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Chapter 215: Mist Forest

“What kind of god forsaken place is this!”

Lin Dong was in a primitive forest, which was filled with a milky white mist. This kind of mist was extremely weird and it was very difficult even for Mental Energy to penetrate it. Moreover, the skies above were filled with an icy cold Qi, which even someone like Lin Dong’s was unable to tolerate. Hence, during the two days in which he had been in this forest, he had basically been randomly wandering around.

These two days of randomly wandering around had evidently caused Lin Dong to become a little twitchy. He seemed to have been trapped in here.

“The mist here is very strange, even I will not be of much help.” To one side, Little Marten spread out its claws, indicating that it was unable to do much.

Lin Dong helplessly sighed, while kneading his forehead. He retrieved a map from his Qiankun bag and looked at it for a long time, before mumbling: “It has been almost four months since we left Yan City. Including Dayang Province and the four other provinces along the way, if this map is not wrong, we should already have reached the edge of the Great Desolation Province…”

“Oh that right, I remember now. This is the Mist Forest, a strange forest at the edge of the Great Desolation Province. To think that we have actually entered this place, no wonder we cannot find the exit.” While he was mumbling, Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly lighted up, as if he had recalled something.

“How do we get out?” Little Marten lazily asked.

After hearing this, Lin Dong was once again stunned. Soon after, he forced a smile and said: “We know nothing about the topography here, I’ve heard that there is only one correct path and without someone to guide us, it will be very difficult to leave…”

“We need someone to guide us?”

Little Marten helplessly shook its head and sat on Little Flame’s head: “Walk towards the right, there seems to be a little Yuan Power undulation there…”

Lin Dong was slightly taken aback, evidently, he had never expected that Little Marten’s senses could reach so far even in such a place.

“Stop being shocked, this is already my limit. The isolation ability of the mist is too powerful. Any further and I will not be able to do anything.” Little Marten rolled its eyes and explained.

Lin Dong laughed bitterly. Along this journey, they had experienced all kinds of hardships. A month before, even when they had been chased by two Qi Creation stage Demonic Beasts for two whole days, they had been as lively as usual. However, never did they imagine that they would be tormented so horribly by this terrible forest.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong waved at Little Flame, as he widened his steps and swiftly walked towards the right side. In response, Little Flame nimbly followed.


In an empty space enshrouded by a thick mist, about a dozen people were tightly packed together. From time to time, ferocious Demonic Beasts, which reeked of blood, charged at them from all directions, before they were quickly shredded to pieces by a dozen or so vigorous Yuan Power.

“These beasts are truly troublesome! Dojo master, when will it end.”

Among the crowd, a man hacked apart a Demonic Beast with his sword before he wiped away the blood on his face and cursed.

“Pay a little more attention and just wait it out.” The one who replied the man, was a middle-aged man with the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear. In his hand, was a black broadsword. As that broadsword danced, it was filled with power, and when any of the charging Demonic Beasts made contact with it, their flesh was lacerated.

This middle-aged man’s strength was clearly the highest among this group, and he had already advanced to the initial Form Creation stage. Even when faced with the attacks from all sides of these numerous Demonic Beasts, he did not panic even the least bit and instead completely blew all the Demonic Beasts away.

“Keep it up dad!”

At the center of the group was a girl who looked about twelve or thirteen years old and was dressed in light red clothes. While this little girl watched the middle-aged man’s brave figure, she could no help but clap her tiny hands and cheer with her lovable voice. Her young and innocent voice was just like a little angel’s, causing some of the surrounding men to chuckle, as if some of the tiredness in their bodies had been chased away by this doll-like little girl.

“Yinyin, be careful!”

Beside this little girl, a woman who was about twenty years old hastily pulled the former behind her. This woman was tall and her tight clothes revealed her exquisite and fine figure. Her face was also rather pretty and her high nose seemed to give off a trace of arrogance.

“Oh.” The little girl, who was called Yinyin, obediently responded and hid behind the pretty woman, while her huge eyes secretly looked towards the situation outside.

This battle here lasted for almost half an hour, before the Demonic Beasts finally retreated, leaving behind a huge amount of corpses.

As these Demonic Beasts withdrew, most of the men here sat down on their butts, and continuously panted for air. Evidently, they were quite exhausted.

Upon seeing the exhausted crowd, the middle-aged man could not help but helplessly shake his head. Just as he was about to speak, his expression suddenly changed, and his gaze abruptly turned towards the mist in front of them, as his sternly shouted out: “Who?”

After hearing the middle-aged man’s sudden shout, the crowd which had just sat down hastily rose once again, as they grabbed the weapons beside them and nervously gazed to their front.

Under their nervous gazes, a figure slowly walked out from the mist and gazed at the tensed up group, before he scratched his head and said: “Don’t worry everyone, I do not have any ill will. I only entered this place by accident and cannot find the exit…”

When they saw the youngster who had appeared before them, everyone let out a sigh of relief. However, the middle-aged man’s gaze was still tightly fixed onto Lin Dong, and he did not relax in the slightest because of his seemingly tender age. That was because he had already sensed a trace of danger from Lin Dong’s body.

“This young brother must be from some foreign region right?” The middle-aged man stared at Lin Dong and suddenly asked.

“Yes.” Lin Dong chuckled, before he clasped his fists together and said: “Old brother, may I follow you, and if we are able to successfully leave this place, I will definitely repay you.”

“No way, we will not bring along a stranger! It will better for you to go on your own.” At this moment, the pretty lady walked over with the little girl, as she examined Lin Dong’s body and said.

“Sister, he is just someone who got lost…” The doll-like little girl secretly said to one side.

The beautiful lady rolled her eyes at the little girl, before she said in a low voice towards the middle-aged man: “Father, our current situation is not stellar. Bringing along some unknown person, who may only hinder us is too risky.”

After hearing her words, the middle-aged man did not immediately reply. His eyes were tightly fixed onto Lin Dong, and a long while later, he finally spoke in a low voice: “This young brother, our group has attracted some things here. If you follow us, I’m afraid you will get caught up in the danger. Of course, it is not that I am unwilling to help out, if you are not afraid of the dangers, follow us and we will bring you out of the Mist Forest.”

“Father!” When she heard the middle-aged man was actually willing to help him, that pretty lady hurriedly exclaimed. However, she was stopped by that middle-aged man with a wave of his hand.

“Many thanks to this old brother.”

Lin Dong chuckled and once again clasped his hands together in thanks towards the middle-aged man. This was the first group that he had encountered in days and he naturally would not give up so easily. After all, he truly did not want to linger for too long in this god forsaken place.

Upon seeing Lin Dong walk over, the pretty woman long and shapely eyebrows involuntarily frowned a little.

“This young one is Lin Dong, thank you old brother for your kind assistance.” Lin Dong walked over to the middle-aged man’s side and said.

The middle-aged man laughed and spread out his hands, while he took a closer look at Lin Dong, before his eyes paused on the small scarlet red beast in his arms.

The small scarlet red beast in Lin Dong’s arms was naturally Little Flame. After it had advanced in cultivation level, it was now able to control its body size and change it. For the sake of not drawing the attention and wariness of these people, he did not let Little Flame transform into its battle mode.

“Heh heh, I am called Jiang Lei, the dojo master of the Eagle Martial Dojo. These are my two daughters, Jiang Xue and Jiang Yinyin, and the rest of them are my brothers from Eagle Martial Dojo.” The middle-aged man’s was evidently rather forthright. As he heartily laughed, Lin Dong started to have some good feelings towards the former.

“This young one is Lin Dong, I greet dojo master Jiang.” Lin Dong laughed and clasped his hands together, as he secretly sighed in his heart. As expected of the Great Yan Empire’s most powerful area, even a mere martial dojo had a Form Creation stage practitioner overseeing it. Compared to the Raging Blade Dojo in Qingyang Town, this was practically heaven and earth.

“Haha, no need to be polite little brother Lin Dong. Take a rest first, we will reorganize ourselves for a while here before moving off. I believe that we will be able to exit the Mist Forest tomorrow.” Jiang Lei heartily laughed and patted Lin Dong’s shoulder, before turning to organize the group.

“Humph, I’m already used to father’s kindness. I hope that you will not do anything funny, or else, I will be the first to kill you!” After seeing Jiang Lei turn around, the beautiful woman known as Jiang Xue warned in an icy cold voice.

In response to the beautiful woman’s hostility, Lin Dong did not reply. When they left this forest, they would naturally part ways and there was no need for him to get close to her.

“Big brother, it’s so pretty!” To one side, the doll-like little girl, who looked like she was carved from jade stared at Little Flame, which was in Lin Dong’s arms, with her huge and lively eyes as she delightfully said.

“Oh, here, you can carry it.” As he gazed at the adorable little girl before him, a gentle smile surfaced on Lin Dong’s face. She caused him to remember the little lass Qingtan…

Upon hearing this, a look of joy instantly appeared on Jiang Yinyin’s tiny face. She carefully reached out her tiny hands and received Little Flame into her bosom. Little Flame struggled for a while, before it stopped helplessly.

When Jiang Xue saw the gentleness on Lin Dong’s face as he talked to Jiang Yinyin, the coldness in her beautiful eyes melted a little. However, her tone remained unfriendly: “During this time, you can follow us. I do not hope for you to contribute much and you only need to hide in the inner circle. Once you are taken by the Demonic Beasts, no one can save you!”

After saying this, she pulled little Yinyin’s hand and walked towards the middle of the group. Little Yinyin carried Little Flame in one hand and turned her head to make a cute and funny face at Lin Dong, causing Lin Dong to involuntarily chuckle.

“This group seems to be marked by something…”

Lin Dong stretched his back, as he gazed casually behind him. He could faintly sense that there was something following this Eagle Martial Dojo.

“I hope that we can leave this god forsaken place smoothly.”

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