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Chapter 323 High Level Soul Symbol Master

In the dark Mysterious Black Yin crevice, in a zone without any wind, night light pearls were embedded in the surrounding stone walls, emitting gentle light which enveloped this area, causing the place to appear rather dazzling in contrast to the darkness of the Mysterious Black Yin crevice.

Under the gentle halo of light, a figure silently sat like an old monk, not moving even in the slightest. The figure’s body was covered in dust, evidently, this meditative state had been maintained very a rather long period of time.

To the front of the figure, a heart palpitating black hole slowly spun in mid air. Wave after wave of faint devouring power spread out, and anything within ten meters of it would be devoured in an instant.


In the silence, a helpless sigh suddenly echoed out. A tiny body floated near the figure, turning out to be Little Marten, and very evidently, the old monk like figure would naturally be Lin Dong.

The Little Marten at this moment was extremely helplessly looking at in Dong’s body. This shell was already as cold as ice, and even no longer possessed breathing. This state was completely one of false death.

“God damnit, this fellow has been inside for over half a year. Has he still not passed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol test?” Little Marten scratched its head in distress, its eyes full of worry.

Ever since Lin Dong had entered the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, there had been no news for over half a year and no strange movement within the black hole before him. This resulted in Little Marten not knowing whether the current Lin Dong was dead or alive.

Furthermore, although the black hole was before its eyes, Little Marten did not dare to charge in. It clearly understood that if it entered, it would likely never exit ever again.

“Kid, if you really die in there, please don’t blame grandpa marten. Grandpa marten has already said that it will be very dangerous…” Little Marten continuously babbled. One could tell that it was indeed rather anxious. It had waited here for Lin Dong for over half a year, yet the latter still did not show any signs of movement at all…


While Little Marten was endlessly talking to itself, the black hole that had no activity for over half a year suddenly released a low stuffy sound. Later on, under Little Marten’s amazed gaze, the black hole swiftly started to rotate as the devouring power abruptly soared.

“Oh no.”

When it sensed the devouring power that suddenly exploded, Little Marten’s expression changed. Its claws hastily danced as purplish back energy condensed into a shield of light in front of it, covering its body while it quickly retreated.

“Ch ch!”

Just as the purplish black light shield formed, it started to rapidly crumble when it contacted the devouring power. In the end, it was directly devoured by the black hole, furthermore, after devouring the light shield, the devouring power did not weaken but spread out instead, directly transforming the area into a swamp like place, while Little Marten’s rapidly retreating figure was also slowed.

What caused Little Marten’s expression to change the most was that not only was its body slowed, it was also gradually shifted towards the churning black hole. This caused it to grow a little afraid, if it was swallowed, it was likely that it would truly disappear from this world.

“This crappy Ancestral Symbol is actually so unorthodox!”

Little Marten furiously cursed, but as it struggled, the devouring power from the black hole grew stronger and stronger. In the end, it was directly pulled into the air as it shot towards the black hole.

As it stared at the increasingly nearer black hole, Little Marten could not help but curse loudly, its high pitch shriek echoing across the windless land.

The helpless cursing was obviously useless, hence, while Little Marten stared at the black hole that was almost within reach, a trace of despair finally surfaced in its eyes as it loudly roared: “Damnit, Lin Dong, grandpa marten is coming to keep you company such that even in death you will have no grievances!”


However, just as Little Marten’s roar sounded out, a foot emerged from the black hole and kicked its body, directly kicking it away.

The sudden change caused Little Marten to be momentarily taken aback, however, as it stared at the increasingly further black hole, it sighed in relief. Soon after, it suddenly regained its wits as it delightfully stared at the figure that was walking out of the black hole.

“Lin Dong? You’re still alive?”

The thing that had walked out from the black hole was naturally Lin Dong’s Mental Energy. He glanced at Little Marten, the corners of his lips turning upwards as he replied: “You jinx, don’t jinx me!”

“Eh?” Little Marten joyfully stared at Lin Dong, suddenly realizing that the devouring power from the black hole seemed to have no effect on Lin Dong. Immediately, it was stunned, but seemed to have understood something as it looked towards the latter in astonishment: “You… you’ve succeeded?”

Lin Dong chuckled and flipped his hand as the black hole rapidly shrunk before finally being swallowed into his body. Only then did he clap his hands, beaming as he spoke: “I’ve managed to obtain the recognition of the symbol spirit by some fluke chance…”

“Tch tch, the kid is a little capable after all.” Little Marten curiously moved over, its eyes full of astonishment. The fact that Lin Dong was able to successfully obtain recognition was clearly out of its expectations.

“Your Mental Energy seems to have grown much stronger…” Little Marten suddenly noticed Lin Dong’s Mental Energy was incomparably solid and looked no different from his body.

Lin Dong chuckled. With a flick of his mind, all the boulders in a hundred meter radius slowly started to float before frantically converging towards the space above Lin Dong’s head. In the blink of an eye, it directly condensed into an enormous stone mountain, an extremely shocking sight.

Compared to before he entered the black hole, the might of Lin Dong’s current Mental Energy and his degree of control over it had changed too much…

“My Mental Energy now should have barely reached the high level Soul Symbol Master level.” Lin Dong’s hands were behind his back. With a single thought, the stone mountain was catapulted out of the dark Mysterious Black Yin crevice. In the end, it was torn to pieces by the ferocious Earth Terminus Cold Qi.

“High level Soul Symbol Master?” Upon hearing this, shock surfaced in Little Marten’s eyes. Mental Energy growth was already very difficult, but in this short half a year, Lin Dong had directly leapt from a low level Soul Symbol Master to a high level Soul Symbol Master. Moreover, with Little Marten’s ability, it would naturally tell that not only was Lin Dong not the least bit uncomfortable with this power, he instead appeared to be rather skilful with it. Evidently, he had obtained extremely huge benefits this time while refining the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

“How long have I spent closed off?” Lin Dong’s eyes turned towards his body and could not help but be a little take aback at the dust as he inquired.

“About half a year.” Little Marten spread out its claws and responded.

Lin Dong silently nodded his head. This was more or less what he had expected. In over half a year, the achievements he had obtained was rather good, at least, just raising his Mental Energy to the high level Soul Symbol Master level was something even he could not accomplish in a half a year with regular training.

“Let me first return to my body.” Lin Dong’s mind moved as his Mental Energy body swiftly dissipated, transforming vigorous Mental Energy that swiftly poured into the body seated on the ground.

As the Mental Energy returned to the body, the eyes which had been tightly shut for over half a year suddenly opened. Vigorous Yuan Power instantly erupted from Lin Dong’s body, completely scattering all the dust.

“Crack crack.”

Lin Dong gently twisted his body, as crisp cracking sounds instantly emitted from his bones and a faint sense of weakness spread out.

Lin Dong did not mind this weak feeling. His mind moved as vigorous Yuan Power gushed out from his Dantian like a tide. It flowed in his channels, and instantly, overflowing power filled Lin Dong’s entire body.

“My Yuan Power has not increased by much over the past half a year.” As he felt the level of Yuan Power stored in his Dantian, Lin Dong’s eyebrows lightly furrowed.

“Your physical body has been in a fake death state for half a year. It is already good that the Yuan Power in your body has not dispersed. Could it be that you expected it to increase dramatically like your Mental Energy?” Little Marten rolled its eyes and said.

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong merely grinned. His eyes looked towards the screaming Earth Terminus Cold Qi within the Mysterious Black Yin crevice as he said: “That is not impossible. To the current me, this place is an exceptionally great for Yuan Power and physical body cultivation.”

“You plan to train in the Mysterious Black Yin crevice?” Little Marten was startled as it asked.

Lin Dong smiled and nodded his head. The Yuan Power inside the Mysterious Black Yin crevice contained extremely berserk Earth Terminus Cold Qi. If it was before, he would not dare to wantonly absorb it, but now, it was different. After successfully refining the ‘Devouring Ancestral Symbol’, the Earth Terminus Cold Qi that looked extremely terrifying to others no longer possess any danger to him.

“Let me see if I can borrow this place to reach to Manifestation stage!”

The tip of Lin Dong’s foot tapped off the ground as his body floated forth under Little Marten’s stupefied gaze and directly hovered within the Mysterious Black Yin crevice!

“Devouring power, devour everything!”

Lin Dong floated within the Mysterious Black Yin crevice and with a nudge of his mind, a black hole slowly spread out from behind his body. Immediately, frightening devouring power burst out.

“Woo woo!”

As the devouring power burst out, the countless berserk Earth Terminus Cold Qi within the Mysterious Black Yin crevice appeared to have been attracted as they furiously flew towards Lin Dong. In the face of such power, even an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner’s face would lose all color.

However, when Lin Dong saw this, the smile on his face grew increasingly wider. In his eyes, the Earth Terminus Cold Qi had now become the best tonic to strengthen his Yuan Power!

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