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Chapter 577a: Face Off

The moment that they charged into the light barrier, everyone could sense an indescribable tragic aura pouncing towards them. Immediately, it caused the Yuan Power within the bodies of quite a number of people to churn intensely. All of them hurriedly stopped their bodies.

Upon stopping, those many gazes immediately turned towards this core region. After which, their expression became slightly dull.

The interior and the outside was only separated by a light barrier. However, they appeared to be two completely different time. The sunlight outside was warm but this place contained a thread of chillness. The entire sky was not blue. Instead, it was a kind of dark red colour. One’s eyes would reflect the red glow when one raised one’s head and took a look. The place appeared exceptionally strange.

There was a vast and seemingly endless primitive forest under the dark red sky. Enormous trees that were a thousand feet tall stood beside each other, causing one to be unable to see its edge. It was as though the entire place was borderless. There were also the occasional soul-stirring roar from a beast being emitted from the forest. Those roars contained an endless amount of fierceness.

This was a dangerous place.

The vast and mighty people that had entered this region from the Wanxiang City directly broke the original silence of this place. The sky was densely packed with human figures suspended in it. Their gazes were filled with surprise and fiery heat as they looked at this place. This would be their final competition arena!

They were aware that there would definitely be many experts surging into this vast place from many other regions. Soon after, they would met at a certain spot within this core area. Finally, they would end up fighting in order to absorb the Nirvana Seal in the other party’s hands. The victor and the loser would be determined by the result of this one year of training.

Of course, before that, they would first observe a soul-stirring face-off that was sufficient to boil their blood.


A group of figures with overflowing killing intent rushed out in front of the countless number of gazes before finally landing on a desolated forest a short distance away. Dark and cold evil ghost like eyes stared intently at the entrance of the light barrier behind them.

“Lin Dong, come out!” Feng Cang’s low and deep roar was permeated with the desire to kill.

“Are you so anxious to give your Heavenly Soul Treasure to others?” A laughter was transmitted from within the light curtain. Lin Dong’s group also broke through the light barrier before appearing in this core region.

A wild and violent smile slowly appeared on Feng Cang’s face as he watched Lin Dong’s group stepping into this place. He knew that Lin Dong would no longer have any retreat path in this place. He could do as he like and torture this fellow, who had infuriated him to the point of being better off dead!

Lin Dong’s group also gradually descended from the sky while being watched by many people. They landed on a large tree not far in front of Feng Cang’s group. A smile was contained on their faces and there was no sign of any fear.

The Lone Moon Empire, Forest Empire and Lihuo Empire, the three other super empires from the Wanxiang City, also revealed themselves at a short distance away. However, they also did not leave this place immediately. Instead, their eyes were watching the face-off in front of them in a searing hot manner. This kind of collision was something that even they could not easily ignore.

“Although I do not know where you get the confidence to enter this core region from, your courage has surprised me. I will get someone to deliver your corpse back to your empire after the Hundred Empire War is over.” Feng Cang parted his mouth towards Lin Dong in a dense manner and said.

Lin Dong ignored this irritating fellow. His eyes swept over the experts from the Wind Cloud Empire and softly uttered, “Leave Feng Cang to me.”

“I will deal with that Meng Lie.” Little Flame waved the metal rod in his hand, bringing about a rumbling tearing wind sound as he spoke in a vast and mighty voice.

“You leave the weakest one to me? Don’t tell me that the both of you already think that your ability have already exceeded mine?” Little Marten narrowed his eyes and asked playfully.

“This is the core region. There will definitely be experts from the super sects observing this place. We must be careful. It is best for you to avoid fighting as much as possible.” Lin Dong smiled and said.

“Moreover, you must also take care of Little Ruo and the rest when you deal with Luo Tong. The Wind Cloud Empire has recruited quite a number of experts while we are ultimately short in numbers.”

Little Marten curled his mouth and said, “Relax. This girl is currently not as weak as you think. The strength that she unleash for a short period of time is something that even you will find troublesome to deal with.”

“How can I be compared with big brother Lin Dong.” Su Rou by the side softly said with a red face.

“Little Ruo, the matter of protecting your brother and the rest will be your duty. We will not be able to divert our attention when the time comes.” Lin Dong smilingly uttered.

Su Ruo clenched her small hand tightly. She nodded in a somewhat determined manner. This time around, she would definitely not allow herself to be a burden to Lin Dong’s group.

Lin Dong finally slowly stepped forward in front of the numerous eyes after seeing this. Mighty Yuan Power slowly whizzed out from within his body like a tide when he stepped forward.

“Three Yuan Nirvana Stage? Is this your ability? Challenging across the stages? You you think that I am those trash whom you have met in the past?” Feng Cang involuntarily laughed out loud towards the sky after seeing the Yuan Power that surged out from within Lin Dong’s body. His laughter was filled with ridicule.

“I am already at the peak of the four Yuan Nirvana Stage. If you only have this little ability, you will have really disappointed me!”

Feng Cang strided forward. The surging Yuan Power of someone from the peak of the four Yuan Nirvana Stage erupted from him. It swept over the sky, forming a pressure that covered Lin Dong from all directions.

Under the mighty strength of Feng Cang’s surging Yuan Power, Lin Dong’s aura was clearly at a disadvantage. Regardless of how one put it, Feng Cang was definitely stronger when it came to a competition between the strength of Yuan Power alone.

“If this is what you really think, you will also have disappointed me.”

However, Lin Dong merely smiled in the face of the vast and mighty pressure from Feng Cang. A thought passed through his mind. The Yuan Power, Mental Energy and Devouring Power surged out at the same time. Finally, they were completely poured into the Ancient Universe Formation above his Dantian!

Boom boom!

A low explosive sound flowed within Lin Dong’s veins. Finally, it spread to all of his limbs. His body remained quiet for an instant before a wave of strange grayish-black energy suddenly began to erupt from within his body!

The grayish-black coloured energy was not very strong and it could not be compared with Feng Cang’s aura that spread through the sky. However, the moment this energy appeared, the Yuan Power pressure that was originally suppressing Lin Dong completely collapsed. The pressure that originated from Feng Cang totally vanished within a few hundred feet around Lin Dong!

“What a strange energy!”

This sudden change had caused everyone to be startled. They did not understand why Lin Dong’s original pure Yuan Power would suddenly be transformed into such an unusual energy. However, this kind of energy clearly rode above the pure Yuan Power. Otherwise, it would be impossible for it to cause Feng Cang’s four Yuan Nirvana Stage’s mighty Yuan Power to collapse until such an extend.

“This Lin Dong does indeed have something to support him.” The eyes of Mu Lin and the others also contained a dense shocked as they watched this scene. Clearly, they were all surprised by this move from Lin Dong.

“It will be more interesting this way. Otherwise, the whole thing will be too boring!”

A surprise flashed over Feng Cang’s face. Immediately, he gave a dense smile. Both of his eyes instantly became stern and cold in the next moment. He extended his long finger and cut it through the air.

Slash slash!

A fierce wind was suddenly formed after the finger slashed downwards. Two hundred over feet large Yuan Power wind blades directly formed over his fingers. After which, they tore through the air and rushed towards Lin Dong with lightning like speed.


Lin Dong’s body shook. He directly transformed into an afterimage that rushed out. The grayish-black merged force agglomerated over the surface of his body like a grayish-black meteorite. It shot out in a straight line and collided head on with the two sharp Yuan Power blades.


A low explosion was emitted from the sky. Two Yuan Power wind blades were blasted apart. The grayish-black light rushed out and appeared in front of Feng Cang. Fist shadows whizzed out, appearing just like a storm. It contained a shocking fierceness as it covered Feng Cang’s body.


Feng Cang merely let out a cold snort in the face of this fiercely violent attack from Lin Dong. The seal formed by his hands changed, Mighty Yuan Power transformed into numerous rotating tornado that completely blocked Lin Dong’s storm like fist shadows.

Boom boom boom!

The punches exploded onto the Yuan Power swirling wind. Each contact unleashed an ear-piercing sound. At the end, it basically formed a continuous noise that spread over the sky in a deafening manner. Following the release of that sonic wave, there was a fierce ripple that erupted due to the intense collision.

It had only been a short ten seconds. However, the two of them had already made dozens of exchanges with an extremely fierce stance. That collision was greatly shocking to one’s eyes.

The entire area was completely silent as they watched this scene. The expressions of quite a number of people changed a little. Just the remanent ripple that spread apart was sufficient to frighten some three Yuan Nirvana Stage experts. They really had difficulty imagining how Lin Dong was able to rely on his three Yuan Nirvana Stage’s strength to fight head on in such a manner with Feng Cang, who had reached the peak of the four Yuan Nirvana Stage.

The two of them had yet to unleash any powerful martial arts until this point and they were challenging each other to see how strong their foundation was!

This lad did indeed possess an ability that an ordinary person was unaware of in order to have the courage to directly face the anger of a super empire.


Another extremely fierce collision occurred. Frightening Yuan Power swept apart. Lin Dong’s and Feng Cang’s bodies were shaken until they took over ten steps back. Their breathing were a little heavier compared to before. However, the fierceness in their eyes was becoming increasingly intense.

“Meng Lie, lead the others and finish all of them off! Leave Lin Dong for me to deal with!” Feng Cang’s face was ferocious as he cried out in a sinister manner.


A cruel smile surfaced on Meng Lie’s face when he heard this. He nodded. An evilness was revealed in his eyes as they turned towards Little Flame’s group a short distance away.


Little Flame stepped forward. The metal rod in his hand tore through the air. A monstrous aura spread apart. At this moment, he appeared just like a fierce beast once again awakening from his slumber.

“Second brother, I am going to attack!”

Blood surged within Little Flame’s eyes. He let out a buzz as his strong body rushed towards Meng Lie while being accompanied by an enormous shadow!

The face-off between both parties had completely erupted at this moment!

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