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789 Supreme Purity Celestial Pond

Darkness covered the inner areas of Unique Devil Region. Occasionally, dusky rays of lights would shine through, however, they would be devoured by the darkness in the blink of an eye. From time to time, brutal roars could be heard resounding in the distance, echoing endlessly across the land.


Two rays of lights flew rapidly through the air at low altitude. Their vigilant gazes continuously scanned the surroundings while vigourous Yuan Power surrounded their bodies.

These two figures were Lin Dong and Ling Qingzhu, who had left the Burning Sky Ancient Stash together three days ago. Their goal was naturally the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond at the depths of Unique Devil Region. 

Ling Qingzhu was clearly somewhat astonished that Lin Dong had followed her that day. In the beginning, she obviously wanted to reject him. She was noble, arrogant and aloof, hence she did not like to owe others favours, especially when this person would be Lin Dong. Her noble and arrogant nature made it even more difficult for her to accept this.

However, in the end, after seeing the radiant smile on the youth’s face, an indescribable feeling rose from her heart. The rejection hanging on her lips was slowly swallowed back.

Her character was cold, distant and proud. When communicating with others on a daily basis, she was cold yet noble. However this cold and noble demeanour was always somewhat different when she faced Lin Dong. Although this difference might be minute and subtle, the fact was that it existed.

The origin of this minute difference was evidently the unclear and complicated relationship between the two of them… 

“We’ve already entered the depths of Unique Devil Region. The demons here are all extremely formidable. In addition, although these demons are troublesome, we still have to be wary about others.” as sunlight flirted past, Ling Qingzhu gazed into the distance for a while, before tilting her head and talking to Lin Dong.

“Others?” hearing this, Lin Dong was stumped for a moment. He was evidently slightly shocked, “Disciples from the other sects have come here as well?”

“Not the disciples of the other sects…” Ling Qingzhu shaked her head and continued, “There are quite a few treasure seekers within the depths of Unique Devil Region. Anyone who can reach this place is absolutely no pushover. They can be considered experts even within the entire Eastern Xuan Region.”

“These people are overwhelmingly powerful, and it would hardly be a surprise if some of them have already reached the Profound Life stage. Additionally, these people will not hesitate to attack super sect disciples if there are treasures or ample enough benefits.”

“Profound Life stage…”

Lin Dong’s pupils contracted a little. Looks like those outside would not be able to compare to these people in the deeper areas of Unique Devil Region. Even amongst the super sects, Profound Life stage experts would possess rather remarkable statuses.

“In Unique Devil Region, the amount of rejection one faces will increase with one’s strength. However, the rejection force faced by those of the Profound Life stage is not overly unbearable.”

“However, us and them have always minded our own businesses, and they will not interfere in the Great Sect Competition. However, this place is basically not encompassed by the Great Sect Competition. Therefore, we have to be careful.” Ling Qingzhu softly explained.

Lin Dong slowly nodded his head. People who were able to survive in such an environment would not be easy to deal with. If they were to be attacked, it would truly become quite thorny and problematic.

“There’s still half a day before we reach the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond. It’s situated in a rather hidden location and should not be discovered so easily.”

“In addition, the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond will only appear once every month. From what I’ve calculated, it should make its appearance today. Therefore, we have to increase our speed such that someone else does not reach it first. Although that place is rather hidden…”

Lin Dong nodded his head again. Just as he was able to say something, his eyes suddenly focused on a particular spot in the distance. An extremely violent and wild fluctuation radiated out from that spot.

“That is…”

Faintly narrowing his eyes, Lin Dong saw that the origin of that wild and violent fluctuation was an extremely gigantic demon. Currently, a figure was floating in the air before it. Extremely swift and fierce attacks were pouring down on the demon like a rainstorm, completely suppressing it till it was unable to move a single inch.

“Such strength…”

Upon seeing this scene play out, astonishment flashed past Lin Dong’s eyes. This demon possessed the strength of the nine Yuan Nirvana stage, however, that person was able to completely suppress it. From the looks of it, his strength should have at least reached the peak of the nine Yuan Nirvana stage.

“That’s a treasure seeker who has come to the deeper areas of Unique Devil Region. Let’s go, do not converse with him. It is taboo to do so in this place.” said Ling Qingzhu while shooting a look at the distance.

Lin Dong nodded his head. Without reducing their speed, the two of them took a detour and went around the far off battle field.


While they were taking a detour, the demon collapsed onto the ground with a loud bang. It had been killed by a middle aged man with red hair. His gaze was filled with vigilance as it turned towards Lin Dong and Ling Qingzhu. Following which, the middle aged man dug an object out of the demon’s body and quickly stashed it before swiftly retreating.

“His vigilance is remarkable.” Upon seeing the man’s reaction, Lin Dong faintly smiled on the surface, while he secretly turned somewhat solemn. The man who had just retreated had a fiendish aura. It was clear that he was a man who constantly lived on a knife’s edge. Such a person was the hardest to deal with. If all the treasure seekers within the deeper areas of Unique Devil Region were the same, it would truly be a headache should a conflict erupt.

The duo looked to each other. Both of them could sense the graveness within the other party’s eyes. With a shift of their bodies, they increased their speed and shot off towards the distance.

Although their destination was only half a day away, they met quite a few demons along the way. By the time the two of them had arrived at their destination, it was already long past the half a day estimate.

“This is the place…” Ling Qingzhu extended her slender and jadelike fingers and pointed at a mountain range that appeared from within the darkness. Her usually noble and aloof self silently released a sigh of relief.

Looking up, Lin Dong was barely able to make out the mountain range faintly in the darkness. From a distance, it looked like an ancient pitch black beast creeping along the ground. One could faintly hear the brutal roars of demons resounding out from the mountain range.

“Let’s go.” Lin Dong said with a smile.

“Restrain your presence as much as possible, there are quite a number of demons here. If we’re besieged, we can only flee.” reminded Ling Qingzhu.


Only after seeing Lin Dong nod his head, did Ling Qingzhu breathe out softly. The green lotus below her feet started to dissipate before the Yuan Power glow retreated into her body. After doing this, the two of them stealthily headed towards the gigantic mountain range.


Afraid to disturb the demons within the mountain range, the two of them had substantially lowered their speed. Earsplitting roars brimming with brutality would emerge from various locations from time to time.

Lin Dong followed half a step behind Ling Qingzhu. His Mental Energy was already thoroughly released as he tried to keep track of the minute traces of activity within the surrounding darkness.

“Be careful.”

Suddenly, the Mental Energy that was sweeping out undulated. Lin Dong’s eyes focussed as he suddenly grabbed Ling Qingzhu’s wrists, while his gaze was locked onto a particular spot to his front. A pitch black panther with wings was hibernating on the ground. From a distance, it appeared to be a black rock.

With the aid of the demonic energy that pervaded the entire Unique Devil region, these demons were evidently able to conceal themselves perfectly. So much so that even Ling Qingzhu had been unable to sense the panther previously.


Ling Qingzhu nodded her head slightly. In the dusky environment, a pair of bright and clear eyes shot a look at Lin Dong. Noticing her gaze, he smiled and released his hand, before seemingly talking to himself, “Such a pleasant sensation.”

Although Lin Dong’s voice was very soft, it still travelled into Ling Qingzhu’s ears. A trace of embarrassment and anger instantly flashed within her eyes. Next, she gently inhaled and her chest rose up and down. Ignoring Lin Dong, she continued on, making a detour around the winged demonic panther as she shot deeper into the mountain range.

As Lin Dong gazed at the beautiful figure that appeared extremely graceful and alluring in the dusky sky, he could not help but give a bitter laugh. Usually, it was still manageable. However, every time he saw Ling Qingzhu’s noble yet frigid face, he could not resist the urge to say something that would make her break that facade. This thought had a somewhat evil tendency.

While he bitterly laughed, Lin Dong swiftly caught up to Ling Qingzhu once again. The two of them cautiously travelled within the mountain range and took a fairly strange route. After approximately half an hour, the dusky sky in front of them suddenly grew much brighter, as a valley appeared within their sights. Lin Dong was able to feel an extremely boundless energy fluctuation originating from the valley.

Like spectres, the two of them flew towards the cliff wall of the valley. From there, they looked into the valley and spotted a pond sparkling with rainbow lights within the depths of the valley, causing the entire valley to appear extremely splendid and magnificent under its illumination.

“That is the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond…”

Ling Qingzhu gazed at the rainbow pond as a soul stirringly beautiful smile of relief finally appeared on her face.

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