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Chapter 626: Intervening

The man stood arrogantly in the sky with one hand behind his back, while he looked down upon everyone on the mountaintop. On his face, hung a smile that seemed to be a smile yet was not.

The entire mountaintop was rather quiet. Everyone’s expressions were quite grim. Some tightly clenched their fist, wanting to cry out furiously. However, a basin of cold water seemed to have been poured on their heads when they saw the sorry state of Qin Tian as he lay on the ground, Even Qin Tian, who had stepped into the six Yuan Nirvana stage, had been so miserably defeated. It would likely be completely pointless even if they stepped forward.

Lan Ying and the other Nirvana Golden Ranking experts wore gloomy and fluctuating expressions. They had clearly been shaken by that man’s previous attack.

“How is he this powerful?” Lin Dong could not help but frown while he stared at this scene before softly asking.

“It is because of that ‘Heaven Sealing Array’.” Little Marten replied faintly.

“It should be a Pure Yuan treasure and this person can clearly utilize some of the array’s power. Although this tiny bit of power is practically a fraction of the array’s power, it is not surprising for him to defeat Qin Tian in a single strike if we factor in his actual strength.”

“Pure Yuan treasure?” Lin Dong’s eyebrows slightly knitted together.

“A treasure that is even stronger than a Heavenly Soul Treasure. That kind of thing is quite rare even within the super sects…” Little Marten explained.

“A Pure Yuan Treasure is extremely powerful. Moreover, the strength that it possessed far exceeds your imagination. This “Heavenly Sealing Array” should be a type of high grade Pure Yuan Array. Otherwise, it would be unable to lock this entire space.”

“Powerful.” Lin Dong quietly clicked his tongue. Using one treasure to seal an entire space. Just what kind of ability was that? Compared with the so called Pure Yuan Treasure, the Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal in his hand really felt a little weak and insignificant.

“In that case is the mysterious Stone Talisman also considered a Pure Yuan Treasure?” Lin Dong mused for a moment before he suddenly asked curiously.

“Tch, this thing is something that I am unable to fully grasp even after so many years. How could a Pure Yuan Treasure compared with its level of secrecy?” Little Marten curled his mouth and appeared to feel quite disdained.

“So even you did not completely figure out the properties of the mysterious stone talisman…” Lin Dong rolled his eyes at Little Marten and said.

Little Marten was immediately stunned upon hearing this. It seemed that his pride took a hit. He wanted to refute it but discovered that he seemed to be really uncertain about just what use this mysterious stone talisman did. Hence, he could only rub his nose bitterly.

“This situation does not appear to be too good…” Little Marten changed the topic as he looked at the sky and said.

Lin Dong sighed softly and nodded. Clearly, he did not expect that this Hundred Empire War would actually end up turning into this state. His father, grandfather and the others were awaiting for him to deliver the good news back. If they end up hearing that he was being captured by the Western Xuan Region, it was likely that they would not be able to take it…

“Let’s observe the situation…”

That man called Cao Yu in the sky looked at this silence on the mountaintop and smiled faintly. With a wave of his hand, the black light balls in the hands of the many figures behind him emitted even more rays of light. These light rays penetrated through the space and vaguely appeared to have formed an enormous black light formation in the sky above.

“We cannot allow them to complete the formation!”

Watching the formation that was gradually being formed in the sky, Lan Ying, Qing Feng and the others also had increasingly ugly faces. They were aware that once the formation was completed, this realm would be transferred to the Western Xuan Region. Their situation would really become extremely miserable then.

After all, the relationship between the Western Xuan Region and the Eastern Xuan Region was quite hostile.

“Let’s fight. I do not wish to head to that terrible Western Xuan Region.”

A man with a black heavy sword on his back spoke with a gloomy expression. He was someone from the Sword Empire and possessed quite a great strength.

“With the strength of Cao Yu… who can fight with him?” Lan Ying clenched her hand tightly. If they failed to stop Cao Yu, it was likely that they would be unable to stop the other party from establishing the formation. However, even if the experts from the Nirvana Golden Ranking swarmed towards Cao Yu, it was likely that the rest would have difficulty interrupting the other party.

The genius experts from the other ten super empires had sunken expressions upon hearing Lan Ying’s words. Even Qin Tian, who had stepped into the six Yuan Nirvana Stage, was defeated by Qin Tian with one strike. Who amongst them dared to fight with this Cao Ying in a one on one battle?

“I will do it. The rest of you should lead the others and disrupt the formation!” The man carrying a heavy sword clenched his teeth violently and stepped out. He beckoned with his hand and the heavy sword on his back flew out immediately. A sharp sword glow erupted.

“Chen Nan, you!” Lan Ying and the others were startled upon seeing this scene. Before their words sounded, however, that man had already rushed out explosively. The sword and his body became one as they transformed into a bright glow that tore through the distant sky and pierced towards Cao Yu in a lightning like manner.

“Stubborn fool.”

Cao Yu’s expression was indifferent as he watched the figure that had rushed over after transforming into a sharp sword. A cold snort sounded and a large hand was immediately extended.


After his hand was extended, the space in front had once again erupted into a monstrous black light. Immediately, it transformed into a black light large hand that violently slammed onto the sword glow.


The sharp sword grow basically collapsed almost instantly under that black light large hand. That figure within it also spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and shot backwards miserably.

This expert from the Sword Empire had clearly been defeated by this Cao Yu with just one strike.

“Chen Nan!”

Lan Ying and the others hurriedly rushed to Chen Nan’s side. He looked at that miserable manner manner of the latter and a fury surged within his eyes. He was clearly extremely agitated.

“Cough, this fellow is really strong.” Chen Nan spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as he spoke with an unwilling hoarse voice.

“Damnit, we’ll all fight!” An expert cried out furiously. Everyone around had faces that were filled with fury. They were unable to swallow the anger of having been stepped on the head by these fellows from the Western Xuan Region.

“Compared to being captured to the Western Xuan Region, we might as well fight to the death with them here.” Another expert also clenched his teeth and said.

“That’s right, we’ll battle it out with them!”

Lan Ying also bit her red lips with the back of her teeth when she heard the various furious cries that sounded from all around. Her pretty face became slightly icy cold as he stood up. “Qing Feng, Ma Lin, Mu Se, we’ll attack together and hold back Cao Yu. The others should all attack and destroy the formation!”


That Nirvana Golden Ranking expert beside Lan Ying, whose name was called, also nodded heavily. Killing intent surged within his eyes.


Lan Ying also did things in a decisive fashion. Moreover, she was aware that they could not afford to delay any longer. Immediately, her body moved and she rushed out. However, a hand was suddenly extended from behind her just as she was about to step forward. After which, it was pressed onto her soft shoulder.

“All of you are no match for him. Don’t go…”

Lan Ling turned her head and looked at Lin Dong with a helpless face. The back of her teeth bit her red lips and she coldly laughed, “I thought you you will continue to hide behind me.”

From the looks of this, she was clearly brooding over the fact that Lin Dong only chose to step up at this moment.

“I am not a heavyweight character unlike you super empire members. Why are you placing so much hope on me?”

Lin Dong smiled faintly but was unconcerned. He merely raised his head and stared at Cao Yu. After a short silence, he sighed, “Forget it. Leave him to me.”

“You?” Cao Ying and the others were startled upon hearing this. Although their hearts were gripped when watching Lin Dong and Lin Langtian exchange blows, Cao Yu was someone who could even defeat Qin Tian with just one strike.

“Why? You don’t allow me to hide for a little. Are you also not allowing me to fight now that I want to?” Lin Dong stared intently at Lan Ying and involuntarily spoke in a helpless manner.

Lan Ying’s pretty face immediately became red upon hearing this. She lost the sharp wit that she had from before. Instead, she spoke hesitantly, “That fellow is very strong…”

“There’s no choice. I, too, do not wish to head to that whatever Western Xuan Region…” He shrugged his shoulders in a somewhat free and easy manner and laughed, “Moreover, regardless of how strong he is, we must at least give it a try, right?”

Lin Dong ceased saying anything upon saying these words. He slowly stepped forward. However, he did not even take two steps forward when he saw Little Marten appearing in front of him in a ghost like manner.

“Leave it to me.” Little Marten stared at Lin Dong and said. He clearly understood Lin Dong. Although the latter was quite powerful, it would be a little difficult for him to defeat Cao Yu.

“There is the presence of Yuan Gate here. Those fellows do not appear to be magnanimous. You cannot reveal your identity.” Lin Dong shook his head slightly and used a soft voice that only Little Marten could hear.

“You are no match for him.” Little Marten frowned and replied.

A strange smile surfaced on Lin Dong’s face when he heard this. He gently patted Little Marten’s shoulder and softly said, “That may not be certain…”

“Don’t you want to know why I have been suppressing my Mental Power? Next, I will show you why…”

Little Marten’s eyes slowly narrowed as Lin Dong rushed by him. Could this fellow really do it?

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