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Chapter 421 Bazaar

That ancient and towering city was located in a cross-junction between mountains. Just like a creeping and vicious beast, it formed a natural protective barrier that separated this city from the outside world.

Inside the city, even though it was extremely huge, one could sense countless powerful auras. In contrast, the previous gathering spots seem just like a poor ditch.

“Is this Yang City? It is indeed filled with countless powerful practitioners!” Mo Ling and the rest also detected several powerful auras that shot through the horizons. Immediately, awe gushed into their faces. In this city, the weakest one was probably a initial Manifestation stage practitioner. After all, no matter how small one’s kingdom was, if one was unable to reach Manifestation stage, there would be no point in entering the Hundred Empire War.

Lin Dong also gently nodded his head. It seems like almost every elite practitioner within a several hundred mile radius had gathered in Yang City. In fact, some powerful empires were also stationed at this city. This was the first time that Lin Dong had actually witnessed such a magnificent sight.

“Let’s go and find a resting point in the city. After which, we can snoop around and try to find out the location of that “Mysterious Ancient Key”. Besides, there seems to be something like a bazaar in this city?” Lin Dong suddenly looked at Mo Ling before he said.

“Yes, that venue is akin to a bazzar. If brother Lin Dong wants to buy anything, that is the place to go.” Mo Ling nodded his head and said: “However, the only currency accepted here is Nirvana Pills. If you want to purchase something, you must have sufficient Nirvana Pills.”

Lin Dong smiled. Right now, he desperately needed Nirvana Pills. Therefore, how could he possibly spare any to purchase other items. The reason why he wanted to go to the bazaar was because he wanted to auction off some martial arts and Soul Treasures and try to accumulate thirty thousand Nirvana Pills as soon as possible. After all, this would be crucial during the fight for the Mysterious Ancient Key. This Yang City is extremely deep and who knows if there are any Nirvana practitioners hidden within. Right now, since he had yet to fully refine his Blood Soul Puppet, he could not last long in a fight and he would be in trouble if he ran into any problem.

Therefore, Lin Dong must quickly take care of the Blood Soul Puppet.

When he thought of this point, Lin Dong helplessly shook his head. It seems like he was nearly driven insane by these Nirvana Pills. Promptly, he waved his palm, before Little Flame flapped its wings and increased its speed. Following which, it transformed into a red flash and dashed into that massive Yang City.

As Lin Dong did not want to attract attention, while he was still a distance away from Yang City, he immediately instructed Little Flame to descend. Then, all them proceeded on foot rapidly. Soon after, that massive gate appeared in front of their eyes.

Outside of the city gate, there were crowds of people continuously streaming through, while a noisy commotion echoed out and shot into the heavens.

Outside of the Yang City, unlike the other gathering spots, there was no one asking for tolls. After all, this was not a small place and the ones who could reach here were all fairly skilled. Therefore, perhaps even a Nirvana practitioner would not be able to force them to obediently hand over the fees.

Furthermore, various large empires were gathered at this spot and they served as a check and balance on one another. Therefore, it would be impossible for the Saint Light Empire to dominate the entire city.

Hence, after a short wait, Lin Dong and the rest successfully entered the city. Inside Yang City, even though there were no overlords, there were various powerful factions, which divided up the city and they each took a respective zone.

Lin Dong and the rest did not look for any special lodging. Instead, they looked for a resting point in a slightly more rural part of the city. Then, without much delay, after asking around for a while, they headed towards the center of Yang City. That was because the bazaar was located right in the middle of the city.

Generally speaking, there were no rules in the ancient battlefield. However, as long as humans exist, there will be rules. Even having the strongest preying on the weakest was also a type of rule.

Of course, the bazaar in Yang City was not as safe as compared to the bazaars outside. In this area, there were no auctioneer and if you wanted to sell your own items, you had to do so yourself. Since there were no protective measures unlike other bazaars, there were some unlucky fellows who got robbed after their revealed their treasures.

The only rule here is that the weak will become prey for the strong. If one did not possess strength, then one did not deserve to possess treasure!

The bazaar in Yang City was considered as the most crowded place in the entire city. Therefore, when Lin Dong and the rest reached this area, in front of their eyes, all their could see was a sea of black bobbing heads.

When Lin Dong and the rest walked into the bazaar, they immediately spent a dozen over Nirvana Pills and obtained a stone tablet with a number written on it. Following which, they relied on their stone tablet to look for a spot in the bazaar.

After they sat down on their seats, Lin Dong began to scan his surroundings. Immediately, his pupils gently shrunk. That was because he could sense that there were several powerful auras in this bazaar.

After Lin Dong quickly scanned through the entire bazaar, he turned to look at the seats located right at the front of the bazaar. At that area, he saw some men and horses there. Meanwhile, right in the middle, he could faintly feel a formidable aura that could oppress the entire field.

“Half-step-to Nirvana!”

When he sensed that formidable aura, a tinge of shock flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. He had never expected that he would so quickly encounter a half-step-to Nirvana practitioner after reaching Yang City.

“They are all powerful empires in Yang City and all of them have half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioners stationed. However, it seems like the Saint Light Empire’s members are not around…” When he saw Lin Dong’s expression, Mo Ling softly said.

“That may not be true…”

When he heard his words, Lin Dong gently smiled. Then, he turned to look at a secluded corner on his right. At that area, there were a dozen over figures, while one of them sat quietly on a stone chair. This man was dressed in white robes and he had a casual expression while he slowly rotated a jade ball in his hand. Meanwhile, an extremely formidable Yuan Power vibration faintly appeared.

This person was not foreign to Lin Dong. That was because he resembled the glowing figure that shone out from the white jade elephant. Even though that glowing figure looked blurry, Lin Dong was still able to recognize him instantly.

This man was definitely the Saint Light Empire half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner, Jin Mu!

“Is that man Jin Mu?” As they followed Lin Dong’s eyes, Mo Ling and the rest also turned to look at that calm man, dressed in white robes. Immediately, their expressions changed. Evidently, they had never expected that after barely arriving at Yang City, they had directly collided with Jin Mu. It seems like enemies often cross paths.

“Don’t worry. That Jin Mu does not recognize us. Furthermore, you have killed all the men that he sent. Therefore, there is no way he can recognize us.” Du Yun softly said.

Lin Dong smiled casually. Even though he had encountered Jin Mu, he was not too worried about it. Even if that fellow recognized him, he had no need to fear. After all, now that he had mastered initial “Lesser Nirvana Gold Body”, if they really fought, that Jin Mu may not defeat him.

“Everyone, my black Soul Treasure vest is an Earthly Soul Treasure and it is able to withstand an all-out attack from an advanced Manifestation practitioner. Furthermore, there is a strange formation inside my Soul Treasure and it is able to reduce the suppressive effects caused by nightfall in this ancient battlefield. Therefore, it will help you out tremendously in a prolonged fight. Let’s start from five thousand Nirvana Pills!”

Just as Lin Dong turned away from that Saint Light Empire practitioner, nearby, a man had already stood up. Meanwhile, there was a black vest in his hands. Undulated on that vest, was a powerful energy shockwave.

The Earthly Soul Treasure that this man had offered was pretty decent. Furthermore, since it could reduce some of the suppressive effects caused by nightfall, it caused some of them to immediately salivate. Promptly, several people quickly bidded. Eventually, this Soul Treasure was bought by a person for seven thousand Nirvana Pills.

In the following time, several people orderly displayed the items that they were auctioning. Some of them managed to obtain a fairly decent price, while some unlucky ones had no takers and they could only retreat gloomily.

With regards to the treasures in the auction, Lin Dong was fairly interested in them. However, in the end, he did not make a move. After all, he did not have much Nirvana Pills and he could not afford to splurge them.

As everyone waited for their turn, half an hour later, it was finally Lin Dong’s turn. Under the stares from the crowd, he slowly stood up before he gripped his palm. Instantly, three glowing light scrolls appeared in his hand.

“Demonic Wind Chilling Palm, pseudo Manifestation martial arts. Auction starting price, four thousand Nirvana Pills!”

“Great Desolate Ocean Splitting Seal, pseudo Manifestation martial arts. If you can master it, it can be considered as a low-grade Manifestation martial arts. Auction starting price, five thousand Nirvana Pills!”

“Great Sun Thunder Body, physical enhancing martial arts. If you can master it, it is equivalent to a Manifestation martial arts. There are hardly any equals within the same category. Auction starting price, ten thousand Nirvana Pills!”

Amongst these three martial arts, the first was casually tossed to him by Little Marten. The second and third one had all been mastered by Lin Dong. Now that there were no longer needed, it was appropriate to auction them off.

Even for most people here, Manifestation martial arts was a rare find. After all, even the powerful Saint Light Empire only had a mid-grade Manifestation martial arts. Therefore, when they saw Lin Dong casually auction off three psuedo Manifestation martial arts, a slight buzz emerged in the auction house. In particular, the final Great Sun Thunder Body caused many people to stare at it fervently. Physical enhancing martial arts were rare and many people placed great emphasis on improving their physical bodies. After all, regardless of whether one wanted to attack Nirvana stage or survive a Nirvana Tribulations, one needed to have a strong physical body. Therefore, when the Great Sun Thunder Body manual appeared, even some half-step-to Nirvana practitioners were moved. The only problem was that it was slightly pricey.

After the bazaar was silent for a moment, the crowds quickly clamoured to offer a higher price. Meanwhile, Lin Dong remained calm as he waited for the final number.

Just as Lin Dong was waiting for the results of the auction, seated in front of him, that Jin Mu slowly tilted his head down, before he turned to look at Lin Dong’s figure. Then, his eyes were just like a poisonous cobra as they slowly narrowed…

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