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Chapter 763: Unexpected Occurrence

“Xue Ling…”

Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest frowned as they watched the Sword Sect disciples that had suddenly appeared. It was unexpected that these people would also be sent to this area. Moreover, from the looks of it, they also possessed some means of dealing with the sea of ants and were aware of the commotion on here…

Lin Dong’s eyes drifted over the group of Sword Sect disciples. He discovered that amongst the Sword Sect disciples, other than Xue Ling, who had reached the peak of the nine Yuan Nirvana stage, there seemed to be one other disciple who had also reached the nine Yuan Nirvana stage. This strength might not be considered weak, but it was still a little inferior when compared to the lineup of their Dao Sect. However, if both parties were to really engage in an all out fight here, injuries would be unavoidable. This situation was something that neither party wished to see.

Lin Dong’s eyes turned towards Ying Xiaoxiao. The latter was also in deep thought. However, from the looks of it, she did not desire to come into conflict with the disciples from Sword Sect here. After all, they already had a bad relationship with Yuan Gate. It would become quite dangerous for them if they ended up becoming enemies with the other sects.

From the air, Xue Ling smilingly looked at Lin Dong and Ying Xiaoxiao, who were in deep thought. He was naturally aware that the strength of the Dao Sect disciples were stronger than their own. However, he was also clearly aware of Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest’s concerns. Therefore, his tone did not show much fear.

“Allow them to go and take the Mysterious Life Beads first.” Ying Huanhuan suddenly arrived behind Lin Dong while he and Ying Xiaoxiao were in deep thought. After which, she softly spoke in a voice that only the both of them could hear.

Lin Dong was momentarily startled when he heard Ying Huanhuan’s voice. He glanced at her. At this moment, the young lady’s bright and enchanting large eyes were flickering with a little fox like cunningness.

Although Lin Dong did not know why Ying Huanhuan would say this, he still nodded after a brief hesitation. Due to Ying Huanhuan’s identity as a Reincarnator, he was aware that the latter’s senses were likely even sharper than his own…

“There are four Mysterious Life Beads in the corpses below. Each of our parties shall take two of them.” Lin Dong raised his head and spoke towards Xue Ling in an indifferent voice.

Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest were startled when they heard Lin Dong’s words. They exchanged looks with one another, however, they did not voice any objections.

“Haha, it is indeed nice to talk to brother Lin Dong. Our Sword Sect disciples will remember this favour.” Xue Ling was also momentarily stunned by Lin Dong’s decisiveness. Immediately, joy surged out from his eyes. He unceremoniously extended his hand as sharp sword aura swept downwards and directly transformed into a light hand. The hand grabbed at the white lights within the two corpses Dantians.

Lin Dong’s lips moved slightly when Xue Ling acted. A soft voice was transmitted into all the Dao Sect disciples ears, “Everyone, be careful!”

Many Dao Sect disciples’ hearts were immediately stunned when they heard Lin Dong’s voice. Immediately, the Yuan Power within their bodies began to circulate as golden light surged over the surface of their bodies. Clearly, they had activated the Nirvana Golden Body.


The light hand containing formidable sword aura entered the underground like lightning. However, before the light hand could grab the two corpses, an extremely obscure fluctuation was suddenly emitted from within the corpse.

Lin Dong’s pupils suddenly shrunk when that fluctuation was emitted. Soon after, he inhaled a deep breath of cold air as he saw the four corpse abruptly opened their eyes!

Blood red surged within those shrunken eyes, while threads of black air lingered over them. They did not possess any emotion. All they had was an extremely pure desire to kill!


The four corpses suddenly raised their heads and violently swung their skinny withered hands. Four black light symbols swept out and directly blasted apart the light hand that was rushing over. Moreover, the remnant force swept out like lightning and attacked the Sword Sect disciples in the sky.

The sudden change had also caused the expressions of Xue Ling and the other Sword Sect disciples to change slightly. Fortunately, they reacted quickly. They hurriedly activated the Yuan Power within their bodies when the black ripple swept over. After which, they unleashed their attacks.

“Green Yuan Sword Finger!”

Several hundred sharp sword auras whistled out simultaneously, and collided against the black ripple from all directions. Immediately, a low explosion continously resounded across the sky.


Those four black demon symbols clearly possessed an extremely frightening power. Hence, despite the Sword Sect disciples utilising their numbers advantage, the expressions of some of the disciples quickly turned pale, and they spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. Clearly, the injuries that they had suffered were not light.

“There was something amiss after all!”

Lin Dong and the other disciples from Dao Sect had stunned expressions as they watched this scene. Immediately, they rejoiced within their hearts. Fortunately, they were not the ones who had acted first, otherwise, they would be targeted instead.

“They are actually demon corpses…”

Ying Xiaoxiao’s face contained shock as she gazed at those four red eye corpses deep underground. She immediately inhaled a breath of cool air as she muttered.

“Demon corpse?” Lin Dong was momentarily startled.

“There are quite a number of experts from ancient times who had fallen here. After their deaths, their corpses were eroded by the demonic Qi of Unique Devil Region and ended up turning into a demon corpse that is no different from those demonic monsters. These demon corpses’ strength might not be comparable to when they were alive, but their combat capabilities are not to be underestimated. It is likely that every single one of these four demon corpses is not weaker than the little Thunder King, Lei Qian. Moreover, they are not afraid of dying and will never stop once they begin to attack.”

“Stronger than Lei Qian huh…”

Lin Dong pupils shrunk a little. He immediately became decisive as he spoke in a low voice, “Let’s leave! We do not want the Mysterious Life Beads!”

Although the Mysterious Life Beads were a rather rare treasure, this was only the case if one was alive to enjoy its benefits. Faced with four demon corpses with the half a foot to the Mysterious Life stage strength, they would definitely suffer many deaths and injuries even if they relied on their superior numbers. That price was not something they could afford.


Ying Xiaoxiao and Wang Yan also gritted their teeth and endured their reluctance. They waved their hands and the many disciples from Dao Sect rushed upwards, before flying away. A zither sound had once again spread when the Dao Sect disciples rushed upwards, blocking the ant tide that was now surging over.

“Senior brother Xue Ling, the people from Dao Sect are leaving!”

Those Sword Sect disciples were stunned when they saw that the Dao Sect disciples were actually fleeing. After which, they turned their eyes towards Xue Ling at the front.

“We will also leave. We cannot deal with these four demon corpses. Damnit, why are we so unlucky. To have met such troublesome things after only just entering Unique Devil Region!” Xue Ling clenched his teeth when he saw this. He was also decisive. With a twist of his body, he immediately led his group to withdraw.

As the two parties separated and retreated in unison, the four demon corpses underground slowly began to stand up as though they had just woken up. Their bodies moved and appeared on the surface. Scarlet eyes swept in both directions. Soon after, two corpses flew upwards and chased Sword Sect disciples. A red flash appeared in the eyes of the remaining two as they gave chase in the direction where the Dao Sect disciples had fled.

A large cluster of light rushed across the dark desolate plains. Some of them would occasionally look behind them.

“This is bad. We were still targeted!” Wang Yan’s eyes hardened when they drifted behind him, and his expression changed slightly as he said.

“Two demon corpses have followed us…” Ying Xiaoxiao’s face was also somewhat grave.

“Two corpses huh…” Lin Dong curled his mouth as his eyes flashed. These demon corpses were comparable to an expert like Lei Qian. Additionally, they did not feel any pain and did not know fear. Once they started, they would not stop until they died. It was extremely troublesome to deal with them.

“What should we do? They have locked onto us. If nothing unexpected occur, they will likely continue to chase us in this manner.” Ying Huanhuan also bunched her eyebrows together as she said.

Lin Dong frowned. A moment later, he suddenly asked softly, “Senior sister disciple Xiaoxiao, if you and senior brother disciple Wang Yan were to join hands and are aided by all the other seniors and juniors present, will you be able to finish off one demon corpse?”

Ying Xiaoxiao exchanged glances with Wang Yan after hearing this. After which, she nodded and said, “We should be able to deal with one of them. However… there are two demon corpses following us.”

“I will lure the other one away and deal with it.” Lin Dong gritted his teeth and said.

“Alone?” Ying Xiaoxiao was startled. Although Lin Dong was quite strong, the demon corpse was a troublesome enemy that even someone like Lei Qian would not be able to deal with. Lin Dong might have been able to cause Lei Qian to suffer a slight loss in Unique Devil City, but the current situation was not a bet or spar like back then. The demon corpse will not be bothered by face like Lei Qian…

Lin Dong nodded. He had many techniques that could not be displayed in front of the Dao Sect disciples. His concerns would diminish if he was alone.

Ying Xiaoxiao and Wang Yan were quiet. Clearly, they were worried about Lin Dong luring the demon corpse away by himself.

“Let me follow you.” Ying Huanhuan suddenly spoke softly while Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest were silent.

“I have brought the Heavenly Phoenix Zither with me this time around. These demonic monsters might be strong, but they are weak against sonic wave attacks. I will be able to help you suppress it.” The young lady looked at Lin Dong with her bright and enchanting large as she softly spoke.

“Huanhuan is right. Her sonic wave has a substantial suppressing effect towards these demonic monsters.” Ying Xiaoxiao nodded in agreement when she heard this.

“This… alright.”

Lin Dong hesitated for a moment, after which, he finally nodded under the gaze of those bright large eyes of the young lady. He had many techniques that Ying Huanhuan was already aware of, and both of them could also be considered to have a tacit understanding. Moreover, from the looks of the situation, it was likely that this little miss, who had just ceased being angry, would not let it go so easily if he did not agree.

“Let’s go.”

Having made their decision, this large group of theirs also slowed to a stop in the air. After which, they turned around and looked into the distance. There, two black lights that were accompanied by an endless murderous aura, were rushing over.

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