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Chapter 701: Unknown Lifeforms

Within the quiet space, the corners of Lin Dong’s eyes twitched due to the stone tablet’s words. After which, he turned silent. Thoughts rapidly circulated within his mind. He did not know what the familiar object mentioned by the stone tablet was. Mysterious Stone Talisman? Devouring Ancestral Symbol? Or perhaps the Ancient Universe Formation? Might it be all of them?

“The Devouring Ancestral Symbol has also found another owner. Ah, I guess that person has fallen too…” The figure on the stone tablet ignored the thoughts within Lin Dong’s mind. An ancient and raspy voice slowly sounded out.

Lin Dong blinked. It was likely that the person mentioned was the black-eye old man from back then. Based on the memories obtained from that place, it seemed like the both of them were related due to the mysterious black beings.

“There are some familiar martial arts on your body that is somewhat similar to that brat, the Great Desolate King…” The figure on the stone tablet continued.

The corners of Lin Dong’s mouth twitched involuntarily. Was this person mentioning the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand? This martial arts was something that he had also obtained from the ancient sect. Although it was also a high grade Soul Martial Arts, Lin Dong seldom used it now as his other skills had grown stronger.

“Elder, there seems to be something wrong?”

Lin Dong cupped his hands together towards the stone tablet. After which, his eyes glanced at the black lines on the tablet. The black lines appeared to be moving quietly and it looked as if they possessed some semblance of intelligence.

From the looks of it, it really appeared as though the stone tablet was attempting to suppress these things. However, they seemed to be resisting and attempting to erode the stone tablet instead.

Buzz buzz!

The stone tablet suddenly trembled intensely while Lin Dong was observing the strange black lines. The black lines below appeared to have been revived at this moment. Countless number of black lines rose and crazily climbed towards the stone tablet.

When the black lines were climbing, waves of faint black qi scattered from them. An evil and emotionless ripple also spread apart wherever the black qi passed, while some of the black qi also rushed swiftly towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s expression changed intensely when he saw this scene as he rapidly retreated. Although it was only a minute amount of black qi, he did not dare to dare to let them touch him. Even this powerful and mysterious stone tablet had wounded up in such a miserable state because of it. Hence, he was truly unable to imagine what would happen if he was eroded by it.


This sudden and unexpected change also caused a low and cold snort to be emitted from the stone tablet. The tablet shook as numerous ancient yellow lights surged downwards. An indescribable strength spread and once again violently suppressed the black lines that were attempting to erode upwards.

“Tsk tsk…”

When the black lines were forced back, Lin Dong could seemingly hear an extremely piercing laughter. A cold and unusual evilness permeated the laughter. This laughter also caused Lin Dong’s eyes to shrink violently.

Those black lines were indeed an unknown life form.

The stone tablet shot out an ancient yellow light ray that scattered the black qi that had shot towards Lin Dong. After which, it finally shrunk back into the stone tablet.

“Elder, what is that thing?” Lin Dong could not help but ask after seeing the stone tablet turn silent again.

The stone tablet appeared to ponder quietly for a moment upon hearing Lin Dong’s question. Immediately, a light surged on the tablet and transformed into a stone mirror.

Light waves surged on the mirror as a scene appeared within it. It was a vast and endless land. Lin Dong saw an extremely enormous stone tablet at that spot. It was surprisingly the Great Desolate Tablet.

It was also possible to see quite a number of human figures standing in the sky around the Great Desolate Tablet. Although Lin Dong was unable to discern their appearances, it was possible to tell that these people were all top tier experts from their auras.

At this moment, a fault line seemed to have appeared in the space a great distance in front of those top experts and the stone tablet. Monstrous black qi surged. At that moment, it appeared as though the entire sky was crying.

Countless ice-cold evil lights shot out explosively from the black fog. After which, those experts standing in the sky also suddenly attacked. Immediately, the entire place trembled.

Although the scene on the stone mirror was only a corner of the battleground, Lin Dong’s heart still fluttered. He was truly unable to image the scale of such a battle. Everyone there was more powerful than even their current Dao sect master, Ying Xuanzi. Nonetheless, Lin Dong still saw quite a number of figures falling from the sky when both sides fought…

Those unknown creatures that surged out from the fault in space possessed an extremely frightening strength.

Light continued to spin on the stone mirror. Finally, it focused on a scene. The Great Desolation Tablet descended from the sky. Monstrous ancient yellow light swept down and suppressed a cluster of extremely enormous black qi. The black qi wiggled and appeared to have transformed into a strange blurry figure.

The sharp voice became increasingly soft under the pressure from the stone tablet. Finally, the Great Desolate Tablet suddenly landed. The land crumbled and it was directly buried under the ground.

After the Great Desolate Tablet suppressed those unknown creatures, the land once again closed. It was as though it had sealed those unknown creatures underground.

In the last scene, Lin Dong could see a human figure rushing out from the Great Desolate Tablet when the land shut itself. His aura overwhelmed the heavens. He looked at the area under the Great Desolate Tablet and sighed softly. After which, he turned around and charged towards the enormous spatial fault.

The image ceased at this point.

Lin Dong’s eyes were a little absent minded. It was a long while later before he gradually recovered from the shock. He did not know exactly what had occurred in the past. However, it was likely an extremely major event. Otherwise, there would not be so many top tier experts gathering together to fight against an enemy.

That final figure was perhaps the owner of the Great Desolate Tablet and he used the Great Desolate Tablet to suppress and seal those powerful and unknown beings. Those thing were perhaps the same black spots that now plagued the tablet.

“Can I help you with anything?” Lin Dong scratched his head and asked.

“You are right, I am indeed ill… the source of my illness is due to the thing that I am suppressing.” A human figure appeared on the stone tablet as an elderly raspy voice slowly sounded.

“Can’t you kill it?” Lin Dong mused before asking.

“It is only a king. If I am at my peak, I might be able to kill it. However, I am unable to do so now…”

“Before you, there have also been others who have arrived here. However, none of them had returned.” The tablet spirit slowly said.

“Those are my Dao Sect seniors. However, all of them are no longer around…” Lin Dong spread out his hand. He immediately hesitated for a moment before speaking, “There are some things within my body. If they can remove that thing, I can loan them to you…”

“Haha, I sense a old friend within your body…” The stone tablet laughed softly. When its voice rumbled, Lin Dong could sense that the Mysterious Stone Talisman within his body tremble for a moment.

“However, it is even more seriously injured than I am. It is likely no easy task for it to awaken and recover…”

Lin Dong was stunned. This was the first time that he had heard of any information regarding the Mysterious Stone Talisman. He hurriedly asked, “In that case, does elder know how to allow it to recover its spirit?”

“That will depend on your fate.” The stone tablet did not directly reply Lin Dong’s question. Instead, it gave an answer that caused one to feel a headache.

“There is also the Devouring Ancestral Symbol within my body… can it help you to remove that thing?” Lin Dong asked.

“The strength of one Ancestral Symbol is insufficient… if I want to kill a king, I will need the strength of two Ancestral Symbols at least…” The stone tablet said.

Lin Dong laughed bitterly. Just what nonsense was this? One would actually require the strength of two Ancestral Symbols in order to remove it. There were only eight Ancestral Symbols in this world.

“In that case, is there anything that I can help you with?” Lin Dong felt somewhat helpless. Those secrets that he were proud of appeared to be completely useless in front of this stone tablet…

“I have handed the Great Desolation Scripture to those who had arrived here. The condition was that they had to bring two Ancestral Symbols in return and help me to remove it… unfortunately, none of them returned.” An elderly sigh was emitted from within the stone tablet.

“It is not easy to find an Ancestral Symbol…”

Lin Dong shook his head. This entire world was huge and there were only eight Ancestral Symbols. Moreover, some of them even had owners and these individuals were all extremely powerful experts. Hence, it was obviously not a wise decision to snatch their Ancestral Symbols…

“The current you cannot help me. You are able to see that I am sick, but you are unable to treat me…” The raspy voice from the stone tablet caused Lin Dong to suffer a blow. He could only laugh bitterly and nod his head.

“However, I can also engage in a transaction with you. The condition of the deal is the same as your seniors.”

“I will hand the Great Desolation Scripture to you. In return, you will bring back two Ancestral Symbols in future to help me to remove it.”

Lin Dong mused for a moment and asked, “How much time do I have?”

“Less than three years. The erosion from that being is becoming increasingly powerful and I have difficulties suppressing it. Should that being be allowed to escape and tear open a spatial fault, the entire world will face a calamity that no one can escape from.” The stone tablet slowly said.

“Moreover, once it escapes, the sect in the outside world will also be the first to be completely destroyed…”

Lin Dong’s eyes shrunk. His expression gradually became grave. A moment later, he nodded heavily and spoke in a deep voice, “Elder, please be rest assured that I will do my best!”

“Haha, should you also fail, you will perhaps be the last person to be entrusted by me. Additionally, do not leak news about this matter to anyone, even to those elders within the sect. The being that I am suppressing is something that no single faction in this world can deal with. Should anything go wrong, the entire world will die. After all, this world no longer possesses an expert like my owner.” The voice of the stone tablet become quite solemn towards the end.

“I know.” Lin Dong breathed in deeply and slowly nodded.

The human figure on the tablet also nodded. After which, the tablet shook before the ancient characters actually left the surface and whistled over. Finally, they transformed into four ancient yellow characters and suspended themselves in front of Lin Dong. A vast and barren aura spread apart.

The Great Desolation Scripture!

Lin Dong’s eyes stared at the four large ancient words in front of him. Despite his calm nature, he involuntarily trembled in excitement.

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