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Chapter 806: Re-emergence of the Great Desolation Scripture


The vast earth started to emit minute but rapid vibrations. Wave after wave of fluctuations started to wildly radiate from Lin Dong at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

As the fluctuations spread out, the entire stretch of earth started to turn desolate and barren at an astonishing rate. The originally verdant mountain peak was now rapidly turning withered and yellow, while a desolate aura gradually radiated outwards.

While the land was turning barren, waves of boundless energy akin to an ocean poured out from the earth. Finally they converged at the origin of the desolation, Lin Dong’s body, like surging tides.

“This is… the Dao Sect’s Great Desolation Scripture huh…”

Seeing the sudden transformation of the land, cries of alarm started to ring out from the surroundings. Several people were able to feel the transformation that was happening to the land. Moreover, they could also feel the boundless energies that was surging like a flood within the earth through their feet.

“I would have never imagined that Lin Dong would have actually successful mastered the Great Desolation Scripture…” Wu Qun’s eyes turned grave as he looked towards the figure within the desolation. His voice was filled with unconcealable shock.

Naturally, this was not limited to just him. Even the eyes of Ling Qingzhu, who was standing by the side, hardened for an instant . The Great Desolation Scripture was rather well known amongst the other super sects. Back then, the demonic genius Zhou Tong had also learnt this martial art, allowing him to reach the apex of the younger generation in Eastern Xuan Region. When he charged into Yuan Gate in the end, he had turned a thousand mile radius of land into a completely desolate land. With the boundless power of the land, he killed three great elders in a fury! Those three… were old monsters that had already stepped into the Mysterious Death Stage!

Although the current Lin Dong was unable to reach Zhou Tong’s level now, the Great Desolation Scripture displayed by him was definitely not weak. No wonder he had such confidence in facing Yuan Cang. He truly had a hidden ace up his sleeves.

At the Yuan Gate area, several disciples had identified the frightening martial art could make their expressions change. At once, fear arose in the depths of their eyes.

“Never did I imagine that he would actually succeed in learning that martial art…” at this moment, Ling Zhen’s face also gradually turned grave as he muttered to himself.

“After all these years, there hasn’t been anyone other than Zhou Tong who managed to learn it! How did that fellow do it!” an inconceivable look appeared within Lei Qian’s eyes.

“There’s no need to get overly worried. Although Lin Dong managed to comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture, he’s still far from Zhou Tong’s level. Furthermore, there’s still the Spirit Emblem within boss’s body. No matter how much that brat hops and jumps today, it would be hard for him to escape death!” said Ling Zhen with a cold laugh.

“We cannot let this brat go.” replied Lei Qian as murderous intent flashed within his eyes. The current Lin Dong had exhibited rather frightening potential. If he was allowed to grow, even Yuan Cang might no longer be able to pressure him after a few years. Furthermore, could anyone guarantee that this fellow would not become the next Zhou Tong?

“He cannot be allowed to live…” muttered Ling Zheng as his eyes slightly narrowed.

“Bang Bang!”

Under countless shocked gazes, the trembling of the land, which had persisted for a short period, had finally gradually started to stop. At this time, the earth within a radius of a hundred miles had already turned completely barren. A barbaric desolate aura permeated the air, infecting the minds of people, causing the circulation of Yuan Power in their bodies to turn sluggish.  

“What a strange desolate aura…”

Some felt the change and instantly felt a chill in their hearts. As they hurriedly circulated their Yuan Power, they tried to restrict the desolate aura that permeated the area outside their bodies.

Yuan Cang strode into the sky and stared at the youth standing on the earth below with a dark look on his face. He was able to feel the boundless and vigorous energies that were gushing out of the land before completely pouring into Lin Dong’s body.

This was the overbearing and tyrannical aspect of the Great Desolation Scripture. It could directly absorb the life force and energy of the land and transform it into power that the practitioner could use temporarily.

Although most heavenly martial arts were able to borrow the energies of the land, it was obvious that the Great Desolation Scripture was overbearing without equal. In the past, Zhou Tong used it to carve a great name for himself in the Eastern Xuan Region.

“I have truly underestimated you…”

Yuan Cang slowly clenched his fist and said in a deep voice. Saturated with chilling intent, it resounded across the skies.

“Although the Great Desolation Scripture can absorb the power of desolation to strengthen oneself, it is extremely demanding on one’s physical body. Even Zhou Tong did not dare to use it casually. Aren’t you afraid of crushing yourself to death?”

It was obvious that Yuan Cang had quite some understanding of the Great Desolation Scripture. This martial art was definitely powerful, however, if the user’s physical body had not reached a certain level of toughness and forcefully absorbed the boundless energies into one’s body, it would instead lead to one’s death.

Although Yuan Cang knew that Lin Dong had learnt a powerful body tempering martial art, he did not believe that Lin Dong could compare to the the Zhou Tong of back then.

When he heard the sneer from the skies, Lin Dong slowly raised his head. On that youthful face, a chilling and mocking smile slowly appeared.

“Are you sure?”

A soft laugh rang out from Lin Dong’s mouth. Suddenly, his hands came together to form a seal. In the next instant, the green glow within his eyes instantly thickened as his eyes transformed into a pair of green eyes. Within his pupils was a glowing pattern of a green dragon, while an overwhelming aura a giant dragon grew increasingly rich and powerful.

Green light extended and retracted indefinitely on Lin Dong’s skin. As of now, when Lin Dong exhibited the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Art, it did not look as gorgeous and fearsome as before. However, the plain and simple look it now had contained a vastness that seemed to be returning to its roots.

Lin Dong’s skin now appeared faintly green, while giving off an impression of being slightly dry. It looked like a layer of old green dragon skin. Though it looked weak and thin, it possesses extremely strong defensive capabilities. 


Green light started to fluctuate, before seemingly transforming into a faint green dragon tatoo on his body. A deep dragon roar resounded within his body, causing his blood and meridians to instantly churn and boil.


With his hands touching the ground, a soft voice slowly emerged from Lin Dong’s mouth. In the next instant, beams of light exploded from the earth where Lin Dong was and blotted the skies. These light beams contained extremely boundless and vigorous energy. Currently, they were all completely absorbed into Lin Dong’s body without reservation.

Furthermore, what truly shocked them the most, was that after absorbing such boundless energy, there was no indication of his body exploding! Obviously, his physical body had already reached a tyrannical level that could withstand the influx of this boundless energy!

Bang Bang!

As the boundless energy crazily poured into his body, Lin Dong’s aura started to rise step by step. The Yuan Power fluctuations from his body had already reached an astonishing level.

“This bastard!”

Lei Qian’s face turned ugly as he looked at Lin Dong within the pillar of light. He could feel that Lin Dong’s Yuan Power had already exceeded his own.

“This life force of the land within a dozen mile radius has been completely absorbed by him… this radius should be his limit. However… it is already going to be extremely difficult to deal with him. To think that his physical body is actually able to withstand such an influx of power…”

Ling Zhen’s gaze had also turned somewhat grim. The current Lin Dong was also able to make his heart palpitate. This fellow was truly a bottomless pit, and no one was able to gauge how deep it was.

The light pillar that filled the area finally gradually disappeared. Within it was the figure of a slender and thin youth. Under the innumerable surrounding gazes, he slowly walked forward.

His footsteps were not loud and clear as his foot landed on the ground. However, they produced minute sounds that were in tandem with the pulse of the land, causing the land to tremble.

As the green light scattered, Lin Dong raised his head. A pair of green glowing pupils locked onto a gloomy faced Yuan Cang. Soon after, a smile appeared on Lin Dong’s face, before he said in a soft voice, “ How much of an advantage do you still have now?”


Just as Lin Dong’s words faded, an extremely boundless and vigorous aura suddenly erupted from his body. Its degree had already exceeded a half step to Profound Life stage expert like Lei Qian, and was quickly catching up to Yuan Cang’s level!


Sensing the two auras that blotted the skies, countless people gently breathed out, before their heartbeats started to increase. Originally, they had assumed that the battle between Chen Gui and Yuan Cang was going to be the greatest and finest one within this Great Sect Competition. However, the scene before let them know that…

The genuine apex fight had just arrived!

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