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Chapter 693: Dao Sect Master

Earth Hall, Qing Ye.

The words of the green clothed man caused Lin Dong to be momentarily stunned. Soon after, he laughed quietly to himself. He finally understood the reason behind the guarded look within the eyes of the man, who was regarded as the second most talented younger generation member in the Dao Sect after Ying Xiaoxiao…

Looks like this person also fancied Ying Huanhuan. However, it seems like he had misunderstood something.

Lin Dong was not surprised that Ying Huanhuan had so many suitors. Compared to the cool and calm Ying Xiaoxiao, the usually lovable and lively Ying Huanhuan was filled with youth and vitality. At the very least, many disciples did not dare to speak loudly in front of Ying Xiaoxiao. However, they were able to relax in front of Ying Huanhuan.

The latter’s character was also quite decent. Although her status was rather high, she did not discriminate the Dao Sect disciples based on status. As long as it was not someone that she disliked, she could get along well with them most of the time. As such, it was difficult for others not to remember her.

“What nonsense are you saying?’

Beside him, Ying Huanhuan narrowed her light eyebrows just as Lin Dong was about to reply. She looked at Qing Ye with dissatisfaction before saying, “If you dare to utter nonsense again, I will throw you out from here.”

Qing Ye merely smiled slightly in response to Ying Huanhuan’s retort as he spread his hands outwards at Lin Dong. However, this silent and clever attitude of his had intentionally displayed the relatively cordial relationship between Ying Huanhuan and him.

Lin Dong rubbed his nose and smiled. Qing Ye was quite a scheming person. His playful response would easily cause a person to feel uncertain in one’s heart. In fact, if he truly fancied Ying Huanhuan, it was likely that he would feel frustrated because of such actions.

“It seems like the Great Desolate Tablet will be opened in another half a month, right?” Qing Ye looked at Lin Dong and said with a smile.

When the words ‘Great Desolate Tablet’ was mentioned, even Ying Xiaoiao’s eyes fluctuated a little. Back then, she had sat quietly in front of the Great Desolate Tablet for a many months. However, she was ultimately unable to understand the Great Desolate Scripture that was contained within it…

Lin Dong looked towards Qing Ye and nodded.

“Haha, currently, other than Desolate Hall, there are already disciples from the three other Dao Sect Halls who have successfully learnt the mysterious scriptures of their respective halls. This time around, junior Lin Dong has the greatest chance within the Desolate Hall…”

“I have long heard of the difficulty of the Great Desolate Scripture. Hopefully, junior brother Lin Dong will be able to successfully achieve enlightenment this time around. I really want to see if my Earth Hall’s ‘Earth Emperor Scripture’ is weaker than the ‘Great Desolate Scripture’.”

Lin Dong knitted his brows slightly as he looked at Qing Ye smiling face. He could sense a trace of deeply hidden pride from the former’s words. Of course, if Qing Ye had really learnt the ‘Earth Emperor Scripture’ of the Earth Hall, he would possess the qualifications to utter these words. However, why did his words sound so loaded? Was it be because of Ying Huanhuan…

“Senior Qing Ye flatters me. As for the Great Desolate Scripture, it will be lucky if I obtain it and fate if I do not. Some things cannot be forced, and all I can do is try my best.” Lin Dong did not have much interest in speaking nonsense with Qing Ye. He immediately shook his head and spoke faintly.

“Hey, can you please show some confidence. I favour your chances after all.” Ying Huanhuan extended her hand. She patted Lin Dong’s shoulder in an encouraging manner as her lovely laughter sounded out.

Lin Dong did not know whether to laugh or to cry as he gazed at the young and lively pretty face before him. “When I display some confidence, you say that I am a arrogant braggart. When I speak humbly now, you are telling me this instead?”

Ying Huanhuan’s face involuntarily reddened when she heard this. She immediately said, “I did not know you that well in the past. Now, I have realized that you have tremendous potential. Therefore, there should be a small chance that you can successfully understand the Great Desolate Scripture.”

Ying Huanhuan’s voice paused for a moment when she spoke to this point, before she continued, “Of course, it’s no big deal even if you fail. Even elder sister failed to understand the Great Desolate Scripture. Therefore, it is nothing to be embarrassed about.”

From the looks of it, even though she had some understanding of Lin Dong, she still did not have much confidence that the latter could successfully understand the Great Desolate Scripture. After all, that thing was simply too abnormal and harsh.

However, Ying Huanhuan’s head was lightly hit by Ying Xiaoxiao just as her words were fading. She immediately turned her head and her small face stared at the latter with resentment. Ying Xiaoxiao could not help but laugh, “It is fine to comfort others. However, you actually dare to use me as a negative example.

Lin Dong could not help but chuckle as he watched this scene. After which, he glanced at Qing Ye from the corner of his eyes. The smile on the latter’s face had reduced a little because of Ying Huanhuan’s comforting words. However, he still maintained a free and easy demeanor. Nonetheless, the guarded look in his eyes when he looked at Lin Dong had clearly become a little stronger.

“Junior brother Lin Dong, please go in first. Sect master is waiting for you.” Ying Xiaoxiao patted the young lady beside her before looking towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong nodded his head when he heard her words. He raised his head and looked at the majestic hall in front of him. Taking in a deep breath of air, his expression immediately turned solemn as he walked forward. Finally, he pushed open the door and walked in under the watching gazes of the Ying Huanhuan trio.

“He is quite decent indeed. The Desolate Hall has found a real talent this time around. Lin Dong will likely be a dark horse in the upcoming Hall Competition.” Ying Xiaoxiao stared at Lin Dong’s disappearing back, and suddenly remarked in a soft voice.

“Mm, Lin Dong is very capable. He merely has the strength of the five Yuan Nirvana stage, yet he was able to seriously injure Yao Ling. No wonder this fellow has such a cocky face the first time I met him. He has the substance to back it up.” Ying Huanhuan nodded continuously. From the looks of it, her various opinions of Lin Dong had disappeared after the Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed incident.

“I heard from Elder Zhang Lao that he swallowed the five Immortal Yuan Ancient Fruits that were plucked from the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree and used them to boost his strength, in order to fight with Yao Ling’s group. Otherwise…” Beside them, Qing Ye immediately spoke with a smile. He curled his mouth in a noncommittal manner when he heard the evaluation of Lin Dong by the two ladies.

“Swallowing five Immortal Yuan Ancient Fruits…”

Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes hardened slightly. She looked towards Qing Ye and asked, “Do you dare?”

Ye Qing was stunned. He was just about to lift his chest and display the pride on his face. However, he was eventually unable to thicken his skin and say anything. All he could do was to shrug his shoulders unnaturally, “I don’t really dare. However, when it comes to a life and death situation, it is possible to give it a try.”

“He emerged from the Hundred Empire War. The both of you should have heard about the cruelty of that place. Lin Dong is from a mere low rank empire. In order to fight his way through the Hundred Empire War with such a background, the effort he had put in is something that none of you can imagine…”

Ying Xiaoxiao gazed at the door of the hall that was slowly being shut. She softly said, “Fortunately, he is a disciple of our Dao Sect…”

Surprise flashed across Ying Huanhuan’s eyes when she heard her usually haughty elder sister actually give Lin Dong such an evaluation.

“Regardless of how talented he is, he is still a newcomer. It is likely not going to be easy if he wants to use his ability to raise the ranking of Desolate Hall in the upcoming Hall Competition.” Qing Ye laughed faintly.

Ying Xiaoxiao did not make any comments regarding this. She pulled Ying Huanhuan as she turned around and left. Qing Ye watched the backs of these two ladies. He curled his lips and turned his head to look at the shut door. A dark and gloomy expression flashed across his eyes.

The large hall was not extremely magnificent. Lin Dong saw a rocky path that led all the way to the end when he entered it. The waters on both sides of the path were clear and deep, while a faint vapor lingered over its surface. Occasionally, the surface of the water would fluctuate, as though something had passed by.

Lin Dong followed the path and walked in. Finally, his footsteps slowly came to a halt. His vision widened as the pool transformed into a lake. An emerald green lotus leaf was suspended above the center of the lake. A figure was seated on the lotus leaf like an old monk. A tranquil atmosphere was present that made this space seem stable and compact.

Lin Dong’s expression turned extremely solemn the moment he saw the human figure on the green lotus. He could sense the Mysterious Stone Talisman, Ancient Universe Formation and the Devouring Ancestral Symbol in his body hiding deeply on their own accord. This situation had occurred once back when he met Qing Zhi in the ancient space. This was the second time…

“Disciple Lin Dong greets sect master.” Lin Dong bowed respectfully at the human figure on the lotus leaf and greeted him in a deep voice.

The human figure on the green lotus finally slowly opened his tightly shut eyes when Lin Dong’s voice sounded. His eyes appeared to contain the sun and the moon within it. The moment his eyes opened, Lin Dong could feel that his mind had become momentarily dazzled.

The figure stood up from the lotus leaf. After which, he walked across the surface of the lake and headed over. A moment later, he arrived in front of Lin Dong. Instantly, Lin Dong was able to see the full appearance of the Dao Sect master.

The figure was wearing cloth shoes and simple fitting white clothes. He appeared to be around thirty or forty on the surface and his face was as warm as jade. One could tell that he definitely possessed quite a handsome appearance when he was young.

There was a warm smile on his large face and his smile was just like a sea of stars. It was as though any flustered heart would gradually calm down under that smile.

Cloth shoes, white clothes and completely unfathomable.

This was the first impression that Lin Dong had of the Dao Sect master. Lin Dong was still able to sense something when he saw Chen Zhen and Wu Dao. However, that probing was completely useless when he met this person.

He was just like the ocean; vast and endless. If one was to probe deeper, it was likely that one would end up getting lost within the vastness.

“Little fellow, you have performed a deed of great merit for our Dao Sect.”

The Dao Sect master smilingly looked at the young man in front of him. His voice paused for a moment before continuing, “Additionally, I have to thank you for rescuing Huanhuan.”

Lin Dong’s heart was slightly shakened. He appeared to have sensed something from the highest ranking person within Dao Sect. Immediately, he parted his mouth involuntarily. Although he knew that Ying Huanhuan definitely possessed quite an extraordinary background, he did not expect…

“It is not right to let a girl to face such a situation. Actually… I was also a little impulsive.”

Lin Dong slowly suppressed the shock within his heart. In the face of the Dao Sect master, who could even see through space, Lin Dong did not dare to act smart. Instead, he spoke in an extremely honest manner.

Given his usual cautious character, he would typically not voluntarily dive straight into such a risky situation. Heated blood had indeed surged within him at that time. Additionally, ever since he had been rescued by Ling Qingzhu in the Great Yan Empire, he really did not want such an event to occur again…

Why was it that he was always rescued by women.

Lin Dong’s words clearly caused the Dao Sect master to be slightly startled. He immediately laughed softly and slowly nodded. His eyes stared at Lin Dong and said, “No wonder you were able to obtain the inheritance of the Green Dragon King, Qing Zhi…”

Lin Dong was startled. Clearly, he did not expect that the Dao Sect master would actually be aware of this ancient name, Qing Zhi.

“Haha, are you shocked? Little fellow, I am aware that you possess quite a number of secrets, such as the Heaven Dragon Aura within your body, or the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill…”

“Or the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.”

When the final phrase fell onto Lin Dong’s ears, the latter’s pupils abruptly shrunk.

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