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Chapter 571: Desolate Heavenly Cow

The attention in the auction gradually shifted away from the seated Lin Dong. From what they had seen before, everyone knew that the Wind Cloud Empire was deliberately provoking him. All they wanted was to force Lin Dong to pay a higher price.

It was very clear that Lin Dong had lost out in this contest. One million Nirvana pills was no small sum for most individuals.

At the front of the Lone Moon Empire, Mu Lin was also observing the situation. He was rather surprised with Lin Dong’s ability to keep his cool. Promptly, he held the latter in even higher regard.

“It is not wise for Feng Cang to provoke Lin Dong…” Mu Lin gently smiled while he softly spoke.

“Does big brother truly believe that Lin Dong can threaten the Wind Cloud Empire?” Beside him, Lin Muyue’s gently raised her brows. Even though she had never underestimated Lin Dong, their opponent this time around was the Wind Cloud Empire, which had even forced back their Lone Moon Empire.

“Until things are concluded, who knows? Since you have met Lin Dong once, you should also know that he is no brute. Since he is neither a brute nor a newbie, yet still dare to openly fight against the Wind Cloud Empire, would you believe that he is not capable?” Mu Lin smiled as he said.

Mu Hanyue was startled. Promptly, her beautiful eyes involuntarily turned to look behind her. After keeping the soul fruit in his bag, Lin Dong had shut his eyes and his facial expression was completely calm as if his previous loss had never happened.

“Seems like things are getting more and more interesting…” Mu Lin glanced at Feng Cang with a sadistic smile on his face, before he softly laughed and said.

In the field, the heated atmosphere caused by the Balance Spirit Fruit gradually began to die down. Meanwhile, from atop the auction stage, Song Qing turned away from Lin Dong and continued the auction.

The next auction item was a low grade Soul Martial Art. This type of martial arts was quite appealing for most of the elite practitioners here. Therefore, its auction price reached one million and five hundred thousand Nirvana Pills.

However, Lin Dong was naturally not interested in this low grade Soul Martial Art. Nonetheless, even though he was not interested in it, this did not mean that others were not. Even though they were many treasures in the Ancient Battlefield, it was still the case of too little porridge and too many monks. Therefore, there were very few individuals who could obtain an inheritance and they had no reason to give up on the Soul Martial Arts in front of them.

“One million, six hundred thousand!”

“One million, eight hundred thousand!”

Lin Dong observed the explosive auction. Most elite practitioners were bidding till their ears turned red. This goes to show the frightening allure of a Soul Martial Art. Thanks to their intense bidding, the price of that low grade Soul Martial Arts had already reached two million Nirvana Pills in several minutes.

After an intense fight, the low grade Soul Martial Arts was finally sold for two million and three hundred thousand Nirvana Pills to a high rank empire that had fought the hardest. This finally allowed the heated atmosphere in the auction hall to gently subside. However, everyone knew that with less items being auctioned, the atmosphere would grow increasingly heated.

The following items that were up for auction were all Soul Martial Arts. However, their quality grew increasingly better. Meanwhile, the auction price also increased from the initial one million and five hundred thousand to two million and five hundred thousand.

The second time Lin Dong made a move was for a mid-grade Soul Martial Art called ‘Desolate Wild Cow Charge’. The auction price for this martial arts was two million and eight hundred thousand. This price was enough to scare off most bidders.

Of course, there was many people who were attracted to it despite its cost. Nonetheless, after Lin Dong raised the price of three million and five hundred thousand, most of them were forced to back off.

When he saw the crowd turn silent, Lin Dong chuckled. It looked as if he was extremely keen on that martial art.

However, just as the smile surfaced on Lin Dong’s face, a casual voice sounded out from nearby, “Three million and eight hundred thousand.”

The whole crowd was shocked. When they realized the identity of the man who bidded, a peculiar expression appeared on their faces. Promptly, they all stared pitifully at Lin Dong. That was because the person who bidded was Feng Cang from the Wind Cloud Empire. It seemed like that fellow was intending to toy with him.

Under the stares from the crowd, Lin Dong’s face turned slightly solemn. Without hesitation, he coldly shouted, “Four million.”

“Four million five hundred thousand.” The sadistic smile on Feng Cang’s face intensified as he said.

The entire arena quietened down while several people silently shook their heads. Being toyed by Feng Cang, Lin Dong must be hopping with rage in his heart?

Several pairs of eyes turned to look at Lin Dong’s face. However, right now, a derisive smile suddenly appeared on his solemn face.

“Since you want it, take it. I was just bidding for fun…”

The whole crowd was in a uproar. Those individuals who were originally starring sympathetically at Lin Dong were flabbergasted. They finally realized what had happened. This time around, Lin Dong had deliberately played Feng Cang…

The sadistic smile on Feng Cang’s face slowly disappeared. Following which, his pale face turned exceptionally grim as he stared venomously at Lin Dong. Moments later, he finally chuckled and said, “Good kid. Truly courageous.”

He had never expected that Lin Dong would actually dare to toy with him!

“Better pay up.” Lin Dong stretched his back, leaning back on his stone chair as he lazily said.

Feng Cang’s face twitched. However, due to the supervision of Song Qing, who stood atop the auction stage, he had no choice but to grit his teeth and swallow his anger. He did not want to be chased out of the auction house now. Immediately, he ungrudgingly dug out a Qiankun bag and tossed it onto the stage.

Spending this sum of money on a mid-grade Soul Martial Art that he was not even interested in, he had truly lost out this time around. In fact, even a person like him could not underestimate this sum of money. Furthermore, he would definitely lose out in the upcoming battle with the other super empires.

Atop the auction stage, Song Qing curiously glanced at this sight, before he turned to look at Lin Dong. This fellow was truly interesting, to actually dare to oppose Feng Cang.

“An interesting guy.” Mu Lin similarly smiled while he shook his head. Evidently, he had never expected that Lin Dong would make Feng Cang pay back so quickly.

This interlude that happened mid-way had undoubtedly became the talk of the entire auction. Several pairs of eyes swept peculiarly across Lin Dong’s body. The Wind Cloud Empire was an overlord in Wanxiang City. To be able to see them humiliated was evidently a satisfying event.

After the interlude, the auction continued on. Even though there were mid-grade Soul Martial Arts, the high grade Soul Martial Arts that Lin Dong had anticipated did not appear. Promptly, he contemplated for a moment before he finally understood. High grade Soul Martial Arts were exceedingly rare. Therefore, if a person obtained one, they would definitely not auction it off.

As item after item was successfully sold, the number of glowing orbs hovering in front of Song Qing grew increasingly lower. Finally, there were only two items remaining.

Countless pair of greedy eyes crisscrossed on those two glowing orbs. Everyone knew that they were the main attraction of the show.

Song Qing lifted his head and stared at the two glowing orbs. Suddenly, a rarely seen fervent expression appeared on his calm face. Promptly, he stretched out his hand before a blood-red orb slowly descended. Just as it descended, the blood orb violently expanded before it transformed into a colossal creature and landed on the auction stage.

Countless pairs of eyes instantly turned their attention to it, before they were all bewildered. An exceptionally white beast’s corpse had appeared on the auction stage.

That beast’s corpse looked extremely peculiar and it seemed like it only had one giant leg. It gave off an ancient yet savage aura. Faintly, it seemed like the giant leg had the power to support the heavens.

“This is…” Lin Dong was bewildered as he stared at that old beast’s corpse, which only had one large leg.

“Desolate Heavenly Cow.” A shocked expression flashed across Little Marten’s handsome face as he softly said.

“Desolate Heavenly Cow?”

“Hehe, that is some good stuff. There is still an ancient essence blood flowing in that beast’s corpse. If you obtain it, the next time you summon the ancient crocodile, it’s strength will be able to overwhelm the Wind Cloud Empire.” Little Marten chuckled as he said.


When he heard these words, Lin Dong’s eyes instantly lit up. He had already used up the ancient essence bloodlines that he had obtained in the mysterious treasure trove and he had no way to activate his trump card and summon the ancient crocodile. However, if he was able to obtain the Desolate Heavenly Cow’s corpse again, this trump card would undoubtedly become extra powerful!

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