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Chapter 407 Battling a Peak Manifestation Stage Elite

In the mid-air outside the citywall, Li Sheng stared coldly at Lin Dong. The fury in his heart caused his face to be slightly twisted and he looked extremely sinister. Lin Dong humiliated him in front of so many people and this was something he could not endure given his pride and arrogance.

“It appears that I may have been too soft in my approach, so much so that even a filth from a small empire dares to disrespect me!” Li Sheng’s sinister voice was filled with apparent rage and killer intent.

“You really think that by stepping into the advanced Manifestation Stage, you can challenge me? You don’t how many advanced Manifestation Stage practitioners have died in my hands. Today, I will make you one of them!”

At this moment, the Saint Light Empire’s elites, who were standing on the citywall, were enraged by Lin Dong’s words as well. Immediately, all of their eyes were surging with killer intent. They flew down and encircled Lin Dong and blocked all his escape routes. Apparently, they were not going to let Lin Dong off today.

When Mo Ling, Du Yun and Man Shan saw this, their facial expression changed drastically. They looked at each other and clenched their teeth. Then, they flew out and appeared by Lin Dong’s side while looking vigilantly at the Saint Light Empire’s elites.

“Mo Ling, it appears you want to lead all of the Great Yan Empire’s men to death!” Xia Huang smirked coldly as he saw Mo Ling and his counterparts’ actions.

“So all of them are from the Great Yan Empire? Let’s kill all of them. Otherwise, it will troublesome if any of their kind appears occasionally in the future…” Li Sheng said as he looked coldly at Mo Ling and his counterparts.

“Hey, I’m not related to them in any ways. Lin Dong and I are arch-enemies, so if the gentlemen of the Saint Light Empire can kill him for me, I will be very thankful,” Lin Langtian chuckled grimly as he stared at them from the citywall.

“Lin Langtian!” Upon hearing these words, Mo Ling and his counterparts was furious.

“Pfft, that guy courts his own death and he deserves this. I advise all of you to leave him as soon as possible. Sooner or later, an idiot like him will encumber all of you!” Lin Langtian sneered. He could not wait to see Lin Dong gets killed by Li Sheng and his counterparts. Given his nature, how could he not strike Lin Dong while the latter was in trouble at this moment.

“You are quite a tactful person.”

Li Sheng took a glance at Lin Langtian and smiled plainly. Then, the former turned to look at Mo Ling and his counterparts and said, “The Saint Light Empire will never use its strength to bully others. As long as all of you leave now, I can treat it as if nothing has happened. Of course, this lad will have to pay for his insolence today. The dignity of the Saint Light Empire shall not tolerate any provocations.”

Upon hearing this words, Mo Ling and the rest looked at each other and smiled bitterly while shaking their heads. For some reasons, they had unwavering confidence in Lin Dong. Even though they knew that they are facing the Saint Light Empire’s elites, they did feel hopeless at all.

However, just as they decided to stand by Lin Dong, the latter suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Brother Mo Ling, all of you retreat first. I can handle this situation.”

Upon hearing these words, Mo Ling and the rest were stunned. They turned around and saw a smiling Lin Dong while their eyes surged with deep doubt. They did not doubt Lin Dong’s capabilities but Li Sheng truly was a peak Manifestation elite after all. Besides, the abilities that the latter possessed were far more mightier than theirs. Even though Lin Dong had defeated Wang Zhong, Li Sheng was much more powerful than Wang Zhong…

Despite the doubts they had in their minds, they had nothing to say now. After a moment of silence, they could only nod their heads quietly and muttered, “ Be careful. If you can’t do it, we will escape from here…”

Lin Dong gave slight smile. With regards to Lin Langtian’s action of striking him while he was in trouble, Lin Dong was not really surprised. However, what astonished him was that Mo Ling and the rest were determined in standing by his side. He was someone who would repay others ten times the kindness they had shown him. Therefore, for the sake of the kind intention that Mo Ling and the rest had shown him, he could not disappoint them.

Mo Ling and the rest then slowly floated down and looked anxiously at the mid-air.

“Do you want to fight against me solo or with everyone at the same time?” Lin Dong raise his head to look at Li Sheng and asked calmly after seeing Mo Ling and the rest had retreated.

To the onlookers, Lin Dong’s words appeared to be unnecessary. Given Li Sheng’s arrogance, how was it possible that he would need assistance in fighting someone who had just entered the advanced Manifestation Stage.

And just like what they had expected,a disdain look appeared on Li Sheng’s face after he heard Lin Dong’s words. He then sneered, “Do you really think that you are qualified to challenge me just because you killed a peak Manifestation Demonic Beast? I alone is enough to deal with you!”


Facing Li Sheng’s disdainful smirk, Lin Dong just replied with one word. The next moment, vigorous Yuan Power erupted abruptly within his body. After breaking through to advanced Manifestation Stage, the Yuan Power in Lin Dong’s body had become much more vigorous in an instant.

“Soon, you will see how foolish your actions are previously!”

Li Sheng’s facial expression did not change a bit even when he saw the eruption of Yuan Power in Lin Dong’s body. Without any hesitation, he took a step forward ferociously and blasted out a punch.

“Saint Light Illumination!”

As Li Sheng blasted out a punch, violent Yuan Power erupted like a volcano from his body. Then, the boundless Yuan Power began to form around his fist and transformed into ten thousand rays of brilliant radiance that swept towards Lin Dong with an astonishing might.

“Boom! Boom!”

Honestly speaking, Li Sheng’s strength was extremely powerful. His attack was terrifying and overwhelming. The ten thousand rays of brilliant radiance contained vigorous Yuan Power and illuminated the entire area, creating waves of energy ripples in the mid-air as well.

“Great Desolate Ocean Splitting Seal!”

Lin Dong’s eyes flickered and his hand-seal changed irregularly. Robust Yuan Power became huge tsunami waves and surged out from his back. Accompanied by a powerful undulation, a light seal then ripped through the tsunami waves and collided with the ten thousand rays of brilliant radiance.


At this moment, it appeared that the entire land trembled. The heaps of Demonic Beasts’ corpses were crushed by the energy ripples and became numerous clouds of blood mist.

Just as the energy wave swept across the area, Lin Dong’s feet executed the Supreme Purity Sky Wanderer Steps and he transformed into a wisp of green smoke. With the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear in his hand, he flew out and pierced through the energy ripples violently and aimed towards Li Sheng’s chest with a lightning speed.


When he saw Lin Dong’s attack, Li Sheng gave a cold snort. Then, he closed his palms before a light shield instantly materialized in front of him.

“Break it!”

However, even when Li Sheng set up his defence, Lin Dong did not stop his attack. With a jolt of his arms, the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear produced a bizarre roar. An exceptionally sharp aura gushed out and landed ruthlessly on the light shield. Immediately, the light shield ruptured. The sharpness of the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear had once again displayed astonishing power.

Li Sheng was surprised by the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear’s sharpness as well. His light shield was capable of withstanding all-out attacks from any advanced Manifestation Stage elites, yet in the face of the bone spear, it was utterly useless.

“Do you think you are the only one who possess Earthly Soul Treasure?”

Li Sheng retreated and dodged the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear’s sharp tip. Then, with a flip of his hand, a luminous drum appeared on his hand. The luminous drum began to expand in size as it faced the wind and became more than ten feet tall. With a swipe of his robes, a light pillar of Yuan Power landed on the luminous drum. Immediately, a terrifying sonic boom, accompanied by sacred light, shot out from the luminous drum. That intense sonic boom knocked Lin Dong back several steps.

“Lad, I will show you the might of my Saint Light Empire’s Saint Light Drum!”

Li Sheng then moved his body and appeared on top of the Saint Light Drum. With a ghastly smile, he stomped his feet on the luminous drum continuously. Immediately, numerous sound waves were produced and formed countless lustrous arrows, so much so that they were able to hide the sky and cover the earth. These lustrous arrows then shot out violently from the drum. This kind of power was extremely terrifying. If an advanced Manifestation Stage elite was hit by this attack, he would be pierced to death by the arrows through his heart.

“Heavenly Crocodile Hiss!”

Facing such a powerful attack from Li Sheng, Lin Dong jerked his Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear and imbued it with boundless Yuan Power. Immediately, a brilliant radiance erupted from the bone spear and formed a fearsome ancient crocodile. As the spine-chilling crocodile hissed towards the sky, waves of sonic booms were produced and diffused in a ripple-like way.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

As the multitude of lustrous arrows and the crocodile hiss collided, numerous explosions erupted in the sky. Astonishing energy wave swept across the area like a storm.

Li Sheng was driven back several steps by this energy wave as well. With a flip of the Saint Light Drum, a light screen materialized before him and only then could the energy wave be deflected.

While Li Sheng was driven back, Lin Dong was knocked back several steps as well. However, he was not dispirited at all. Instead, his battle morale was uplifted. Since he had just broken through the advanced Manifestation Stage, he needed a unrestrained epic battle to satisfy himself.

Even though both of them engaged each other multiple times, there was still no obvious signs of which side was winning. This led the onlookers to feel shocked as well. Initially, they thought once Li Sheng took actions, Lin Dong would collapse quickly. However, no one had expected Lin Dong to sustain so long in such an epic battle. This certainly surprised some onlookers. No wonder Lin Dong was not afraid of Li Sheng. It appeared that the former’s fighting capabilities far surpassed his capabilities on the surface….

As Xia Huang saw this, his face became unsightly. However, he then sneered, “Even though this lad has some capabilities, but soon he will regret it. How dare a filth from a small empire dare to challenge the son of God in Senior Li, he certainly overestimates his capabilities!”


At this moment, it was as if Li Sheng agreed with his mockings, numerous brilliant rays of light erupted from the former’s body in the mid-air. These rays of light then coagulated and formed a gigantic luminous elephant. A scary energy fluctuation and suppressive force was emitting from it.

“Lad, you will be the first person to witness the prowess of Saint Light Empire’s Manifestation martial arts and you should be proud of yourself. Of course, you will have to pay with your life!”

As the oppressive force spread, Li Sheng’s voice, which was filled with killer intent, rumbled through the sky like thunder rolls!

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