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Chapter 485 Great Hall

The city known as Ancient Palace was extremely huge and magnificent. In fact, as Lin Dong walked towards it, the the feeling of grandeur from the city intensified to the limit.

Crowds travelled along the spacious streets while the buzz from the crowds gathered together before they shot into the sky and extended across the city.

After walking into the city, Lin Dong and Little Flame make any pit stops. Instead, they headed directly for the center of the city.

At the center of the city was an extremely magnificent palace and it was the most prominent building in the city. If one stood on top of it, one would be able to look over the entire city.

However, in contrast to other cities, the center of this city seemed fairly serene. Of course, this unique place was forbidden to most people from ordinary empires, and only Nirvana stage practitioners from high rank empires had the qualifications to enter, while the rest of them could only stare longingly from afar.

Perhaps because it was somewhat linked to the Mysterious Ancient Key, in the middle of the grand palace, Lin Dong could faintly feel three faint vibrations. Evidently, they were the three other factions who had obtained the Mysterious Ancient Key, the Death Valley Empire, Prehistoric Empire and Devil Cliff Empire.

Of course, this connection went both ways. Given the ability of the leaders of these three empires, when he sensed them, they should have also detected the Mysterious Ancient Key in his possession as well.

Within this palace was a large golden hall. The interior of the large hall was extremely spacious and it seemed just like a stadium. Currently, there were several presences within the large hall, and their auras were all rather remarkable, clearly, they were no ordinary individuals.

The ones who could sit in this large hall were either famed practitioners or those who came from prominent empires in the southwest region of the ancient battlefield. Therefore, being able to obtain a spot in this large hall was a sign of power.

At the side of the large hall, three figures were seated. Faintly, extremely savage shockwaves rippled from their bodies.

The one sitting on the left was a big burly man who had tattoos all over the upper half of his body, and faintly, a wild aura emerged from him. As he quietly sat on his chair, he looked exactly like a savage beast and no one dared to underestimate him.

On the right was a lady wearing a dark purple dress. Her clean appearance, jet-black hair and slim figure made her a pretty sight in this large hall.

In between them was a fairly handsome man dressed in black. He wore a fairly congenial smile on his face, however, the cold glint that occasionally flashed across his eyes made one understand that this man was no saint.

Behind the man in black was a fairly familiar figure. Deckered in white, he was indeed Shi Xuan, who had previously fought with Lin Dong. It clear that the former was naturally the true leader of Devil Cliff Empire, Shi Kun.

“It seems like the fourth owner of the Mysterious Ancient Key has finally shown up…”

In the large hall, Shi Kun suddenly lifted his head as the congenial smile on his face grew even wider, while his voice rang out in the large hall.

The large hall suddenly became much quieter. However, many people had an look of amusement in their eyes. The ones who could sit here were no push-overs and they naturally did not fear the Devil Cliff Empire unlike other empires.

There were only four Mysterious Ancient Keys and no one knew if these keys possessed other properties besides opening the Mysterious Ancient Treasure Trove. Nonetheless, if one had a Mysterious Ancient Key, the weight of their words would naturally grow. Therefore, everyone present here wanted a Mysterious Ancient Key.

Of course,all four Mysterious Ancient Keys currently had a owner, and it was not going to be easy to snatch the keys from the three high rank empires. The cost was simply too great, hence, most of their empires did not plot against them. Therefore, the final Mysterious Ancient Key owner, Lin Dong, naturally became their prime target.

However, everyone here knew that Lin Dong had managed to escape unscathed from Shi Xuan. However, this fact did not deter them at all. After all, they were not your usual empires!

“Oh? Haha, I am curious to find out if that Lin Dong really has three heads and six limbs. To actually be capable of snatching the Mysterious Ancient Key from your Devil Cliff Empire.” The bare torso burly man seated beside Shi Kun curiously stared out of the large hall, while his laughter boomed like thunder.

“You deserve it. When your Devil Cliff Empire got wind about the Mysterious Ancient Key, you did not activate a large party in fear that we would interfere, and instead sent in a bunch of small fry. In the end, you allowed Lin Dong to take advantage of the situation…” The lady in a dark purple dress casually said.

The Prehistoric Empire and Death Valley Empire did not lose out to the Devil Cliff Empire. Therefore, they dared to speak without restraint.

“Hmph, that kid merely got lucky last time. If he did not rely on the Mysterious Ancient Key to escape, I would have directly captured him.” Beside Shi Kun, Shi Xuan said with an icy expression on his face.

“At first, I was worried that he would not have the guts to show up. However, I never expected him to be so daring. Since he has shown up, it’s time for him to return the key to its rightful owner.” Towards the end, thick killing intent suddenly surfaced in Shi Xuan’s eyes. Evidently, news of how Lin Dong managed to escape from him had spread across the entire city and it had ruined his reputation. Therefore, he had already secretly made up his mind to make Lin Dong experience a fate worse than death after he was captured.

“Hehe, your Devil Cliff Empire already has a Mysterious Ancient Key. Leave this one for the rest of us…” As Shi Xuan’s words faded, a soft chuckle sounded out in the large hall.

Shi Xuan furrowed his brows and was just about to reply, however, Shi Kun waved his hands before he smiled and said, “Whoever can get rid of that kid shall be the new owner of the Mysterious Ancient Key.”

“Haha, Brother Shi Kun is truly generous. Don’t worry, that fellow’s head will naturally belong to the Devil Cliff Empire. At that time, others will know the consequences of offending your Devil Cliff Empire.”

Some of them laughed heartily. From their expressions, it looked like they believed capturing Lin Dong and obtaining the Mysterious Ancient Key would be a simple feat.

“Haha, seems like quite a number of you want my head…”

However, just as they were laughing, a soft laughter suddenly echoed from outside the large hall and slowly resounded within the large hall.

The atmosphere in the large hall instantly froze, before several peculiar gazes turned towards the entrance.

The smile on Shi Kun’s face did not change and it seemed like he had no intention of lifting his head to look. As he continued to play with the steel ball in his palm, a faint sinister smile hung on his lips.

“Lin Dong!” Behind Shi Kun, Shi Xuan’s expression instantly darkened as he gnashed his teeth in anger.

The large burly man and lady in dark purple also lifted their heads, their gazes somewhat mocking as they stared at the entrance to the large hall. Didn’t that fellow know that nearly everyone here was waiting for his arrival?

In their opinion, though Lin Dong was from a low rank Empire, the Great Yan Empire, he was quite courageous and insightful. However, he had a slightly exaggerated opinion of his own abilities.

Under the stares of the crowd and amidst the sunlight that shined down upon the entrance area, the sounds of footsteps could be heard. Moments later, two figures, one in front and one behind, slowly appeared in the large and spacious hall.


The instant these two figures appeared, everyone’s attention was instantly focused on them.

The ones who had walked into the large hall were naturally the Lin Dong duo. After he walked into the large hall, his attention was cast right at the man wearing black clothes, who was sitting in front of Shi Xuan. From the latter’s body, he could sense a vibration that was even more powerful than Shi Xuan.

“Kid, we have waited a long time for you. Since you have shown up, surrender your Mysterious Ancient Key!”

The silent atmosphere in the large hall lasted for a few short moments, before everyone’s eyes filled with greed. A man was a vigorous aura took the lead and stood up first. The vibrations that emerged from his body were pretty similar to Lei Shi. Evidently, this was also a person that had failed the first Nirvana Tribulation.

This man did things in a decisive fashion. Furthermore, he was keenly aware that there were others who were eyeing Lin Dong’s Mysterious Ancient Key. Therefore, in his opinion, speed was of the essence. Hence, right after he spoke, his body had already leapt out as he punched out. Potent streams of Yuan Power transformed into fists as they rained down onto Lin Dong.

In the face of such a sudden attack, Lin Dong’s expression did not change at all. As he waved his palm, a peculiar greyish black energy wrapped around his arm, before he gently waved it.


A deep sound echoed out inside the large hall. Following which, the crowds were bewildered as they watched that elite practitioner, who had attacked first, easily blown away. His body tore a ditch that was over a dozen meters long on the ground before he finally stabilized himself.


A chorus of shocked exclamations stealthily passed through the large hall as some people’s expressions gently changed. After all, some of them did not even possess the ability to send a Nirvana stage practitioner, who had failed a Nirvana Tribulation, flying with a single blow.

“I am not here to deliver the Mysterious Ancient Key. Rather, I want all of you to know that this Mysterious Ancient Key belongs to me. If any of you trying to mess with me…” Lin Dong gently clapped his hands, staring right at the Devil Cliff Empire as he chuckled.

“What a daring dog. Do you think that you possess the qualifications to speak in here?! Arrogant!”

Shi Xuan’s face instantly turned grim. Promptly, he revealed a venomous smile before his foot stomped against the ground as he dashed forth. Looks like he could not resist making a move.

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes as he stared at Shi Xuan, who was giving off violent shockwaves. However, he gave no indication that he was going to fight back. Instead, he slowly lowered both of his arms.


Just as Lin Dong lowered his arms, Little Flame, who had been silently standing behind him, suddenly took a step forward. Meanwhile, an alarming and savage killing intent gushed into his originally dull eyes.

“Get lost!”

While he shouted, Little Flame punched out, directly clashing against Shi Xuan!

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