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Chapter 818: Little Marten’s Might

Little Marten stood in the air as purplish black flames danced on his palm. The light from the fire reflected on his handsome face. Faintly, there was a peculiar cruelness rising in the air that caused one to feel a chill in one’s heart.

At this time, countless people within Unique Devil City were gawking due to Little Marten’s words, before secretly feeling speechless. Where exactly had this person came from? Even Yuan Gate did not enter his eyes…

“They are undoubtedly brothers…”

Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest also looked to each other. This Little Marten’s temper was seemingly even more peculiar than Lin Dong’s, and the way he talked even more vicious, completely not leaving any face for the other party.

“You’re courting death!”

In the sky, the gaze of the old man dressed in grey turned completely gloomy and cold as the skin on his face twitched. It was obvious that extreme fury had erupted in his heart due to Little Marten’s rude words.

“Since you’re together with that brat, I shall also capture you along with him!” The grey robed old man said malevolently.

“With the likes of yourself?”Little Marten said with a grin. As he stood with both hands behind his back, his smile contained unconcealable contempt. His actions was obviously insolent to the extreme. However, there was also a faint hint of pride and elegance. That attitude, accompanied with his handsome appearance, attracted the extraordinary sparkle in the eyes of quite a few ladies within the city.

“Let me see how long you can continue being so sharp tongued!”

The grey robed old man’s face had turned steely green, before his figure suddenly exploded forth. Boundless and vigorous Yuan power surged out, immediately transforming into a Yuan Power mountain peak, which he pressed down on Little Marten.


Upon seeing this, the simple expression on Little Flame’s face disappeared at an astonishing speed. In the next moment, a ruthless and tyrannical aura that caused one’s heart to grow cold erupted on his face. In the blink of an eye, the simple and honest big guy had turned into an asura killing god.

“Let me.”

However, Little Flame did not take action, as Little Marten gestured to him with his hands. He proceeded to extend the palm that was covered in purplish black flames out, before giving a grab at the gigantic Yuan Power mountain that was whizzing towards him from a distance.


Following the grab by Little Marten, the space surrounding the Yuan power mountain peak instantly start to warp and distort, as if there was a giant invisible hand pinching the space till it shattered.


A low voice suddenly rang out from Little Marten’s mouth, as the warping of the space instantly reached its maximum. As for the Yuan power mountain peak, it had unexpectedly been directly shattering by this attack.

Boundless Yuan power poured from the sky in torrents, and the face of the grey robed old man gradually started to turn dark and grim. This move by Little Marten was enough to expose his powerful strength. After all, if it was the grey robed old man, he believed that he was unable to reach the level where he could casually warp space.

“Your strength has slightly recovered again…”

Lin Dong watched this scene and faintly smiled. Previously, on Demonic Sound Mountain, Little Marten’s strength had yet to reach this level. Evidently, during this period of time, Little Marten had once again regained quite a bit of his strength.

“With second brother’s current strength, he should not have any opponents in the Profound Life stage.” Little Flame smiled and said towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong nodded his head. From the looks of things, Little Marten’s current strength should be at the Perfect Profound Life stage. Exactly how strong was this fellow in his heyday…

“With just that little bit of ability, you still dare to hoot in front of grandpa marten?”

In the sky, Little Marten had shattered the gigantic peak with a single hand. After which, a cold smile appeared on his handsome face. In the next instant, the hand burning with purplish black flames suddenly turned towards the grey robed old man and made a downward grabbing motion.


Following his grab, the space surrounding the grey robed old man warped and distorted again. In addition, within the warping space, strands of purplish black flames started to appear. With an astonishing speed, it swept towards the grey robed old man.

This unforeseen event caused the grey robed old man to turn pale in fright. He immediately waved his sleeve as boundless Yuan power akin to a flood surged out in an attempt to defend against the purplish black flames that were sweeping towards him.


When the boundless Yuan Power flood and the purplish black flames collided, countless sizzling sounds rang out. The grey robed old man looked with some alarm and fright as his Yuan Power was unexpectedly being burned by the purplish flames, and rapidly disappeared…


An icy smile flashed past Little Marten’s face, before he flicked his finger. Those purplish black flames transformed into a fire dragon, pierced through the grey robed old man’s Yuan Power defence, and viciously smashed into his body.


A low and deep sound echoed in the sky as the mournful and miserable cry of the grey robed old man followed suit. His figure shot backwards in an extremely miserable state. The skin on his body had turned scarlet red, and there was a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth. His aura was weak, and it was obvious that he had suffered pretty serious injuries.

When the gazes from the entire area saw the miserable state of the grey robed old man, they could not help but gasp. This was an expert at the advance Profound Life stage. Yet, he could only endure for a moment at the hands of that handsome youth?

“So powerful… where exactly is that person from” At a pavilion within the city, Ling Qingzhu gravely watched the fight that was occurring in the distant sky, before asking with a little doubt.

“From his outer appearance, this person seems to be around your age, however that is absolutely not his true age… his strength might have already reached the perfect Profound Life stage.” Beside Ling Qingzhu was a beautiful woman who was similarly looking gravely at the sky. She was the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace group leader, and her strength was also at the advance Profound Life stage.

“That’s big brother Lin Diao, big brother Lin Dong’s sworn brother.” Su Rou, who was standing beside them, interrupted,

“Oh?” Ling Qingzhu’s and the beautiful woman’s expression changed slightly as they looked towards Su Rou.

“Big brother Lin Dong and his two other brothers came from the Great Yan Empire. Big brother Lin Diao is normally rather fierce. When we first met during the Hundred Empire War, he intended to chase us away. However, only after big brother Lin Dong opened his mouth, did they allow us to follow them…” Su Rou replied with a smile.

“However big brother Lin Diao is a very good person, he he. He would absolutely not oppose Lin Dong on any matter he has decided on.”

Ling Qingzhu and the beautiful woman exchanged a look. Soon after, Ling Qingzhu tilted her head, and look at the figure of Lin Dong in the distant sky with a complicated expression within her eyes. Following their deepening interactions, there were more and more things that happened to the latter had made her feel astonishment. For example, the handsome youth whose strength was at the perfect Profound Life stage. If fact, when placed within the entire Eastern Xuan Region, he would be ranked at the front. And that youth was actually his sworn brother. Furthermore, from Su Rou’s words, it was not hard for her to know that among the three brothers, Lin Dong was the leader…

The capability to make someone whose strength far surpassed oneself to admit this kind of leadership was not easy…


In the sky, overbearing fluctuations erupted from the distance, as numerous figures shot backwards. They were Qi Lei, Shi Dong and the rest that who were battling previously.

“Liu You?!”

Upon seeing the grey robed old man in an extremely miserable state, the faces of the five people from Yuan Gate changed.

“This fellow is extremely strong. I have no idea where he appeared from.” The grey robed old man called Liu You said as he look at Little Marten with an extremely ugly expression.

The brows of Shi Dong and the other four faintly wrinkled. Their eyes were somewhat grim as they gazed at Little Marten’s figure. Moments later, Shi Dong came forward and said in a deep voice, “This friend…”

“All of you, go ahead and attack together.” Just as his words appeared, Little Marten’s indifferent laugh came ringing over.


Upon hearing this, Shi Dong was instantly enraged. From the looks of it, words would only be wasted. The person standing before them had already declared his intention of opposing them.

“Good, let me see exactly how capable you are today. To actually dare utter such blasphemy in this place!” Shi Dong waved his sleeve and spoke in a sinister voice.

Nearby, upon seeing this scene, Qi Lei, Chen Zhen and the two others faintly gawked, before looking at Little Marten again. They clearly did not know why he would help them.

“Who is he?” Qi Lei asked doubtfully.

“It seems that he’s Lin Dong’s friend.” Chen Zhen replied doubtfully. He had seen Little Marten previously. However, Little Marten’s strength then was obviously far from how terrifying it was now.

Upon hearing his words, Qi Lei and the other two were startled. They had obviously never imagined that Lin Dong wold actually know such a powerful expert…

“Leave them to me.”

In the sky, Little Marten shot a look at Qi Lei and the other three before slowly walking forward. Following his footsteps, purplish black flames suddenly swept out from behind his body. If seen from the distance, it looked as if a demonic god was descending.

“Attack together, if not, you will not have another chance…”

As the purplish black flames blotted the skies with their fluctuations, a chilling smile slowly appeared on Little Marten’s handsome face. After saying those words, an unconcealable tyrannical aura pervaded the air.

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