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Chapter 944

Thunderbolt Core


After borrowing the strength of the Ancestral Stone to finish off those eighteen withered corpse, the Lin Dong duo once again set off and headed directly towards the deep parts of the cave. While they were venturing deeper, they could also spot many treasures seekers, who had ventured into the cave. They were like a swarm of locusts that charged into some buildings that were in ruins as they searched everywhere for treasures.

Although this cave was destroyed in the end, it was clearly quite majestic when it was still standing. Many treasures still remained even after such a long period of time. It was inevitable for those treasure seekers to engage in a bloody battle with reddened eyes after seeing those treasures.

Lin Dong had witnessed over ten intense battle along the way. Both parties fought until they went slightly mad. Moreover, there were also many wolves like greedy gazes waiting by the side of the battleground. Attempting to successfully obtain a treasure from within this cave was no easy task.

Other than the intense battles between the treasure seekers, this cave, which has been encroached upon by Yimo, clearly had some lingering dangers within it. Most of these dangers were just like the withered corpses from before. These corpses have been eroded by the Yimo aura, which had vastly strengthened their bodies. Unless one used a special method to remove the Yimo aura inside, those bodies corpses would be just like a terminator.

As the cave grew increasingly rowdy, it was obvious that many experts have lost their lives in the hands of those withered corpses. Nonetheless, not only did this fail to strike fear in their hearts, it resulted in an increasingly number of experts gathering together to specifically seek out these withered corpses. This was because the Dantian of these corpses had formed the ‘Deathly Silent Pill’. This was also a rather precious treasure. If one was to auction it in the outside world, one pill was worth at least a few million Xuan Yuan pills. That price caused even attracted Lin Dong a little.

Of course, although Lin Dong was attracted, he did not head out to search for those pills. The most important objective of this trip was still the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. He did not wish to spend a great amount of time searching for those withered corpses within this extremely spacious and majestic cave. If he ended up missing the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, he would regret it for the rest of his life…

Hence, Lin Dong duo merely travelled in a straight line and rushed towards the deep parts of the cave, while those red-eyed treasure seekers were searching all over the cave for those withered corpses.

The buildings appearing on the land began to cluster together as the both of them gradually ventured deeper. However, it was still filled with a broken aura. From within the ruins, he could vaguely sense the soul stirring big battle that had erupted in this place back then…

Faced with those evil Yimo’s massive attack, it was likely that everyone within this cave had went all-out to defend their sect. However, it seemed like they ultimately failed, just like the ancient sect Lin Dong saw within the Great Desolate Tablet.

Furthermore, their failure was silently removed from history. If it was not because of the opening of the cave this time around, it was likely that no one would have ever known that such a powerful faction had once existed in the deep parts of this region.

Lin Dong’s figure rushed through the sky. His eyes looked at the damaged buildings that were appearing to be swiftly retreating in the opposite direction. A quiet sigh was involuntarily emitted in his heart. Those Yimo creatures were indeed the common enemy of those in the world. No one knew where they had come from. However, it seems like not even an inch of grass would appear, wherever they had passed. All life appeared to have been destroyed by them…

“Brother Lin Dong, there is some activity in front.” Mu Lingshan’s big eyes suddenly looked far in front of her as she flew and cried out curiously.


Lin Dong nodded. He had also sensed that there was a unique kind of fluctuation spreading far in front of him. That fluctuation seemed to have a hidden thunder roar.

“Be careful.”

Lin Dong turned his head and reminded Mu Lingshan on the opposite side. Lin Dong had been exceptionally cautious ever since he had met that mysterious red robed person. The Thunderbolt cave had attracted far too many people this time around. No one knew if there would be another individual like the red robed person amongst these people. If there was, it was likely going to be quite difficult for him to obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.

Mu Lingshan nodded her head. After having witnessed the strength of the red robed person, she also understood that the only reason why she was able to hold the Life Death Coffin Cover and swing it around randomly on the island was because the true experts had yet to attack…


Lin Dong duo transformed into a bright ray of light which shot across the sky. Around a dozen minutes later, their bodies began to halt to a stop. Their eyes however, had a shocked expression as they stared at the scene in front of them.

A hundred thousand feet large giant mountain was imprinted into their eyes. The mountain was like a giant that separated the sky and earth. Even the flow of time did not diminish its majestic appearance.

Bang bang!

At this moment, there was a ten thousand feet large silver waterfall whistling down from the mountain cliff. It came rumbling downwards, causing the surrounding to shake in the process.

Lin Dong’s eyes carefully observed it while his expression became focused. This was because the silver waterfall was actually not ordinary water. Instead, it was formed by viscous silver thunderbolts. The thunder sound was being emitted from within it.

A lightning lake was present under the cliff and the lake was also a hundred thousand feet in size. It was extremely vast and one could not see its edges at a glance.

“What a frightening show of wealth.”

Lin Dong watched the mountain in front of him. The lightning waterfall and the lightning lake caused him to involuntarily inhale a breath of cold air. He could vaguely sense an extremely vast and mighty thunderbolt force from within the lightning waterfall and the lightning lake. Clearly, they were not formed naturally. Instead, they were man-made. By being able to create it with such uncanny workmanship, one could only imagine the strength of the creator.

Lin Dong duo slowly rushed towards the mountain. After which, they paused outside of the lightning lake. Their eyes looked over. It was possible to see countless lightning arcs flashing over the lightning pool. Many lightning bolts flowed within the lake, looking as though there were some ferocious beasts lurking within it.

“This lightning lake is filled with thunderbolt force. It is likely that this place should be the training area for the cave’s disciples back then.”

Lin Dong’s hand gently touched the lake. Traces of thunderbolt force lingered onto his hand. After which, they entered it from all his pores, causing his hands to become a little numb. Despite feeling numb, however, he could sense that his body and muscles began to show signs of relaxing as these thunderbolt force invaded his arm. Clearly, this thunderbolt force possessed quite a great body tempering effect.

Since they were able to create such a huge lightning lake for its disciples to train in, the grandeur of this sect was something that no ordinary faction could match. Even within the Dao Sect, there was merely a Pill River within it. Compared to the lightning lake, the Pill River was clearly a little lacking.

“If I have sufficient time, I will train for a period of time in this lightning like. It will likely be greatly beneficial in my practicing of the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill.” Lin Dong smacked his mouth and felt a little regretful. Currently, it was clearly impossible for him to remain within this lightning lake to train for a couple of months.


Lin Dong’s expression suddenly changed after his voice sounded. His eyes looked towards the deep parts of the lightning lake. Waves after waves had suddenly formed on the surface of the lake. A whirlpool was slowly being formed.

After this whirlpool was formed, it was possible to see a human head sized lightning light cluster slowly appearing from it. One could vaguely see a silver heart slowly beating within the light cluster. Each time this silver heart beat, there would be a low and deep thunder roar being emitted.

“What is that?” Mu Lingshan looked at the silver heart within the lightning light in a stunned fashion and asked.

“Thunderbolt core…”

Lin Dong’s eyes were a little stunned as he looked at the churning silver heart within the lightning lake. In the next moment, a searing heat that could not be hidden suddenly surged from within his eyes.

This thunderbolt core could typically only be formed under a extremely frightening pressure together with an extremely pure thunderbolt force. Each of them was extremely rare. Even if one was just a newborn baby, if one could endure the strength of the thunderbolt force, one’s body would become comparable to that of a Nirvana Stage expert within an extremely short period of time…

Moreover, it was rumoured that if one could absorb an extremely pure thunderbolt force into one’s body, a certain part of one’s body would undergo a strange transformation because of the high concentration of thunderbolt force. From a certain point of view, such a thunderbolt core was quite a rare natural treasure. He had never expected that he was actually able to find one here.

“It is indeed worthy of being a reincarnation cave.”

Lin Dong’s eyes became excited. He was finally unable to endure the temptation as he thought of the various benefits of the thunderbolt core. His body suddenly charged forward. Within a flash, he had appeared in front of the “thunderbolt core” before his hand reached out.


However, Lin Dong’s hand had just touched the “thunderbolt core” when a rushing wind sound suddenly attacked. A figure directly targeted the fatal spot between his brow.

Lin Dong frowned after being suddenly obstructed. He flipped his hand and threw a punch. Green light surged and blocked that powerful wind with a punch. Finally, he lifted his head, only to find a familiar alluring white dressed figure standing a short distance away.

“Liu Xiangxuan?”

Lin Dong watched the ultimate beauty in a white dress who appeared quite holy. His eyes immediately narrowed slightly.

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