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Chapter 475 Ancient Lands

On a grass plain located a distance away from Devil Cliff City, space suddenly began to distort before a young figure appeared in a mysterious manner.

The figure was naturally Lin Dong, who had just left the Mysterious Ancient Key domain. When he landed on the ground, formidable Yuan Power surged around his body. However, when he saw that there was nothing amiss, he stealthily heaved a sigh of relief before his tensed body gradually began to relax.

“Using the Mysterious Ancient Key to escape is really not bad at all…” Little Marten appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulders. As it stared at the vast grassy plain, it smiled and remarked.

Lin Dong smiled as well before he looked far into the distance and replied, “Right now, we should head directly for the ancient land. Since I am able to discover that the most opportune time to unlock the mysterious ancient treasure trove will be one month from now, the other high rank empires should be privy to this information as well. Therefore, most of them are likely heading towards that area now. Let’s head over first and familiarize ourselves.”

Little Marten nodded it’s head. The mysterious ancient treasure trove was no consolation prize and it was likely that any influential empire in the southwest area would be heading towards it to contest for a share. Therefore, the fight was obviously going to be pretty intense and it was undoubtedly going to be on a completely different level when compared to the fight in Thunder Granite Valley.

In fact, even an empire as powerful as the Devil Cliff Empire did not dare to be negligent under such circumstances. Even though they were amongst the elites in the southwest area, they were far from being overlords. In this vast area, there were other empires that they feared and were wary of.

These truly powerful empires would also participate in the fight for the mysterious ancient treasure trove. Therefore, this goes to show just how massive the battle it was going to be.

“The ones who stand out in the fight for the mysterious ancient treasure trove can be considered as elites even in the entire ancient battlefield. This is a pretty good opportunity.” Lin Dong smiled as he said. There was no hint of retreat in his eyes and they were instead filled with a burning glow. Even though he came from a low rank empire, the Great Yan Empire, he did not keep a low profile or act in a humble manner like others from low rank empires. He did not fear the Saint Light Empire or even the more powerful Devil Cliff Empire at all. That was because he knew that they were important trials in his path to become a truly powerful practitioner!

“Let’s go!”

Lin Dong did not hesitate any further. As he waved his palm, Little Flame immediately leapt out from within his sleeves and transformed into battle mode. Following which, it flapped its large wings and directly flew into the sky. Promptly, Lin Dongs figure flashed as he sat down on the tiger’s back.


Little Flame released a deep growl, it’s massive body immediately transforming into a red flash as it dashed towards the distant horizon. In a blink of an eye, it disappeared from the edge of the horizon.

The ancient battlefield is extremely spacious and just the outskirts of the southwest area that Lin Dong was in, far exceeds the Great Yan Empire. Furthermore, the ancient lands were located deep within the southwest area. Therefore, even with Little Flame’s speed, it would take him at least five days in order to reach his destination.

Meanwhile, during these five days, Lin Dong had been travelling alone by himself. On this solo journey, especially at night, he would obviously encounter attacks from demonic hordes of varying sizes. Therefore, along the way, Lin Dong encountered several attacks.

Nonetheless, the demonic horde, which would be viewed as a calamity by most people, was merely seen by Lin Dong as Demonic Crystals filled with potent Nirvana Qi. In addition, with the Devouring Cortisol formed by his Ancestral Devouring Symbol, the suppressive impacts of nightfall from the ancient battlefield posed no problem to Lin Dong at all.

As such, every time the demonic horde appeared, instead of running away, Lin Dong would embrace them enthusiastically. After a vigorous massacre, in the end, some of the blood-thirsty demonic beasts were even unable to withstand Lin Dong’s enthusiasm as they quickly retreated.

In merely five day’s time, Lin Dong had experienced seven demonic horde attacks and countless demonic beasts have met their maker at him and Little Flame’s hands. Meanwhile, the number of Demonic Crystals that they obtained were enough to fill up their Qiankun bags. On a cursory glance, it seems like they have obtained at least a hundred thousand Nirvana Pills. All in all, it was a pretty good haul.

Of course, besides fighting with the demonic horde, Lin Dong would pop by a city if he encountered it and attempt to pry for more information regarding the three great tiger bloodlines that Little Marten mentioned. Unfortunately, he did not manage to find any information in the following days.

Even though he did not manage to obtain any information regarding the three great tiger bloodlines, Lin Dong was shocked when he realized that every time he appeared, some peculiar and hidden glares will be immediately cast towards him. This caused him to feel slightly puzzled.

However, this puzzle was quickly solved when a dozen over half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner failed to ambush him. Following which, Lin Dong successfully got the answer to the question that has been troubling him.

“Seems like a bounty has been placed on my head again…” Lin Dong casually slapped away a fearful half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner, before he softly chuckled as he muttered to himself.

“”The Devil Cliff Empire have truly spent a huge fortune. In addition to the one million Nirvana Pills that I demanded, they had actually added in another five hundred thousand Nirvana Pills. It’s no wonder these fellows would forsake their lives and charge towards me…”

Lin Dong stretched his back, while a cold glint flowed in his narrowed eyes. This Shi Xuan was truly irritating.

“Forget it, we will arrive at the ancient lands tomorrow. It is likely I will encounter the Devil Cliff Empire at the ancient treasure trove. At that time, we shall resolve our grudge.”

Lin Dong suppressed the killing intent in his heart before he glanced casually at the men who tried to ambush him. Previously, after massacring those demonic hoardes, Lin Dong’s eyes have become cold and sharp just like knives. When they saw his expression, those guys’ scalps turned numb immediately as they retreated hastily.

“Let’s go. The ancient lands can be considered as the most complicated area in the south west region. Perhaps, we can obtain some information regarding the three great tiger bloodlines at that area.” Lin Dong waved his hand and he evidently had no plans to linger on as he immediately leapt on Little Flame’s back. One man and one beast resumed their journey.

On the second day, when it was nearly dusk, Lin Dong, who was seated on his tiger’s back, suddenly opened his eyes before he stared into the horizon.

At the limits of his field of vision, a luscious mountain range had finally appeared. It was an extremely large and ancient land. Even though the ancient battlefield itself was already quite old, this aura was even richer.

From time to time, shooting stars would streak past in the sky above the ancient land. Evidently, they were empires that were coming over from every direction. The wind noises that sounded out occasionally helped to reduce the desolateness of this immense land.

Little Flame flapped its large wings as it flew across the ancient land. High up in the sky, Lin Dong was still able to see some ancient relics. Based on Lin Dong’s knowledge, before the ancient battlefield came about, this area was a fairly prosperous area and many powerful factions had set up their operations here. Based on the relics, one could also deduce this fact…

Lin Dong urged Little Flame to land outside of a fairly majestic looking city. These cities were built in the later years and though they did not have an ancient aura, they were pretty large as well. In addition, due to the fact that several empires have been attracted by mysterious ancient treasure trove, the area outside the ancient lands have become exceptionally crowded.

After encountering some problems over these past few days, Lin Dong had finally learnt his lesson and chose to wear a bamboo hat in order to hide his identity. After which, he finally entered into the city.

Soon after he entered the city, Lin Dong did not explore around. Instead, he directly headed for the central information exchange bazaar in the city. These places were established by several well-connected empires. At these places, as long as one had sufficient Nirvana Pills, one could obtain most information regarding the southwest region.

After these past five days, Lin Dong was fairly familiar with the information exchange bazaar. Immediately after he entered, a lean man greeted him with a smile.

“What kind of information does this friend require? Hmm, right now, everyone who has came to the ancient lands is eyeing the mysterious ancient treasure trove. I believe this friend must be curious about the identities of the four owners of the Mysterious Ancient Keys? For five thousand Nirvana Pills, I will gladly tell you.”

Lin Dong gently lifted his eyelids, before he casually took out five thousand Nirvana Pills and instructed him to go on.

When he saw how forthcoming Lin Dong was, that lean man’s eyes brightened up as he quickly kept those Nirvana Pills. Following which, he smiled as he said: “For three of the four Mysterious Ancient Keys, they are being held by three large empires: Death Valley Empire, Prehistoric Empire and Devil Cliff Empire…

“Devil Cliff Empire?” Lin Dong was slightly taken aback. He had never imagined that even after he beat them, the Devil Cliff Empire still managed to obtain another Mysterious Ancient Key. It seems like they were quite capable.

“As for the fourth key, it is not in the hands of a large empire, but rather it is owned by a man from a low rank empire. Hehe, however, don’t underestimate him because of his background. That fellow named Lin Dong is no pushover, not only did he manage to capture all the powerful practitioners sent by the Devil Cliff Empire to hunt after him, he even used them to extort a million Nirvana Pills from the Devil Cliff Empire. Eventually, even after the Devil Clif Empire mobilized their entire sect, he was still able to escape from them. Therefore, he is no weakling at all.” A tinge of pride hung on that skinny man’s face. It seems like they were the only ones who could obtain such detailed information.

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed. It was surprising how accurate that fellow’s information was.

“I am also here to inquire about the sightings of three demonic beasts.” Lin Dong’s eyes stared right at that skinny man as he casually smiled and said.

“Oh? Tell me more.” That lean man casually smiled as he said.

“Deep Abyss Tiger, Groundbreaking Thunder Tiger, Heavenly Demonic Tiger.”

When he heard those three names, that lean man was immediately taken aback. Promptly, with a loaded expression in his eyes, he glanced at Lin Dong before he said: “These three demonic beasts are no ordinary creatures. Typically speaking, they would probably exist in the legendary Demon City.”

“Nothing then?” Lin Dong furrowed his brows with a disappointed tone in his voice. Was there no way for him to help Little Flame change its bloodline in this ancient battlefield? In that case, it would still be a while before Little Flame can attack the Nirvana stage…

Just as Lin Dong was about to leave disappointingly, that lean man scratched his jaws as if he was hesitating for a moment, before he softly said: “I know a little something about it. However, it is going to cost you…”

In that instance, a tinge of joy immediately surged into the eyes beneath the bamboo hat.

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