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Chapter 600: Accept The Fight

“Brother Lin Dong has agreed?”

Liu Bai and Yan Sen’s faces were simultaneously filled with joy and excitement. Originally, they thought that it was going to be very difficult to convince Lin Dong to cooperate with them. After all, the ones that they had to deal with were one of the ten great super empires, Sky Devil Empire. However, once they saw Lin Dong nod his head, both of them involuntary heaved a sigh of relief.

Lin Dong chuckled. No one in their right mind would want to fight with the perverted ten great super empires and he felt likewise. However, just as Liu Bai had mentioned, right now, they had no other alternatives. Since Sky Devil Empire and the other empires have laid a trap, it was evident that they were not intending to let them off easily. Therefore, unless they chose to withdraw from the Hundred Empire War now, else, they had no choice but to fight with the Sky Devil Empire.

Furthermore, it was naturally impossible for Lin Dong to withdraw from the Hundred Empire War. Since he refused to give up, he had no choice but to fight.

Even though the Sky Devil Empire is extremely powerful, no one knows who will emerge victorious if they fought seriously. After all, right now, Lin Dong’s group was quite powerful as well.

“Even though three Five Yuan Nirvana stage practitioners is quite troublesome, I believe that we can handle it.” Little Marten casually said.

When they heard his words, Liu Bai and the rest involuntarily turned to look at him. Little Marten’s beautiful young face caused them to feel somewhat startled, but no one dared to underestimate him. During this period of time, they had heard much news regarding Lin Dong’s group. Naturally, it also contained news regarding Little Marten. Therefore, they knew that this gorgeous looking fellow was actually deep and unpredictable.

“Be careful.”

Lin Dong softly said. On top of the Hundred Empire War, there were members from the super sect monitoring this forest. If Little Marten was to blow his cover, it might cause quite a bit of trouble.

“Don’t worry, there is no need for me to use my real body to handle a Five Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner. As long as the two of you don’t screw up, we will be fine.” Little Marten casually said. There was a tinge of unconcealable pride contained within his tone. As a Celestial Demon Marten, arrogance was embedded deep into his bones and it could not be erased.

“Brother Liu Bai, lead the way.”

When he saw this scene, Lin Dong chose not to speak any further. Instead, he tiled his head and smiled at Liu Bai before he spoke.


Liu Bai quickly nodded his head. Without further ado, he directly turned around and lead the way. Behind him, Yan Sen and the rest quickly followed behind. Finally, Lin Dong’s group leisurely tailed behind them.

When these three factions gathered together, their combined aura was pretty impressive Furthermore, Liu Bai, Yan Sen and Lin Dong were not unknown individuals. Therefore, when they travelled across the Hundred Empire Forest together, they attracted quite a bit of attention.

“Why is Lin Dong together with Liu Bai and the rest?”

“Heh, all of them are the heirs that gained the inheritance of the four great mysterious sects. According to what I know, the inheritor of the Taotie Sect has already laid a trap for them at the base of the Hundred Empire Mountain. That faction is one of the ten great super empires, Sky Devil Empire. With such a powerful foe in their way, how could Lin Dong dare to travel alone?”

“Seems like they are in for a rough time. The three devils of the Sky Devil Empire are no pushovers and they are genuine Five Yuan Nirvana stage practitioners…”

“That may not be the case. Even though the Sky Devil Empire is powerful, Lin Dong’s group is no pushovers as well. Yesterday, when the Great Net Empire went to harass them, eventually just Lin Dong and that fellow called Lin Diao attacked and totally crushed them. Their strength should not lose out to the Sky Devil Empire. Hence, if they truly fought, the outcome is still up in the air.”

“Go. Let’s follow them and see. If you miss out on such a grand battle, it would be a huge waste!”

The originally heated atmosphere in the forest began to turn boiling hot as Lin Dong’s large group flashed by. After all, in this period of time, Lin Dong’s reputation has directly caught up with the ten great super empires and everyone know that he was going to be the black horse in this Hundred Empire War. Therefore, when this black horse was about to fight with an established empire like the Sky Devil Empire, everyone became excited.

With regards to the escalating atmosphere in the forest, Lin Dong’s group chose to ignore it. They turned their attention towards the deepest region of the forest, while a fiery battle intent faintly emerged on their bodies.

They knew that the following battle would surely shock their entire Hundred Empire Forest!

Even though the Hundred Empire Forest was vast, for most of the elite practitioners here, it would only take an hour for them to traverse across it. However, in order to obtain enough Nirvana Seals to allow them to ascend to Nirvana Golden Ranking, they had to undergo countless brutal battles.

Of course, even so, though there was quite a few individuals who were currently at the deepest region of the Hundred Empire Forest, all of them had something in common. That was, all of them were quite powerful.

At the southern side of the Hundred Empire Mountain, was a large area filled with odd rocks. The terrain was fairly peculiar and some of the rocks were as even several hundred meters tall, just like a tiny mountain.

This was one of the few paths that everyone must pass through in order to reach the Hundred Empire Mountain. For practitioners travelling from the south, all of them must pass through this area before they can ascend on the Hundred Empire Mountain, behind it.

Right now, there were several figures standing on top of those large rocks. Faintly, there was a icy cold and venomous aura circulating in the air.

At the central spot in this terrain filled with odd rocks, there was a dozen over figures that were quietly seated down. They did not intentionally activate their Yuan Power. However, there was still circular winds formed from Yuan Power howling beside their bodies, giving off a deep buzzing sound.

Furthermore, for the three figures seated right in front, this vibration was the most intense. All three of them were wearing a black long robes and there was a picture of a skull on their robes. Wherever their robes swayed in the wind, it seemed like that skeleton was about to break free of their clothes and directly swallow a human.

There was a tinge of similarity between their looks. Meanwhile, an alarming Yuan Power pressure unknowing emerged from within their bodies and enveloped the entire area with odd rocks, causing several people’s expressions to change.


A beautiful figure dressed in blue broke through the air before she landed ontop of a large rock in this rea. Her slim and alluring figure belonged to Lanying, whom Lin Dong was briefly acquainted with.

“They actually laid such a formidable setup…” As Lan Ying stared at the three seated figures, her beautiful pupils dilated.

“Haha, seems like the Sky Devil Empire plans to make a clean sweep of Lin Dong’s group in this spot…”

Suddenly, a hearty laughter emerged from behind Lanying. Following which, she saw a figure gently floating down behind her. It was a handsome man dressed in moon-white clothes with a longsword on his back. As his toes touched the ground, faintly, an extremely powerful sword aura spread out, causing tiny cracks to appear on the surrounding large rocks.

“You are late by one step.” Lanying smiled as she said.

“I met that fellow from Sword Empire at the northern side and I fought with him. That’s why I am a little late.” That man carrying a longsword smiled as he replied.

“Oh, that fellow who loves the blade as much as he loves his life. How powerful is he now?” Lan Ying gently raised her brows and asked.

“He has also advanced to Five Yuan Nirvana stage. Heh, the Sword Ancestor Techniques of the Sword Empire are quite extraordinary and they do not lose out to the Celestial Sword Techniques of our Celestial Empire.”

“The three Song Brothers have laid out a pretty terrifying formation. Do you think Lin Dong will have the guts to challenge him?” That man suddenly turned to look at that man filled with odd rocks. When he saw this formation, he asked mockingly.

The Song Family three devils are all Five Yuan Nirvana stage practitioners and they are considered as the elite fighting force in the Hundred Empire War. Right now, all three of them have a purple-gold Nirvana Seal and have stepped into the Nirvana Golden Ranking. This man, called Qing Feng, was a little surprised that they would actually use such a formation to deal with Lin Dong’s group.

“I am afraid you are wrong this time around. I have met Lin Dong and he is a pretty interesting fellow. Furthermore, they are quite powerful as well. Even if the Sky Devil Empire was to attack them, the final outcome is up in the air.” Lanying gently smiled as he said.


When he heard his words, Qing Feng gently lifted his brows before he asked disbelievingly: “I don’t believe that they will appear. You should be well aware of the strength of the Song brothers.”

Lanying smiled before she gently gripped her jade-like hands. Following which, her beautiful eyes turned toward the path, that every practitioner must cross to reach the Hundred Empire Mountain, before she softly said: “Don’t look down on them or there will be a hefty price to pay. For a bunch of low rank empire members to make it here, it requires perseverance, talent and wits. Qing Feng, if you did not have the backing of the Celestial Empire, do you think that you could make it here and possess a reputation that could surpass the ten great super empires?”

Qing Feng was startled. Finally, he gently reduced the mocking grin on his face. After he was silent for a moment, he slowly said: “Could it be…”

Lanying gently smiled. Her sharp chin was extremely alluring. As she lifted her head, she gently smiled.

“So… they have arrived.”

Qing Feng suddenly lifted his head, only to hear breaking wind sounds suddenly emerging from that distant forest. Following which, several figures filled with rich battle intent dashed forth just like sharp blades!

“Did they really come…”

In the instant, in that area filled with odd rocks, three black-robed figures who had tightly shut their eyes, suddenly opened their eyes. Rich Yuan Power immediately swept froth just like a hurricane!

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