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Chapter 785: Suppression

Currently, the entire sky had turned extremely chaotic and numerous spatial vortexes had formed in the sky. Swarms of people flocked to the vortexes with the intent of escaping this place.

Besides those who were trying to escape, there were some individuals who were not rushing to take action. Moreover, their gazes were mainly directed at the enormous cauldron that had fallen to the ground, while greed flickered within their eyes. Previously, the red robed man had used the cauldron to unleash a frightening attack. In their eyes, this object was definitely an extremely powerful Pure Yuan treasure. If they could obtain it, their strength would definitely soar.

Swoosh swoosh.

Rushing wind sounds sounded out in the air. Several human figures were finally unable to control the greed in their hearts. They were the first to rush towards the bright red cauldron in an attempt to seize it.

Lin Dong frowned slightly when he saw this scene. However, he was in no hurry to act. The bright red cauldron was a mysterious treasure and it would be a little too comical if it was so easily obtained. Moreover… the red robed man was the true owner of the cauldron. Although he was still engaged in an intense battle with the black fog creature, he could likely make these greedy fellows suffer with a thought.

“You are not leaving yet?” A beautiful figure flew over from the distance. After which, she glanced at Lin Dong and asked in a surprised manner.

“Aren’t you also still here?” Lin Dong smiled at Ling Qingzhu and said.

“I am not after the cauldron. I only want to observe the battle here…” Ling Qingzhu spoke indifferently. Soon after, her eyes gazed at the area where the great battle was taking place.

“If that creature is allowed to escape, it will likely cause a great deal of trouble…”

Although she did not know exactly what that black fog creature was, she could tell from its aura that it was obviously not a benevolent creature. If it was allowed to escape, it was likely that everyone who had entered Unique Devil Region would end up dead.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. He clearly understood that if it was not because these creatures must be eliminated, those experts from the ancient times would not have gathered together to fight them…

Lin Dong’s eyes turned towards another side of the sky while this thought flashed within his mind. Eight large lava doors had already formed a formation in that area. Bright red lava surged out in all directions, forming a lava curtain that came pouring downwards, an incomparably spectacular scene.

“Bang bang!”

Trapped by these huge lava doors, the black fog creature also began to fiercely resist. Wave after wave of monstrous black fog swept out, while an endless dark chill continued to erode and eliminate the hot lava.

However, from the looks of it, the black fog creature was also extremely afraid of the large lava doors. Its attacks had become more strenuous, and its sharp mocking laughter was no longer heard.

The red robed man hovered in between the eight large lava doors. His stern gaze was fixed onto the churning black fog below. However, his expression was not relaxed. His eyes would occasionally sweep towards a corner of the large array. In his eyes was a faint worry that could not be detected.


At a certain area, over a dozen figures had already landed around the bright red cauldron that had fallen to the ground. Before they could act however, a majestic force came sweeping over and directly sent all of them flying.

“Yuan Cang, do not go too overboard. This object does not belong to your Yuan Gate!” The group of figures which had been sent flying looked in the direction where the force had originated with furious gazes. After which, their expressions changed as they cried out in stern voices.

“It might not be in the past, but it is now.” Lei Qian laughed coldly.

“Everyone should leave quickly in order to avoid causing trouble for yourselves.” Ling Zhen smilingly advised.

“Do it, sever the connection between the cauldron and the red robed man. He is currently busy with that creature and should not be able to get away from it for the time being. We will snatch the cauldron and leave!” Yuan Cang glanced at the group indifferently. After which, his eyes turned towards the bright red cauldron. A heat that could not be hidden surged within his eyes.


Lei Qian and Ling Zhen hurriedly nodded when they heard this. The three of them made a tossing action with their hands as three horn like things flew out. They transformed into a light curtain that extended and wrapped around the entire bright red cauldron. A faint sound wave spread out from the light curtain. It was likely that this horn like objects were also Soul treasures.

As the light curtain covered the cauldron, the flickering luster on the latter dimmed. It was as though it had been somewhat isolated from the world.

“Take it now!” The Yuan Cang trio immediately rejoice when they saw this. They intended to move the cauldron away.


The three of them were just about to act when the shrivelled face of the red robed man at the large lava doors in the distance suddenly changed. His eyes abruptly shot over. Soon after, fury surged within them.


While the red robed man was distracted, the originally huddling black fog creature below suddenly unfurled in all directions. This time, the black fog creature clearly narrowed its attacks as it frantically attacked a corner of the large array. The place it attacked was the very spot that was lacking in the great formation!

“Bang bang!”

The red robed man’s expression drastically changed when he saw this scene. He clenched his hand and frightening lava light pillars immediately shot out from the eight lava doors. They interweaved with each other and mercilessly shot towards the black fog.

Bam bam!

The light pillar powerfully smashed into the black fog, immediately causing a mournful sound to emerge. However, the black fog creature did not withdraw. Instead, it endured the heavy blow and charged at the lacking corner of the array. After all, once it left the array, it would regain its freedom!

The red robed man watched the black fog creature as it tried its best to charge out of the formation and hurriedly adjusted his attacks, desperately trying to stop it. He also knew that if the creature was allowed to escape, even he would not be able to trap it again.

Bnag bang!

Wild and ferocious attacks exploded on the monstrous black fog. However, the black fog still continued to swiftly approach the missing corner of the formation.

“Tsk tsk, old ghost Fen Tian. Your lava door formation seems to be lacking a door. Tsk tsk, it seems like it is fated for this general to escape today!” A sharp voice was once again emitted from the black fog when it neared the missing corner of the formation.

The red robed man’s shrivelled face twitched a little. A thought passed through his mind as he split his focus to activate the cauldron. However, the cauldron on the ground in the distance merely trembled slightly but did not fly over. While he was distracted, his control had clearly been greatly thrown off by the strange Soul Treasure of Yuan Cang’s group…

“These bastards.”

Lin Dong’s eyes became somewhat grim as he watched this scene. Did they not know just how much trouble would be caused if this creature was set free?

“The black fog is about to break out of the formation.” Ling Qingzhu suddenly said from beside him. There was an additional trace of anxiety in her voice.

Lin Dong’s eyes flickered. In the next moment, he suddenly took a step forward. He clenched his hand and a bright red light tablet appeared in front of Ling Qingzhu’s stunned eyes. Soon after, Lin Dong’s hand jerked as the light tablet whistled out.


The red robed man turned his attention for a moment when he heard Lin Dong’s cry. After which, he saw the bright red light tablet rushing over. Immediately, joy and surprise appeared on his shrivelled face.

“The missing formation door has actually been obtained by you…”

The red robed man glanced at Lin Dong from far away. After which, he waved his sleeve. The light tablet floated to the space above the final volcano. Immediately, a large lava door was once again formed and completely establishing the great array!


The moment the last large lava door was formed, the entire place seemed to have suddenly turned crimson. Monstrous lava shot out, forming a huge lava mountain above the array, while a frightening fluctuation swept out in an uncontrollable manner.

“It looks like even the heavens do not want you to leave!”

The red robed man lowered his head. He watched the black fog creature being forced back by the fluctuation from the enormous lava mountain. A somewhat ugly smile had finally surfaced on his shrivelled face.


A furious voice was finally emitted by the black fog creature after being forced back by the extremely hot fluctuation. Evidently, the sudden and unexpected change had also caught it by surprise.

“That brat.”

The scarlet light within the black fog looked in the direction where Lin Dong was located in the distance, while the sound of gnashing teeth faintly echoed. The array was now complete and it was powerful enough to completely suppress it!

“This time, you will no longer have any chance to escape.”

The red robed man looked down at the black fog from high above as his hoarse voice sounded. Soon after, he waved his sleeve and the enormous lava mountain came whistling downwards. Immediately, it pushed down onto the black fog.

Sizzle sizzle.

The black fog creature struggled with all its might. However, its efforts were like a mantis trying to block a car. The large lava mountain fell, directly shattered space. In the end, countless lava light rays shot out from under the mountain. It was just like a prison that covered the black fog before finally pulling it under the mountain.



The large lava mountain suddenly fell amidst the miserable screech. The land crumbled before the lava rapidly cooled and turned into a mountain that flickered with red light. The black fog creature had once again been suppressed.


Lin Dong watched the black fog creature being suppressed and sighed in relief. He shifted his gaze and his expression immediately changed. This was because he saw that the Yuan Cang trio were already carrying the crimson cauldron and fleeing in the direction of a spatial vortex.


However, the moment Lin Dong’s expression changed, the red robed man also turned around. A cold aura immediately covered his face.

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