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Chapter 355: Great Heavenly Phoenix Seal!


Savage Yuan Power erupted in the sky, directly detonating the air in the surrounding thousand feet radius, causing loud cannon noises to continuously echo out.

Countless pairs of eyes stared nervously at the sky. The Yuan Power shockwaves there had reached an astonishingly berserk level. In the face of such shockwaves, even a half-step-to Manifestation stage would be in a perilous situation if he was drawn in!


Two figures crossed blows as an alarming force swept out. Both of them promptly retreated several hundred steps before they finally steadied themselves.

Amidst such an intense and vicious fight, neither displayed any signs of gaining the upperhand!

This sight caused several people to marvel in their hearts, stunned by the fact that Lin Dong could actually fight evenly against Lin Langtian. Judging from the current situation, this branch family member definitely did not lose out to the legendary Lin Clan genius Lin Langtian!

In the sky, Lin Langtian’s shoulder fiercely jolted, deflecting a stealthy force. His eyes were grim as he stared at Lin Dong, who was a distance away. He did not wish to prolong this fight, however, after exchanging blows, he gradually realized just how powerful the current Lin Dong was. Even an arrogant individual like him must admit that compared to the young man in the old tomb two years ago, the current Lin Dong had undergone a metamorphosis!

“Regardless of what miracle you encountered, don’t ever dream of shaking my position!”

Lin Langtian secretly chuckled in his heart, wearing a dark expression as he stared at Lin Dong. Lin Dong’s abilities had indeed exceeded his expectations. However, it was merely so. Right now, it was still impossible for Lin Dong to defeat him.

At this point, Lin Langtian already planned not to drag this battle any further. He wanted to use his overwhelming strength to show the world that he, Lin Langtian, was the most resplendent genius in the Lin Clan. Everyone else was merely fodder material, not to mention Lin Dong, a lowly branch family member whom was nothing but an ant in his eyes two years ago!

Killing intent gushed into his heart as Lin Langtian’s body suddenly rose further up in the air. There were no emotions on his face as his hands rapidly produced a series of complex and peculiar hand seals.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As Lin Langtian’s hand seals changed, all the Yuan Power in the area suddenly started to rage violently. Waves of boundless Yuan Power swept forth from Lin Langtian’s body like tidal waves!

The boundless Yuan Power began to gather above Lin Langtian’s head. Faintly, they seemed to transform into a silver phoenix that was several hundreds of feets large, as an overwhelming and formidable aura slowly emerged.

Lin Langtian’s sudden movements undoubtedly drew the attention of the crowd. Everyone could tell that he was about to use a true killing move!

“Is that…”

Some sect disciples stared at that gigantic silver phoenix hovering above Lin Langtian’s head, their expressions suddenly changing as thick awe gushed up their eyes.

“It is the Lin Clan’s ultimate guarded martial art, the Great Heavenly Phoenix Seal!”

A deafening commotion immediately erupted in the arena. Evidently, many elite practitioners were aware of this powerful Manifestation martial art. It was said that in the past, the previous clan leader had utilised his pinnacle of Manifestation stage strength to completely eradicate a rival sect!

One must know that there were a total of two advanced Manifestation practitioners in the rival sect. However, they were slain by a single blow of this martial art. Therefore, this goes to show just how formidable this martial art was!

Lin Langtian’s usage of this martial art now evidently indicated that he did not plan to spare Lin Dong. He was going to use a true one-hit deadly finisher to instantly finish off Lin Dong!

On the golden seats, the elders’ expressions were tense as they glanced at each other while all secretly stunned. No one had been able to force Lin Langtian to such a state for a very long time…

“Lin Dong, soon, I shall let you personally witness my Lin Clan’s Manifestation martial art!”

Lin Langtian hovered in mid-air, his voice booming like thunder. Above his head, a gigantic silver phoenix slowly materialized. A hurricane swept forth at every slow flap of its large wings, a hurricane powerful enough to rip apart a half-step-to Manifestation practitioner!

“That fellow has indeed mastered the Lin Clan’s Manifestation martial art!”

Lin Dong lifted his head and stared at the gigantic phoenix that was covering the skies, as his eyes turned somewhat serious. Based on Lin Langtian’s strength, if he used such a powerful Manifestation martial art, even an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner would find it difficult to contend, causing Lin Dong to no choice but to treat this cautiously.

The silver phoenix, hovering in the skies above Lin Langtian, grew increasingly life-like. In the next instant, a malicious smile flashed across the latter’s face as he suddenly pointed down at Lin Dong.


As Lin Langtian’s finger moved, the silver phoenix formed from boundless Yuan Power, seemed to instantly gain a life of its own. Immediately, it lifted its head and released a sharp and clear cry before it flapped its wings and flashed across the horizon like a silver bolt that could purify the world. Finally, together with a terrifyingly shockwave, it viciously swept towards Lin Dong!


Thanks to that terrifying shockwave, the large arena begun to crumble as cracks swiftly emerged. In fact, even before the phoenix descended, a dozen large platforms in the conical shaped arena had already exploded.

Countless gasps sounded out in the arena as they watched the destructive power. Manifestation martial arts were indeed extremely formidable, leading many to wonder if Lin Dong could actually withstand such a formidable attack.

With this thought in mind, gaze after gaze instantly turned, unblinkingly staring at Lin Dong.

However, to their astonishment, they saw that Lin Dong had no intention of retreating even as he faced Lin Langtian’s formidable attack. Instead, his foot stomped on the ground as he directly flew forth. Based on his actions, it seems like he was planning to clash head-on against Lin Langtian’s Manifestation martial art!

“Is that fellow… courting death?!”

This scene immediately caused waves of outbursts to emerge. Even an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner would have no choice but to avoid Lin Langtian’s blow. Lin Dong was merely at half-step-to Manifestation, yet he chose to face it directly. Was this not courting his death?


However, Lin Dong ignored the commotion. He dashed up into the sky, his body instantly transforming into a puff of green smoke as he travelled along a peculiar and unpredictable path.

While his feet moved, several after images quickly appeared at an alarming rate. A total of nine images.

“Nine Destruction Purple Shadow!”

When the nine after images appeared, an extremely savage Yuan Power shockwave instantly gathered on Lin Dong’s left fist.

“Great Desolate Ocean Splitting Seal!”

As Yuan Power gathered on his left fist, Lin Dong’s right hand rapidly formed a series of hand seals. The crowd immediately saw potent Yuan Power erupting from behind Lin Dong’s body, transforming into an overflowing wave, following which, a gigantic glowing seal instantly split the wave apart.


The current Lin Dong’s feet executed Supreme Purity Sky Wanderer Steps, his left hand the Nine Destruction Purple Shadow while his right hand the Great Desolate Ocean Splitting Seal. Three extraordinary martial arts were being simultaneously executed by him. That power was not weak at all.

“Great Sun Thunder Body!”

However, that was not the end. When the Great Desolate Ocean Splitting Seal appeared, a resplendent glow suddenly erupted from Lin Dong’s body like a slowly rising sun.


The scorching sun ascended as the Yuan Power in the area immediately started to boil while a heart palpitating force erupted from Lin Dong’s body.

“So what if you’re a Manifestation martial art. You shall be destroyed!”

Right now, Lin Dong’s aura was ferocious to the limit. His feet wandered across the sky, while his body was akin to the scorching sun. His roar was like thunder as it rumbled across the horizon.


Lin Dong’s fists viciously punched out in an instant. Immediately, all of the air in front of him within a few hundred feet radius were forcefully compressed together til they exploded. A resplendent to the limit, several hundred feet large Yuan Power light beam violently screamed out from Lin Dong’s fist like a shooting star, before it viciously smashed into the large silver phoenix under the awed stares of the crowd!


The whole world seemed to shake at this moment. A split second of silence filled everyone’s ears before they saw a hurricane filled with an extremely destructive force, howling in the sky. In the middle of the hurricane, a large phoenix and a light beam were being forcibly ripped apart. In the end, they transformed into a skyful of exploding lights.


The two figures in the sky seemed to have received heavy blows as their bodies shot backwards, each releasing a muffled groan. Evidently, both of them had suffered rather severe backlash.

When they saw this sight, the entire arena turned silent, while their eyes were filled with shock. Lin Langtian’s magnificent Manifestation martial art had actually been forcibly stopped by Lin Dong?

“You actually received my Manifestation martial art?!”

In the sky, Lin Langtian’s chest rapidly rose and fell. A short while later, he was finally able to gradually calm down the raging blood in his body. He lifted his hand and wiped the corners of his lips, only to see a faint trace of blood. Immediately, his eyes turned exceedingly dark as he lifted his head and stared at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s expression was detached as he gently shook his arm. A tiny blood trail shot out from a pore before the turmoil inside his body dissipated. He slowly lifted his head and stared at Lin Langtian, but did not speak as his hands lightly clenched before a series of seals swiftly formed.


As Lin Dong’s hand seals changed, everyone clearly felt an earth-shattering Yuan Power undulation, that was even more powerful than Lin Langtian’s ‘Great Heavenly Phoenix Seal’, suddenly appear.

Immediately, countless astonished gazes turned to look at Lin Dong. Evidently, as the fight intensified, Lin Dong was finally going to use one of his fatal trump cards.

“Use the Manifestation martial art you received from the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. Else, you may never have the chance to!”

When he heard Lin Dong’s icy-cold voice, Lin Langtian’s pupils suddenly shrunk. In this moment, he could clearly feel a dangerous aura slowly emerging from Lin Dong’s body!

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