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Chapter 665: Intense Fight With Jiang Hao


The sound of air shattering rapidly resounded in the sky. On the top of the mountain peak, every single pair of eyes started to shift due to this whooshing sound, before carrying some excitement as they turned towards the direction where the whooshing sound came from.

Has he finally arrived?

Under the tens of thousands of earnest gazes, the whooshing sound increased violently. After a few breaths, a human figure appeared in front of everyone.


The person travelled through the air before landing in the middle of the stadium under the gazes of everyone present. The person faced the opposite side of the stadium before he cupped his hands towards Chen Zhen and Wu Dao. With a slightly apologetic voice, he said: “Disciple is late.”

“Haha, it’s fine now that you are here.. .”

Chen Zhen smiled before stroking his beard with his hands, while his eyes scanned across Lin Dong’s body. However, he did not manage to discover any differences even after these past five days.

Jiang Hao slowly stood up from the tall platform before he glared at Lin Dong: “Junior brother Lin Dong, I almost assumed that you were planning to run away from today’s fight,” he said with a smile.

“Lin Dong wouldn’t dare to forget about senior brother’s challenge, right?” said Lin Dong softly after giving a faint smile.

“Haha, you’re bold.”

Jiang Hao gave a loud laugh before tapping the platform with his foot. He shot forward like an eagle and appeared directly in front of Lin Dong. Waving his large sleeves, a Yuan Power fluctuation that seemingly encompassed the sky erupted out. This caused exclaimed expressions to appear on the faces of quite a few disciples.

Feeling the oppression caused by the Yuan Power billowing out of Jiang Hao’s body, a smile appeared on Lin Dong’s face. Seven Yuan Nirvana Stage is powerful indeed.

At this moment, there were quite a few pairs of eyes staring on Lin Dong ever since his appearance. This was obviously due to the massive fame that was attached to his name. Even the disciples from the three other halls knew about this top-tier individual called Lin Dong. However, not many of them had actually seen him in the flesh. Furthermore, there was an enormous number of Desolate Hall branch disciples present today.

“That person is senior brother Lin Dong? I heard that he actually dared to challenge a senior direct disciple like Jiang Hao after entering the Desolate Hall for less than a month.”

“Heh, what do you know? It’s said that senior brother Lin Dong was the champion of the Hundred Empire War. Furthermore, he even rejected Yuan Gate’s invitation and instead chose to join our Dao Sect. Hence, he is not someone that can be compared with any ordinary direct disciple.”

“Hundred Empire War champion? That truly is incredible. The past few champions have always been monopolised by Yuan Gate.”

“However, senior brother Jiang Hao is unlike those opponents in the Hundred Empire War. I’m afraid senior brother Lin Dong will hit a wall today.”

“Haha, senior brother Lin Dong is quite handsome. I hope that he can win.”

“You’re lovesick.”

Soft discussion sounds could be heard continuously ringing around in the stadium. Over tens of thousands of branch disciples were staring intently at Lin Dong. Amongst them, there were quite a few young and beautiful female disciples as well. As such, amongst the gossips, there was quite a few witty remarks and laughter mixed in too. This caused the environment of the place to grow quite lively.

Hearing the discussion noises coming from the surroundings, Lin Dong could not resist and gave a faint smile. Only after lightly scanning with his eyes, did he realize the enormous number of disciples. He clicked his tongue. This is the disciple foundation of the Desolate Hall? It is quite valiant indeed. He could sense that even the branch disciples had all advanced into Nirvana Stage. This meant that there were over tens of thousands of Nirvana Stage experts just within the Desolate Hall.

Including the three other halls, the total amount would be…

“Worthy of a super sect lineage.” thought Lin Dong. Lin Dong involuntarily felt shocked in his heart. He finally understood why the super sects were the true overlords of the Eastern Xuan Region. This strength was something that an empire alone could never compare with.

Take for example his Great Yan Empire, a Nirvana stage expert would be considered as an elite individual there. However, if he was placed within the Dao Sect, he would barely qualify to become a branch disciple…

Jiang Hao did a lazy stretch, faced Chen Zhen and Wu Dao and said with a smile, “Senior Uncle Chen Zhen, since junior brother Lin Dong has already arrived, can we begin the fight? There are many disciples behind waiting for the chance to get promoted. ”

After hearing his words, Chen Zhen nodded his head before looking towards Lin Dong and Jiang Hao. He said in a deep voice: “We do not forbid disciples within the Desolate Hall to spar with each other. However, I want the two of you to be very clear that this is merely a spar. This is the Dao Sect and both of you are fellow disciples, not bitter enemies.”


After hearing Chen Zhen’s stern warning, both Lin Dong and Jiang Hao did not dare to neglect as they respectfully replied.

When he saw their actions, Chen Zhen nodded his head in satisfaction. With a wave of his hand, he said: “In that case, I shall declare that the monthly competition has begun!”

“Lin Dong, if you are able to spar evenly with Jiang Hao, you will gain the qualifications to become the fifth senior direct disciple! Furthermore, you will also become the fastest person in the history of Desolate Hall to become a senior direct disciple!”

“Disciple will do his best.”

Lin Dong replied and nodded his head. Slowly turning his body to face Jiang Hao, he lightly saluted and said: “Senior brother Jiang Hao, please guide me!”

Following the appearance of Lin Dong’s words, the whispering sounds present within the arena instantly disappeared. Tens of thousands of gazes stared intently at the centre of the arena. This stifling atmosphere caused some people to be unable to catch their breath.

“You want to become the fifth senior direct disciple. However, it’s not going to be so easy to pass through me,” said Jiang Hao casually as he stared at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong curled his lip and replied in a soft voice with a smile on his face: “In that case, the only thing I can is to defeat you, senior brother.”

“This wouldn’t happen just by words alone!”

Jiang Hao gave a casual smile before his vision instantly became swift and fierce. He took a step forward before boundless Yuan Power erupted from his body without restraint. He had already decided to unleash his maximum strength. After all, he wanted to defeat Lin Dong with a lightning-like speed in order to let him clearly understand that the current him still does not possess the qualifications to become a senior direct disciple!


Sensing the swift and fierce oppression coming from Jiang Hao, a trace of seriousness appeared on Lin Dong’s vision before he took in a deep breath. Jiang Hao was one of the senior direct disciples in Desolate Hall and his combat prowess and strength must not be underestimated.

Upon entering the challenge, Jiang Hao’s face turned into one of cold indifference. He also had no intention of warming up first. Instead, with a grasp of his hand, boundless Yuan Power condensed with lightning-like speed in his palm. Finally, it turned into an eleven feet long golden coloured sabre. An astonishingly swift and fierce fluctuation was emitted by it.


After materializing his sabre, Jiang Hao suddenly took a step forward. A remnant shade was left at his original position. However, his body and morphed into a ray of light and soared towards Lin Dong with a frightening speed.


Jiang Hao’s speed was frightening. In a blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Lin Dong. With a cold gaze, his golden blade sliced through space. Carrying a frightening amount of chilliness, he hacked at Lin Dong with a lightning-like speed!

Before the blade glow could descend, the swift and fierce Qi from it had already left deep marks on the ground.


Facing the lighting quick offensive launched by Jiang Hao, Lin Dong suddenly flipped his palm. Instantly, a black metal seal flashed and appeared, causing winds to violent rage as it morphed into an enormous iron symbol. It violently slammed against that golden glow, causing sparks to erupt before a metallic sound resounded throughout the air.

Violent winds erupted from the centre of the stadium. Jiang Hao’s body trembled as he quickly retreated several steps. However, it was obvious that his combat experience was extremely rich. While he retreated, a blade glow instantly erupted forth before it transformed into a dozen over glowing afterimages and viciously slammed against the black metal seal.


Due to the violent blade glows, the black metal seal was directly shaken and smashed away. However, before the metal seal flew off, a person appeared before it in a flash. Green light started to appear on his arms, before instantly morphing into green dragon’s gigantic arm.


Lin Dong’s green dragon arm heavily pressed against the black metal seal. Fearful strength erupted from the arm and directly shook and dissipate the frightening blade afterimages. After which, he clenched his hand tightly into a fist and slammed it viciously against the iron seal.


The black iron seal was directly blown away by Lin Dong’s fist. It was just like a black meteorite as it charged towards Jiang Hao, with an incomparably wild and violent strength.

Looking at the metal seal approaching him like a meteorite, the cold glint within Jiang Hao’s eye grew even colder. Radiant golden light crazily gathered on his fist, causing a boundless fluctuation to spread out before he also launched a fist and smashed against the iron seal.


The enormous metal seal was once again smashed and rebounded by his fist. Despite its massive size, it was just like a toy that was being flung around by Lin Dong and Jiang Hao. Seeing this play out, it caused the eyes of quite a few people to flutter.

Lin Dong moved his body and once again appeared on top of the black metal seal. His eyes were locked on Jiang Hao, who was standing in the stadium. Within his eyes, one could feel the excitement within his body beginning to boil.

“Since you want to fight, let’s have a good fight!”

Lin Dong exclaimed as the corners of his mouth cracked open. His other hand started to wriggle about, before morphing into another ferocious-looking green dragon arm in front of the shocked audience.

“You are skilled indeed.”

Within the stadium, Jiang Hao grasped the golden coloured sabre in his hand and stood proudly. His fiery gaze was locked onto Lin Dong, who was stepping on the metal seal hovering in midair. He took a deep breath before a formidable fluctuation gradually started to surface from within his body.

When this fluctuation appeared, the ground around Jiang Hao started to wither at a frightening rate.

Desolate Force.

Quite a few gazes of the disciples started to focus at this instant. Jiang Hao was about to use Desolate Force. This was the special energy that was solely possessed by the Desolate Hall disciples…

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