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Chapter 500: Soul Martial Arts

Boom bam bam!

The surrounding Yuan Power began to seethe intensely, appearing as if it was rising violently. Waves after waves of frightening Yuan Power repeatedly surged from Shi Kun’s palms. The bright golden light was just like a glaring sun, which was rising.

Everyone’s expressions changed because of this mighty aura. From its momentum, they could tell that this was definitely Shi Kun’s killing move!

“Golden Demon Heavenly Strength!”

Shi Xuan’s group also revealed a shock in their eyes when they saw this scene. Immediately, a wild heat rose up in their faces.Though others might be unaware, they clearly knew what kind of martial arts Shi Kun was currently using. Such a martial arts could be considered top tier even within their Devil Cliff Empire. Its level had also reached a high level Manifestation martial art. It was not weaker than the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger that Lin Dong had previously used.

The strength of such a powerful martial arts being displayed, along with Shi Kun two Yuan Nirvana Stage strength was something that was understood even without describing.

Clearly, Shi Kun had planned to use this ultimate skill to end the reputation which Lin Dong had forged for himself within this Ancient Battlefield!

The bright golden light crazily agglomerated in Shi Kun’s hand. A bright golden coloured light was vaguely present within that golden light and was partially visible. That light was not very bright. Even Lin Dong had sensed an extremely dangerous feeling at this moment. Immediately, his eyes gradually became solemn.

Lin Dong had never underestimated Shi Kun, who was at two Yuan Nirvana Stage. Even though his strength had currently soared, he still did not dare to underestimate Shi Kun. A lion would have to use all its strength in order to capture a rabbit. Moreover, between Shi Kun and him, he did appear to be like the rabbit on the surface…

Behind Lin Dong, Little Flame had similarly sensed the great strength of this attack by Shi Kun. His hand slowly held the metal rod tightly and a strange black glow was faintly flickering over his body. Clearly, he was showing signs of preparing to attack.

“Golden Demon Heavenly Strength!”

The vast and mighty golden light suddenly reached the limit of its aura. Numerous golden coloured circular light was repeatedly unleashed from Shi Kun’s body. His gaze was incomparably vicious and cold as he stared at Lin Dong in front of him. The corner of his mouth was subsequently lifted into a ferocious smile while his cold cry suddenly resounded over the place.

“Lin Dong, your good fortune shall end here!”

Shi Kun suddenly took one step forward. Immediately, the enormous golden light in his hand begun to shrink in an unusual manner. Within a short period of time, the dense golden glow was scattered. Taking its place, was a dark golden coloured light. This light was just like waves of water that repeatedly wiggled. However, the ripple that was emitted from within it was so sharp that it caused even Lin Dong to be afraid. It was as though this dark golden glow could even tear apart emptiness.


Shi Kun’s face was a savage looking one. Clearly, he did not intend to give Lin Dong any time as he swung his arm down quickly. Immediately, the surroundings became dim. It seemed like all the light had been absorbed by this dark golden light, before the sky was finally torn apart. Wherever the golden light passed, a golden coloured scar would remain in the emptiness.


An enormous gully was also being ripped in the Pill River below. One could even vaguely see hundreds of Pill Spirit Corpse being shattered into dust by the erosion of the sharp wind.

While the dark golden light rushed past, countless number of people felt the skin on their heads turning numb. This attack was really quite terrifying…


Lin Dong looked at the dark golden light that was being magnified in his eyes. The solemness on his face seemed to have solidified. Immediately, he inhaled a deep breath of air. However, there was a strange expression flickering within his eyes.

It was not fear. Instead, it was a fiery heat of anticipation.

Both of his hands had also formed many seals during this short while. It was the starting move of the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger.

Shi Kun naturally understood Lin Dong quite well. Hence, he knew Lin Dong’s intention when he saw his actions. Immediately, he let out a cold smile. He knew that Lin Dong also possessed a high grade Manifestation martial art. However, the strength between the two of them were two completely different levels. Even if the latter possessed a high grade Manifestation martial art, he would fail to block this fatal attack.

“You’re courting death!”

Shi Xuan and the others behind Shi Kun also revealed a ridiculing expression when they sensed Lin Dong’s intention. However, in their opinion, Lin Dong was just like a grasshopper blocking a car, a completely futile attempt.

Shua Shi!

Lin Dong appeared to have not saw those numerous mocking eyes. The seals were being formed in a lightning like manner by his hands. A short while later, both of his hands suddenly stilled. Five light pillars that was agglomerated from all the Yuan Power within his body had suddenly rushed out from the top of his head.

The light pillars charged towards the sky and tore through the clouds. Finally, everyone saw that the empty space where the light pillar was located was actually being torn apart. A vague seemingly ancient like aura was emitted from within the emptiness.

Five ancient enormous fingers, that were many times more compact than before, once again broke through the air and was suspended in the sky. Waves after waves of powerful surging ripples were continuously emitted.

“I have said that this is useless against me! You are merely struggling before your death!” Shi Kun proudly looked at the five ancient enormous fingers. The ripple above was indeed very strong but it did not show any traces of exceeding his attack.

Lin Dong glanced at Shi Kun. The corner of his mouth was lifted into an unusual arc. After which, he placed his hands together. A soft voice was slowly emitted from within his mouth. “Don’t tell me that you really think that this martial arts of mine, is merely a high grade Manifestation martial art?”

The Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger was the strongest martial arts in the Manifestation Martial Tablet. Though, Lin Dong did not know how powerful that ancient sect was back during the days, judging by the strength of that black eyed old man back then, it was likely not weak. Since this Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger is this ancient sect’s most valued martial arts, following his deeper understanding of this martial arts, Lin Dong was also gradually able to sense its vastness and great strength.

Those moves which he had used in the past was merely the superficial level of this martial arts!

Shi Kun eyes shrunk because of Lin Dong’s words. However, he immediately laughed out heartily. He thought that Lin Dong was simply pretending to be mysterious. A martial arts that surpassed Manifestation martial art could only be obtained from those ancient inheritance. Regardless of how blessed Lin Dong was, it was impossible for him to possess such a martial arts.

Although Shi Kun held such thoughts in his heart, he still felt somewhat uneasy in his heart for some unknown reason. He hesitated for a moment. After which, a killing intent flashed past his eyes. Immediately, the dark golden light speed was increased.

Lin Dong could clearly see the changing expressions of Shi Kun. The curvature of his lips became even sharper while his hands were suddenly extended out.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, Merge!”

A low and deep voice was emitted from Lin Dong’s throat. After which, countless number of people saw the five enormous ancient fingers which were suspended in the sky suddenly merging together. The light wiggled and they actually vaguely formed an incredibly ancient palm!

This palm was of an ancient yellow colour. Time had left behind some wrinkles and gave it a feeling that it had undergone the many trials in life. It seemed like the hand of a farmer, but it also a rough enormous ancient hand that caused one to feel a frightening aura. It seemed like it was able to shake the world.

Bang Bang!

The instant that this ancient hand was formed, the space where it was located actually began to tremble intensely. After which, countless number of people saw that the emptiness at that spot began to crumble. While it crumbled, a vague figure was standing with his hands behind his back.

No one could see the appearance of that figure. However, everyone could sense that the surroundings became silent upon his appearance. Even that Pill River which was making a lot of noise earlier had strangely quieten down.

That appearance was as though the world had become humbled in front of that figure!

“This is… martial arts’s soul? Soul Martial Arts?”

The silence of the entire place was suddenly broken by a sharp and shocked voice. The voice’s tone seemed to have changed as it resounded over the entire place in a ear-piercing fashion.

A martial arts that has a soul is called a Soul Martial Arts. Such a martial arts had a thread of the spirit belonging to its creator. Once it was used, one would be able to summon the spirit that was present in the universe. The power of such a martial arts could truly be described as earth-shaking!

Such a martial arts was known as a martial arts that surpassed the Nirvana Stage, Soul Martial Arts!

Those people who were able to create such martial arts were all truly legendary and important figures in this world and even nature could not destroy them. Therefore, even a little spirituality left behind by such a person was definitely not something that someone like Lin Dong and the others, who were still bitterly climbing within the Nirvana Stage, could compare with!

At this moment, the expressions of Shi Kun’s group was ghastly white. They were incomparably horrified when they watched the vague figure in the emptiness. Their bodies were trembling and their legs turned jelly, causing them to almost kneel them on the ground.

Wang Lie, Chen Ku and Zheng Hei Zhu were also watching this scene with shocked expressions. Their faces were ashened. Clearly, they did not think that Lin Dong actually possessed such a terrifying powerful trump card.

“This person… cannot be offended!” Chen Ku swallowed a mouthful of saliva and spoke in a hoarse voice.

Zheng Heizhu also nodded his head. Immediately, the two of them viciously looked at Wang Lie. If it was not because of this person’s words, they would not have planned on doing anything to Lin Dong. Fortunately, they still had the opportunity to leave.

“Soul Martial Arts… how is this possible?”

Besides those around him, Shi Kun himself had also become stunned. He looked at the illusionary figure in the emptiness and his eyes shrunk to the size of the tip of a hair. Clearly, the shock within his heart had already reached the limit.


Under the countless number of stunned gazes, the illusory figure within the nothingness that seemed to control the world moved a little. Immediately, everyone saw him slowly extended his blurry hand and gently fanned it downwards.

The Yuan Power in nature collapsed at this moment.

The enormous ancient hand also gently flew out when the illusionary hand was waved. After which, it slammed onto the dark golden light of Shi Kun in front of many gazes.


No loud sound appeared when the two collided. Numerous crack lines immediately formed on that seemingly incomparably sharp dark golden light, the moment the collision occurred. Finally, it completely crumbled in front of Shi Kun’s miserable eyes.

Soul Martial Arts, a synonym for terrifying.

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