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Chapter 472 Internal Body Formation

Outside of Devil Cliff City, the outskirts turned silent instantly. Everyone on top of the citywall were stunned as they stared at the spot where Lin Dong had disappeared mysteriously. Evidently, they had never expected that the latter would directly disappear in such a manner…

The silent atmosphere permeating the citywall lasted for a while, before several pairs of eyes turned gleefully to glance at a steely-green Shi Xuan. For today’s matter, the Devil Cliff Empire had activated all their troops and even Shi Xuan, a One Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner, had personally stepped in. However, in the end, Lin Dong still managed to successfully obtain the one million Nirvana Pills. His actions were undoubtedly like two tight and loud slaps right across the face of the Devil Ciff Empire.

Hovering in mid-air, Shi Xuan seemed to have discovered those gloating stares. Immediately, his expression turned even more grim. At the same time, the glowing net spread across the sky began to gradually dim down as elite Devil Cliff Empire practitioners headed towards him from every direction. When they saw the grim expression on Shi Xuan’s face, that looked like he was about to devour a human, none of them even dared to breathe.

“Send my word down, anyone who captures Lin Dong and presents his head, not only will he be given the one million Nirvana Pills in his possession, my Devil Cliff Empire will give him another five hundred thousand Nirvana Pills!”

Shi Xuan’s eyes grimly swept across the spot where Lin Dong had disappeared, before his icy-cold voice ricocheted across the sky and entered the ears of those practitioners at the citywall.


After Shi Xuan’s spoke, a burning and greedy glint immediately gushed into countless people eyes. The total reward is one million and five hundred thousand Nirvana Pills. If anyone could obtain this lavish sum and use it to attack Nirvana stage, one would evidently not have to worry about any deficiency in Nirvana Qi!

The reward for this bounty was truly bothering on insanity!

A chorus swept across the crowds just like a wave, before it reached the entire city. Most of them were first shocked by this large sum of Nirvana Pills, before their eyes turned blood-red immediately.

At the same time, some calm and logical folks secretly shook their heads. Even though one million and five hundred thousand Nirvana Pills is extremely tempting, Lin Dong was no pushover. Since he could easily escape even after the Devil Cliff Empire set up a heavy barricade, it was going to be no mean feat to capture him.

It was not going to be so easy to earn those Nirvana Pills.

Of course, there were very few logical and sane folks. After all, one and a half million Nirvana Pills was enough to drive most people insane.

Shi Xuan stared at that city in an uproar, before a chuckle flashed across his eyes. Following which, he grimly muttered to himself: “Since you have offended my Devil Cliff Empire, I will make sure you have nowhere to hide in the ancient battlefield. Lin Dong, I want to see how long you can hide for!”

While Shi Xuan was issuing a bounty on Lin Dong, the latter had already hid inside the mysterious ancient key domain. When he entered that domain, the mysterious ancient key tunneled into oblivion. Based on Shi Xuan’s current ability, he was unable to detect them.

Inside the mysterious ancient key, it was the same black stone arena. Right now, it was completely empty and there were no traces of life. Lin Dong landed on that black stone arena, before he waved his sleeves. Immediately, Little Flame leapt out from his sleeves, before Little Marten flashed and appeared.

“What is going on?” As he stared at Little Marten, Lin Dong furrowed his brows and asked.

“Take a look for yourself.” Little Marten scratched its face with a slightly peculiar expression on his face.

When he saw Little Marten’s expression, Lin Dong’s heart gently jumped. Immediately, his mind entered his body. After searching for a while, half a moment later, he finally discovered the source of the problem.

Above his Dan Tian, a glowing ball had unknowingly appeared. Within that glowing ball, glowing threads faintly began to spread out and they seemed to have formed an extremely obscure and complex mini glowing formation.

Ancient, obscure. That aura caused Lin Dong’s heart to sink.

This was Lin Dong’s first impression of that formation.

As he stared at that formation, for a moment, Lin Dong was completely lost. Evidently, he could not comprehend how that item had suddenly appeared inside his body…

However, what shocked Lin Dong the most was that somehow or another, he felt that this complex formation was a little familiar.

Lin Dong furrowed his brows as he carefully observed the formation. Half a moment later, his expression finally began to change. That was because he discovered that there hovering beneath that glowing formation, there were actually teeth on his Dantian, which were draining the energy from within before it was completely absorbed by that formation.

This situation caused Lin Dong’s heart to violently shudder. That damned thing was actually stealing his Yuan Power!

As rage filled his heart, Lin Dong’s mind moved before streams of Yuan Power howled forth and viciously slammed against that glowing formation. However, regardless of his efforts, that glowing formation would not budge at all. In fact, it’s absorption rate even began to increase and this caused Lin Dong to stop his rash actions immediately.

“What is that?”

After trying a few different ways, Lin Dong still failed to accomplish anything. Therefore, his mind exited outside of his body, before he turned to ask Little Marten with a pained expression on his face.

“If I am not mistaken, it should be the peculiar formation that was hidden within the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat. Its existence is what allows the owner of the mat to fuse two different types of energy.” Little Marten echoed out solemnly.

“That damned formation is draining my Yuan Power!” Lin Dong gritted his teeth as he said. If he continued to allow the formation to drain him, should he bother with cultivation? Even though it only drained a small amount each time, it was the continuous and prolonged draining process that truly impacted him. Therefore, he must get rid of that thing!

“This formation is not so simple. Previously, I went to scout it. This thing actually possess the magical property of fusion.” Little Marten slowly said.

Lin Dong rolled his eyes. Wasn’t this glaringly obvious. He used the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat in order to fuse Yuan Power and Mental Energy and create a unique yet powerful Essence Yuan Energy.

“This is no ordinary fusion. Instead, it is a complex and obscure type of fusion. For example, you can actually fuse two or more different types of energy together…” While Little Marten spoke, a tinge of shock was obviously plastered in its eyes. It seems like even it was shocked by that property.

Lin Dong was finally taken aback. When he understood what it meant, his lips involuntarily trembled, before his heart shuddered. This formation was truly peculiar and he did not know if it was good news or bad news to have it inside his body.

“There are three different types of energy inside your body. Yuan Power, Mental Energy and Devouring Force from the Ancestral Devouring Tablet. If you learn to control this formation, perhaps you can fuse these three different types of energy. At that time, if you used the fused energy to activate your martial arts, it would be quite powerful.” Little Marten said.

“Hmm, it sounds good. But this formation is evidently no pushover. Previously, I have already tried and failed. Right now, it is still draining my Yuan Power…” Lin Dong bitterly smiled as he said.

“Based on your abilities, there is nothing you can do to affect this formation. You need to have an object that can dominate it in order to subdue it and claim it for your own use.” Little Marten was evidently extremely wise, as it spoke after a moment of contemplation.

Lin Dong furrowed his brows. This formation was no ordinary object and it should have a pretty formidable background. Therefore, it was not going to be easy to subdue it.

“This formation must have been the magnum opus of a super elite practitioner. If most ordinary individuals got a hold of it, there might be little that they can do. However, you are different…” Little Marten smiled before it pointed at Lin Dong’s brain as well as his palm.

Even though Lin Dong was secretly shocked by that super elite practitioner that Little Marten mentioned, he quickly recovered his senses. Following which, he gently gripped his palm before he said: “Are you referring to the Ancestral Devouring Tablet and the Mysterious Stone Talisman.”

“Yes. Regardless the background of this formation, the Ancestral Devouring Symbol and Mysterious Ancient Tablet can subdue it!” Little Marten nodded it’s head as it said.

What a joke. Ancestral Devouring Symbol is one of the eight Ancient Symbols in the world. It was born from nature and it possess the ability to devour the world. Meanwhile, the Mysterious Stone Tablet has an extraordinary background as well. Previously, even Little Marten failed to decipher its full background.With these two heavenly objects suppressing it, regardless who the creator of this formation is, it cannot withstand them!

When he saw how convicted Little Marten was, Lin Dong stealthily heaved a sigh of relief. Following which, without further ado, he immediately sat down before he solemnly shouted: “Then, let’s begin!”


Little Marten gently nodded it’s head before it smiled and said: “Seems like it was a blessing in disguise. If you can control this formation, perhaps, it would be extremely beneficial for you in the future.”

Lin Dong nodded his head and he did not speak any more. With a burning glint flowing in his eyes, he slowly clenched his fist. He was curious to find out just how powerful this formation was. Regardless of the background of the super elite practitioner that created this formation, since it was inside his body, even if it were a dragon, it must coil up, if it were a tiger, it must kneel down!

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