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Chapter 904




A dozen Blood Sharks swiftly swam across the surface of the sea. There were a dozen Blood Demon Shark clan experts on these Blood Sharks, whose gazes continuously swept back and forth.

“Squadron leader, we have received some news.” A Blood Demon Shark clan expert suddenly extended his hand from the water. He looked at a man with a hooked nose at the front, while speaking in a loud voice.

“What is it?” That hooked nose man looked over after hearing those words.

“Commander Xia says that he has discovered the target, and has used the tracking technique on it.”

“Oh? So he has found it huh. Check the location of that person.” Joy flashed across the hooked nose man’s eyes as he hurriedly said.

A person swiftly took out a dark red scale plate. Light flowed on it. At this moment, there was a flickering red spot on the scale plate.

“Eh?” That person looked at the flickering red spot and involuntarily exclaimed.

“What is it?” That hooked nose man knitted his brows and asked.

“That person’s position seems to be extremely close to us… wait, he is swiftly approaching us.” The Blood Demon Shark clan expert exclaimed.

“They are heading right for us? Heh heh, just as well. This is a merit that is being delivered right to our doorstep.” That hooked nose man’s mouth parted to form a sinisterly cold smile. He lifted his head and looked towards a certain direction, before crying out sternly, “Everyone stay alert. There will definitely be a reward for all of you once we complete our mission!”


Those members of this small squadron from the Blood Demon Shark clan around him hurriedly replied after hearing these words. They clenched their hands, as tridents that gave off a cold light flashed and appeared.


A sudden rushing wind sound appeared over the surface of the sea a short distance away soon after they made their preparations. Subsequently, a green light came rushing over. In the end, it turned into a thin figure that appeared within the sights of this small Blood Demon Shark clan squadron.

“Haha, looks like I’ve found the right place…” Lin Dong looked at this small squadron from the Blood Demon Shark clan that had appeared in front of him, as he involuntarily smiled.

“Brat, you are really barging into hell. Since you have come, don’t even think of leaving!”

That hooked nose man’s face contained a cold smile as he stared at Lin Dong. Immediately, a ruthless expression flashed across his eyes, as he waved his hand. “Capture him!”


The somewhat powerful dozen experts behind the hooked nose man came rushing forward after he shouted. Sharp tridents were accompanied by a dense bloody light as they directly pierced towards the fatal points around Lin Dong’s body.

“I am not here to barge into hell. Instead, I am here to deliver all of you there.”

Lin Dong looked at these Blood Demon Shark clan experts, who had unleashed lethal blows the moment they attacked. However, a gentle smile appeared on his face. He immediately extended his hand, and grabbed the enormous Life Death Coffin Cover behind him, as his body turned into a flash of green light that suddenly rushed forward.


The flash of green light was just like lightning. It swept past the dozen Blood Demon Shark clan experts at an indescribable speed. A low and deep muffled sound stealthy echoed at that instant.

Lin Dong’s body appeared behind the dozen Blood Demon Shark clan experts. After which, he walked towards the hooked nose man without looking back. After he took his tenth step, the bodies of those Blood Demon Shark clan experts began to turn dull grey at an astonishing speed. Their life force had been completely cut off at this moment.


Human figures fell from the air into the sea. The ferocity and excitement from when they were alive still lingered on their faces, a scene that was somewhat weird. Clearly, their life force had been cut off far too quickly, that even the horror from just before their deaths was unable to appear on their faces.

“You.. who exactly are you?!” The hooked nose man was so horrified by this scene, that his pupils tightly contracted. Only at this moment did he understand, the one who had appeared in front of them was not a freebie, but a true death god.

“Sorry, it is your fault for wanting to kill me…”

Lin Dong smiled slightly towards the hooked nose man. Faint black light flowed on the pitch-black coffin cover as he gently lifted it.


The expression of the hooked nose man changed drastically. He slammed his foot onto the Blood Shark under him, as it opened its hideous giant mouth and leaped into the sky before biting at Lin Dong. The hooked nose man, on the other hand, had already fled from the Blood Shark and was attempting to submerge into the water.

“This fellow is really powerful. It seems that I alone will not be able to take him down. I can only gather the others!” Unwillingness and viciousness flashed across the hooked nose man’s eyes as he was about to submerge into the sea.

“Your companions have all died. It is not very nice to be the only one surviving, is it?”

However, a laughter suddenly sounded beside the hooked nose man, and his pupils immediately contracted. He suddenly raised his head, and was just in time to see the black coffin cover ruthlessly smashing towards him while being accompanied by a death like ripple.


Majestic Yuan Power surged out from within the hooked nose man’s body without restrain. However, the black coffin cover completely ignored this, and continued to be swung downwards.


A muffled sound once again rang out. The black coffin cover suffused with black light heavily landed on the body of the hooked nose man, as seawater immediately exploded. A thousand feet large water pillar charged towards the sky, as a wave of death charged into the hooked nose man’s body like hot knife through butter.


A mouthful of black blood spurted out from the mouth of the hooked nose man, whose face was filled with horror. Subsequently, the sight before his eyes rapidly turned into darkness. The life force within his body was rapidly being severed by the deathly fluctuation that had invaded his body, while the Life Qi within his body lost all its recovery properties.

“Life Death… Coffin Cover. Why is it in his hands?” These were the final thoughts of the hooked nose man the moment his life force completely disappeared.

Lin Dong stood in the air. His eyes glanced indifferently at the hooked nose man, whose life force had completely been severed. Soon after, he lowered his head and looked at the Life Death Coffin Cover in his hand, as admiration involuntarily flitted across his eyes. It was likely that his Burning Sky Cauldron would only be able to compare to the destructive prowess of this Life Death Coffin Cover after the ‘Burning Sky Gate’ was refined…

“Yan, where is the second nearest small Blood Demon Shark clan squadron?” Lin Dong once again raised his head after finishing off this small squadron of the Blood Demon Shark clan, as he asked in his mind.

“North-west direction.”

Lin Dong nodded. Without further ado, his body moved and turned into a flash green light, which once again swept forth. Since that commander Xia was planning dealing with Lin Dong after gathering his men, Lin Dong could only completely remove all of his henchmen in advance…

Half an hour later, at a certain spot in the north-western part of this sea region, Lin Dong lowered his head and looked at the ferocious faces of the small squadron from the Blood Demon Shark clan. However, he merely smiled a little. Without uttering any unnecessary words, he grabbed the Life Death Coffin Cover and charged downwards. A couple of minutes later, there were a dozen dull grey corpses floating on the surface of the sea…


The Life Death Coffin Cover released strange undulations as it smashed into a small squadron leader of the Blood Demon Shark clan at lightning speed. Wild and violent force erupted, and that figure was directly swatted into the sea. It was void of all life when it resurfaced.

“This is the fourth initial Profound Life stage squadron leader…”

Lin Dong glanced at the now dead expert from the Blood Demon Shark clan. With an indifferent smile, his body once again swept forth without pause.

A completely merciless slaughter was quietly being enacted in this sea region. All the experts from the Blood Demon Shark clan completely lost their lives wherever the green light figure passed. None of them was able to escape from the hands of this thin death god like figure.

It was a completely one-sided slaughter fest.

“This human scum!”

At a certain area of the sea region, commander Xia gazed at the floating corpses on the surface of the sea. His expression became unusually green with fury. Finally, he could not resist and roared towards the sky. His roar was filled with a bitterness.

“Commander Xia, six of our ten initial Profound Life stage small squadron leaders have already died at that fellow’s hands… moreover, the six squadrons were completely annihilated.” Behind commander Xia was a squadron leader who was fortunate enough to have met up with the former. However, his complexion was currently a little pale. He was aware that if it was not because he just so happened to be located somewhat near the former, that death god would have already come looking for him.

“This is the seventh person…” Commander Xia’s eyes were frighteningly dark and cold. Even his voice had become a little hoarse.

“Has another been found…”

The squadron leader’s expression changed slightly after hearing these words. He immediately looked at the other two squadron leaders beside him, as his mouth involuntarily became a little dry. “Now… he seems to have finished off all the squadrons other than the few of us here…”

“Commander Xia, what should we do?” Another squadron leader spoke in a somewhat frightened manner.

“Should we beat a temporary retreat and call some reinforcements from the clan…” A person carefully suggested.


However, the ferocious looking commander Xia threw a punch at that person’s head as the latter’s words sounded. It directly sent him flying over a thousand feet away.

“That brat has stopped. Follow me. I must personally shatter the head of this little bastard! I will cripple anyone else who dares to suggest withdrawing!”

Commander Xia’s face was filled with a dark and evil aura. The remaining Blood Demon Shark clan experts hurriedly nodded upon hearing his merciless words. None of them dared to say anything else.

“Bastard, I will definitely make you suffer a fate worse than death once you land in this commander’s hands!”

Commander Xia waved his hand, as the Blood Shark under his feet immediately whistled forward. Dozens of Blood Demon Shark clan experts hurriedly followed behind him.

They had merely travelled for over ten minutes this time around, before they gradually came to a halt. Soon after, many pairs of eyes were lifted, as they looked at the surface of the sea in front of them. A skinny young man with an enormous black coffin cover was standing there as he smilingly stared at them.

In the face of his smile, even ruthless people like them involuntarily felt a chill rising within their hearts.

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