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Chapter 660: Four Stone Tablets


Boundless fluctuations of energy swept across Lin Dong’s body the instant the Desolate Seed was formed. Contained within these fluctuations were incredibly rich and formidable Desolate Force!

“Is this … Desolate Force?”

These strong and familiar fluctuations were immediately detected by all the surrounding disciples. After sensing it, each and every one of them was shocked. To be able to emit Desolate Force, one had to first succeed in condensing a Desolate Seed. And to be able to condense a Desolate Seed, one must have mastered the Desolate Art till the third level.

For most disciples to reach that level, it would require many months of hard work. Even those senior direct disciples like Jiang Hao had taken an entire month in order to condense a Desolate Seed. However… under their nose, Lin Dong used less than half an hour to condense a Desolate Seed.

“Is that fellow…even human?” asked a few disciples as they looked at each other in black dismay as a feeling of powerless washed over their hearts. Lin Dong’s training progress made people unable to even muster the courage to compete with him. This fellow was simply too sick…

A shocked expression swiftly flashed past the blind man’s face at this moment. He was not shocked by the incredible rate that Lin Dong managed to condense his Desolate Seed. What made him really shocked was that Lin Dong actually managed to withstand the repulsive force from the Desolate Stone.

The blind old man was obviously well aware of the might of the Desolate Stone. Although at the beginning the Desolate Stone was only repelling Lin Dong by instinct, it’s strength was something that a disciple like Lin Dong, was absolutely unable to contend with. However, right now, Lin Dong had actually managed to withstand the repulsion from the Desolate Stone. If not, he would not have been able to absorb such a massive amount of Desolate Force and condense a Desolate Seed.

“He could even resist the repulsion of the Desolate Stone…” said the blind old man before chuckling once. This disciple called Lin Dong was truly surprising.

Under the gazes of the numerous people around, Lin Dong slowly opened his faintly closed eyes. At this moment, a grey glow swept pass from within his eyes, which made him look somewhat peculiar.

At this point, Lin Dong’s fingers were no longer on the the Desolate Stone. He stared at the Desolate Stone, before a faint upward curl involuntarily surfaced on his lips. So what if it was a Pure Yuan Treasure, in the end, it was still subdued by him…

That previous temperate white glow was obviously radiated by the Mysterious Stone Talisman within Lin Dong’s body. That thing was extremely low key and it hardly made a move. However, every time it did, it was able to achieve quite a good result.

Lin Dong examined the fist-sized Desolate Seed hovering in the middle of his Dantian for a while. Within that Desolate Seed, he could feel a mysterious energy. It was quite vigorous and it should be the so-called Desolate Force.

“One has to practice the Desolate Art till the third level in order to condense a Desolate Seed. Looks like my Desolate Art has reached the third level…” Lin Dong thought to himself as he rubbed his chin. He was obviously extremely satisfied with this result. Although it had to be said that he relied on the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Mysterious Stone Talisman, this was obviously not a major issue for the pragmatic Lin Dong.

Lin Dong was clearly aware that it was not difficult for him to learn the Desolate Art since he had the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. According to his calculations, if he was to shut himself off and practice in front of the Desolate Stone for an entire month, it would not be difficult for him to reach the seventh level of the Desolate Art. Furthermore, right now, the only disciples that could reach that stage were Jiang Hao and the other three senior direct disciples.

Of course, Lin Dong did not know that when ordinary disciples reached the third level of Desolate Art, the Desolate Seed that they condensed was only the size of a peach seed. However, the quality of the Desolate Force within their Desolate Seed was so much more inferior compared to the Desolate Force produced by his Desolate Seed…

However, right now, Lin Dong did not bother practising the Desolate Art. He knew that his previous performance was quite eye catching. If he was to act more ruthlessly, he was afraid that it would affect the morale of the other disciples…

Therefore, when his Desolate Seed condensed and took shape, Lin Dong withdrew his hand and retreated to the outside of the platform under the numerous gazes of the surrounding people.

On the platform, those gazes still followed Lin Dong as he retreated, causing the surrounding atmosphere to turn slightly weird. This caused Lin Dong to feel somewhat helpless. Fortunately, this situation did not continue for long. After staring at Lin Dong for a while, those disciples finally returned to reality. They gave a soft sigh before finally withdrawing their gazes and continued their training.

Only upon seeing those gazes finally turning away, did Lin Dong heave a deep sigh of relief. Just as he retreated away from the platform, he heard some sounds coming from behind him and hurriedly turned around. Having turned around, he saw the blind old man that was previously standing at the entrance of the stone pyramid, was now standing behind him.

The blind old man used his ashen-grey eyes to stare at Lin Dong, before faintly sweeping over his body. As he did that, Lin Dong felt a vague fluctuation passing gently and swiftly scanning across his body, causing his heart to immediately turn cold.

“If that fellow Zhou Tong knew that his record was surmounted by a later generation member, his expression would surely be splendid…” said the blind old man. His voice was incredibly hoarse, however, it possessed a mysterious strength that could touch a person’s heart and soul.

Lin Dong did not dare to neglect this mysterious blind old in front of him. Although he could not detect any Yuan Power fluctuation from the blind old man, he had an intuition that this blind old man was likely more powerful than the two hall masters…

“Worthy of the Dao Sect…”

Thinking about this, Lin Dong could not resist but secretly voice his admiration. These were the hidden aces of the super sects. After accumulation over countless years, there would definitely be a few terrifying individuals hidden within.

With a thought, he respectfully saluted towards the blind old man and said: “ This junior used some unorthodox methods and cannot be compared to senior Zhou Tong.”

“In this world, the result is all that matters. That fellow Zhou Tong was also blessed just like you…” said the blind old man casually before giving a smile.

Lin Dong casually scratched his head. It seems like that senior Zhou Tong was a rare genius that was blessed.

“You haven’t found a martial arts, right?” said the blind old man as he stared at Lin Dong with his pupil-less grey eyes.

Lin Dong awkwardly nodded his head. There were many martial art stone tablets here. However, he had yet to discover anything that piqued his interest.

“Look’s like you are quite ambitious. If you are so confidence in yourself, follow me and I’ll bring you to the place where Zhou Tong went before…” said the blind old man. Without saying anything else, he proceeded to turn around and walk towards the depths of the great hall. His behaviour seemed as if he did not care if Lin Dong was going to follow him or not.

Lin Dong felt slightly helpless after seeing how carefree the blind old man was. However, his final statement generated quite a bit of interest within him. Although he had only entered the Desolate Hall for a short while, he had heard of the great senior Zhou Tong quite a few times. Therefore, he was especially interested in this person, who had an extremely high place in the hearts and minds of the Dao Sect disciples.

Taking a step forward, Lin Dong closely followed behind the blind old man. The blind old man’s walking pace was consistent with no trace of anxiousness nor slowness. His small footsteps were akin to a sickly old man that had to move slowly due to a lack of strength,

Lin Dong calmly followed him and he did not lose his cool because of the old man’s slow and stumbling speed. Instead, his eyes looked at his nose, while his nose faced his heart and he stayed calm throughout the journey.

Under this slow walking pace, Lin Dong walked for roughly an hour within this martial arts hall, before discovering that the old man in front had suddenly stopped.

When the old man stopped, Lin Dong raised his eyes instantly. Promptly, he saw that in front of him, was a bowl shaped light membrane. Within it, were four barely visible stone tablets standing erect quietly.


The blind old man slowly raised his thin and wrinkled palm. As he gently swiped downwards, a ray of light shot out of his finger. After which, Lin Dong saw that the ray of light had directly tore apart the light membrane and forcefully ripped a small opening.

“Is that…Mental Energy?”

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes and stared intensely at the old man’s fingertip. At that instant where it sparkled, he clearly detected a familiar fluctuation, which was Mental Energy.

However, the Mental Energy fluctuation that was being emitted from the body of the old man was countless times more solidified that those emitted by him.

If Lin Dong’s Mental Energy was equivalent to a small spring, the old man was perhaps equivalent to an ocean. There was simply no way to compare the two of them.

“His primary focus is on Mental Energy…”

Seeing the old man’s action, Lin Dong’s heart trembled. However, he suddenly understood why he did not feel any Yuan Power fluctuation from the old man’s body. It seems like this blind old man primarily cultivated his Mental Energy. This was the first time he had ever seen a person with such powerful Mental Energy…

The blind old man did not know what Lin Dong was thinking and proceeded to tear open the hole. He gently walked step by step inside, while Lin Dong rapidly followed him behind.

After entering the light membrane, the ray of light grew dim instantly. A mysterious pressure started to radiate from the front, causing Lin Dong heart to turn cold. Noticing the pressure, he raised his head and looked towards his front.

At that spot, stood four black coloured stone tablets. Furthermore, the pressure was coming from those stone tablets!

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