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Chapter 381 Wang Zhong

Wang Zhong!

Lin Dong’s opponent for the last round was the Wang Clan’s Wang Zhong!

Twenty years ago, the Lin Clan was defeated by the Wang Clan in the last round. Twenty years later, these two clans met again in the exact same position. This was fate!

“Haha, Lin Fan, it seems that there is indeed an old score to settle between the Lin Clan and the Wang Clan!” On the high wall, Wang Lei released a burst of laughter towards the sky when he saw Lin Dong and Wang Zhong appeared on the screen. At the same time, the audience gasped as they saw this scene.

Seated beside Wang Lei, Wang Yan could not hide his pleasantly surprised look as well. His eyes were filled with viciousness when he saw Lin Dong on the screen. Previously, when he saw Lin Dong successfully pass through the first two round, his heart was filled with resentment. However, as this scene unfolded on the screen, the resentment had disappeared as he finally got his desired matchup..

From Lin Dong’s previous two battles, Wang Yan knew that Lin Dong had become much more powerful in this one year. However, the latter’s powers would not be able to withstand a single blow from Wang Zhong. After all, Wang Yan understood his elder brother’s power the best!

“Bastard, I will see how arrogant can you be for the next match!” Wang Yan sneered in his heart. He had been looking forward to the moment that Lin Dong would be defeated completely. When that moment came, he wanted to see what was there left for Lin Dong to be arrogant about!

With regards to Wang Lei’s laughter, Lin Fan could only furrow his brows. Even though he was not happy, there was nothing much he could say. Among all the contestants, Wang Zhong’s ranking was definitely among the top three. It was truly unfortunate for Lin Dong to encounter him in the last round. With this matchup, one could only imagine that an epic and devastating battle was about to occur.

After witnessing the battle between Lin Langtian and Lin Dong, Lin Fan at least managed to gain some insights on Lin Dong’s capabilities. He was confident of how powerful Lin Dong’s fighting capabilities were. Even so, it is not an easy task to defeat Wang Zhong…

While Lin Fan did not say anything, the faction leaders around him were shaking their heads. Some of them were in fact secretly rejoicing. In their opinions, even though Lin Dong was recently on the rise and his previous performances were also quite remarkable, but if he was to go up against Wang Zhong, who had long established an outstanding reputation as a youth genius in the Great Yan Empire, he would have some catching up to do before reaching the same level as Wang Zhong. It seemed that Lin Dong’s fast rising journey was coming to an end…

“Initially, I still thought that I would encounter Lin Langtian. I have never expected it to be you,” Wang Zhong said coldly while he stared right at Lin Dong. Even though Lin Dong’s entire body was surging with vigorous Yuan Power, Wang Zhong’s eyes did not have the slightest amount of undulation.

“Your odds of winning might be higher if you encounter him,” Lin Dong grinned as he stared at the Wang Clan’s exceptional genius.

“It seems like you are very confident of your capabilities,” A smile, accompanied by a tinge of ridicule, appeared on Wang Zhong’s ordinary-looking face. For the past few years, he seldom encounter anyone from the younger generation who dared to talk to him in such a tone.

“When I fight with someone, I am incapable of controlling the severity of the battle. Therefore, it may be better for you to retreat now,” Wang Zhong said in a flat tone, accompanied by the special characteristics of the Wang Clan: arrogance and overbearing. Naturally, given his prestige in the Great Yan Empire, he was fully qualified to display such tyranny.

“Don’t you feel stupid when you say such words in this situation?” Lin Dong laughed gently while shaking his head.

After he heard what was said, Wang Zhong’s face, however, did not shown any signs of anger. Instead, he just gave a chuckle. Yet, there was an ice-cold chilliness gathering gradually in his eyes.

“I know you will make this decision and that’s why I say these words. You have injured Wang Yan and humiliated the Wang Clan. Therefore, I have promised Wang Yan to avenge him. Since we have met now, even if you want to retreat, I won’t give you the chance to do that.”

“That’s good too. I want to experience how powerful the Wang Clan’s exceptional genius is,” Lin Dong smirked and looked at Wang Zhong, who was shaking his head slowly. Lin Dong knew that the latter no longer wish to continue such a meaningless action of feeling each other out.

“I hope you won’t disappoint me too much.”

Wang Zhong finally took a step forward, and with this step, powerful Yuan Power flooded like a tsunami throughout the initially tranquil great hall.

“Advanced Manifestation Stage!”

As Wang Zhong’s aura was revealed, Lin Dong knew that the former was a genuine advanced Manifestation stage practitioner. These clan geniuses enjoyed the abundant resources from their clans and therefore, their progress could not be compared with ordinary individuals.


As Wang Zhong’s footsteps landed heavily on the floor, the majestic great hall seemingly trembled. Soon after, he flew up abruptly and clasped both his palms. Suddenly, a surge of vigorous Yuan Power gushed out and formed two massive golden platform in a flash!

These two golden platforms were extremely sturdy and firm. It was as if they were made out of real gold, giving off an aura of indestructibility. Lin Dong was very familiar with this martial art, which was precisely the Wang Clan’s Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm. However, with Wang Zhong executing it, it was several times more powerful as compared to Wang Yan.


The golden platforms appeared and flew towards Lin Dong with a sharp and overbearing whistling of the palm wind. This kind of power was enough to slap an initial Manifestation Stage’s practitioner to death!


However, even though Lin Dong’s Yuan Power was of only initial Manifestation Stage, his fighting capabilities exceeded far beyond this level. Without any consternation and with a twitch of his body, a dazzling scorching sun rose gradually from within his body and came out of his back. He then landed a flurry of punches on the incoming golden platforms ruthlessly.

“Clang! Dong!”

Clear and crisp metallic sound echoed throughout the great hall, while volcanic power gushed out from Lin Dong’s fists and blasted towards the golden platforms.

“You should try this move too!” After destroying the golden platforms with his punches, a tinge of chilliness swept across Lin Dong’s eyes. With a change of his hand-seal, two blocks of golden platforms, which were as strong as Wang Zhong’s, materialized in a flash and were hurled towards Wang Zhong ferociously.

Bang! Bang!

As he gazed upon the incoming golden platforms, which were tailgated by a repressing whistling sound, Wang Zhong furrowed his brows slightly. He then pointed his finger to the sky and two razor-sharp Yuan Power beam formed and ripped apart the golden platforms.

“Heavenly Scales Halberd Technique!”

At this very moment, when the golden platforms were being ripped apart, a figure appeared like a ghost behind the ripped platforms. It was Lin Dong, who was holding the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd. Brandishing the halberd, he was able to execute the four moves of the Heavenly Scales Halberd Techniques in a fluid movement. Immediately, giant fish, angry python… golden dragon roared at the sky.The powerful halberd wind shrouded Wang Zhong within a range of a hundred feet.

“Tyrant Spear Twist!”

Facing such a powerful attack from Lin Dong, a sneer flashed across Wang Zhong’s face and he held up his palm. Instantly, bright Yuan Power began to form on his palm. With a blink of an eye, the Yuan Power became a hundred feets tall, dark-gold Yuan Power spear. The gigantic spear was flickering with overbearing energy waves.


After the gigantic spear was formed, Wang Zhong slammed it hard with his palm and caused it to whirl with an extreme speed. Then, a ray of dark-gold lustre flashed across the mid-air of the great hall and brutally tore apart the angry python, golden dragon and etc halberd shadow. It then flew towards Lin Dong as quick as lightning!

The image of the golden lustre magnified in Lin Dong’s eyes with a terrifying speed. Lin Dong then took two steps forward before two scorching suns rose between his arms again. Soon after, his arms began to expand and he lunged his arms forward!


The incoming golden lustre was caught tightly by Lin Dong’s palms. As the golden lustre rubbed against Lin Dong’s palms, while a ear-piercing screeching sound echoed out. However, such a terrifying attack began to stop gradually as Lin Dong’s arms caught it forcibly.

“I will return it back to you!” Using a barbaric strength to stop the gigantic golden spear attack, Lin Dong then twisted his body and hurled it at Wang Zhong ruthlessly.

As he saw the reflected golden spear, Wang Zhong furrowed his brows. He did not expect Lin Dong’s powers to be so strong. He then pointed his finger to the sky and the golden spear exploded a few hundred feets before reaching him. Violent air turbulence blew against his robe noisily.

The attacks from both parties were powerful and ferocious. However, it was impossible to decide the outcome of the battle with just one attack.

Lin Dong levitated in the mid-air, with his gaze on Wang Zhong. He then scoffed, “Show me your true capabilities. This kind of attack truly belittles your reputation as the exceptional genius of Wang Clan.”

“No wonder you are able to fight with Lin Langtian. It seems like you are indeed quite capable. However, it’s time to end it here…”

Wang Zhong smiled coldly while the chilliness in his eyes intensified. He then held out his palm slowly. With a clasp of his palm, a blood streak appeared across his palm suddenly. This blood streak began to expand rapidly. In the twinkling of an eye, a blood-red, sinister-looking spear appeared on his palm.

As the bloody spear appeared, Wang Zhong’s aura became violent and powerful immediately. Blood streaks began to appear in the pupils of his eyes, making him looked extremely menacing.

“Blood Demonic Asura Spear!”

Upon seeing the appearance of the sinister bloody spear in Wang Zhong’s hand, Lin Fan and the audience, who were watching the screen on the high wall outside of the great hall, cried out in alarm before their facial expressions changed instantaneously.

Lin Fan then turned his ashen face around and looked at Wang Lei and asked coldly, “I have never expect you to hand such a weapon to Wang Zhong, Aren’t you afraid that he might be devoured by the bloodsoul in the spear?”

“I am not the one who give it to him. It is the blood demon, Asura, himself who chose Wang Zhong. Only in his hands, can the spear unleash its full power. Haha, Lin Fan, it seems that this time around, the Lin Clan will have to hand over your spot to the Wang Clan again!” Wang Lei released a burst of laughter towards the sky.

Lin Fan’s face twitched slightly and his eyes became extremely dull. He never expected Wang Zhong to yield this vicious weapon of the Wang Clan. With this weapon in hand, the latter’s fighting capabilities would increase several times. Even elites who had reached the apex of the Manifestation Stage would be incapable of putting up a fight against Wang Zhong. It seemed that the following battle might be perilous for Lin Dong…

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