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Chapter 686: Bloody Fight

A dozen figures hovered in the deep blue horizon as wild Yuan Power continuously radiated from their bodies. Their gazes were currently filled with a rich malicious intent as they stared at the crevice on the cliff wall.

“Hiding for one night isn’t enough for you, Lin Dong?”

With his hands crossed behind his back, Yao Ling stared coldly at the pitch black crevice. A cold and gloomy voice carrying unconcealable murderous aura and anger rang out. After a night of searching, it was obvious that he was quite furious.

“Your nose can certainly compete with that of a dog’s.”

At this moment, a soft chuckle emerged out from within the crevice. Following which, the giant rock split open, causing rubble to fly as two figures flew out from within before landing on the mountain peak. The two figures were naturally Lin Dong and Ying Huanhuan.

After revealing himself, Lin Dong’s eyes quickly swept across the sky. Right now, there were less people around compared to yesterday. However, this lineup was still not to be underestimated. Other than Yao Ling, who was the toughest to deal with, the other members of Devil Seal Mass, Su Lei and Luo Yi, who he had previously fought with, were also present. As for the rest, based on their aura, all of them should be at the seven Yuan Nirvana stage…

One nine Yuan Nirvana stage, two eight Yuan Nirvana stage and over seven people at the seven Yuan Nirvana stage… Even though Lin Dong had already prepared to face such a formidable lineup, he still involuntarily clenched the fist in his sleeve.

Ying Huanhuan stood behind Lin Dong and looked towards the sky while a shocked expression flashed within her eyes. She knew that Lin Dong’s actual strength far exceeded that which he showed on the surface. Nonetheless, he was only at the five Yuan Nirvana stage. Purely based on that, it would be extremely difficult for him just to deal with Yao Ling alone. Furthermore, there were other villains like Su Lei and Luo Yi, who were highly ranked in the sect’s wanted list.

“Brat, this time you will not have the chance to escape…” said Yao Ling gloomily as he stared sinisterly at the youth standing atop the mountain peak.

“If you obediently hand over the Ancient Immortal Yuan Seed, we can let you lovers die together. Otherwise, we will torture both of you till you beg for your own deaths!”

After saying this statement, Yao Ling’s expression turned ferocious. The murderous aura he radiated was akin to the edge of a blade, causing the temperature of the surrounding area to decrease.

Lin Dong’s expression remain calm as he tilted his head slightly and looked towards the young lady behind him, before he softly said, “Go.”

After she heard him, Ying Huanhuan could not help but gently bite her lip. A tinge of hesitation flashed clearly across her eyes. Looking at the current situation, if she was to leave Lin Dong behind, it would inevitably not bode well for him.

“How about I stay behind and help you? I have learnt the Formless Bodhi Sound and should…” replied Ying Huanhuan after hesitating for while.


However, before she could even say finish her words, Lin Dong turned his head around looked at her and said casually without a shred of fear in his voice.

Looking at the thin young man in front of her, Ying Huanhuan could not help but clench her jade-like hands. She could hear a trace of anger within Lin Dong’s words. This was the first time she had ever seen this deeply prudent and cautious youth angry since she met him…

“Be careful.”

Ying Huanhuan clenched her jade-like hands before she finally she took in a deep breath. After she glanced at the man in front of her with a complicated expression, she turned around and left without a shred of hesitation.

“Thinking of leaving? Su Lei, stop her!” When Yao Ling saw this scene, he sneered instead before he commanded.


Hearing Yao Ling’s exclamation, Su Lei, who was standing nearby, gave a hearty laugh before he replied. With a stomp of his foot, his body turned into a flash as he chased after Ying Huanhuan.


However, the instant he took off, a figure swiftly appeared in front of him like a phantom. With a grasp of his hand, a gigantic pitch black ancient tree appeared in a flash in his hands. Carrying the tree by its roots, the pitch black tree carried an extremely heavy force as it violently hacked down on Su Lei.

“You’re courting death!”

It was obvious that Su Lei was no pushover. Upon witnessing Lin Dong’s obstruction, he chuckled instead. With a grasp of his hand, a silver lightning blade appeared with a flash. With a tilt of his blade, it brought along the roar of thunder as it heavily slashed at the ancient tree.


When the two objects collided, a clear metallic sound together with a frightening force unfurled in the sky.

When his lightning blade clashed with the ancient tree, Su Lei’s expression suddenly changed as alarm flashed past his eyes. That was because he had realized that when his lightning blade touched that ancient tree, the Yuan Power in his body started to become sluggish.

“There’s something off about that thing!”

Su Lei was a man with ample experience. With a thought, he knew that this was likely caused by Lin Dong’s weird black tree. Thus, his body immediately moved as he quickly tried to retreat.

However, it was obvious that Lin Dong had no intentions of dragging this fight on. As the current situation was very unfavorable towards him, there was no reason for him to give up on an opportunity like this.

Hence, the instant the Yuan Power within Su Lei’s body turned sluggish, a grey line on Lin Dong’s forehead started to rapidly condense. Finally his “ Desolate Demon Eye” appeared once again. A grey beam of light containing an extremely destructive force directly exploded out from within and violent shot towards Su Lei’s heart.

The speed of the grey beam of light was extremely fast. When Su Lei saw Lin Dong’s killing move, he was so frightened that cold sweat emerged on his body. He quickly tried to activate the Yuan Power within his body and created a Yuan Power shield in front of him.


The grey beam of light smashed ruthlessly against the surface of the Yuan Power shield. Its extremely destructive power revealed itself at this moment. Several cracks appeared on the seemingly sturdy Yuan Power shield, before it directly ruptured with a loud bang as the grey beam directly penetrated through it.

Although the Yuan Power shield did not manage to block the grey beam, it managed to slow it down. Meanwhile, Su Lei used this opportunity to hastily retreat. However, it was obvious that his speed was not equal to that of the grey beam. Hence, after he took two steps back, that grey beam had already struck his shoulder with lightning speed.


A savage force crazily struck against Su Lei’s shoulders .The frightening power shook Su Lei and caused him to fly back like a cannonball. At the same time, fresh blood gushed out from his shoulder.

Su Lei hideously retreated a dozen steps as he clutched his shoulder, which was spewing fresh blood. Right now, he was somewhat shocked. Immediately, his face was covered by a malevolent expression. He was somewhat unable to imagine that he had actually gotten injured after fighting Lin Dong for the first time…

“ You little bastard, I will slaughter you!”

Roared Su Lei as a scarlet red murderous aura filled his eyes.


Just as Su Lei’s roar resounded out, Lin Dong had already dashed towards him at lighting speed. His pitch-black pupils were filled with an intense cold. Raising the black ancient tree in his hand like a gigantic club, he violent swung it at Su Lei’s body without restraint, ripping through the air while doing so.


A low and deep sound echoed before Su Lei, who had just stabilized himself, flew away once again. In the end, he violently smashed into a mountain cliff, his entire body deeply embedded into it.

“If you want to kill me, you should at least be prepared to leave something behind right?” After slapping away Su Lei, Lin Dong tilted his head and faced the now gloomy Yao Ling and the rest as his lips cracked open into a grin. A terrible aura overflowed from that smile.

Yao Ling shot a glance at Su Lei, who was struggling to free himself from the cliff. He was indeed rather amazed right now. He was extremely clear about Su Lei’s strength. However, Lin Dong managed to thrash him with a single attack. Although it was somewhat unexpected, Lin Dong’s was actually as ruthless as them, villains whose hands were stained with the blood of countless lives.

“Your true strength is indeed much more powerful than what you show on the surface… however… do you really believe that you can escape today?” mocked Yao Ling as he shot an indifferent smile at Lin Dong, before slowly walking forward. Following his steps, an extremely strong fluctuation started to radiate out of his body and fill the air.

Under this fluctuation, even Lin Dong’s breath slowed for a moment, causing his expression to gradually turn serious. Nine Yuan Nirvana stage, this strength was indeed much stronger than his own…

“No matter how you struggle before me, there will only be one fate for you.” Yao Ling slowly raised his hand towards Lin Dong and clenched it before softly chuckling, “You will not escape from me.”

“Boss, after you get hold of that brat, let me properly entertain him. I plan to break every bone one by one.”

Covered in fresh blood, Su Lei climbed out from the mountain cliff. He cut an extremely sorry figure and even his aura was quite dispirited. It was obvious that the injuries caused by Lin Dong’s rapid attack were quite severe. As a result, his expression turned sinister and it looked as if he wanted to completely devour Lin Dong.

“After obtaining the Ancient Immortal Yuan Seed, I’ll leave him to you.”

Yao Ling smiled in an indifferent manner. Gently twisting his neck from side to side, he slowly stepped forward. From this action, anyone could tell that he wanted to personally take action.

Lin Dong’s pupils contracted slightly as he watched Yao Ling slowly walk towards him. Taking a deep breath, a vicious aura flickered within his eyes. He proceeded to extend his palm as five scarlet red Ancient Immortal Yuan Fruits appeared in his palm.

“This young master has faced countless life and death situations over the past few years. Therefore… my ruthlessness, is something that you will not understand.”

Lin Dong raised his head and revealed a seemingly monstrous and evil grin at Yao Ling and the rest. In the next instant, he opened his mouth. Finally, under the chilling gazes of Yao Ling and the rest, he proceeded to shove all five Ancient Immortal Yuan Fruits into his mouth.

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