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Chapter 308: Nine Destruction Purple Shadow

“So how? Are you unwilling?”

As he stared at a glum Teng Lei, Lin Dong gently smiled. However, for the former, his smile looked just like the devil’s.

“The martial art obtained from the Manifestation Martial Tablet is directly imprinted into one’s mind. How do I give it to you?!” Teng Lei gritted his teeth and replied.

“What I want is the martial art inheritance imprinted in your mind.” Lin Dong gently smiled as he said. He naturally knew about this fact. The martial art inherited from the Manifestation Martial Tablet had no physical form. Rather, it was imprinted into one’s mind and one could freely access it. Furthermore, as long as others receive the martial arts inheritance, they could also learn that martial art.

It was just like how Lin Dong obtained the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger. If he was caught by him, that Teng Lei would surely use every means available to forcefully extract his martial art inheritance!

“You!” When he heard his words, Teng Lei’s facial expression instantly changed. Just as he was about to lash out at him, several Mental Energy flames gradually hovered in front of him. Their peculiar temperature caused his body to turn chill.

As he stared at those Mental Energy flames, Teng Lei’s facial expression was in flux. Eventually, he succumbed and allowed himself to be totally taken advantage of. Right now, he had no choice but to succumb.

With this in mind, Teng Lei shut his eyes before a glowing purple ball slowly emerged from above his head. Faintly, one could see a thick purple book in the middle of that glowing purple ball.

As he stared at that glowing purple ball, Lin Dong finally smiled before he stretched his arm out and directly grabbed onto that glowing purple ball. Then, a suction force emerged from his palm before he directly sucked it in into his body.

When that glowing purple ball entered his body, a large amount of information swiftly entered his consciousness, before it eventually transformed into four large purple characters.

“Nine Destruction Purple Shadow!”

Lin Dong gently shut his eyes while he gradually began to comprehend the various cultivation methods of this martial art. After approximately ten minutes later, Lin Dong finally opened his eyes with a satisfied smile on his face.

This “Nine Destruction Purple Shadow” is indeed a grade nine martial arts. From a certain perspective, it does not lose out to the final Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd Technique, dragon scales halberd. After all, it was obtained from the Manifestation Martial Tablet and it should definitely be quite powerful.

“Using the various cultivation means obtained from the glowing purple ball as well as the Mysterious Stone Talisman Spiritual Domain, I should be able to master this “Nine Destruction Purple Shadow” quickly.” Lin Dong muttered to himself in his heart. Fortunately, this martial art came with plenty of prior cultivation experience and it allowed Lin Dong to take several short-cuts. Else, if he wanted to master it, without a few months time, it would be an impossible task.

“I have already given you my martial art, why won’t you let me go?” Teng Lei’s face was dark as he asked.

Lin Dong smiled. However, before Teng Lei could react, a red flash suddenly dashed forth and viciously swiped at his head and knocked him out instantly.

“Letting you off so easily. Dream on.” As he stared at an unconscious Teng Lei, Lin Dong involuntarily shook his head. Then, he bent his back and took out a Qiankun bag from his body.

Lin Dong juggled the Qiankun bag in his hands, before his Mental Energy seeped in. Then, the smile on his face grew increasingly wide. Inside Teng Lei’s Qiankun bag, there was a great deal of pure Yuan Pills, adding up to approximately thirty thousand. Henceforth, the amount of pure Yuan Pills in Lin Dong’s possession was approximately seventy thousand. In a manner of speaking, it was considered pretty good!

With all these pure Yuan Pills supporting him, not only could he utilize his high-grade Symbol Puppet fully, he could also use pure Yuan Pills to boost himself when executing his martial arts. Therefore, this could help to bridge the physical gap between him and others.

“When do you plan to head to Ghastly Puppet City?” Little Marten appeared at this moment and asked.

“Let me rest for a few days first.” Lin Dong solemnly echoed. Ghastly Puppet City was undoubtedly a pit filled with dragons and tigers. There were countless elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners there that far exceeds that of Great Puppet City. Therefore, he must be fully prepared first. At the very least, he wanted to master “Nine Destruction Purple Shadow” first.

“What about that fellow?” Little Marten pointed at an unconscious Teng Lei.

“Let’s spare him first. His father is the cult leader and maybe we can use him for a trade.” Lin Dong said.

“Heh, I don’t think that the leader of the Ghastly Puppet Cult will trade that fellow for the Ancient Devouring Symbol.” Little Marten smiled oddly as it said.

“Regardless of whether that old fellow agrees, if we keep him around, it will at least force those Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners to act more cautious around us.” Lin Dong smiled. Without further ado, he grabbed onto Teng Lei and lept onto Little Flame’s back before he once again dashed off towards the horizon. Right now, he needed a completely quiet place in order to master “Nine Destruction Purple Shadow”!


For the next few days, Lin Dong completely disappeared from everyone’s sight. No one was able to spot his tracks.

With regards to his disappearance, the one that was the most enraged was naturally Ghastly Puppet Cult. An entire branch family that even had a half-step-to Manifestation stage practitioner guarding it, was unable to halt Lin Dong and even allowed him to capture Teng Lei. News of this matter had already spread swiftly across Great Desolate Province and caused them to become the butt of the jokes among several different factions.

Ghastly Puppet Cult is one of the top three factions in Great Desolate Province and this naturally incited envy from others. Now that the Ghastly Puppet Cult was suffering, many of them were naturally joyous over their misfortune.

With regards to Lin Dong’s provocations, Ghastly Puppet Cult was truly enraged this time. Not only did they send out numerous men to search for him, they also put out a wanted poster and even offered an extremely lavish reward for anyone who could provide them information regarding Lin Dong’s location. Furthermore, if the information helped them to successfully capture him, not only would they receive a grade eight martial arts, they would even receive fifty thousand pure Yuan Pills!

This reward was extremely lavish and it undoubtedly caused a commotion across Great Desolate Province and enticed numerous elite practitioners. Thanks to this reward, it seems like the entire Great Desolate Province was looking for Lin Dong’s whereabouts…

However, even though the Ghastly Puppet Cult had utilized a majority of their members to search for Lin Dong, they did not accomplish much. Since the day he left Great Puppet City, Lin Dong had disappeared just like a phantom and there was no news regarding him at all. This fact frustrated many people as well. Nonetheless, the Great Desolate Province was extremely vast and it was filled with countless mountain range, with several Demonic Beasts hidden within. Therefore, if a single person wanted to conceal himself, it would be quite difficult to locate him.

Therefore, even though the lavish reward offered by Ghastly Puppet Cult caused the entire Great Desolate Province to turn heated, in the end, no one was able to claim that reward.

As they searched painstakingly for Lin Dong, time quickly passed by. In a blink of an eye, seven days quickly flashed by without a trace.

Seven days of searching yielded no results. This fact caused several factions to rejoice over their misery. However, just as they thought that the Ghastly Puppet Cult would blow their fuse, they unexpectedly realized that the elite Ghastly Puppet Cult members have actually abandoned their search and were instead travelling swiftly towards the Ghastly Puppet Cult headquarters in Ghastly Puppet City. Their actions made them seem like they had given up on searching for Lin Dong and rescuing Teng Lei, which caused several of them to be secretly perplexed.

However, regardless of how outsiders tried to speculate, in the following days, Ghastly Puppet Cult turned eerily silent. Several elite practitioners guarded the Ghastly Puppet Cult just like an iron bucket and anyone who enters or leaves must be subjected to a strict inspection….

Ghastly Puppet Cult’s uncharacteristic actions undoubtedly drew the attention of every other faction. In fact, even powerful factions like Great Devil Sect and Marital Alliance immediately turned their attention to Great Puppet City. They were extremely aware of Ghastly Puppet Cult’s character and they knew that they would definitely not put on such a grand show unless something extremely important is occurring.

Even though they were still unaware of what major event was occurring, based on the fact that they had suspended their search for Lin Dong and rescue of Teng Lei, it seems like this event was terrifyingly important. In that case, it undoubtedly further piqued the interest of every other faction. They were curious to find out what event could cause the powerful Ghastly Puppet Cult to act in such a careful fashion!

Just as the attention from various factions were gathered on Ghastly Puppet City, at a mountain range far away, a figure was immersing himself in martial arts cultivation…

This was a bamboo forest. Lush green flooded one’s eyes, an exceptionally peaceful sight.

A young figure sat quietly in the middle of that bamboo forest, while his figure was straight like a pencil. Even though he did not move at all, a formidable aura emerged from him. When a few bamboo leaves drifted down and fell in front of that figure, it was instantly split into two with a buzzing sound…

The instant that bamboo leaves were split into two, Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes began to gradually open up. Promptly, his still figure suddenly moved.


Lin Dong’s footsteps were extremely peculiar. In fact, right after he took a step, an illusionary figure actually appeared. Just as that illusionary figure appeared, the Yuan Power vibrations surrounding Lin Dong’s body instantly inflated.

Buzz buzz!

As he continued to step forward, in a blink of an eye, he had taken nine steps instantly just like he was stepping on clouds. After taking those steps, seven illusory figures immediately emerged.


When that seventh figure emerged, Lin Dong, who was dashing forward, instantly froze. Meanwhile, the Yuan Power undulated on his body seemed to have reached a boiling point.

“Nine Destruction Purple Shadow!”

A deep roar suddenly erupted from Lin Dong’s mouth. His fists danced while they carried potent Yuan Power, which gushed forth just like a volcano.


After he launched his fist, potent Yuan Power instantly erupted from Lin Dong’s body. Then, an exceedingly formidable glow golden glow flashed across the bamboo forest…

Bang bang bang!

Wherever that golden glow passed by, every bamboo within several dozen meters radius was instantly ruptured into dust which filled the horizons. When that dust spread out, the ground became instantly as shiny as a mirror.


After he deeply exhaled a puff of white air, Lin Dong stared at that vast bamboo forest and gently smiled. Eight days of cultivation. Even though he had not reached the stage where he could bring out all nine illusory figures, he had made quite good progress…

“It’s almost time…”

Lin Dong lifted his head and stared towards the Ghastly Puppet City’s location while his eyes began to turn increasingly solemn. He knew that the place where he was heading to this time was filled with danger and tribulations.

Nonetheless, regardless of how dangerous it is, he must still head there!

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