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Chapter 829



This sudden and unexpected turn of events caused everyone to be greatly startled. Even the Lin Dong trio had stunned faces. Clearly, they were at a loss in the face of this unexpected aid.

However, this dazed feeling did not last for long, before shock flitted across Lin Dong’s face. This was because he had sensed a familiar fluctuation from the green dragon claw.

It was the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill!

“Elder Qing Zhi…” Lin Dong exclaimed in a soft voice. He clearly did not expect that the person who had rescued them was actually the Green Dragon King Qing Zhi, whom he had met in the ancient realm!

“To think that it is him…”

An amazed look also flashed across Little Marten’s face. They had only met an imagine left behind by this Qing Zhi back in that realm. Although he had guessed that this ancient expert was perhaps still alive back then, he never imagined that this mysterious expert would actually rescue them.

Countless pairs of eyes in Unique Devil City were stunned as they gazed at the green dragon claw that had torn a spatial crack in the sky. Expressions of disbelief was revealed on their faces. Just what was Lin Dong’s background? To think that such powerful experts moved to rescue him time and time again…

“What a powerful ripple…” The blue robed elder watched this scene in a grave manner as he commented in a deep voice.

“The one who intervened has likely stepped into the Reincarnation stage. The fluctuations from the green dragon claw seem to be extremely similar to the ‘Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill’ that Lin Dong is practicing. Looks like there is some relationship between them…” Ying Xuanzi nodded and commented.

“However, this person seems to be far away from the Eastern Xuan Region. Although he is powerful, he would likely have difficulty stopping the Tian Yuanzi trio with the power he has left after tearing space and appearing.” The blue robed elder said.

“He doesn’t intend to deal with the Tian Yuanzi trio. He only wishes to allow Lin Dong’s group to leave…” Ying Xuanzi spoke after a sharp observation.

“Lin Dong is fortunate to have obtained the protection of such an expert. In this way, we will be able to sigh in relief…”

The blue robed elder gently nodded when he saw Ying Xuanzi smile as if he had been relieved of a great burden. He was aware that Lin Dong’s group might be able to successfully leave if this was the situation…

“Who are you?”

The expressions of the Tian Yuanzi trio turned somewhat gloomy amidst the uproar from the surroundings. They stared at the enormous dragon claw that had appeared from the torn space and shouted in a deep voice.

They were really unable to imagine just what ability did a brat, who was only at the eight Yuan Nirvana stage, had to be able to bring about such a troublesome situation.

“Ha ha, three great sect masters. To have actually went so far against one of the younger generation. Aren’t you too narrow minded?” A faint but clear and lively laughter was emitted from the enormous crack. It seemed to have penetrated the restraints of space, before coming out from the crack and resounding across the area.

“Although I do not know which great being your distinguished self is, it is likely that no one will be able to stop us today!”

Tian Yuanzi’s eyes were somewhat gloomy as he watched the increasing spatial light beams around Lin Dong’s group. If they do not stop this precursor for this teleportation, it was likely that these three will really escape today. His face suddenly became frosty when he thought of this, and the three of them actually rushed out at the same time.

With their sharp eyes, they were naturally able to tell that the person who had intervened was definitely located at an extremely distant place. The latter had used his great ability to tear open space and lend his aid. Such capability was indeed great. If the latter’s actual body was present, even the Tian Yuanzi trio would not dare to say that they could defeat him. However, this green dragon claw in front of them was merely the energy that had shuttled through space and descend in this area. Although it was powerful, it did not possess much of a threat towards Tian Yuanzi’s group.

Would they really be nothing but empty names if they could become the sect masters of the Yuan Gate and dominate the Eastern Yuan Region?

Bang bang!

Vast Life and Death force swept out the moment the three of them rushed forward. After which, it directly agglomerated into a ten thousand feet large black-white light ring.


The light ring did not pause even for a moment after it was formed. It abruptly shot forward and charged directly at the dragon claw!


The black-white light ring tore through space, while the enormous dragon claw also whizzed forward abruptly. After which, it powerfully smashed into the light ring. Immediately, the entire area shook, as the light ring and dragon claw began to crumble.

A cold glint suddenly flashed within Tian Yuanzi’s eyes when he saw this scene. His body moved, and actually penetrated space as it appeared behind the dragon claw. After which, his eyes were ice-cold as he looked at the Lin Dong trio in the formation.


However, Tian Yuanzi had just avoided the dragon claw and was preparing to attack Lin Dong’s group when a green glow suddenly swept downwards from the crack in the sky. It headed straight for Tian Yuanzi.


Tian Yuanzi had also sensed the green flash that about to attack him. His eyes faintly flickered, but he did not intend to dodge. Both of his fingers suddenly pressed onto the air. Immediately, a frightening force directly penetrated through the empty space and struck the formation.


The green light ruthlessly smashed into his body when Tian Yuanzi attacked the formation. Immediately, he was sent flying back. He took a couple of hundred steps backwards in a miserable fashion in the sky, before barely stabilizing his body. Yet, an icy smile appeared on his face.

“Your formation has already been disturbed by me. If you recklessly teleport, there is a very high chance that you will end up dying. Lin Dong, I have said that no one will be able to rescue you this time!”

The expressions of Ying Xuanzi and the Dao Sect disciples instantly changed when they heard Tian Yuanzi’s words. Their eyes looked over, and sure enough, they saw that the formation had begun to flicker wildly, while wave after wave of chaotic ripples spread from it.

“This old piece of trash!”

Little Marten’s face was ugly as he watched this chaotic spatial light beams around him and involuntarily cursed. He knew that this method that Qing Zhi had used to tear space and intervene would not last for long. Hence, they would definitely end up in the Yuan Gate’s hands if they were to stop thee formation.

“What should we do?” Little Marten looked at Lin Dong and asked.

“Continue activating the formation!” Lin Dong clenched his teeth and replied.

Little Marten nodded heavily. His voice quickly turned dark and cold. “The teleportation formation is already unstable. I do not know where we will be teleported to. Lin Dong, Little Flame, if we are separated, come to Demon Region’s Celestial Demon Marten tribe to look for me. At that time, grandpa marten will bring an army back here to slaughter the Yuan Gate!”


Lin Dong’s eyes were scarlet red as he nodded. Today, they had been forced to the point of appearing like dogs which had lost their homes. It would be intolerable if they did not take revenge.

“Let’s go!”

The spatial light beams on their bodies had finally reached their densest state as they spoke. After which, the bodies of trio actually began to become distorted…


Little Marten’s figure took the lead and exploded within the spatial light beams. Finally, it transformed into silver light that entered the distorted space. Soon after, Little Flame also disappeared in a similar fashion…

Everyone in the area watched this scene. From the looks of it, the Lin Dong trio had still chosen to leave this place even though there was a high chance that they would die during the teleportation.

It was just that this caused this entire place to have an additional tragic and hopeless atmosphere. The three of them were ultimately forced to flee in such a miserable fashion in the face of the Yuan Gate’s power and oppression…

Countless eyes began to gather on the last figure that was about to disappear. After which, they saw the young man cast his scarlet red eyes at Tian Yuanzi’s group. Soon after, a deep beast-like roar resounded across the area.

“Old dogs of Yuan Gate. I, Lin Dong will carve the humiliation that us three brothers have been forced to suffer today in my heart. Just wait, the moment us three brothers return to the Eastern Xuan Region will be the day that your Yuan Gate will be destroyed!”

The day that your Yuan Gate will be destroyed!

These final words carried a monstrous hatred as they continued to linger in everyone’s ears.


As his words faded, Lin Dong’s figure, which was wrapped by spatial light beams, blasted apart. Finally, he quickly entered the distorted space and vanished. Only the roar that was filled with hatred reverberated in the area, causing the entire place to be quiet for a long time.

The Tian Yuanzi trio looked at the spot where the three individuals had vanished with grim faces. Although they were clearly aware that there was a great chance that these people would die during the teleportation, a faint trace of unease had quietly entrenched itself deep within their hearts.

This grudge that had been planted today would perhaps ultimately be paid for in blood many years later…

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