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Chapter 341 Collecting Demonic Blood

When it saw Lin Dong persist, Little Marten spread out its claws and said: ‘Since you insist, I shall say nothing more, however, this method of mine still requires the preparation of some items.”

“What items?”

“Five kinds of Demonic Beast essence blood, and these Demonic Beasts’ strengths all need to have reached the Manifestation stage. In addition, the main essence blood among them must reach the advanced Manifestation stage.”

“Five kinds of Manifestation stage Demonic Beast essence blood.” Upon hearing this, Lin Dong’s expression slightly changed. Did this not mean that he needed to kill five Manifestation stage Demonic Beasts before he could gather everything?

“Your physical body is already rather powerful, however, Demonic Beast essence blood originally has the effect of stimulating the strengthening of the physical body. With your current strength, only Manifestation stage Demonic Beast essence blood will have an effect. When you gather the essence blood, I will construct a formation and wash your bones and marrow using the power of the formation to try cultivating till you achieve the Great Sun Thunder Body.” Little Marten explained.

“However, this Demonic Beast essence blood is not easy to obtain.” Lin Dong stated.

“Heh heh, isn’t there one here? Take this stupid tiger’s essence blood.” Little Marten strangely smiled and said.


The currently flying Little Flame immediately roared furiously when it heard Little Marten’s words. Its scarlet red python tail viciously flung black cold qi mercilessly shot towards the latter.

When he saw these two fellows fight, Lin Dong helplessly shook his head and thought for a while before speaking: “Although the Manifestation stage Demonic Beast essence blood will be rather difficult to obtain, it is not impossible given my current strength. Since this is so, let us take advantage of the following time to get these Demonic Beasts…”

“The Ancient Wastelands is not far from here, and it just so happens that the Ancient Dragon Ape is there. Let us directly deal with that brute this time, heh heh, we had such a hard time with that brute previously, it’s time to pay back this debt!” Little Marten exclaimed


Lin Dong softly chuckled. In the past, when he encountered the Ancient Dragon Ape, he was forced to escape in an extremely sorry manner, but now, killing an initial Manifestation stage Ancient Dragon Ape with his strength was nothing to boast about. Immediately, he patted Little Flame as the latter flapped its wings, quick as lightning as it flew towards the Ancient Wastelands.

Deep into the Ancient Wastelands.

Lin Dong’s figure slowly descended above an enormous valley while he apathetically gazed into the valley, where an overwhelming tyrannical aura spread out and a gigantic black figure was faintly discernible.

Lin Dong stared at the gigantic figure in the valley and waved his sleeve. Under his control, a titanic mountain boulder viciously descended and smashed into the black figure.


When the titanic boulder landed, a furious rare filled with ruthlessness immediately rang out in the valley, causing the entire land to shake. An incomparably immense dragon ape was once again scarlet eyed as it appeared within Lin Dong’s sights.

“The brute is as ferocious as before.” As he gazed at the Ancient Dragon Ape which gave off a torrential anger, Lin Dong faintly smiled. Without any intentions of withdrawing, the tip of his foot pushed off the ground as his body floated forth, directly dashing towards the Ancient Dragon Ape. Given Lin Dong’s current strength, he had absolute confidence in facing the Ancient Dragon Ape directly.

“Boom boom boom!”

As Lin Dong charged into the valley, the entire Ancient Wastelands immediately started to tremble. Loud sky shattering noises constantly boomed from the valley like raging thunder, causing countless Demonic Beasts to shiver at the maniacal attacks.

Within the Ancient Wastelands, there were also quite a few people who had come to seek treasures and hunt Demonic Beasts. They were likewise so overwhelmed by this scene that their hearts were about to leap out of their chests. They looked towards the deeper area with clear understanding that the furious roars were from the tyrant of the Ancient Wastelands. This caused them to be somewhat astonished. Exactly who was the formidable character who actually dared to provoke the Ancient Dragon Ape?

The disturbance lasted for a whole half an hour before the Ancient Dragon Ape’s roars gradually fell off. Furthermore, some sensitive people could feel that the Ancient Dragon Ape’s roars seemed to be getting weaker and weaker, instantly causing astonishment to rise up in their eyes…

It was not known when the Ancient Dragon Ape’s roars completely faded as the entire Ancient Wastelands once again turned silent. Countless gazes stared blankly at the depths of the wastelands and suddenly saw a blood light fly out. Atop the blood light, a figure was faintly discernible. In the end, they rapidly disappeared into the horizon like a gale.

“Who is that? Such a strong aura!”

“That Demonic Beast is very familiar!”

“That’s Lin Dong’s pet, I saw it before on the Mysterious Black Yin mountain!”

“Ah? Could the disturbance previously be caused by Lin Dong?”

Countless shocked gazes watched the leaving figure. Not long later, figures swiftly dashed into the depths of the wastelands. Perhaps, due to the great battle, no Demonic Beast dared to appear in the wastelands, thus, these people did not face too many obstructions as they entered the once forbidden area of the valley.

However, just as they entered the valley, they could only blankly stare at the gigantic beast corpse quietly lying within. It was the tyrant of the Ancient Wastelands, the Ancient Dragon Ape…


After obtaining the Ancient Dragon Ape essence blood without using too much effort, Lin Dong rushed towards another area of the Great Desolate Province without stopping to rest, a mountain range where a Manifestation stage Demonic Beast was located.

Devil Cloud mountain range.

Within this mountain range existed an initial Manifestation stage Demonic Beast, the Devil Cloud Wind Leopard. This Devil Cloud Wind Leopard was also possessed an outstanding reputation in the Great Desolate Province. It was not known how many practitioners had died at its hands over the years, however, it met a true calamity this time.

After a huge battle, the final outcome was not too surprising. The Devil Cloud Wind Leopard who had caused several massacres lost its life at Lin Dong’s hands in the end, and its essence blood was also completely taken away.

In the following week, Lin Dong travelled all around. As long as Manifestation stage Demonic Beasts appeared, he would hurry over and kill it before collecting its essence blood.

Under this whirlwind like killing, the entire Great Desolate Province was once again in an uproar. These Manifestation stage Demonic Beasts were all well known existences within the Great Desolate Province, and even some larger factions did not dare to provoke them. Yet, in the short span of a week, news of the deaths of Manifestation Demonic Beasts successively spread, undoubtedly drawing some shocked gazes.

The spread of this information could not be stopped. Quickly, news that Lin Dong had killed the Ancient Wastelands’ Ancient Dragon Ape swiftly spread. This undoubtedly caused others to connect this matter to him. After all, there were likely only a handful of abnormal existences in the Great Desolate Province who could casually harvest Manifestation stage Demonic Beasts like wheat…

Although they did not know why Lin Dong was hunting these Manifestation Demonic Beasts, from a certain point of view, it could be considered as a good thing. After all, these Manifestation Demonic Beasts were all terrible existences within the Great Desolate Province, and it was unknown how many practitioners had died in their mouths. Now that they were being cleaned out, it would benefit the people.

While countless people guessed Lin Dong’s intentions, a week passed. After some interested people calculated, a total of five Manifestation Demonic Beasts had died at Lin Dong’s hands over the week. Moreover, the most shocking thing was that among these five beasts, there was actually one which had reached the horrifying advanced Manifestation!

Ice Devil Dragon. The tyrant of Ice Devil mountain range. It was said that two peak initial Manifestation stage practitioners had lost their lives to the claws of this Ice Devil Dragon. This established the foundations for its terrible unmatched reputation in the Great Desolate Province. No human dared to step into the Ice Devil mountain range that it controlled, and even the Teng Sha did not dare to provoke this terrifying Demonic Beast at his peak. However, what brought about the shock of countless people was that even this peerless and powerful Demonic Beast had its name written on Lin Dong’s hunting list…

This shocking news rapidly spread in the Great Desolate Province. At this moment, everyone engraved a name in their hearts. The one who had slaughtered numerous Demonic Beasts like grass, Lin Dong…

For a very long time, this name would be a legend that was difficult to erase in the Great Desolate Province…


While the entire Great Desolate Province was abuzz with the deaths of these Manifestation Demonic Beasts, Lin Dong had already appeared deep in the mountains at the edge of the Great Desolate Province.

A figure silently sat on a green mountaintop. Although the figure did not speak or emit any undulations, faintly, an exceptionally strong smell of blood spread outwards. Under this smell, all flying or walking creatures completely disappeared within a hundred meter radius of the green mountain peak.

Because, this bloody smell was formed from five Manifestation Demonic Beasts.

This silent closed eye cultivation lasted for about two hours before Lin Dong’s eyes slowly opened once again. His calm eyes were like an ancient well without ripples, but this calmness seemed like a formidable and sharp blade.

After opening his eyes, Lin Dong waved his sleeves as five balls of essence blood of varying colors slowly hovered in front of him. These essence blood squirmed, forming into various ape, leopard… dragon shapes. An extremely mystical sight.

“Little Marten, can we start?”

As he stared at the five balls of essence blood before him, Lin Dong deeply inhaled. After painstakingly rushing about for a week, he had finally gathered five kinds of essence blood. This had cost him quite a bit of energy, especially the last one, the Ice Devil Dragon’s strength caused Lin Dong to be in substantial danger. Fortunately, he had relied on the formidable might of the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger and the Devouring Ancestral Symbol’s existence to successfully kill the terrible Ice Devil Dragon, claiming the final victory.

Little Marten appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder and inspected the five balls of essence blood, solemnly nodding its head before flying out.

“Get ready. Next, we will see if we can rely on the power of these essence blood to completely master your Great Sun Thunder Body!”

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