to move without complaining within a tight schedule.

The Vichy’s side residents were temporarily moved to the plaza in front of the mansion. But none of those residents were told that the Vichy army had been repelled.

Pajou’s group was bewildered by the strange welcoming mood, but just before she could step into the city, she became aware of the breaking sound of the portable magic tool. Her face became stiff.

Entering the city, she confirmed the matter about Hifumi’s injury with several of the fief’s population. Judging that Hifumi had received a serious injury, she led two thirds of the unit towards the mansion whereas Midas took command of the remaining third.

“Please advance into the direction of Vichy.” (Pajou)

“… Roger.” (Midas)

Pushing her way through the populace, she saw off Midas galloping away on a horse towards the gate facing into Vichy’s direction. Pajou turned towards the Knight Unit and told them to dismount their horses and draw their swords. She gave the soldiers the order to surround the mansion for the sake of hindering the populace to enter the mansion.
Although she felt anxious as things were going a tad too well, missing the opportunity due to being seized by fear was unacceptable she persuaded herself. Together with her comrades she broke into the Lord’s mansion where Hifumi was supposed to be.


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