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Chapter 444 Stone Temple

Thunder Granite Valley was considered as a rather unique place in the Thunder Granite Mountain Range. In the depths of the mountain range, mountain peaks criss-crossed and the topography was fairly complex. It was said that a long time ago, lightning had descended and forcefully ripped apart that mountain peak continuously, before it gradually formed into the Thunder Granite Valley today.

Perhaps because of the lightning’s descent, the entire Thunder Granite Valley was filled with an lightning aura. Numerous Demonic Beasts within the mountain valley mutated due to this. Not only could they come and go like the wind, they could also spit out thunder bolts. Compared to the Demonic Beasts outside, they were far more difficult to deal with.

Thunder Granite Valley was fairly large and even after the sudden influx of such a huge number of humans, it was still tremendously spacious. However, the thick mist that permeated the valley was an extremely major obstruction to one’s sight.

The originally peaceful Thunder Granite Valley was disrupted due to the sudden influx of a large group of uninvited guests. Meanwhile, Demonic Beast growls faintly echoed out all around the valley. In their opinion, this was their territory and those humans were intruders. Against intruders, these Demonic Beasts were never afraid to take action. Furthermore, various kinds of several spirit herbs grew within Thunder Granite Valley and even in the outer areas. Once the intruders entered, they did not hesitate to pick whatever they saw. It would be strange if these actions did not incur the wrath of the ‘locals’.

Hence, soon after they entered the Thunder Granite Valley, chaos and confusion violently erupted from all around. It was more than likely that people had been attacked by Demonic Beasts. For a while, various disturbances and piercing screams sounded out, causing one to feel distraught with anxiety.

“Brother Lin Dong, the real treasure should be deep within Thunder Granite Valley. However, there are many Demonic Beasts along the way and it is also filled with a poisonous mist. In fact, even a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner must tread cautiously. Since we are on the same boat, how about we head there together first?” Liu Yuan glanced at the smoky surroundings, before he turned and asked Lin Dong with a smile, seeking the latter’s opinion.


In response, Lin Dong did not object. The inner region of the Thunder Granite Valley was layered with danger and if they temporarily allied themselves, it would be additional insurance for him. Furthermore, the Millennium Ice Empire and Great Crow Empire should have also directly rushed towards the inner region. Therefore, if he was late to the party, he may not even salvage any leftover soup.

“Let’s go. Follow me.” Lin Dong turned around before he addressed Mo Ling, Mo Tei and the rest. Right now, Lin Dong was considered as the leader of the group and even Mo Tei followed his instructions. Therefore, by bringing them along, it would also be helpful for him.

After Lin Dong, Ling Zhi and Liu Yuan formed a temporary alliance, without further ado, they immediately headed towards the inner region of the Thunder Granite Valley. Following which, some of the astute Yang City men quickly followed behind.

There were numerous intersecting stone paths within Thunder Granite Valley and it looked just like a maze. Thankfully, Liu Yuan and the rest had gathered quite a bit of information on this place and immediately took charge, allowing Lin Dong to have a fairly relaxed journey. At the same time, the Demonic Beasts that occasionally lurched at them were killed by his companions even before they could reach him.

Lin Dong and the rest hastened their footsteps as they headed for the inner region of Thunder Granite Valley. Meanwhile, Lin Dong also saw tracks and Demonic Beast corpses in front of him. They were likely left behind by the two high rank empires.

As they poured down the road at full speed, approximately ten minutes later, a different scenery finally unfurled on the meandering stone path. It was a dense lightning barrier. Within the barrier, sparks continuously flickered and landed on the ground, causing crackling noises to erupt.

Lin Dong felt a considerably formidable vibration undulation from the lighting barrier. Immediately, his eyes turned a little more solemn. Even a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner would have to suffer in order to cross this lightning barrier.

“Brother Lin Dong, this is a protective barrier formed by thunder rocks after they have absorbed the lightning within Thunder Granite Valley, and it is extremely powerful. Typically speaking, the sky above Thunder Granite Valley is always filled with storm clouds. Under that weather, the strength of the lightning barrier will surge several times and even a Nirvana stage practitioner will find it difficult to cross through.”

“Thankfully, there will be a few days every month where the storm clouds will dissipate. Therefore, many people who hope to enter the inner region of the Thunder Granite Valley will take this opportunity to do so…” Upon seeing Lin Dong’s peculiar expression as he stared at the lighting barrier, Liu Yuan smiled and explained.

“Oh.” Lin Dong finally understood. Previously, he was still wondering why those high rank empires did not come earlier and instead chose to wait for today. It turns out it was because of the lightning barrier in Thunder Granite Valley.

“Brother Lin Dong, only half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioners can cross this lightning barrier. I am afraid that the rest of you will have to wait behind.” Mo Tei’s eyes turned to Lin Dong, before he glanced at the Mo Ling trio and said.

“It’s alright.” When he heard these words, Lin Dong smiled as he shook his head before he softly told Mo Ling and the rest, “Just stick behind me.”

All along, Mo Ling and the rest have been following him and they have often helped him out. Now that they have found a treasure trove, Lin Dong naturally did not want to exclude them.

When they heard Lin Dong’s words, Mo Ling and the rest were fairly touched as they promptly nodded their heads.

“Let’s go.”

Standing aside, Ling Zhi, Liu Yuan and the rest have already made the necessary arrangements. They only brought along their half-step-to Nirvana followers, before they cupped their fists and bowed at Lin Dong. Then, they immediately took off and headed into that lightning barrier filled with lightning sparks.

Buzz. Buzz.

After they barged through, cackling noises immediately erupted from within that lightning barrier and it caused one’s hair to stand.

“Go.” Lin Dong did not procrastinate as well. With a wave of his hand, he immediately stepped into the lightning barrier. Following which, with a flick of his mind, a stream of Devouring Force stealthily emerged before it completely enveloped a nervous Ling Zhi and the rest.

The Devouring Force was just like an invisible shield. When those savage lightning sparks touched the shield formed by the Devouring Force, they disappeared stealthily.

After that lightning energy was devoured by the Devouring Force and refined by it, it gently coursed through Lin Dong’s body before it was forcefully absorbed by Lin Dong.

Previously, when he was training Great Sun Thunder Body, Lin Dong had absorbed lightning energy as well. Therefore, it was a simple feat for him to absorb it again and it did not cause much problems for him.

Thanks to the magical properties of the Devouring Force, this so-called lighting barrier, which was able to impede a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner, was rendered completely useless. Therefore, when he saw Mo Tei and the rest nearby who were shivering, he involuntarily grinned in his heart.

It did not take long for them to cross the lightning barrier. In merely a few minutes, Lin Dong had safely brought Mo Ling, Little Flame and the rest across. Following which, he turned to look at Mo Tei and the rest, whose hair were now standing due to the electricity, before he involuntarily grinned.

“We have finally arrived…”

After Ling Zhi and the rest passed through the lightning barrier, all of them heaved a deep sigh of relief. Then, their eyes stared fervently at the area behind the lightning barrier.

In front of Lin Dong and the rest, was a gigantic inner valley. In the middle of that place, stood an extremely large Stone Temple.

That Stone Temple was slightly damaged after the passage of the time. It seems like it should have existed since a long time ago. Evidently, this was Lin Dong and the rest’s final destination. That so-called mysterious ancient key should also be within that large Stone Temple.

“Haha, we have finally arrived! Everyone, the rewards that we shall obtain will rely on our own respective luck!” As he stared fervently at the Stone Temple, Liu Yuan involuntarily laughed heartily. Then, he immediately took charge before he commanded his men and headed into the Stone Temple.

Right now, the door to the Stone Temple was already ajar. It was likely due to those two high rank empires. In fact, there were even footsteps nearby.

The interior of the Stone Temple was extremely huge. Several different corridors criss-crossed haphazardly before they extended to a deep and unknown place. After Ling Zhi and the rest entered, they split up to look for treasures. For a while, it seems like all of them were truly engrossed.

“Let’s head this way…”

Lin Dong did not stay still for long. His eyes glanced at a criss-crossed corridor, while a glint flashed in his eyes. Then, he waved his hand before he headed off immediately.

Standing behind him, Mo Ling and the two of them quickly followed behind. After a moment of hesitation, Mo Tei, Tang Xuan and Liu Xuan quickly followed behind as well. It seems like in their opinion, it would be safer to follow behind Lin Dong.

Lin Dong and the rest travelled along the corridor, while his eyes grew increasingly brighter. Faintly, there was even a tinge of excitement in his eyes. Right after the entered the Stone Temple, he could faintly sense his Mental Energy rage.

Lin Dong had rarely came across such a scenario. However, he knew that his Mental Energy would only act in such a fashion after it detected a closely related Heavenly Soul Object. Evidently, there is only one object that could tempt Lin Dong’s Mental Energy. That was the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree that he had been dreaming of!


After several minutes, they finally stopped dashing. Then, a spacious stone chamber appeared in front of Lin Dong and the rest. This stone chamber was filled with a terrifying energy shockwave while a potent medicinal smell continuously emerged. Evidently, this was a storage room used for various elixir pills.

Meanwhile, Lin Dong’s eyes swept across this spacious room before they finally stopped at the center of the room. At that spot, there was a small yellow tree. Looking at it from a distance away, it’s various branches seemed to form a mysterious Heavenly Symbol. Faintly, it seemed like it had the magical ability to communicate with the Heavens.

“Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree!”

When he saw this ancient tree that looked just like a symbol, Lin Dong’s eyes instantly lit up.

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