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Chapter 578a: Might of a Heavenly Soul Treasure

Black light swept across the skies as a black palm-sized steel seal suddenly hovered above Feng Cang’s palm.

Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal!

The Heavenly Soul Treasure from the auction house was finally revealed by Feng Cang!

“Seems like he has finally brought it out…”

A distance away, Mu Lin and the rest watched this scene with solemn expressions. Even though the battle was previously stuck in a stalemate, none of them dared to draw to a conclusion too early. Everyone knew that the battle was not over until Feng Cang used his Heavenly Soul Treasure.

However, when they saw Feng Cang take out his Heavenly Soul Treasure, they also felt a complicated feeling surface in their hearts. Even though Lin Dong was merely at the Three Yuan Nirvana stage, he was able to force Feng Cang, a peak Four Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner, into such a sorry state and even forced the latter to use his final killing move. Even they themselves were not sure of accomplishing such a feat.

“This fellow also has the qualifications to possess a Heaven Nirvana Seal. This group has truly hidden their strength…” Mu Lin bitterly laughed as he said. Even though he had never looked down on Lin Dong’s group, he had no choice but to admit that he had underestimated them.

“If they can defeat the Wind Cloud Empire, they will probably shock the entire core zone…” Mu Hanyue’s expression was somewhat complicated. To defeat a super empire with the resources of a low rank empire. In her opinion, this was perhaps a rare occasion that would occur once every hundred years. However, such an event was now playing out clearly in front of her eyes. At this moment, even though she was a famed ice queen, she could not help but exclaim in shock.

“Even though the Wind Cloud Empire is not considered as an elite amongst the super empires, they are no pushovers. If Lin Dong can defeat them, shocking the entire core region will not be strange at all.”

Mu Lin lifted his head, staring unblinkingly at the sky as he softly said, “Of course… it still depends on whether he can withstand Feng Cang’s next attack…”

“The might of a Heavenly Soul Treasures must not be underestimated…”

In mid-air, black light slowly spread out. In fact, it seemed like even the dark-red night sky was dyed red by this alarming power. It was hard to imagine that this astonishing scene was caused by a mere black palm-sized steel seal.

Lin Dong’s expression turned solemn the instant that black steel seal appeared. He could feel an extremely dangerous sensation from it.

A Soul Treasure that was worth tens of millions of Nirvana PIlls. Its powers allowed its user to challenge those who had a higher cultivation stage than himself. Since Feng Cang’s strength was already above Lin Dong’s, with the addition of this Heavenly Soul Treasure, one could only imagine the perilous situation that Lin Dong was in.

“Originally, I did not plan to use it. However, you have truly exceeded my expectations…” Feng Cang’s face was grim. He stared hideously at Lin Dong, rich killing intent in his eyes.

“Consider it a blessing to die to my Heavenly Soul Treasure!”

Feng Cang suddenly stepped forward. Evidently, he did not want to give Lin Dong any opportunity to resist. As he clenched his fist, the Yuan Power within his body howled forth, continuously pouring into that black steel seal in his palm.


As Yuan Power gushed in, a buzzing sound suddenly erupted from that black steel seal. Meanwhile, the crouching black dragon carved on the black seal slowly opened its tightly shut eyes.


The instant that dragon opened its eyes, a startling shockwave violently swept froth. Faintly, it seemed like storm clouds had begun gathering in the sky.

“Black Dragon Howl!”

Feng Cang’s expression was sinister, sneering as he stared coldly at the now grim-faced Lin Dong. With a sudden change of hand seals, the black dragon’s mouth abruptly opened. In the next instant, a vigorous and ancient dragon roar, that seemed to descend from the nine heavens, erupted!


A black sound wave mixed with a destructive shockwave manically swept forth from the dragon’s mouth!

As the sound wave swept past, the forest below was completely blown apart. In fact, even the giant trees were shattered into tiny wooden shrapnels before they exploded into dust with a loud bang!

The sound wave levelled an entire forest as it swept out. To think that the might of a Heavenly Soul Treasure was actually this terrifying!

Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk as he watched the black soundwave swarming towards him from every direction. His figure rapidly retreated as his hand once again reached forward. A an ancient pitch-black hand materialized and violently swiped at the sound wave.

“Humph. You overestimate yourself!”

When he saw this sight, Feng Cang disdainfully sneered. Even though Lin Dong’s Soul Martial Arts was powerful, his current attack originated from a Heavenly Soul Treasure and was powered by his Four Yuan Nirvana stage strength. How could Lin Dong stop it so easily?

Feng Cang’s sneer was not without reason. The instant the large ancient hand made contact with the black sound wave, it trembled violently. It seemed as if the black sound wave was so sharp that it was even able to slice apart energy. As the sound wave flashed past, it directly sliced apart the large ancient hand!

When he saw his giant hand being sliced apart by the black sound wave, Lin Dong’s pupils abruptly shrunk. This was the first time he had seen his Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand being broken so easily!

Is a Heavenly Soul Treasure so frighteningly powerful?

“Swoosh swoosh!”

The black sound wave easily crushed the giant hand before once again swarming towards Lin Dong. The black sound wave was just like a grim reaper’s scythe, completely unstoppable!

“Lin Dong, let me see what else you can do!” When he saw that Lin Dong was about to be engulfed by the black sound wave, Feng Cang could not help but laugh heartily. His laughter was extremely sinister.


Lin Dong took in a deep breath, the black sound wave reflected in his pupils rapidly growing larger. In the next instant, his hand seals gently changed as the rich Yuan Power surrounding him gradually calmed down and a faint green light slowly seeped out of his body.

“No matter how you struggle, it’s futile!”

When he saw this, Feng Cang maliciously chuckled. As he clenched his fist, the black sound wave’s speed increased as it flew towards Lin Dong.

“Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Nose, Scale Shield!”

As the black sound wave flashed by, Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly focused as a green glow burst out, transforming into a shield of green scales in front of him.

The shield was approximately half a meter wide and there was a faint green dragon symbol floating on it. Meanwhile, a light and peculiar undulation spread outwards from it.

“This sound wave can slice apart the Nirvana Golden Body of a Four Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner. You actually dare defend against it head on. You must be courting death!” When Feng Cang saw Lin Dong chose to defend against the black sound wave instead of dodging, he immediately released a sinister laughter.

“Clang clang clang!”

However, just as an evil grin appeared on his face, the black sound wave viciously slammed against the green scale shield. Instantly, countless resplendent sparks erupted. However, contrary to Feng Cang’s expectations, the shield was not easily sliced apart. Instead, the Lin Dong’s green scale shield managed to withstand the incomparably sharp sound wave!

“How is this possible?!”

When he saw this sight, not only did Feng Cang’s expression change drastically, even Mu Lin and the rest, who had been silently observing, were startled as they exclaimed in shock. All of them could clearly feel just how terrifyingly the black sound wave was. However, they had never imagined that Lin Dong was actually able to withstand it.

“Chi chi!”

As sparks exploded, Lin Dong’s body was forcibly pushed backwards. However, since he had the protection of his green scale shield, the black sound wave did not cause any fatal damage to him

After releasing its destructive power, the black sound wave seemingly filled the skies gradually began to fade before they disappeared in front of the green scale shield.

When the final bit of black sound wave disappeared, Lin Dong’s figure slowly came to a stop. The already battered green scale shield exploded, revealing Lin Dong, who was standing behind it. However, there were now bloody red lines on his arm. Fresh blood flowed down his arm, a pretty alarming sight.

Evidently, even though the Dragon Transformation Art was able to allow Lin Dong to block the powerful attack that could kill a Four Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner, he still had to pay a price.

“A Heavenly Soul Treasure… is indeed troublesome…”

Lin Dong swung his blood-soaked arm as an endless cold surged in his eyes.

“Don’t celebrate too early. I will slowly let you taste the might of a Heavenly Soul Treasure. I have said this before, I will make you suffer till you beg for your own death. Therefore, I will not let you die so easily!”

Feng Cang maliciously chuckled. Promptly, his hand seals suddenly changed as streams of rich Yuan Power continuously gushed into the black steel seal. Meanwhile, the body of the crouching mini black dragon gradually began to light up, the black scales on its body becoming clearer and clearer.

“Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal, Dragon Soul Appear!”

Surging black light suddenly burst out from within the black steel seal. Amidst the massive black light, the crouching black dragon on the steel seal actually flew out as its mini body started to swell at an alarming rate.


A deep dragon roar ricocheted across the skies. The dragon roar contained the authority of a true dragon, causing the Yuan Power in the area to rage vigorously.

A black dragon soared into the sky as storm clouds gathered, a world-shaking sight. At this moment, the power of the Heavenly Soul Treasure had been completely displayed.

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