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Chapter 883

All Out



A majestic aura abruptly swept out from the demonic earth prison like a ray of light that pierced through the heavens and the earth. Under the such a tyrannical aura, the baleful Qi that had pervaded the air seemed to weaken.

Around the square, shock and astonishment surfaced on everyone’s gazes as they looked towards the youthful figure that had walked out from the swift and fierce blade Qi that blotted the sky. The sudden explosion of his aura caused them to be rather shocked. No one had imagined that Lin Dong was still able to counter attack under such a perilous situation…

In addition, they were also able to sense that Lin Dong’s aura had clearly greatly strengthened. Although it had not reached the advance Profound Life stage, it was not far from that level. With this, Shentu Jue’s advantage was rapidly equalised.

With the loss of such an advantage, the situation had started to become complicated and confusing…

“Is that… a Spirit Emblem?”

Amazement appeared on Shentu Tao’s old face, as he looked towards Lin Dong’s forehead. Soon after, his expression turned exceedingly grave as he said, “Where exactly does Lin Dong come from? Not only does he possess various powerful martial arts, he even has a miraculous treasure like the Spirit Emblem.”

A Spirit Emblem was also rather valuable in the Chaotic Demon Sea. Within them were an ancient expert’s entire lifetime worth of cultivation. If the owner had good compatibility with it, it would become an outstanding training aid.

Although Spirit Emblems would occasionally appear in those large scale auctions in the Chaotic Demon Sea, they were exceedingly valuable items.

“With the help of that Spirit Emblem, Lin Dong’s aura has already become indefinitely close to the advance Profound Life stage. Shentu Jue’s advantage, has started to disappear…” The other elder, Shentu Mo, slowly nodded his head while speaking.

“Being close doesn’t mean that he has reached it… even if Lin Dong has such a trump card, defeating big brother Shentu Jue will not be easy.” Shentu Rong said while clenching her jadelike hands. Although her words were still as unyielding as before, there was clearly some graveness and worry within her eyes.

“Spirit Emblem… he truly has quite a few trump cards…”

As Gu Shou continued to stare at the square, while a pleasantly surprised expression bubbled forth on his old face, which originally wore an ugly expression.

An extraordinary splendour sparkled in Gu Mengqi’s eyes, while her gaze was locked tightly onto Lin Dong within the square. The latter was akin to a bottomless pit that no one could see through. Every time people assumed that he had exhausted all of his abilities, he would always pull out a hidden card that would shock everyone, and reverse the situation.

“Next up, I hope that he can turn this unfavourable situation around…”

“Spirit Emblem, huh…”

Shentu Jue’s face was emotionless as he looked at Lin Dong, who was slowly walking forward, before resting his gaze on the flickering Spirit Emblem on the latter’s forehead. Immediately, his pupils faintly contracted, as he spoke out softly.

“I never imagined that you would actually have such a trump card…”

Lin Dong’s hands slowly clenched into fists. The boundless and strong power within his body felt like a volcano that was on the verge of erupting. The power of this Spirit Emblem was indeed tyrannical…

“I also need a quota for the Chaotic Tower. Therefore, before achieving my goal, I don’t intend to lose that easily.” Raising his head, Lin Dong sent a smile towards Shentu Jue while replying. 


Shentu Jue’s face was emotionless as he nodded his head. In the next instant, his gaze appeared to turn sinister and gloomy, as his hands slowly clenched, “However, it’s still those same words! This path is impassable!”

Lin Dong faintly smiled. With a clench of his fist, a metallic tree trunk appeared within his hands. Hoisting it up, he pointed it towards Shentu Jue in the distance and replied, “Then, let’s continue fighting.”

“Is that so?”

A cold glint flashed within Shentu Jue’s eyes. In the next instant, he suddenly raised his palm, as his five fingers formed a strange seal. Following the formation of the seal, everyone could feel an extremely boundless Yuan Power mix with boiling baleful Qi frantically unfurl from his body. 


The Yuan Power mixed with baleful Qi were akin to layers upon layers of black clouds, as they rapidly gathered above Shentu Jue’s head. Astonishing fluctuations were faintly discernable as they started to radiate out.

“If you assume that you’re able to rely on a Spirit Emblem to make me, Shentu Jue, scared, I’m afraid that you’re still somewhat naive.”

Shentu Jue stared chillingly at Lin Dong. In the next instant, he suddenly bit his tongue, causing a streak of blood to shoot out, which rushed towards the surging clouds in the sky.

As the blood shot into the boundless cloud layers, they instantly started to churn berserkly. Faintly, there seemed to be something astonishing that was being born within the clouds.

“I truly have to do my utmost, huh…” Lin Dong gazed at the churning clouds. From them, he could feel a considerably tyrannical pressure. From the looks of it, Shentu Jue was also about to use his vicious moves.

Humm Humm.

Resplendent green light slowly radiated from within Lin Dong’s body, while the Spirit Emblem on his forehead became increasingly dazzling. At the same time, waves of powerful fluctuations started to ripple outwards. 

“Boom! Rumble!”

The churning of the black clouds carried on at a great speed. In the next instant, peals of thunder rang out, and the clouds squirmed at an insane speed. Faintly, they seemed to transform into giant object.

“Ghost Emperor’s Soul Suppressing Tower!”

With an awe-inspiring air, a low and deep voice suddenly rang out from Shentu Jue’s mouth. Subsequently, jet black light shot outwards explosively, as the giant object became increasingly clear. Finally, under everyone’s fixated glares, it transformed into a giant, jet black tower approximately a thousand feet tall!

Jet black light swirled around the top of the giant tower, as chains started to extend from it. Ghost face patterns covered its entire surface, as a strange and sinister aura emerged.

“Lin Dong! Among our generation, only two people have experienced this move of mine. Now, you’ll be the third!”

Jet black light erupted from Shentu Jue’s eyes as he stared at Lin Dong in the distance. Soon after, he grinned, revealing his sinisterly white teeth. At this moment, his face appeared rather ghastly, making him look extremely terrifying.

“Therefore, there’s no need to feel disgraced if you lose today.”

As the last word left his lips, Shentu Jue’s eyes instantly turned cold and stern. With a low roar, his hand swatted out in a flash. Subsequently, the giant jet black tower howled forward. With an imposing aura, it pressed straight down on Lin Dong.

Bang Bang Bang!

As the giant tower descended, distortions start to appear in the space around it, while the earth frantically crumbled, and gigantic cracks rapidly spread across the square.

Everyone could see that Shentu Jue had already displayed his abilities to his limits at this moment, and he planned to use this move to finish off Lin Dong!

Lin Dong raised his head, and gazed at the black tower, which cast a gigantic shadow. He could sense extremely dangerous fluctuations originating from the tower.


A clump of white air was exhaled from Lin Dong’s mouth. Soon after, his expression instantly became exceptionally solemn, as resplendent green light erupted from his body like a pillar of light.


A deep dragon roar rang out at this instant, as green light surged on Lin Dong’s four limbs. Four Green Dragon Light Tattoos simultaneously flew out from his body.

Lin Dong’s right hand stretched out in a flash, and grabbed the four Green Dragon Light Tattoos. At that instant, his right hand expanded at a terrifying speed, as layers of dragon scales started to surface. In the blink of an eye, it transformed into a green dragon claw that was a thousand feet wide, as extremely mysterious runes appeared under the dragon claw.

“Green Dragon Heavenly Seat Seal!’

A low and deep voice accompanied the dragon roar as it rang out from Lin Dong’s mouth. At this instant, a dazzling brilliance suddenly erupted from the Spirit Emblem on his forehead, as the green dragon claw expanded once again.

The green dragon claw created by Lin Dong’s four Green Dragon Light Tattoos as well as the power of the Spirit Emblem, floated in the air, It was as if an ancient giant dragon that had ripped space apart, and descended into this world.


Lin Dong stared at the giant black tower descending towards him with eyes infused with green light, before thrusting his palm forward. Immediately, the heavens and earth shook, as the green dragon claw which contained all of Lin Dong’s power smashed through space. Under countless shocked gazes, it viciously slammed against the giant black tower.


The instant the two forces collided, a sound that could shock and awe the universe rang out!

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