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Chapter 302: Power Play

“What is that fellow? Who actually dares to provoke the Ghastly Puppet Cult in Great Puppet City? Doesn’t he know that the Ghastly Puppet Cult has a branch division located at this spot?”

“Seems like it is Lin Dong!”

“Lin Dong? That Lin Dong, who was reputed to have injured Hua Gu? That kid must be out of his mind if he choose to come here and stir trouble?”

“Pfft, what do you know? I heard that this Lin Dong previously defeated the Wang Clan genius Wang Yan at the Great Desolate Ancient Table. In fact, inside the tablet domain, he was able to battle against all the elite Wang Clan practitioners all his own. Who can match up to his brilliance?”

“Yeah, in fact, he even received a Manifestation Martial Arts that was better than that received by the Lin Clan famed genius Lin Langtian. This man is not only courages but he is exceedingly talented. In my opinion, even Teng Li from Ghastly Puppet Cult, Mu Qianqian from Great Devil Sect and Wu Ci from Martial Alliance cannot hold a candle to him!”

“No way? Is he actually so powerful?”

“Seems like we will have a good show to watch. This Lin Dong has always been at loggerheads with the Ghastly Puppet Cult. Now that he chose to brazenly step forth, an earth shattering battle was definitely ensure!”


The entire Great Puppet Cult instantly became heated as numerous figures flashed forth and appeared on top of various tall buildings scattered across the street. Then, peculiar glances were all locked onto the figure hovering in mid-air, while whispers continuously scattered forth across the city like a tidal wave.

Lin Dong was hovering mid-air as he stared coldly towards the location of the Ghastly Puppet Cult. With regards to the stares from the crowd, he did not seem to mind. Even though everyone else seemed to regard this area like a dangerous and treacherous zone, in his eyes, it was nothing at all!

“Little bastard Lin Dong, this old man was still mourning over the fact that I could not rip you into shreds with my own hands. I never expected heaven to answer my prayers and allow you to safely escape. Very well, today, this old man shall rip off your limbs off in front of the crowd and display them on the city walls to warn the rest!”

Moments after Lin Dong shouted out, over at the Ghastly Puppet Cult branch division, vicious aura instantly erupted forth. Then, several figures swarmed forth just like ants, before they quickly reached some of the taller buildings that were situated below Lin Dong. In fact, some of them even directly travelled via air. At the same time, Hua Gu’s venomous voice suddenly ricocheted across the entire city.

When they heard his venomous words, countless pairs of eyes from the city instantly shifted and turned to look at the people that were streaming out from Ghastly Puppet Cult. Amongst them, was Hua Gu, who was now dressed in grey robes. He was also holding on to his white bone spear and his expression seemed exceedingly fierce and hideous.

“You stupid old fart. Previously I chose to let you live. If you refuse to learn the folly of your ways, than today’s date next year shall be your mourning day!” As he stared at that Hua Gu, who had a hideous expression on his face, Lin Dong’s expression turned stern as he coldly shouted out.

“Snort, smart ass brat!” Standing in front of Hua Gu, Teng Lei’s eyes coldly locked onto Lin Dong, before he chuckled: “Even though I do not know how you managed to escape from that guardian, I am glad that you made it. Now you can hand over that high-grade Soul Puppet to my Ghastly Puppet Cult. Also, with regards to that Manifestation Martial Arts that you lucked upon, I am fairly interested in it. This time around, hand it over to me as well!”

“I am afraid that a useless shit like you don’t have the ability to enjoy it!” Lin Dong stared at Teng Lei, before a smile emerged on his lips. However, his smile was filled with a thick killing intent . After all, previously at the spiritual tablet domain, if he did not possess the dark symbol, he would have probably been dead due to that bastard!”

“If you stayed outside, I may not be unable to deal with you. However, I never expected that you would be this stupid to show up on my doorstep. In that case, don’t blame my Ghastly Puppet Cult for being vicious!” Teng Lei’s eyes were dark as he venomously chuckled.

“Young sect leader, let me handle this little bastard first. After I hack his limbs off, I will make him to beg for mercy in front of you like a dog!” Hua Gu’s eyes were solemn. Then, he took a step forward, before a formidable Yuan Power erupted from within his body. Immediately, without waiting for Teng Lei’s response, his figure flashed before he directly transformed into a rainbow flash and dashed towards Lin Dong.

“Little bastard, you were only able to hurt me previously because I was careless. This time around, this old man shall butcher you personally. Let’s see how arrogant you will be then!”

Hua Gu’s figure suddenly dashed forth, before vicious glowing shadows instantly emerged from the bone spear in his hand, before they lightning-quick flew towards Lin Dong’s vital points. Streams of splitting wind sound quickly formed under the spear.

Previously, due to his overconfidence, he was severely injured by Lin Dong. Hua Gu has always viewed this as a major insult. Therefore, since he had the opportunity today, he was naturally going to prove in front of everyone, that based on his current strength, if he wanted to kill Lin Dong, it was as easy as flipping his palm!

“Demonic Bone Scraping Spear!’

That long spear’s glowing shadow dashed forth before it instantly closed in on Lin Dong. Then, Hua Gu’s eyes turned cold before he suddenly jerked his arms several times. Then, streams of formidable spear shadow filled with a demonic icy-cold energy before they slid along Lin Dong’s bones and muscles and picked at them.

“What is this bull shit bone picking, get lost!”

However, as he faced Hua Gu’s formidable attack, Lin Dong chuckled instead. Then, he suddenly took a step forward, before his body instantly transformed into a glass-like glow. Then, a formidable energy coursed through his muscles as they rapidly spread out.

When that glass-like glow emerged on Lin Dong’s body, Lin Dong bent his palms, before he jutted his arms forth just like an eagle claw. Then, he actually directly grabbed that menacing long spear, which was filled with a thick killing intent!

“Courting death!’

When he saw that Lin Dong had actually grabbed onto his bone spear with his bare hands, a tinge of shock flashed across Hua Gu’s eyes. Promptly, his face darkened as Yuan Power violently gushed forth and directly transformed into sharp Yuan Power glowing blades on the tip of his spear, as he tried to directly slice apart Lin Dong’s palms.

“Clang clang!’

However, when those Yuan Power glowing blades touched Lin Dong’s palm, sparks suddenly erupted while a crisp metallic sound quickly spread forth. However, in the end, the only thing left behind on Lin Dong’s arm were merely white scratches.

“With so little skills, yet you still dare to embarrass yourself!” Lin Dong chuckled, before he suddenly gripped his fist. A terrifying force gushed out, before a pa sound emerged. Then, under the bewildered stares of the crowd, he forcefully crushed Hua Gu’s bone spear.


When he saw that his rock-solid bone spear had been actually crushed by Lin Dong’s palm alone, that Hua Gu panicked till his eyelids began to jump. Right now, he suddenly understood that Lin Dong was several times more powerful compared to before!

After this realization, a little unease arose in Hua Gu’s heart. Without hesitation, he immediately discard the bone spear in his hand and hastily retreated.

“Since you dared to make a move, why back off now?!” However, right now, Lin Dong would definitely not give this old fellow a chance to escape. Immediately, his feet and palm jutted forth, before his figure flashed. In an instant, he appeared right in front of Hua Gu.

“White Bone Heart Shattering Palm!”

When he saw Lin Dong chasing after him, powerful Yin Yuan Power immediately erupted from Hua Gu’s palms, before he quickly slammed it against Lin Dong’s chest.


As he faced Hua Gu’s attack, Lin Dong’s face remained calm, as he directly stretched his arm out, before his palm instantly swelled. Then, just like a iron fan, he forcefully gripped onto Hua Gu’s palm.

“Since you want to break my limbs, then I shall let you experience that sensation first!” Lin Dong’s eyes were vicious as he coldly shouted out. Then, he gripped his large palm, before a terrifying force instantly emerged!


After Lin Dong’s gripped his palm, a piercing bone cracking sound instantly erupted. Immediately, Hua Gu’s pained screams swiftly followed.

“Bastard, release Elder Hua Gu!” When the Ghastly Puppet Cult elite practitioner saw this sight, their facial expressions changed drastically. Immediately, several elite practitioners dashed forth, before a formidable attack immediately exploded towards Lin Dong.

“Bang bang bang!”

However, before their attacks could reach Lin Dong, standing nearby, Little Flame swiped its python tale, before several glowing blood lashes split through the skies and viciously slammed against their bodies, causing them to be blown away, while vomiting blood.

Lin Dong casually released his hand, before that wailing Hua Gu fell hideously from mid-air. Finally, he hideously landed on the ground, before his painful cries ricocheted across the entire city.

Inside the city, pairs of eyes stared at Hua Gu, who was rolling on the ground.Right now, the latter’s palm have nearly turned into a meat pulp. This sight caused several people to shudder, before they promptly felt amazed. Regardless, Hua Gu was a genuine advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner. However, after exchanging a few blows, he had been reduced till a such a sorry state by Lin Dong. At once, several people turned to look at on another, before they involuntarily sucked in a deep breath. It seems like those rumours were indeed true…

“Teng Lei, since you want to harm me, today, I shall cleanse your Ghastly Puppet Cult in blood!”

After he defeated Hua Gu in a domineering fashion, Lin Dong gradually lowered his head before he stared solemnly at that steely-faced Teng Lei. Then, his icy cold voice ricocheted across the entire Great Puppet City.

As they stared at that young man, who was hovering in mid-air with an exceedingly menacing aura, every faction in Great Puppet City involuntarily felt a cold chill down their spines. Right now, all of them understood that it was no foolish move for Lin Dong to step forward by himself. Rather, he possessed the ability to dominate the Ghastly Puppet on his own!

Instantly, several people’s eyes involuntarily turned to look at that wailing Hua Gu. It seems like this time, the Ghastly Puppet Cult has truly offended an extremely cumbersome person…


Under the stares of the entire city, Teng Lei’s face turned increasingly steely-green. He knew that if he continued to allow Lin Dong to behave atrociously, then their Ghastly Puppet Cult’s reputation will be ruined…

“Every elite Ghastly Puppet Cult member listen up. Set up the formation. Today, I will make this useless bastard regret every last word he said!”

A steely-faced Teng Lei slowly lifted his head as he stared venomously at Lin Dong. Then, a cold shout filled with a overwhelming killing intent suddenly echoed across the entire Great Puppet City.

When they heard Teng Lei’s voice, everyone knew that this time around, the Ghostly Puppet Cult intended to fight till the bitter end with Lin Dong!

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