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Chapter 402 Demon Horde

As the ground shook, several vicious and savage growls echoed out at the same time. Instantly, the entire city began to tremble due to this massive soundwave. Meanwhile, a blood moon was hung up in the sky, while streams of blood-red moonlight poured down and added an additional vicious tinge to that demon horde.

On top of the city wall, almost everyone had dashed on top of it. As they stared at that never-ending demon horde outside of the city wall, all of their faces turned extremely grim. Thankfully, most of them were fairly capable. Therefore, even though they were stunned by this sight, they did not panic.

Lin Dong also lept onto the city wall that was closest to his stone hut. As he cast his gaze out of the city wall, a blood-red hue filled his sight until it eventually extended till the limits of his vision. Those blood-red were formed from countless blood-red ape eyes, while an exceedingly overwhelming vicious aura shot through the sky, causing the blood-red moon to be dyed even more blood-red. It was difficult for one to imagine just how many Demonic Beasts were gathered outside of the city…

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Just as Lin Dong was shocked by this demon horde, countless splitting wind sound echoed out from behind him. Then, Mo Ling and the rest quickly dashed behind him. However, when they saw the demon horde flooding towards the city, all of them involuntarily sucked in a breath of cold air. This was the first time they had ever witnessed such a terrifying demon horde…

“This is going to be troublesome. This time around, the demon horde is much larger compared to two days before. If we are negligent, the city would crumble and countless people would lose their lives.” Mo Ling’s expression was solemn as he said.

Du Yun and Man Shan also nodded their head, while a tinge of shock flashed across their eyes. If this city was destroyed, they would lose their final shield. At that time, even a Nirvana stage practitioner would be endangered if he faced such an overwhelming flood of demons.

“Brother Lin Dong, what should we do?” Mo Ling glanced at Lin Dong and asked for his opinion.

“Let’s observe the situation first. Though it is a huge demon horde, we have quite a lot of men in the city. Therefore, it is not impossible for us to last till daybreak tomorrow.” Lin Dong contemplated for a moment before he said.


When he heard Lin Dong’s words, Mo Ling and the rest gently nodded their head. Only Lin Langtian’s face was cold, while a venomous tinge occasionally flashed across his eyes. However, he did not speak up.


Just as Lin Dong and the rest finished speaking, a series of earth-shattering growls suddenly erupted from within the demon horde. Then, a series of commotions erupted within the demon horde. Immediately, Lin Dong’s attention turned to look at the source of the commotion, before a solemn glint flashed across his eyes. At that spot, he could sense a few exceedingly savage aura. Those auras were far more powerful than ordinary Demonic Beasts. Based on their estimates, they could even match up to a Nirvana stage practitioner.

Lin Dong’s pupils gently shrunk, while he waved his sleeves. Immediately, Little Flame darted out from his sleeves, before it shook its body and transformed into battle mode. It seemed pretty impressive. Right now, even if it fought against an advanced Manifestation practitioner, Little Flame would not lose out at all. Therefore, it was of great help to Lin Dong.

“Everyone, do not panic!”

Just as Lin Dong summoned Little FLame, on the spire in the middle of the city, several powerful auras suddenly erupted in that spot. Following which, all the elite Sacred Light Empire practitioners dashed out before they hovered in mid-air. Meanwhile, their loud roars resonated in everyone’s ears.

“Though this demon horde is massive, as long as everyone here obeys our Sacred Light Empire, we can survive this disaster!” An advanced Manifestation practitioner pridefully scanned the city before he shouted out.

“With the Sacred Light Empire guarding this area, we can definitely defeat this demon horde!” After the elite Sacred Light Empire practitioners spoke, several people immediately responded. Those people had long sided with the Sacred Light Empire and they were purposely putting up a show in this city.

With regards to the dominance of the Sacred Light Empire, several elite practitioners were unhappy with it. However, none of them dared to voice out their objections. In a few days’ time, the Sacred Light Empire had already established their dominance. Of course, blood had to be spilled in order for them to do so.

Two days ago, two new advanced Manifestation practitioner attempted to fight with a peak Manifestation practitioner from Sacred Light Empire. However, that Sacred Light Empire practitioner only use a single palm attack to instantly slaughter those two advanced Manifestation practitioner right in front of the city. After that, no one dared to challenge the Sacred Light Empire. After all, the latter’s strength far exceeds theirs.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

When they saw that no one in the city dared to object against them, the elite Sacred Light Empire’s practitioners were all grinning with joy. Promptly, they spread themselves out and each took charge of a section of the city, just like they all were all commanding officers.

“Snort, it’s that annoying fellow!” Mo Ling stared at a figure that was heading towards them, while his expression gently changed as he chuckled.

Lin Dong turned to look only to see that a man dressed in golden robes, who standing on top of a tower. His face was filled with overwhelming arrogance. After these few days, he believed that they were the overlords of this domain. Therefore, in their opinion, everyone else is a subordinate.

Furthermore, Lin Dong knew that the man dressed in golden robes was called Xia Huang. He was also a new advanced Manifestation practitioner from Sacred Light Empire. Moreover, that man knew Manifestation martial arts and he was extremely powerful. In fact, most ordinary advanced Manifestation practitioner could hardly match up against him. Therefore, this man was extremely arrogant. Of course, the most important thing was that he had a grudge against Mo Ling and the rest.

The incident occurred two days ago, when Lin Dong first arrived in the city and Man Shan was out hunting for information. As he was unable to stand Xia Huang’s arrogant attitude, he involuntarily grumbled. However, he never expected Xia Huang to actually hear him. Immediately, he was embarrassed and attacked him and nearly wounded Man Shan. Thankfully, Mo Ling followed behind and managed to halt Xia Huang. However, by doing so, they also offended this Sacred Light Empire practitioner. Therefore, they were subsequently troubled by that fellow. Nonetheless, owing to the formidable strength of the Sacred Light Empire, Mo Ling could only chose to bear with it…

Xia Huang stepped on the tower, while a dozen elite practitioners followed behind him. These were the other powerful practitioners that had sided with the Sacred Light Empire. At the same time, he glanced outside of the city, while his eyes were filled with a solemn expression.

“Master Xia Huang, this is a pretty huge demon horde. If we fought against it, we would surely suffer.” Behind Xia Huang, a powerful practitioner was slightly pale as he said.

“Pfft, what is there to be afraid of? There are countless elite practitioners in the empire gathered here. Now that the demon horde has arrived, just let them fight against. It does not matter how many casualties they suffer. In fact, after they grow weaker, it would decrease the odds of them standing up against our Sacred Light Empire. In the future, all of them would obediently become our pill slave and donate all their Nirvana Pills?” When he heard his words, Xia Huang chuckled.

“Master is wise indeed.” When he heard how vicious Xia Huang’s words were, the other elite practitioners hastily responded respectfully.

“It seems like the aura in that direction is more vicious than the rest. There must be a few powerful Demonic Beasts in that demon horde…” Xia Huang’s eyes swept across the outer regions of the city. Promptly, his attention shifted before he saw Mo Ling and the rest standing on top of the high wall. Immediately, a venomous glint flashed across his eyes.

“Mo Ling and the rest of you from Great Yan Empire, join the others and guard the northwest city wall. You must stop the demon horde and prevent them from entering the city!”

Xia Huang’s cold shout sounded out in mid-air, before it echoed out in Mo Ling and the rest’s ears. Immediately, their expression changed. They naturally felt that the aura stemming the northwest direction of the demon horde was exceedingly powerful. Now that Xia Huang had instructed them to head towards that direction, he was evidently trying to use these demonic beasts to slaughter them.

“Xia Huang, do you really think that we are your subordinates?!” Du Yun chuckled.

“Fools. In this assembly point, my Sacred Light Empire is the overlord. If you dare to object, we will chase you out of the city immediately and throw you into the demon horde and let them devour you!” Xia Huang’s expression darkened as he shouted out.

“You bloody bastard, how dare you command us. What do you think you are!” Man Shan was extremely outraged. Evidently, he was severely impacted by Xia Huang’s words.

“Be quiet. The Sacred Light Empire is extremely powerful and it is extremely disadvantageous for us to clash with them!” Though Mo Ling’s expression was grim, he chose to halt Du Yun and Man Shan, as he softly said.

When they heard his words, Du Yun and Man Shan could not grit their teeth in rage. After all, they understood that there were too many powerful practitioners in Sacred Light Empire. Furthermore, they had also recruited several elite practitioners from other empires. Most importantly, that peak Manifestation practitioner from Sacred Light Empire was simply too powerful. In fact, he could easily slaughter several advanced Manifestation practitioners alone.

Based on their current line-up, even if all five of them fought against them, they would likely fail.

As he stared at a outraged Man Shan and the rest, Lin Dong chose to quietly stand aside and he did not speak up. However, a cold tinge flashed across his slightly sunken eyes. That Xia Huang was simply too overbearing.

On top of the tower, when Xia Huang saw Mo Ling and the rest quieten down, he raised his eyebrows before he chuckled callously: “Snort, a pile of useless garbage. What is this Great Yan Empire, I have never heard of it before. How dare you attempt to challenge my Sacred Light Empire. Fools.”

When they heard his words, Mo Ling and the rests’ expressions turned exceedingly grim. However, just as rage overwhelmed their hearts, a figure slowly walked out from behind them. Then, his casual words caused their hearts to tremble. That was because they knew that Lin Dong was finally going to make a move.

“Against such an insolent garbage, patience would not solve the problem…”

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