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Chapter 641: Choosing a Hall

Joining the Desolate Hall?

Everyone on the hall selection stage was stunned by Lin Dong’s words. One by one, their gazes turned towards him in shock. Only Little Marten and Little Flame remained calm.

“Lin Dong, you…” Even Wu Dao had a stunned expression due to Lin Dong’s words. Clearly, he did not understand why the latter would give up on the strongest Sky Hall and choose to join their Desolate Hall instead.

The surprised expression on the deputy Sky Hall chief gradually faded away. He stared intently at Lin Dong before frowning slowly. After which, he spoke in a deep voice, “Lin Dong, you are quite talented. Do not ruin your future. Although I have no intention of looking down on the Desolate Hall, I do dare to say to you that your talents will be best developed in the Sky Hall.”

Although the mouths of Wu Dao and the others twitched a little because of wei sheng’s words, they did not object. Currently, the Sky Hall was indeed the strongest amongst the four halls.

Lin Dong smiled bitterly and said, “I think that the Desolate Hall is likely more suitable for me. Deputy hall chief Wu Dao, what do you think?”

Lin Dong’s eyes also looked towards Wu Dao when he spoke until the end, while he purposefully dragged his words. Was this old fellow not going to speak up? At the very least, this old fellow should not allow him to endure the sharps eyes of these upper echelons of the Dao Sect alone.

Wu Dao’s old face quivered a little upon hearing this. Lin Dong could see some joy within his eyes. However, after this old fellow hesitated for a moment, he finally uttered some words that almost made Lin Dong vomit blood, “The Sky Hall is indeed stronger than the Desolate Hall…”

“This old fellow is too honest, no? Lin Dong was speechless. He clearly did not expect this old fellow to push aside a good seedling that had been delivered to him.

“However, if you really wish to join our Desolate Hall, this old man will definitely support you. In any case, we will not ill-treat you.” Wu Dao clenched his teeth and said.

Lin Dong finally sighed quietly. After which, his eyes were apologetic as he looked towards Wei Sheng, who had a somewhat ugly expression. He did not wish to offend the deputy chief of the Sky Hall the moment he arrived at the Dao Sect.

Wei Sheng knitted his brows and stared at Lin Dong. A moment later, he could only shake his head and spoke in a faint voice, “Since this is your choice, this hall chief is not in a position to say anything. I just hope that you know what you are doing.”

Lin Dong finally let out a slight sigh of relief when he heard that Wei Sheng’s tone did not contain much grudge. The upper echelon of this Dao Sect was not as narrow minded as he had imagined.

“You are really too selfish…”

However, a clear lovely voice suddenly sounded when Lin Dong sighed in relief. Lin Dong was startled. He raised his head and saw that the red clothed young lady was bunching her eyebrows together and staring at him.

“In what way am I selfish?” Although this young lady in front of him was a little live beauty, Lin Dong still felt quite displeased with her words. He immediately frowned and demanded.

“You are quite talented. If you join the Sky Hall, you will naturally be able to utilize the most of your potential. If you become stronger, this will be good for our sect. Yet, you have chosen to give up on this path. From a certain point of view, you have caused the strength of our sect to be a little weaker. Aren’t you being selfish?” That red clothed young woman’s voice was very clear. A soft musical instrument sound accompanied her words when she spoke. One’s heart felt relaxed and happy upon hearing it. However, the sharpness of her words caused everyone to be stunned.

“Such a sharp tongue…”

These words not only echoed the thoughts within Lin Dong’s heart. Even Liu Bai and the rest behind him ended up facing each other. They must admit the eloquence of this young lady. Originally, it was merely an ordinary selection. Yet she had actually dragged this issue to such major sect related matters.

“I think that there is no strongest hall. There should only be a hall that is most suitable for oneself, right?” Lin Dong rubbed his nose and said.

“That is true in theory. However, the current reality is that the Sky Hall is the strongest of the four halls!” The red clothed young lady raised her eyebrows. Her eyes were filled with an offensive stance as she stared at Lin Dong.

“I dare to tell you that even after joining the Desolate Hall, you will likely not even possess the qualification to be even shortlisted for the next hall test. At that time, your Hundred Empire War champion’s reputation might just become a joke.”

Lin Dong frowned slightly. His eyes also stared at the red clothed lady in front of him without giving in. He said, “Since you have elevated this issue, I shall also tell you my reason. I do not like to do things in in a mediocre fashion. Joining the Sky Hall might be the most beneficial to me, but it will not allow me to improve myself to the greatest extent. This is because… the Sky Hall does not have the “Great Desolation Scripture”.

“If I am able to to comprehend the “Great Desolation Scripture”, do you think that the strength of the Dao Sect will be strengthened or weakened by a little?”

Everyone were once again startled when Lin Dong’s spoke. Only then, did they come to a sudden realization. This fellow was actually headed to the Desolate Hall for the Great Desolation Scripture. However, this person was a little too arrogant, no? The Great Desolation Scripture is the most mysterious and unfathomable martial arts amongst the four great mysterious scriptures. Even after so many years, the number of geniuses in Desolate Hall, who have comprehended it, would not exceed ten. Yet, Lin Dong actually dared to utter such words?

The red clothed young lady was clearly startled by Lin Dong’s words. However, her lips immediately lifted into a slight arc. After which, she extended her hand. Her long finger pointed at Lin Dong as her red lips parted slightly, “Such arrogant words. You really think too highly of yourself!”

Only when the red clothed young lady pointed her finger, did Lin Dong realised that her hand was exceptionally beautiful. It was long and fair, appearing just like a perfect suet jade. Her long suet jade fingers were well proportioned like the golden ratio. It did not possess the slightest flaw. Light flickered slightly on her finger, causing one’s eyes to be a little dazzled.

This was Lin Dong’s first time seeing such a beautiful hand. A surprise also flashed across his eyes. The red clothed young lady in front of him might not possess the most beautiful appearance amongst all the ladies that he had seen, but her hand was something no one could compare with.

“It is a little too early to discuss this. Whether I will be able to comprehend the “Great Desolation Scripture” will be witnessed by all of us in the future. What do you say?” However, Lin Dong had not reached the point of losing himself even though he was truly surprised. His eyes turned, looked towards the red clothed young lady and laughed in a faint voice.

“The might of the Great Desolation Scripture is something that I am indeed aware of. Those seniors that had once understood the Great Desolation Scripture were indeed renowned figures in our Dao Sect. However, do you know just how many people had successfully comprehended it since the founding of the Dao Sect?”

The red clothed young woman laughed coldly and said, “Don’t say that I am looking down on you. You can only blame yourself for being too ambitious. Since you wish for me to wait and see, alright, I, Ying Huanhuan, shall wait and see if you are be able to comprehend the “Great Desolation Scripture”. In fact, I will do anything you wish if you succeed. However, if you fail to do so, it is likely that quite a number of Sky Hall disciples will come looking to spar with you, junior.”

“I look forward to it.”

Lin Dong smiled slightly. He was not afraid of these ruthless words from the other party. Even if he was unable to comprehend the “Great Desolation Scripture”, Lin Dong was not some weakling that anyone could pinch at will.


Ying Huanhuan could only let out a soft snort after speaking until this point. Her eyes contained some anger. Her usual sharp tongue was actually being blocked by Lin Dong today. This caused her to feel a little displeased in her heart.

“Since you little fellow has the wild ambition to target the Great Desolation Scripture of the Desolate Hall, this hall chief shall not say anything more. If you are truly able to accomplish your dream, it is likely that everyone within our Dao Sect will be glad. However, at times, one should do things within one’s limits.” wei sheng spoke faintly. Even he did not have anything to say when Lin Dong brought out the Great Desolation Scripture. After all, even he had no choice but to admit that the Great Desolation Scripture was indeed the most powerful amongst the Four Great Mysterious Scriptures. If it was not because it was too difficult to comprehend, the Desolate Hall would have steadily held the strongest spot amongst the four halls.”

“Is there anyone else who wish to join the Desolate Hall?” wei sheng’s eyes looked towards the other disciples that had been selected from the Hundred Empire War and asked.

Little Marten and Little Flame did not say anything unnecessary after hearing this. They directly stood beside Lin Dong. Liu Bai, Mo Ling and the rest hesitated for a moment before following. Things were clear cut for them now. In any case, they had already followed Lin Dong to the Dao Sect. It was best that they followed him all the way. Moreover, with their talent, it was likely that they would barely be able to enter the Sky Hall even if they could do so. In that case, it was best to follow Lin Dong and muddle within the Desolate Hall.

Although these people had followed Lin Dong, most people did not act rashly. After all, these people did not have any relationship with Lin Dong. Naturally, they would not follow him to the weakest Desolate Hall.

Lin Dong appeared quite calm in the face of this kind of situation. He had no intention to gathering people and forming a group. Mo Ling, Liu Bai and the rest had followed him because they treated him as a friend. It was very natural for the others not to do so.

wei sheng waved his sleeves upon seeing this scene. After which, some light rushed out. He chose some of the most talented individuals within the group. Soon after, the Earth Hall’s and Flood Hall’s deputy hall chief also acted and divided the remaining people, who were fairly talented. Finally, those who were left behind were some whose talent were a little weaker.

“The disciple selection is over. We shall take our leave first.”

wei sheng did not plan to stay any longer after the disciple selection was completed. He cupped his hands together towards Wu Dao before taking a deep look at Lin Dong. With a wave of his sleeves, Yuan Power surged. It transformed into a wild wind and directly swept away those disciples that had been selected.

“That brat called Lin Dong, remember your words. I am waiting for you to surprise me. However, before this, you should first obtain the qualification to study the Great Desolation Scripture first.”

Ying Huanhuan shook her hands towards Lin Dong in a gloating fashion. After which, her lovely body moved and she swiftly followed wei sheng.

While they were leaving, the deputy hall chief of the Earth Hall and the Flood Hall also led their people away. In a moment, this stage had become much emptier.


Lin Dong stretched his lazy waist and sighed helplessly. From the looks of it, he seemed to have offended this young lady of unknown origin the moment he arrived.

“Hey, little fellow, it is unexpected that you are actually in possession of such boldness…” Wu Dao turned his head and smilingly stared at Lin Dong. A laughter filled his eyes.

“Deputy hall chief Wu Hao, we will be following you in the future. Please take good care of us.” Lin Dong laughed. He had a little less of the restrain that he had in front of wei sheng, when he was in front of Wu Dao.

“Don’t use this on me. Although this old man is extremely happy with what you did, everything should still be done according to the rules.” Wu Dao smilingly chided. After which, he suddenly whispered, “But little fellow, once the matter of you rejecting to join the Sky Hall today spreads, the disciples from the Sky Hall might end up paying special attention to you…”

The smiling face of Wu Dao caused Lin Dong to be a little speechless. Was this old fellow gloating?

“That’s right, that Ying Huanhuan has an elder sister called Ying Xiaoxiao, a senior in the Sky Hall. She could be considered the strongest amongst the younger generation members of Dao Sect. Since you have argued with Ying Huanhuan today, it is likely that she will pay attention to you in the future. Good luck. I am rooting for you.” Wu Dao fondled his chin and randomly said.


Even with Lin Dong’s character, he involuntarily ended up cursing when he heard his words. This was just great. He had merely just selected a hall to train. Yet, he had entered up attracting all sorts of troubles…

It was likely that his future days here would not be so smooth sailing.

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