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Chapter 528: Summoning the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile

Two ancient bloodline flowed around Lin Dong’s palm. Meanwhile, there were some wild and violent ripples being vaguely emitted continuously.

“Spiritual sacrifice!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were bone chilling cold as he suddenly let out a loud cry. Two ancient bloodline immediately shot out from his hand and directly landed on the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear.

Sizzle sizzle!

Wild and violent strength swiftly merged into the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear after the two ancient blood adhered onto the dense white spear body of the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear. Bright red lines vaguely appeared, looking just like blood vessels.


Waves after waves of humming sound was emitted from the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear at this moment. Those bright red lines also became increasingly obvious. From the looks of it, it seemed that there was something terrifying that was just about to break free of the spear and shoot out.

This sudden action of Lin Dong had clearly exceeded everyone’s expectations. Even Liu Bai and Yan Sen were a little surprised when they saw this sight. It was likely that they were very curious about what Lin Dong was planning to do.

“This brat is really a little strange. Don’t give him time. Attack!”

Tian Zhen’s expression was dark and cold as he watched this scene. Although he was unaware of what Lin Dong was planning to do, he still vaguely felt a little uneasy. He immediately let out a deep cry and his body took the lead to rush forward. His fist violently smashed towards Lin Dong.


A strong figure flashed and appeared just as the wild and violent Yuan force storm was still around ten feet from Lin Dong. At the same time, the black coloured metal rod carried a fierce pressure and heavily blasted apart that Yuan Power wild wind.

“You three. This brat is no ordinary individual. If we still continue to drag our feet, it is likely that we will be the ones who will end up regretting it!” A chillness flashed across Tian Zhen’s face as he cried out sharply, after seeing the appearance of Little Flame, who had a face filled with a fierce violent aura.

“Haha, if you are really interested in the inheritance of the four great mysterious sects, you should first take care of Lin Dong.”

Lin Langtian smiled faintly towards Mu Shou and Jiang Shan. Amongst the four of them, he was the one with the deepest understanding of Lin Dong. Back then, this humble branch family person was a weakling in his eyes. However, he had chased him step by step during these short few years and had even surpassed him. Regardless of how Lin Lang Tian laughed coldly and show disdain, he had no choice but to admit that this opponent of his was incomparably troublesome and difficult to deal with…

Mu Shou’s and Jiang Shan’s eyes glanced indifferently at Lin Lang Tian. Although the four of them might be cooperating, this alliance was incredibly fragile. All of them understood that after they finished Lin Dong off, they would up up attempting to kill each other…

Of course, the most important thing now was indeed to finish Lin Dong off.


The three of them moved their bodies and rushed out almost at the same time. Wild and violent Yuan Power swept apart in the midair.

“Mountain Breaking Blade!”

“Wild Lion Fist!”

“Eight Desolated Emperor Hand!”

The three of them clearly did not have the intention to drag the fight on. Hence, all of them unleashed quite a powerful martial arts the moment the attacked. Immediately, three unusually fierce martial arts attack whistled out from the hands of the three of them. After which, they violently smashed towards Little Flame, who was in front of Lin Dong.

“Heaven Devil God Transformation, Tiger Roar Transformation!”

A solemness surged in Little Flame’s eyes as he faced the sharp attack unleashed by Lin Lang Tian’s three men group. His strong body trembled slightly. After which, majestic black coloured energy surged out like floodwater from within his body before forming a large black coloured light tiger outside his body.


The light tiger roared towards the sky. Immediately, Little Flame took a stride forward. His straightforward punch was struck forward in a plain manner. The fierce violent aura agglomerated within his body had appeared to transform into something substance like and rushed forward together with the light tiger outside of his body.


The enormous black coloured light tiger roared towards the sky. It directly adopted an extremely wild stance and collided with the three majestic attacks in front of many gazes!

The wild and violent energy ripple swept apart from the point where the wildness interacted. Little Flame’s body also trembled intensely. A gentle breeze spread onto his body as a low and deep explosion was repeatedly emitted from the point of contact. Fortunately, his body was extremely strong. His defence was also shockingly powerful. Hence, he was actually able to forcefully endure this wild and violent wind.

Although Little Flame had barely managed to endure, he was also shaken until he took many steps back. His feet rubbed on the ground, forming numerous deep scars on it. The blood within his body also churned intensely.

Although Little Flame possessed the bloodline of the Heavenly Devil Tiger Tribe, there was after all some gap between his strength and that of Tian Zhen’s group. Moreover, he was fighting one against three. That result was naturally him feeling some strain.

“Humph, I want to see just how many times can you block us!”

Tian Zhe emitted a dense smile. Without giving Little Flame even the slightest time to rest, he took a stride forward and his body rushed out once again. Lin Langtian and the two others quickly followed from behind. That sharp attacking martial arts covered Little Flame from all directions, appearing as though it was a storm.


A low and deep tiger roar was emitted from Little Flame’s throat. Black light seemed to have agglomerated on his body to form a light armour. The metal rod in his hand also danced like a windmill. Countless number of rod shadows appeared. He did not even shrink back a little in the face of the combined attacks of Tian Zhen and the three others. He knew that Lin Dong needed some time if he wanted to summon the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile’s Soul!

Boom boom boom boom!

The wild and violent attack unfolded in the wide field. Little Flame’s body was also repeatedly being struck by the powerful attacks. Under such an attack, he began to show signs of being injured. In fact, blood traces began to seeping out from his body despite his strength.

However, even though Little Flame was barely able to block their attacks, the eyes of Little Flame was also becoming increasingly crimson in colour. He was showing signs of a wild beast turning crazy.


The fiercely wild Yuan Power exploded over Little Flame’s chest and that frightening force caused even Little Flame’s strong body to tremble slightly. A trace of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

Little Flame’s large hand randomly rubbed away the trace of blood. He flipped his hand and rubbed it over his face. After which, he actually parted his mouth and smiled towards Lin Langtian and the three others. A hostility that would cause one’s bone to feel chilled filled that smile.

Just as Little Flame was prepared to step forward once again with a face filled with hostility, a hand was suddenly extended from behind him. The hand landed on his shoulder and patted it gently. Lin Dong’s voice was also emitted, “Leave it to me.”

Little Flame was slightly stunned. A joy was immediately revealed in his eyes. He turned his head around and coincidentally saw the grin on Lin Dong’s face. The Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear in front of the Latter had already completely turned from a densely white colour to a bright red one. Wisp of liquid blood like glow was spreading continuously from the body of the spear.

“Has it been completed…”

Little Flame also sighed in relief when he heard the ancient roar that was being emitted from the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear.

“Lin Dong, are you still trying to be stubborn at this moment? Obediently hand over the Ancient Secret Key and we might still spare your life!” Tian Zhen’s eyes shrunk as he glanced at the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear in front of Lin Dong, which had become unusually red in colour. After which, he let out a cold laughter as he cried.

“All of you have enjoyed attacking right?”

Lin Dong glanced at some of the injuries on Little Flame’s body. However, he simply smiled. This smile did not contain the slightest warmth. Instead, it was filled with an endless chillness and killing intent.

“Since you have enjoyed your turn, it shall be my turn now…” Lin Dong’s hand slowly grabbed the bright red Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear in front of him. After which, he violently slammed it onto the ground.


A wild and violent ripple that was visible to the naked eye spread apart from under the spot where the spear landed. There was vaguely an ancient roar spreading apart, causing one;’s heart to flutter.

“This ripple…” Liu Bai and Yan Sen expressions changed slightly upon sensing this ripple. Immediately, their expressions were a little grave as they stared at the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear in Lin Dong’s hands.

“Kill him!”

The expressions of Tian Zhen and the three others also changed. That uneasiness within their hearts suddenly swelled. Immediately, they let out a cry in usion without any prior agreement. The four of them charged out with lightning speed as they wild and violent attacks targeted Lin Dong from all directions.

“Ancient Heavenly Crocodile… appear…”

Lin Dong’s eyes were indifferent as he glanced at the four figures rushing over. His eyes slowly turned towards the bright red Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear in his hands as he muttered.


Bright red light pillar was suddenly spat out from the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear like an erupting volcano. Within a short instance, it had spread over this large field.

This activity immediately attracted everyone’s gazes. Numerous shocked eyes shot towards the sky which had turned blood red in colour.


The blood light permeated the place before swiftly gathering. A moment later, an unusually large figure started to become vaguely visible under that blood pillar. A low and deep roar sounded, appearing as though it had originated from ancient times. A frightening ripple descended from the sky.

When this ripple had descended from the sky, Lin Lang Tian and the three others, who were originally rushing over, suddenly stiffened their bodies as though they had been struck by lightning. Their eyes contained a disbelief as they stared at the sky. That ripple could be comparable to that of a three Yuan Nirvana Stage expert!

“This fellow…”

Liu Bai and Yan Sen exhaled a gentle breath at this moment. Even they could feel a fatal danger from that enormous figure.

No one had expected that Lin Dong was actually still in possession of such a powerful trump card in his hands!

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