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Chapter 623: Complete Extermination


A clear sound was stealthily echoed from the battle stage as Lin Langtian’s wildly struggling body slowly stiffened at this moment…

A ferocious yet terrified expression still remained on Lin Langtian’s face. The combination of these two emotions appeared exceptionally frightening.

Lin Dong’s hand grabbed firmly onto the top of Lin Langtian’s head. His head had already cracked open. Fresh blood along with his brains flowed out, causing him to appear extremely bloody.

Lin Dong’s expression was indifferent as he gazed at Lin Langtian, who tenaciously stared back while the lifeforce swiftly disappeared from his eyes. Lin Dong slowly relaxed his hand and wiped off the blood on his clothes.

Lin Langtian was dead.

As he watched the lifeforce swiftly disappear from this body, Lin Dong knew that his grudge with this fellow, who had pestered him like a ghost for many years, had finally ended…

“Father, your son has avenged you…”

Lin Dong raised his head and inhaled deeply. How many years had he waited for this day? This was the day that the young man, who had endured exhausting and bitter training, was looking forward to, right?

However, the current him was no longer that weak youth from back then. His view of the world had now far surpassed the limits of a single Qingyang Town or the Great Yan Empire…

“Father, mother, the both of you can live peacefully in the Great Yan Empire. I will not allow anything to disturb the both of you…”

Lin Dong smiled slightly. His smile was warm and no longer possessed the ferocity from earlier. He lowered his head and looked at Lin Langtian’s ice-cold corpse, before he spoke, “On account of us being from the same clan, I will get someone to bring you back to the Great Yan Empire…”

“Before this, however… I shall finish off that ghastly thing within your body!”

The corners of Lin Dong’s lips curled slightly. His hand gently pressed against Lin Langtian’s forehead. Immediately, a black vortex vaguely appeared on his palm. A wave of Devouring Power suddenly invaded into Lin Langtian’s body.

Although the attack earlier had truly killed Lin Langtian, Lin Dong did not forget that there was a mysterious Yuan Spirit inside the former’s body. Lin Langtian might have died from the earlier attack, but the Yuan Spirit would not be completely wiped out…

However, given Lin Dong’s character, he would clearly not leave a potential trouble like this around.

Devouring Power surged into Lin Langtian’s body. Immediately, it scattered and searched for the broken Yuan Spirit hidden within…

“Trying to hide?”

The search continued for a moment, only to end up being futile. However, Lin Dong did not give up. He merely sneered and continued to increase his search efforts.

After searching meticulously for several minutes, Lin Dong discovered a ripple near Lin Langtian’s heart. A thought immediately passed through his mind as Devouring Power immediately formed into a net that sealed the entire region.

“Lin Dong, we have no grudge between us. You have already killed Lin Langtian, why do you need to hunt me down!” At this moment, the Yuan Spirit had clearly discovered Lin Dong’s seal. The former immediately roared out furiously.

“Sorry, I do not like to leave loose ends behind. You have helped Lin Langtian all these years and have brought me a great deal of trouble. Therefore… I do not plan on letting you off.”

Lin Dong did not give the Yuan Spirit any chance to argue. With a soft laugh, a thought passed through his mind as Devouring Power immediately whizzed out, transforming into a large net that on Lin Langtian’s chest, before wrapping around a flickering golden light.

Through the feedback of information from the Devouring Power, Lin Dong could see a blurry figure present within that golden light…

“Is this that Yuan Spirit…”

Lin Dong lifted his eyebrows, feeling a little curious. A Yuan Spirit was a mysterious existence that only existed after one had experienced the seventh Nirvana stage tribulation.

At that time, even if one’s physical body was destroyed, one would have a chance of revival as long as one’s Yuan Spirit was not destroyed. That person would no longer be like others, where there would not be any chance of revival if one’s physical body was destroyed.

Moreover, it was rumoured that when one reached that stage, one could even use the Yuan Spirit and take another person’s life from tens of thousands of kilometres away. It was incomparably miraculous. That kind of ability was far from what the current Lin Dong and the rest could imagine.

The Yuan Spirit was clearly unwilling to be captured after it had been wrapped by Devouring Power, and he immediately began to struggle wildly. However, he was just a mere a Yuan Spirit which had lost his physical body. Without any support, it was impossible for him to compete with Lin Dong.


Lin Dong’s eyes were indifferent. A thought passed through his mind as Devouring Power erupted. Immediately, the golden light of the Yuan Spirit dimmed. He was gradually being swallowed by the Devouring Power!

“Ah, isn’t this Devouring Power? The Devouring Ancestral Symbol? You actually possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol!”

The Yuan Spirit immediately let out a sharp screech upon seeing this scene. His screech contained an incomparable shock. Clearly, he had discovered Lin Dong’s secret.

“Your eyes are quite good…”

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened. Soon after, he chuckled softly. Since this fellow had recognised that he possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, it was all the more reason not to let him off…”

“Lin Dong, please don’t kill me. I know many secrets. As long as you allow me to follow you, you will definitely gain many benefits!” The Yuan Spirit seemed to have sensed the killing intent of Lin Dong and hurriedly spoke.

“I already have a brother at my side who is over ten thousand times more trustworthy than you. I am afraid that I have no use for someone like you…” Lin Dong spoke as he gently smiled, before his eyes quickly turned cold. Devouring Power surged wildly and directly wrapped around the Yuan Spirit. After which, he was completely swallowed amidst wave after wave of sharp cries.

Lin Dong withdrew his hand from Lin Langtian’s forehead, while a ray of black light also quietly rushed into his fingertip.

“There seems to be something extra…”

Lin Dong observed the Devouring Power that surged back into his body. Suddenly, he discovered a cluster of golden light within it. The golden light contained the feeling of a Yuan Spirit. However, it did not possess any will. It was clear that the consciousness of the Yuan Spirit had already been completely removed by him. All that remained was a kind of Yuan Spirit power…

Lin Dong studied the ball of Yuan Spirit golden light. For a moment, he was not sure what to do with it. After musing for a while, a wave of Devouring Power wrapped around it and was brought into his Dantian.

Although Lin Dong believed that the consciousness within this Yuan Spirit had already been removed by him, the cautious Lin Dong would clearly not leave behind any hidden danger.

When he was done, Lin Dong finally withdrew his mind. He patted his hands and with a wave of his sleeves, Lin Langtian’s corpse was kept into his Qiankun bag. After which, he lifted his head and looked around him. At this moment, he finally discovered that the entire place was silent. Numerous eyes contained fear and respect as they stared at him. Clearly, they were shaken by his viciousness.

Lin Dong was too lazy to say anything when he saw this. These people did not understand the grudge between him and Lin Langtian. He knew that if he was the one who was defeated this time around, his fate would likely be even worse than Lin Langtian’s.

Lin Dong’s eyes looked towards the old man from the Dao Sect. After which, he smiled towards the latter. It was all thanks to this old man that he was able to finish off his greatest threat, Lin Langtian…

The old man from the Dao Sect stroked his beard when he saw Lin Dong looking over. Lin Dong’s actions did not cause any ill-feelings. He was likewise no saint and was clearly aware of just how foolish it was to have a merciful heart towards one’s opponent.

Liu Tong looked deeply at Lin Dong, before waving his hand. A vast and powerful voice resounded, “Since the first round of battles has ended, there is no need for any unnecessary words. Let the second round begin…”

Lin Dong’s eyes swept around him. The first round of the Nirvana Golden Ranking battles had already ended. Little Flame and Little Marten had advanced as expected. The only thing that surprised Lin Dong was that even Su Rou had managed to pull through. However, from how she was gasping for breath, she had clearly experienced quite a fierce battle…

Lin Dong’s eyes shifted away from Su Ruo. After which, he looked at Qin Tian, who had been observing him. The latter’s face no longer had the smile from earlier. Instead, there was a strange feeling in its place. His eyes caused Lin Dong to frown slightly.

“The opponents from the second round will still be decided by drawing lots like before.”

Liu Tong waved his hand as a light circle once again appeared, before exploding in the air. However, just as those lights were about to fall again, Lin Dong’s pupils suddenly shrunk. He abruptly raised his head and looked towards an empty spot in the sky. An extremely strange energy had suddenly exploded at that spot.

“Haha, there is no longer a need for any battles. We have become a little impatient from waiting…”

An unusual black cloud seeped out from the emptiness, covering the sky as it spread. One could vaguely see some human figures within the black cloud.

“Who dares?”

The experts from the eight super sects had a drastic change of expression at this moment. They abruptly stood up from their light chairs. Those expressions of theirs were stern as they watched the black cloud.

There was also some commotion at the top of the mountain. Most people were shocked when they saw this scene. Clearly, they were uncertain as to just what had happened. However, some of the sharper ones could vaguely sense an ominous feeling.

“This formation…”

Lin Dong’s expression slowly became grave. His eyes narrowed slightly as he watched the omnipresent black cloud in the sky, while he deeply exhaled.

“As expected, those fellows have made their move…”

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