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WDQK Chapter 52: Matters of the Family


Within the spacious and empty woods, a figure moved like a fierce tiger. Two arms waved about and a deep blue Yuan Power surged, the traces of Yin Energy within caused the dried leaves on the ground to be covered in frost.

“Thump thump thump!”

The figure urgently stepped forward and a ferocious punch landed on the huge tree before him. A powerful force straightaway jolted the huge tree. It was immediately uprooted and flew through the air, causing the sky to be filled with dirt, before finally crashing onto the ground with a loud bang.

“Lin Dong-ge is the best!”

Nearby, a young lady’s, who was clothed in light colored clothes, beautiful voice sounded out as she saw the huge tree fall to the ground.

Lin Dong chuckled and withdrew his fists. It had been one and a half months since the Hunting Competition. During this time, he had trained diligently and with the aid of the Stone Talisman Elixir Pills, he had successfully advanced from the Earthly Yuan Early Stage to the Middle Stage. Also, the Yuan Power in his Dan Tian had become increasingly vigorous and condensed due to absorbing the Yin Energy from Qing Tan’s body.

Lin Dong guessed that even though he was currently at the Earthly Yuan Middle Stage, because of the assimilation of the Yin Energy, he would be able to fend off even a Earth Yuan Late Stage expert.

Furthermore, he had opened five channels during the half a month that he was learning “QingYuan Art”. Thus his efficiency of absorbing Yuan Power was several times better than before.

Overall, this past half a month of training was rather bountiful.


Lin Dong grabbed a towel from one side and wiped off the sweat from his face. He then whistled towards the deep forest and almost immediately, a loud tiger hiss sounded back in reply. A few minutes later, a fiery-red shadow flew out of the forest and appeared before Lin Dong.

Naturally, this was Little Flame. In a short half a month, it’s body had once again grown to twice it’s size. When it stood up, it was even able to reach Lin Dong’s waist. Within its mouth, fangs had also begun to emerge. The current Little Flame was gradually developing the extraordinary air that a Fire Python Tiger possessed.

Some traces of an unknown beasts fur and blood could be seen  in Little Flame’s mouth. After all, Little Flame was a Demonic Beast, thus it innately had the instincts of a wild beast and needed to eat meat. Therefore, over this period of time, it would enter the deep forests by itself to prey on ferocious beasts.

With Little Flame’s present capabilities, even if it encountered a Tempered Body 8th Layer practitioner or beast, it would be able to somehow deal with them. This kind of progress was not only due to the fact that it was a Demonic Beast, but more so because of Lin Dong’s extremely luxuriant feeding habits.

“Little Flame, you’re really naughty. Always appearing so dirty each time!” When Qing Tan saw Little Flame, she scolded it in a low voice before using a coarse cloth to wipe at the traces of blood at the corner of Little Flame’s mouth.

To one side, Lin Dong laughed. He stroked Little Flame’s head with his hand as he gazed at the latter’s already considerably huge body. By right, Little Flame’s rate of growth was really too quick. Even considering the aid from the Stone Talisman Ling Liquid, it should not have matured so quickly.

“Perhaps this was the reason why the Stone Talisman had a special reaction towards Little Flame. Little Flame and the other Fire Python Tigers are truly somewhat different…”

“Right. Lin Dong-ge, father has returned and is looking for you…” As Lin Dong was muttering to himself, Qing Tan suddenly interjected.

“Oh? Father is back again?”

Hearing these words, Lin Dong was slightly gladdened. He nodded in acknowledgement as he whistled, bringing Little Flame with him as he dashed off.

In the room, Lin Dong saw Lin Xiao who he had not met for half a month. The latter also saw him and a smile appeared on the father’s originally somewhat haggard face. Lin Xiao gestured for Lin Dong to sit beside him and then sized up the latter for a moment before smiling: “How many channels have you unlocked in QingYuan Art?”

“Three.” Lin Dong scratched his head while answering. Looks like Lin Xiao had learned from his past experiences and straightaway proceeded to ask about his son’s progress. However, Lin Dong could not possibly tell his father that he had already unlocked five channels, else, it would be such a pain to explain again.

At Lin Dong’s words, Lin Xiao laughed bitterly and sighed: “I was really asking for it…”

To think that he had spent a whole three months to unblock four channels and now Lin Dong had already opened three channels in a mere half a month. There was truly no point in comparing them at all.

“Heh heh.” Lin Dong chuckled as he patted Little Flame’s head. The latter obediently lay flat on its stomach besides Lin Dong. He then looked towards his father and asked: “Father, what have you been busy with recently? The few times I visited the manor, I found that Grandfather and the rest did not look so good.”

Hearing Lin Dong speak of this matter, the smiling expression on Lin Xiao’s face weakened as he sighed before saying: “It’s the god damned Lei Family. Those honourless bastards.”

“Does it have to do with the Steel Wood Manor?” Lin Dong’s eyes flashed as he probed.

“Yes.” Lin Xiao nodded, a faint anger visible on his face as he replied: “Those bastards, they had originally agreed to hand it over in half a month. Yet, it has already been one and a half months and they have yet to deliver. Every time we send people to press them, they would intentionally avoid us.”

“The gamble that day was made before countless people. The Lei Family could not possibly dare to back out on their promise right?” Lin Dong frowned. If they really went back on the agreement, the reputation of the Lei Family would be destroyed. To them, this was no small matter.

“They never said they are backing out, they are just incessantly dragging it out.” Lin Xiao gritted his teeth and said. The Steel Wood produced by the Steel Wood Manor was a rather big business of the Lei Family. If their Lin Family managed to obtain it, then it would undoubtedly be a huge haul. But now, the fatty meat that was about to reach their mouth was being held back by the Lei Family. An action that left a bitter taste in anyone’s mouth.

“Then what does Grandfather and the rest plan to do?” Lin Dong asked.

“Your grandfather has already instructed me to bring men to the Steel Wood Manor tomorrow. If they are still not willing to hand it over, then we can only take it by force. Anyways, we are the one’s who have been wronged.” Lin Xiao replied.

At these words, Lin Dong heart slightly shivered. Looks like Grandfather and the rest did not intend to endure it any further. This time, no matter if they were successful or not, they would have declared war on the Lei Family. Thus, this operation was rather important to the Lin Family.

“Father, let me tag along tomorrow.” Lin Dong hesitated for a while before he suddenly asked.

“You’re just a child…embroiling yourself in these matters…” Lin Xiao was startled, but before he could finish his words, he suddenly remembered that Lin Dong was already at Earthly Yuan Stage. Even in the whole Lin Family, this was regarded as a somewhat major power. As such, he swallowed the words he had wanted to say and hesitated.

“Father, don’t worry. I will take care of myself. Furthermore, sooner or later, I will have to experience these kind of things. After all, I am a part of the Lin Family, even you cannot neglect a Earthly Yuan Power practitioner.” Lin Dong smiled as he reasoned.

Lin Xiao involuntarily let out a dry laugh as he gazed at Lin Dong. After muttering to himself for a while, he finally nodded with a smile: “Okay then, you will follow me tomorrow but don’t make any reckless moves. Instead, concentrate on taking care of yourself.”

“Yes! I will go make some preparations, tomorrow we will leave together!”

When he saw Lin Xiao nod in agreement, Lin Dong immediately burst out in joy before hastily standing up and dashing out of the room. Behind him, Little Flame also crawled up and nimbly followed.

Gazing at the backs of the human and tiger, Lin Xiao lightly smiled. Soon after, he withdrew his gaze as his smile turned icy-cold: “Lei Family, after suppressing my Lin Family for so many years, it’s finally time for payback!”

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