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Chapter 371: Cruel

Under the respectful gazes from the crowd, a glowing figure slowly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. It was the Lin Clan’s head, Lin Fan.

When Lin Fan appeared and glanced at his tattered surroundings, a tinge of rage flared across his eyes. Promptly, he turned around and stared at Lin Dong. Just as he was about to speak, his attention was immediately drawn to that palm-sized black hill that had been recalled by Lin Dong. Immediately, his body shook before he sounded out in alarm: “You actually managed to subdue the Heavy Prison Peak?”

“I got lucky.” Lin Dong gently nodded his head. He knew how shocking this fact was for Lin Fan and the rest. After all, they have all tried and failed to subdue the Heavy Prison Break. Therefore, when they saw this Soul Treasure, which had completely thwarted them, land in the hands of Lin Dong, their hearts naturally felt queasy.

Lin Fan stared somewhat peculiarly at Lin Dong while he secretly felt increasingly confused about this teenager in front of him. However, he did not linger on this matter. Immediately, his tone changed, before he asked solemnly: “What is going on?”

The matter he was referring to was naturally the wreckage in this area. Right now, his clan was in complete chaos and he was naturally outraged.

“Clan leader, that Lin Dong is simply too overbearing. The four of us were guarding this spot when we realized that there was something odd going on in the clan trove. After probing around, we realized that the Yuan Power inside the clan trove had completely disappeared, while the Soul Treasures inside were also damaged. At first, we wanted to inform Lin Dong about it, however, we never expected him to be so cruel and actually attack the four of us!” When he saw Lin Fan appear, Lin Zhi, who had his teeth knocked out by Lin Dong, instantly jumped, before he quickly seized the initiative to complain viciously.

When he heard his words, Lin Fan gently furrowed his brows. Since he could become the Lin Clan’s leader, he was naturally no fool. Therefore, he would not believe Lin Zhi’s words alone. Immediately, he turned to look at Lin Dong and asked: “Is that true?”

Lin Dong gradually shook his head, before he glanced condescendingly at Lin Zhi and said: “For a person like you to become an elder, what a disgrace the Lin Clan.”

When he heard his words, Lin Zhi was so outraged till his face turned purple. After he previously suffered at the hands of Lin Dong, he clearly knew that he was no match for him.

“Clan Leader, when I entered into the clan trove, I was secretly ambushed. Someone was secretly manipulating the formations within and plotted to kill me while I was inside. Thankfully I discovered it quickly and was unable to avoid their trap. However, when I was dodging their attacks, I accidentally damaged some Soul Treasures as well. That was what resulted in the damage.”

“Besides Elder Lin Zhi and the three of them, I am afraid there is no one else who can control the formations within the clan trove. I believe that there should be some equipment nearby that is capable of controlling the formations inside the clan trove. Sect leader, feel free to send some men to search the area and we will get to the bottom of this matter.” Lin Dong casually said.

When he heard his words, Lin Zhi’s expression was in flux. Lin Fan furrowed his brows before he nodded his head at Lin Mu. Then, the latter’s figure flashed before it swiftly dashed into a tower. Moments later, he returned.

“Sect leader, the equipment controlling the formations within the clan trove was indeed destroyed. Furthermore, there is evidence that someone had used it previously…” Lin Mu softly said.

“Lin Zhi, how dare you!” Lin Fan’s expression changed, as he stared at Lin Zhi and hollered.

When he saw that the truth had been revealed, Lin Zhi’s pale face turned even paler. Just as he wanted to defend himself, when he saw Lin Fan’s fearsome expression, his body shivered, before he quickly turned to look at Lin Langtian.

“Clan leader, Elder Lin Zhi and the rest were indeed in the wrong. However, that Lin Dong is simply too arrogant. In the Four Great Clans, have there ever been a case where a disciple actually dared to attack an elder? If news of this matter got out, it would be devastating for us!” Lin Langtian solemnly echoed out.

“Alright, I know that there is a grudge between the two of you. However, I do not wish to see our clan members fight among ourselves. I will not punish Lin Zhi over today’s matter. However, in the remaining time, you and Lin Dong had better behave yourselves. In three days’ time, follow me and head into the Imperial City and participate in the Battle of Seeds. Since you want to compete with each other, prove it to me when you earn the right to participate in the Hundred Empire War. Only the most elite individual will have the qualifications to inherit the clan!’ Lin Fan’s eyes swept across Lin Dong and Lin Langtian as he gradually spoke.

When the surrounding clansmen heard Lin Fan’s words, their bodies gently trembled. They understood the intention behind Lin Fan’s words. Whoever could gain the right to participate in the Hundred Empire War would become the true heir of the Lin Clan. At that time, he would possess a status that far exceeds the other.

In a manner of speaking, for the upcoming Battle of Seeds, if Lin Langtian could successfully earn a spot in the Hundred Empire War, Lin Dong would never have a chance to rise again. At that time, based on Lin Langtian’s status, even if he wanted to kill Lin Dong, Lin Fan would not interfere. In fact, he may even personally help Lin Langtian to deal with Lin Dong!

That is because at that time, Lin Langtian’s worth would far exceed Lin Dong’s!

Of course, if the situation was reversed… then Lin Langtian would be completely crushed by Lin Dong. In fact, his prestigious status within the clan would be immediately taken over by Lin Dong!

This was going to be a fairly vicious contest. Whoever loses will have to pay a terrible price!

If we say that the Family Meeting allowed Lin Dong to possess the same status at Lin Langtian, then this Battle of Seeds could potentially allow him to surpass Lin Langtian and become the number one figure in the entire clan…

Of course, it could also squash him once again, and all of his previous glory and achievements would instantly disappear!

Lin Dong fiddled with the Heavy Prison Peak in his hand, while his expression remained fairly calm. Though Lin Fan’s words were cruel, it once again reinforced the importance of power. As he continued to face increasingly powerful fighters, he must continuously upgrade himself as well. Else, all of his hard work could be potentially wiped off in an instant.

Even though he did not care about the so-called Lin Clan, his family members still belong to it. Therefore, for their sake, he must become the number one figure in the entire Lin Clan.


Lin Langtian’s eyes glimmered, while a icy-cold glint flowed in the deepest corner of his eyes. As he stared at a calm-looking Lin Dong, a venomous smile slowly emerged on his face. That was fine as well. As long as he could succeed in the Battle of Seeds, at that time, he would make Lin Dong understand that a salty fish would always be one. Even if it could flip around, it would eventually return!

“Alright, go off now. In three days’ time, both of you will follow me and head into the Imperial City!” When he saw this situation, Lin Fan nodded his head. Then, he could not be bothered to speak any more as his figure flashed and he immediately left this area.

When they saw Lin Fan depart, the tense atmosphere gradually loosened up. Several pairs of eyes stared peculiarly at the two figures hovering in mid-air. Right now, no one dared to mock Lin Dong or flatter Lin Langtian. That was because none of them knew who would eventually earn the rights to participate in the Hundred Empire War in the Battle of Seeds…

Moreover, Lin Fan’s previous words made them understood that the individual who earned the rights, would have the qualification to inherit the clan. Therefore, if they willfully spoke now, they may regret it in the future.

Right now, after everyone in the crowds turned to glance at one another, they all chose to keep quiet before they gradually left this area. In a fight between those two elite practitioners, if they chose to interfere or if they were dragged in, they would likely be ripped into pieces…

“Lin Dong, treasure your remaining days. There are only a few more days left for you to show off in the clan…” Lin Langtian grinned venomously at Lin Dong. Then, without further ado, he immediately turned and walked away.

“I have to return those words to you as well…” As he stared at Lin Langtian’s departing figure, Lin Dong gently smiled. Meanwhile, a potent killing intent flowed in the deepest corner of his eyes.

After he laughed, his figure flashed as well, before it transformed into a glowing flash and disappeared from the crowd’s vision.


The events that transpired outside the clan trove spread rapidly across the entire Lin Clan. When every clan member heard what Lin Fan said, all of them were extremely stunned. Evidently, Lin Fan clearly understood that there was a deep grudge between Lin Dong and Lin Langtian that could not be resolved. Therefore, he could only pick one of them and he had decided to use the Battle of Seeds to make his decision. Whoever was able to successfully obtain the rights to compete in the Hundred Empire War shall gain the unequivocal support of the entire Lin Clan. Regardless if it were Lin Langtian or Lin Dong.

At that time, the other person would probably wound up in a rather sorry state…

Therefore, everyone knew that this time around, the Battle of Seeds will decide who was the true pride of the Heavens in their Lin Clan and who will have the last laugh!


In a secluded corner of the clan, a group of people were gathered together. Right now, a peaceful laughter sounded out. It was Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and the rest.

“Dong-er, did you cross paths with Lin Langtian again?” In the stone pavilion, Lin Xiao looked at Lin Dong as he asked.

“That man bears a deep grudge against me. Even if I do not cross him, he would not let me go.”

Lin Dong gently smiled as he said: “In two day’s time, I will follow Clan Leader Lin Fan and head to the Imperial Capital to participate in the Battle of Seeds. Father, do all of you intend to stay in the main clan or return to Yan City?”

“I have discussed this matter with your grandfather and the rest. Even though the main clan is extremely powerful, it does not suit us. Therefore, after you leave, we shall return to Yan City.” Lin Xiao gently smiled as he said.

Lin Dong nodded his head. There were various inner factions fighting in the main clan. If Lin Xiao and the rest stayed behind, he would be slightly worried about them. Even though Yan City could not be compared to Lin City, at the very least, it was a safe and stable place. At that place, their Yan City Lin Family had quite a powerful base and it would definitely be better for them to stay there.

“This time around, you will be gone for a long while as well. Do you want to bring Qingtan along? That lass is extremely talented and if she is properly trained, she would become quite powerful in the future. Besides, I think that she really wants to stick by you.” Lin Xiao suddenly said.

When he heard his words, Lin Dong was silent for a moment. Then, he slowly shook his head before he said: “What I have gone through is simply too dangerous. If Qingtan follows me, I am afraid I would be putting her in danger. Even though she is extremely talented, I would rather have her safely tagging along you guys. Just let her brother explore the outside world.”

Lin Dong understood that the Battle of Seeds and even the Hundred Empire War was going to be extremely dangerous. In fact, he was even uncertain if he could successfully survive. Therefore, if he brought Qingtan along, it may become even more perilous.

“Alright, since you have made up your mind, we shall respect your decision. That lass Qingtan seems to have encountered some miracle over these two years. However, since she does not want to reveal it to us, we have no choice as well. As for her own future, she should be the one to decide. We should not interfere.” Lin Xiao slowly said.

“Ok.” Lin Dong slowly nodded his head.

“Also…” Lin Xiao’s voice stuttered, as he lifted his head and looked at his son, who was almost as tall as him, while a look of content hung on his face.

“Take care of yourself when you’re outside. If you get tired, we will be at home waiting for you…”

As he stared at Lin Xiao’s gentle expression, Lin Dong felt his eyes slightly swell up. Then, he sucked in a deep breath, before he lifted his head and stared at the sky. Promptly, he softly chuckled as he muttered to himself.

“Father, the reason why I chose to head outside was because I want to protect all of you and prevent harm from coming your way. However, right now, I am still not powerful enough…”

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