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WDQK Chapter 22: Crowd Stunning Martial Arts

“Heh heh, that chap is really unlucky……”

Lin Shan inwardly rejoiced at the misfortune that had fallen upon Lin Dong, while gazing at the latter who stood on the stone platform. To a certain extent, Lin Yun was not inferior to Lin Hong. In fact, if they both were given the same treatment, it would difficult to say who would be stronger in the future. Now that Lin Dong had actually met Lin Yin in this round, it seems like Lin Dong’s competition journey would be cut short here.

“Too bad, I had originally planned to teach him a lesson personally. Looks like there’s no need now.” Lin Shan snickered as lazily remarked.

“To think that his opponent would be Lin Yun.”

When Lin Xiao heard about Lin Dong’s current matchup, the former could not help but furrow his brows. Clearly, this name was not foreign to him.

On one side, Qing Tan tightly clenched her fists, as a worried look surfaced on her tiny face.

“Don’t be too worried, even if he loses to Lin Yun, he would still have made the most of a bad situation. After all, Lin Dong has only trained for a much shorter period than him.” Lin Xiao remarked. After he had recovered from his injuries, he had naturally became much less strict on Lin Dong.

Upon hearing these words, Qing Tan did not say anything. As her pupils shifted to stare at the young man on the stone platform, even though she did not know why, in her heart, she was anticipating a different outcome……

“Lin Dong-ge will not lose so easily……”

After Lin Ken announced the opponent, a youngster dressed in ash-colored clothes silently emerged from the crowd, before walking up the stone platform.

This youngster was rather skinny, yet his gaze was as penetrating as an eagle’s. Looking at him, you could tell that he was not only wise but that he also possessed an unwavering determination.

Having witnessed his parents meet a violent death at the hands of bandits, the youngster had inevitably matured earlier than his peers.

“Lin Yun.” The youngster dressed in ash-colored clothes slowly announced his name as he faced Lin Dong.

“Lin Dong.” Lin Dong courteously replied, as he solemnly cupped one fist in his other hand, giving his opponent the respect he deserved. Although he had never had any contact with Lin Yun before, Lin Dong rather admired the latter.

“I will not hold back.” Lin Yun warned Lin Dong as he stared at the latter.

“Thank you.” Lin Dong smiled.

Upon witnessing this sight, Lin Xiao was slightly stunned, though he recovered shortly after. As he stared intently at Lin Dong, he slowly released a sigh. On the former’s fists, an extremely weak radiance flickered, signalling that he would use Yuan Power.

“Since both of you are here, let the match begin.” Lin Ken anxiously glanced at Lin Dong before he waved his hand and shouted.


Just as Lin Ken’s voice faded, Lin Yun’s eyes narrowed. In a single step, he forcefully charged at Lin Dong, as he gripped his five fingers into a fist and directly attacked Lin Dong’s chest.

Faced with Lin Yun’s attack, Lin Dong did not retreat. Rather, to the astonishment of the crowd, he also took a step forward as his right palm quickly extended to catch Lin Yun’s fist. As Lin Dong’s palm collided against Lin Yun’s fist, the latter was unexpectedly blown backwards upon impact.

Just as his fist was deflected, Lin Yun’s body stance abruptly shifted, effectively evading the palm that Lin Dong had opportunistically threw in his way. Clenching both fists together, he suddenly extended them to smash onto Lin Dong’s face. Layer upon layer of fist images were like a torrent of huge hailstones falling from the sky. That kind of power was not one that any sane man would dare to clash against.

“Falling Rock Fist?”

This familiar fist technique caused Lin Dong to raise his eyebrows. He had seen Lin Shan execute this set of fist techniques before, yet compared to the one Lin Yun had used, Lin Shan’s fist technique would appear to be riddled with flaws.


Spitting out a breath of air through his throat, Lin Dong knew in his heart that the power of Falling Rock Fist would only grow stronger in a prolonged fight, making it even harder to deal with at the later stages. Thus, he understood that he could not afford to back away now.

Since he could not retreat, he could only face it head on!

“Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa……”

With a serene expression on his face, Lin Dong’s palms tightened into fists. Immediately, a series of crisp echoes sounded out from the top of the stone platform. All in all, there were eight echoes!

Eight echo Penetrating Fist!

Upon witnessing this sight, many people in the crowd were slightly alarmed. They never expected that Lin Dong would be able to master Penetrating Fist to such a degree at this age.

“This brat, to think that he has made such progress……” Lin Xiao was also shocked at Lin Dong’s sudden display, though soon after, a cheerful look surfaced on his face.

“Yes, not bad……”

In the VIP booth, Lin Zhentian stroked his beard, slowly nodding.. Being able to utilize the eighth echo of Penetrating Fist at such an age was a pretty impressive accomplishment.

“Yet the force behind Lin Yun’s Falling Rock Fist is also extremely strong, and it even has the support of Yuan Power. Hence, even though the eighth echo Penetrating Fist is powerful, it is still going to be difficult to overpower the former…”

Though he was thoroughly amazed, Lin Zhan Tian still maintained a discerning eye as he assessed the situation, while muttering to himself.


However, just as Lin Zhentian’s words faded, another clear and crisp sound reverberated in the air. In that instance, the entire training chamber lapsed into a moment of silence.

Ninth echo!

The pinnacle of Penetrating Fist!


In a flash, every member of the crowd immediately turned towards Lin Dong. This time, they managed to spot a weak glow flickering on Lin Dong’s fist.

Yuan Power! Tempered Body 6th Layer!


Cracks emerged on the teacup in Lin Xiao’s hand, as he blankly stared at the young man on the stone platform. The ninth echo Penetrating Fist? Tempered Body 6th Layer?

Lin Dong……since when did he become this powerful?


As he sat on the Clan Head’s seat, Lin Zhen Tien was briefly silent, before he slowly uttered out the compliment. Everyone who knew him personally, understood that the strength Lin Dong displayed caused him to be extremely satisfied.

Standing in a corner, Lin Mang’s expression darkened. He kept his lips tightly sealed and did not utter a single word. Standing behind him, Lin Hong’s brow also slightly furrowed.

“This brat really has some skills……”


Under the crowd’s stupefied gazes, like a huge boulder, Lin Dong’s fist crashed against both of Lin Yun’s fists. A tremendous blow erupted as the latter’s body flew away like a kite whose string had broke, before finally landing on the ground just outside the perimeter of the stone platform.


Seeing that Lin Dong had blew away Lin Yun with just one punch, the surrounding crowd burst into an uproar. Those who had known Lin Dong from before, had their mouths wide open, as they were clearly unable to believe that he had made such astounding progress in merely half a year.

Lin Ken was likewise stunned by the strength that Lin Dong had displayed. A short period later, he finally hastily opened his mouth and announced the results.

“Lin Dong is the victor!”

The training chambers abruptly exploded into applause and cheers as they finally understood that Lin Dong had reached this stage unscathed not through luck, but by the genuine strength he possessed.

Lin Dong watched the roaring crowd from his spot on the stone platform, as a small smile formed on his face. He leapt off the stone platform and extended a hand to Lin Yun: “Are you alright?”

“Penetrating Fist ninth echo and Tempered Body 6th Layer. My defeat is justified.” Lin Yun looked at Lin Dong with a smile also on his face. He continued: “If there is ever  an opportunity, I would like to spar with you again.”

Finishing his words, Lin Yun did not linger and instead turned to leave.

Gazing at Lin Yun’s back, Lin Dong also smiled. Towards him, he had quite a favorable impression. If there was a chance in the future, perhaps they could get to know each other better.

However, before that, he still had to finish Lin Hong off, or else he would continue to harass Qing Tan……

Lin Dong turned his head and cast his gaze toward Lin Hong’s position, only to see that the latter was also looking back at him with faint disdain in his expression.

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