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Chapter 759: Gathering of Monsters

As the explosive atmosphere in Unique Devil City seemed to reach an almost crazed state, two days finally sped by…

As the first ray of sunlight pierced through the clouds and illuminated the land, a frenzy undoubtedly erupted throughout the entire Unique Devil City. Ear piercing wind sounds continuously rang through the skies as figure after figure rushed to enter Unique Devil Region like screaming locusts.

At a place not far to the north of Unique Devil City, the ground had completely transformed into an extremely gloomy darkness. A smell that caused one’s soul to feel uncomfortable spread out from the ground.

Unique Devil Region was enveloped by an extremely frightening array that originated from ancient times. It was said that this array was created by the combined efforts of many elite experts of that era, and that this array had sealed this piece of land for countless years…

However, there was nothing in this world that could withstand the erosion of time. Although this array was extremely terrifying, under the passing of time, a few broken holes that appeared. Thus, people are able to enter from certain points. The outskirts of Unique Devil City was one of these points.

This was a stretch of black plains. At the end of the plains, traces of distortion had appeared, a clear indicator of where the plains ended.

Right now, there was a huge crowd that blotted the skies above the plains. Hurried wind sounds continuously sounded out in the distance, clearly expanding the already frighteningly vast crowd present.


A large group of figures shot forward, before finally appearing at a place around a thousand meters from the spatial protective screen. Revealing their appearances, they were the Dao sect disciples. Lin Dong and the rest were naturally among this group.

“Truly a magnificent sight.”

Floating in the air, the group looked at the vast endless crowd surrounding them, before they involuntarily smacked their lips. This was undoubtedly a grand occasion for Eastern Xuan Region. The only words that could describe this scene would be vast and mighty.

Feeling rather shocked, Lin Dong nodded his head. Amongst the figures that blotted the skies, he could sense that there were quite a few obscure and powerful auras. One could tell that there were crouching tigers and hidden dragons amongst them, however, no one knew how many there were. Sure enough, the Great Sect Competition was a gathering of monsters…

Lin Dong’s eyes swept across the skies, before suddenly coming to a rest on a group of figures far away with longswords on their back. Their bodies gave off swift and fierce Sword Qi. It was so sharp to the point that it seemed able to pierce through the world.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept across the group of figures before focusing on the front of the group. There stood a man who did not seem to look anything special, however, the sharp aura from his body caused even Lin Dong’s pupils to shrink a little.

“Those are the Sword Sect disciples. They are headed by the most outstanding person amongst the Sword Sect’s younger generation. Known as Sword Fanatic Xue Ling, he is also at the peak of the nine Yuan Nirvana stage. It is rumoured that he has successfully learnt the ‘Sword Saint Arts’ of the Sword Sect, and his attacking prowess is extremely fearsome and ferocious.” just as Lin Dong’s gaze landed on that man, standing beside him, Ying Xiaoxiao opened her mouth and explained.

“Oh?” said Lin Dong as he faintly raised his eyebrows. He had heard of the ‘Sword Saint Arts’. It was reputed to be a powerful martial art that was not inferior to the Sky Emperor’s Scripture.

“The people in white on the left as well as the people in yellow not far from them are the disciples from Divine Sect and Symbol Valley respectively. This time, the most formidable younger generation member of Divine Sect is a girl called Xue Wan. As for the disciple leading Symbol Valley, he is called Mao Shan. Both their Mental Energy capabilities have already reached the Nine Seal Heavenly Symbol Master level. Their attacking methods are intangible and unpredictable, making them extremely hard to deal with.” continued Ying Xiaoxiao as she pointed towards two different spots.

Following her finger, Lin Dong turned and saw a girl in a white dress standing gracefully in front of the group of figures dressed in white. She looked rather refined, however, her most distinguishing feature was her snow-white hair. As a gentle breeze blew past, her hair was akin to snowflakes fluttering and dancing. Majestic and incorporeal Mental Energy undulated around her, causing even space itself to distort a little.

Lin Dong’s eyes rested on the girl named Xue Yan for a short while, before turning to the direction where the Symbol Valley members were located. At that spot, stood a youth wearing a large yellow robe. The surface of his yellow robe was filled with strange and weird symbols, while light faintly blossomed from it. From the looks of it, this yellow robe was actually a fairly powerful Soul Treasure. Furthermore, the Mental Energy fluctuations from his body were not the least bit inferior to the white hair girl.

“Nine Seal Heavenly Symbol Master.”

Lin Dong faintly smacked his lips. His Mental Energy was merely a the Six Seal Heavenly Symbol Master level, and he was quite weak in comparison to the two of them. After all, Lin Dong had spent more time on Yuan Power than Mental Energy.

“The people over there should be from Great Desolate Palace right?”

After sighing, Lin Dong looked towards another direction, where a group of burly chaps stood. Many of them had exposed arms, while the veins on their bodies were like dragons. Undulations radiated from their bodies like a great flood, causing them to look as if they were human-shaped Demonic Beasts.

After sweeping his gaze across their bodies, Lin Dong’s eyes came to a halt at the front of the group before gawking slightly. At that spot stood a rather thin man. As he stood in front of the group of intrepid giant bodies, he looked just like a kid. Such a contrast was extremely comical.

Naturally, the startled expression on Lin Dong’s face only lasted for a split second before dissipating, as he noticed the looks of respect the burly chaps gave to the thin man.

“Yup, that thin man is the most senior brother disciple of Great Desolate Palace, Wu Hong. Don’t look down on his physique. His physical body has been already trained till an extremely intrepid level. It was said that there was once a Nine Yuan Nirvana stage expert that challenged him whose defenses were directly smashed by a single punch. Even his Nirvana Golden Body was completely broken, causing him to sustain serious injuries.” said Ying Xiaoxiao while nodding her head.

“As expected, this is a gathering of monsters…” replied Lin Dong with a faint smile. To be able to become the most outstanding member amongst their peers within their individual sects, these people have truly proven their talent and capabilities. This Great Sect Competition was truly going to be very interesting…

Ying Xiaoxiao nodded her head and was just about to say something when her expression suddenly changed. As she gazed into the distance she said, “ The Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace members have also arrived.”

Lin Dong also raised his head and looked towards the direction where wind sounds were present. After a few breaths time, a large group of figures appeared in the sky. Following the appearance of this group, the air above the plains started to grow restless as fiery gazes converged one after another on the front of the group of Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples. At that spot was a beautiful figure in a white dress akin to snow. Treading on a green lotus, and with a quiet and cold temperament akin to a fairy descending to the mortal realm, she was indeed Ling Qingzhu.

As Lin Dong gazed at Ling Qingzhu, he involuntarily rubbed his nose. When she appeared, he noticed that a great half of the most outstanding disciples from the various sects had all turned to look at her. Within their gazes were unconcealable admiration. Looks like the words that Ling Qingzhu had said two days ago was indeed not a lie…


As Lin Dong’s gaze swept past Ling Qingzhu, he suddenly exclaimed in shock. His surprised gaze had stopped at a spot behind Ling Qingzhu. He had spotted the figure of a familiar young lady… it was Su Rou.

Currently, the young lady was wearing a light green dress. Her face no longer had the previous timid look and a smile had appeared when she conversed with the senior and junior brother disciples around her. Looks like the young lady who had to pretend to toughen up while being reprimanded by the Lin Dong trio had finally grown up…

In the distance, Su Rou who was talking to her senior and junior brother disciples seemed to have sensed something. Raising her head, she turned towards the direction of Dao Sect. In the next moment, she spotted the gentle smile on the familiar face that was looking at her.

“Big brother Lin Dong.”

Su Rou gawked for a moment. Soon after, pleasant surprise and an excited smile appeared on her face. In the next moment, she waved at Lin Dong without care for the surrounding gazes.

Looking at the exceptionally pleasantly surprised Su Rou, Lin Dong gave a faint smile in response.

Su Rou’s action were obviously discovered the the Dao Sect disciples beside Lin Dong. Gawking for a while, they proceeded to look at Lin Dong in worship. Why did everyone know this guy?

“Your networking seems to reach rather far and wide…” said Ying Xiaoxiao before she involuntarily shook her head. She looked to Ying Huanhuan, who was currently chatting with Qing Ye. She looked as if she was not aware of what was going on, however, Ying Xiaoxiao could discover a subtle change within her gaze which occasionally fluttered to a distant place. It was obvious that she could not completely ignoring this matter.

“A friend that I got to know during the Hundred Empire War.” explained Lin Dong with a smile, before shooting a look at Ying Huanhuan who was still refusing to speak to him. He secretly felt helpless, this little lady’s sulking capabilities were indeed rather exceptional.

At the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace area, Ling Qingzhu was slightly startled due to Su Rou’s actions, before asking in a soft voice, “Do you know him?”

“Yes, if not for big brother Lin Dong, during the Hundred Empire War, me and elder brother would have likely not reached the Hundred Empire Mountain.” replied Su Rou with a smile as she nodded her head.

“Big Brother Lin Dong is formidable. It was obvious that he came from a low rank empire, however, he managed to become the champion of the Hundred Empire War. In the end, when the Western Xuan Region attempted to capture the ancient realm, he forced our enemies to retreat by summoning three Wind Lighting Tribulations.” Su Rou’s face was filled with the colour of worship. Seeing this, some of the male disciples around her felt slightly jealous. That was because they had never seen her reveal such an expression during her time in Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, where her status was high like the afternoon sun.

Ling Qingzhu gently nodded her head, her eyebrows drooped slightly as she suppressed the slight fluctuation that flashed past her eyes. It seems like he had quite a few extraordinary experiences over all these years…

Lin Dong gradually withdrew his gaze from the location of the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, before turning his head towards another area in the sky. In a soft voice he spoke, “ The people from Yuan Gate have arrived…”

As his words faded, the expressions of the Dao Sect disciples behind faintly sunk. They raised their heads and fixed their gazes on a particular spot in the sky.

Swish Swish!

Under their gazes, hurried wind sounds quickly rang out as a black mass of figures burst in like black clouds in a rather overbearing manner, before finally appearing at a spot that was nearest to the spacial distortions.

When this large group of figures appeared, Lin Dong’s attention instantly went towards the front of this group of Yuan Gate disciples. At that position, three figures stood perfectly straight. An aura that rocketed through the skies slowly erupted from them, causing the expressions of many people to change.

The three little kings of Yuan Gate, the most outstanding existences amongst the younger generation members in Eastern Xuan Region!

The three most highly regarded individuals in the Great Sect Competition had finally appeared!

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