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WDQK Chapter 34: Lei Li

One by one, astonished gazes looked to Xie Ting, whose cheek had turned red after receiving Lin Dong’s slap. The once noisy space had became absolutely silent.

The silence only lasted for a moment before some people regained their wits and stared strangely at Lin Dong, evidently flabbergasted at his decision. No matter what insults spewed out of her mouth, Xie Ting was considered a beauty. Yet this did not cause even the slightly hesitation on Lin Dong’s part.

“Fierce and decisive.” Some people in the crowd secretly evaluated Lin Dong in their hearts. The methods of this genius, who had recently emerged from the Lin Family, seemed somewhat different.

Lin Xie and the rest were also stunned by Lin Dong’s actions. As they gazed at the dazed Xie Ting, who had her hand on her cheek, a thrill emerged in their hearts. This b*tch had always despised their Lin Family and the sight of her being slapped by Lin Dong was extremely satisfying.

Just as the slap landed on Xie Ting’s face, Lin Dong suddenly stretched out his other palm and firmly caught an explosive blow that was heading his way. To his surprise, it turned out to be a broken rock. However the force behind the rock was unable to make Lin Dong’s arm budge at all.

“You hit me… You actually dared to hit me!”

Just as Lin Dong grabbed onto the broken rock, Xie Ting finally regained her senses. The burning sensation on her cheek caused her body to tremble. She lifted her head and glared at Lin Dong with a hideous expression, her face losing all traces of its previously haughty look.

“There will always be a price to pay for speaking without thinking first.” Lin Dong glanced at her and replied in an indifferent manner.

“Who do you think you are, to dare to hit me?” Lin Dong’s casual expression drove Xie Ting nearly insane. Since young, who had dared to lay a hand on her?

Her beautiful face twitched slightly. In the next second, she raised her palm and viciously swung it towards Lin Dong’s face.


Lin Dong extended his palm and easily stopped Xie Ting’s palm. Just as he was about to push her off, suddenly a cold shout echoed from a distance away.

“I think, that should be enough?”

The Yuan Power gathering at Lin Dong’s palm gradually withdrew as he tilted his head to see a young lady dressed in a fox fur coat approaching them from a distance away. The young lady gave off an elegant aura and her looks bore some similarity to Xie Ting. However, she did not exhibit an unreasonable or mean aura like Xie Ting. In fact, this lady looked very approachable, and this fact caused Lin Dong to frown.


Upon seeing the young lady, Xie Ting’s eyes reddened as she called out.

“Xie Family, Xie Yingying.” At this point, Lin Dong also figured out her identity. This was the most outstanding member of the Xie Family’s younger generation, Xie Yingying.

“You must be Lin Dong? Your actions from before were no good. Sometimes, acting rashly may cause your entire Family to suffer.” Xie Yingying stared at Lin Dong with her autumn water eyes as she uttered casually with a hint of coldness in her voice.

“Where were you at when they were bullying people from our Lin Family?” Lin Dong replied with a sneer as he released Xie Ting while meeting the stare of the slim young lady ahead of him.

Xie Yingying lifted her eyebrows. Just as she was about to reply, Lin Dong followed up: “Spare me your bullshit. At the end of the day, whoever is stronger reigns. Since a long time ago, your Xie Family has been targeting our Lin Family. If you guys had the ability, you would have chased us out of Qingyang Town. The reason why we still survive is because you guys did not have the power and even if you could, you knew that the price to pay would be too high!”

“She hit a member of my Lin Family. Its only right that I hit her back. If you wish to stir up more trouble, go ahead, but spare me your ridiculous bullshit.”

Upon hearing these words, many people in the surrounding crowd nodded. Lin Dong’s words were harsh, yet they also made sense. All these years, the Lin Family had expanded rapidly, and even though they had not directly crossed swords with the Xie or Lei Family, most people knew that the Lin Family would not lose out on any front to the Xie or Lei Family.

However, if the two Families allied themselves, they would surely overpower the Lin Family. Nonetheless, the Raging Blade Dojo would not allow that to happen. After all, once the Lin Family was eliminated, they knew that the next target would likely be them.

Therefore, all these years, a delicate balance had checked these four major factions. Hence, it was childish to discuss which faction would eliminate which.

Xie Yingying was at a loss for words at Lin Dong’s retort. Her face instantly turned slightly ugly.

“Yes, well said. Indeed, whoever is stronger will reign.”

Just as Xie Yingying was left speechless, a chuckle suddenly sounded out and a figure jumped down from the second floor. Straightening his back, an overwhelming pressure was felt by every younger generation member present.

“Lei Li!”

As they stared at the well-built young man, the expression on Lin Xia and the rest changed and they quickly crowded behind Lin Dong, a look of worry in their eyes.

“Big Brother Lei Li!” The members of the Xie Family shouted out in delight. In particular, Xie Ting was even more ecstatic.

“Lei Li, he should be Xie Yingying’s fiance and the so-called number one younger generation member in Qingyang Town?”

Lin Dong’s eyebrows furrowed as he stared at the young man. The latter was approximately seventeen to eighteen years old and his body was very tall and well-built. Furthermore, since he was quite good looking and wore a bright and confident smile, he possessed a glamor that was lacking in the rest of the younger generation members.

“Yingying, let me handle them.” Lei Li smiled as he tenderly looked at Xie Yingying.

“Yes.” At the sight of Lei Li, Xie Yingying also let out a small smile. Soon after, she turned back to look at Lin Dong as a smug expression surfaced on her lips.

“You must be Lin Dong? Haha. I must admit, I agree with what you said before. However, lets make one issue clear. If it were not for the interventions by Raging Blade Dojo, the Lin Family would have already been chased out of Qingyang Town like dogs running away with tails beneath their legs.” Lei Li chuckled as he observed Lin Dong.

“If the Lei and Xie Family were not allies, you would not dare to utter such words… after all… that’s only an if…” Lin Dong casually replied with a smile.

“Very well, you have a way with words…”

Lei Li’s eyes narrowed as he shrugged his shoulder before cracking his knuckles. He looked right at Lin Dong and he smiled: “I must admit once more that I fully agree with something else you said previously. At the end of the day, the stronger one reign. Right now… perhaps my power is stronger than yours and I wish to repay the slap that you gave Ting-er.”

Upon hearing Lei Li’s words, the expression on Lin Xia and the rest instantly changed. It was reputed that Lei Li had long advanced to Tempered Body 9th Layer. Even though Lin Dong was at Tempered Body 8th Layer, he was unable to contend against Lei Li.


Lei Li obviously did not plan to allow Lin Dong any time to reject. Thus, just as he finished his words, he immediately dashed forward and appeared in front of Lin Dong. On his fist, a thick glow swiftly emerged and the force behind that blow caused Lin Xia and the rest to turn pale.

“Back off!”

As he saw Lei Li’s lightning quick attack, Lin Dong’s expression focused as his back knocked heavily against Lin Xia and the rest, pushing them aside. Soon after, a series of crisp echoes reverberated in the plaza.

“Pa Pa Pa Pa…”

“Penetrating Fist Ninth Echo?” Upon hearing this familiar noise, many people in the crowd were shocked as they stared at Lin Dong with awe in their eyes. They did not expect that this latter could actually master Penetrating Fist at such a tender age. However, just based on that alone, it was still insufficient to endure Lei Li’s attack.


Almost as if he knew what the crowd was thinking, after the ninth echo sounded, a soft miniscule echo sounded out from within Lin Dong’s body. However, this echo was audible only to Lin Dong.


Under the watchful gaze of the crowd, both of them clashed together with their mighty blows causing a giant invisible shockwave to scatter from the epicenter.

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