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Chapter 1049



On the dishelvied plains, countless pairs of stunned and grave eyes were staring at the man, who withdrew the scepter from Cao Ying’s forehead. After which, Lin Dong surveyed his surroundings once, before turning to leave. A moment later, a buzzing like uproar involuntarily emerged…

The fight had clearly ended and the result had exceeded most people’s expectations. Since the start, hardly anyone believed that Lin Dong could defeat Cao Ying. No matter how one puts it, the latter was merely a puny human who had suddenly appeared out from nowhere. On the other hand, Cao Ying was an expert who has long made a name for himself in the Beast War Region.

His half step to perfect Profound Death stage strength, was sufficient for him to tower over many powerful experts.

Yet, the final result left most people here in shock. Not only did Lin Dong manage to defeat Cao Ying, but he even issued a relatively overbearing threat in front of the many experts from Blood Python City.

Moreover, this threat even obtained the end result that he desired.

“This fellow… is he called Lin Dong? Truly a formidable individual…”

Several people clicked their tongues secretly. It was likely that this name would spread rapidly after today’s incident. However, there were also some individuals who quietly shook their heads. The Beast War Region was extremely chaotic to begin with and Lin Dong’s arrogant act would ultimately wound up attracting a great deal of trouble. This time around, it was Cao Ying. The next time around, it was likely that the troublemaker that he faced would be even tougher to deal with.

Cao Mang led a couple of experts from Blood Python City and hurried to the side of the seriously injured Cao Ying, amidst the uproar. His expression was dark and solemn as he turned around to look at Lin Dong, who had completely ignored them. He clenched his teeth and said, “Big brother, are we simply going to let that brat off? We are large in numbers. Regardless of how many techniques he has, we should be able to stop him!”

Cao Ying’s eyes appeared unusually dark and dense. However, he eventually shook his head and spoke with great unwillingness. “There is something strange about that brat. Even if we can rely on our superior numbers to keep him here today, our Blood Python City will definitely suffer a huge loss. At that time, those factions, which are eyeing us with ill intent, will take advantage and attack us. It is likely that Blood Python City will no longer exist then.”

“However, our reputation will suffer if news of this incident spread!” Cao Mang said.

“Is our reputation or our survival more important?” Cao Ying replied coldly. His eyes became even colder as he said, “We will remember this debt. If the opportunity arises in the future, we will take action!”

Cao Mang could only nod his head after hearing Cao Ying’s words. He also knew that Cao Ying was currently seriously injured. If they were to clash head on with Lin Dong, it was likely that no one within Blood Python City would be able to stop the latter. At that time, they would suffer a severe loss if they were to engage in an intense fight.

Therefore, their Blood Python City could only shatter their teeth and swallow them now.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong returned to the tall slope. Three worshiping and heated pairs of eyes greeted him. All he could do was helplessly shake his head, waved his hand and said.

“Yes.” The Xin Qing trio nodded obediently.

Lin Dong did not say anything else upon seeing this. He had already achieved his objective today and there was no need to linger on. His body quickly moved before he transformed into a ray of light and shot forward. The Xin Qing trio closely followed behind him. After which, the four of them rapidly disappeared in front of the many pairs of eyes.

After Lin Dong’s group left, the atmosphere in this place also became a lot more relaxed. Many pairs of eyes contained some pity and ridicule as they looked at the group from Blood Python City, who were retreating in a depressed manner…

Lin Dong journey was extremely smooth after experiencing the hindrance by Blood Python City. However, during the subsequent journey, he was able to gradually sense the shock he had created. His action might seem arrogant to certain powerful experts in the Beast War Region, but those from the Demon Region loved to fight. As a result, many self-proclaimed powerful individuals were also searching for Lin Dong in an attempt to allow him experience the true might of the experts in the Demon Region.

Lin Dong felt helpless in the face of this result. He wanted his name to spread across the Beast War Region and this was something that was unavoidable. Hence, he did not regret his decision. As long as he was able to find Little Flame, he was willing to create a commotion of any size.

Now, all he hoped was that Little Flame would hear these rumours. Otherwise, he would have wasted all his effort…

With anticipation in his heart, the group of four gradually approached the location of the Nine-tail village.

“Sir Lin Dong, we should reach the Nine-tail village in another hour…” Xin Qing rubbed the perspiration off her forehead as she cried out towards Lin Dong in front in a delicate voice.


Lin Dong nodded before his eyes surveyed his surroundings. They had left the desolate plains two days ago and his surrounding area was lush green. It was filled with rich life and vegetation compared to the desolate plains before.

“This place is considered as the junction between the Deep Lightning Mountain and the Hundred Beast Ridge. This place is not as chaotic as the desolate plains. This is because all the territory here belongs to the Deep Lightning Mountain and the Hundred Beast Ridge.” Xin Qing tried to give Lin Dong more information about the Beast Region as she followed beside him.

“What is the difference in strength between the Blood Python City and these two large factions?” Lin Dong asked.

“Blood Python City can hardly compare with these two large factions… Even discounting the leaders of these two factions, who are both one of the eight great Demon Commanders, there are still many experts under them. Both factions have nine great warriors and every one of them is stronger that the governor of Blood Python City.” Xin Qing’s small face spoke in a solemn manner.

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened upon hearing this. It seems like the Deep Lightning Mountain and Hundred Beast Ridge was indeed powerful. Just the nine great warriors under them had exceeded Cao Ying’s cultivation level. It’s no wonder they were able to become one of the strongest faction in the Beast War Region.

“It is rumoured that the commanders of the Deep Lightning Mountain and Hundred Beast Ridge both possess the qualifications to advance to the Samsara Stage. If they succeed, not only would their names be amongst the top in the Beast War Region, they would also be considered as an overlord in the entire Demon Region.

Lin Dong nodded. Although the perfect Profound Death stage was only one step away from the Samsara Stage, this single step had buried countless geniuses. Only by taking this step, could one be considered as an top-tier expert in this world. At the same time, one would also possess the qualifications to pursue the Reincarnation Stage…

It seems that these two top factions were indeed quite powerful.

Half an hour quickly passed while Xin Qing spoke. Lin Dong also saw that the area in front of him had turned spacious. It seems like there was a floating mountain in the distance. The area around the mountain was a deep abyss and many metal chains were extended from the mountain, forming a path that connected to the outside world.

There was a huge formation light barrier covering the mountain and it coincidentally wrapped around the mountain. Meanwhile, Lin Dong was able to see many buildings within the mountain and it looked just like a stockade.

“This is a pretty decent formation.”

Lin Dong looked at the huge formation before a tinge of shock flashed across his eyes. It was possible for him to detect an extremely powerful energy ripple from it.

“Sir Lin Dong, that is the guardian formation of our Nine-tail tribe. It is one of the few things that have been left behind since the ancient times. Our Nine-tail tribe would have wound up in an even more miserable state if not for this formation.” Xin Qing explained.

Lin Dong nodded slightly.

“Sir Lin Dong, we will blow the fox whistle and those within the village will know that we have returned… The members of our tribe will surely be pleased to meet you!” The two young ladies from the Nine-tail tribe spoke joyously. After which, they took out a strange looking whistle and placed them beside their small mouths. A serene whistle was subsequently emitted before it reverberated around the mountains.

Lin Dong looked at the mountain. He could clearly sense a commotion from the stockade after the whistle was blown. After which, many lovely figures appeared from behind the light barrier and the entire mountain quickly became lively.

This was a large mountain that was completely black. A huge rock hall stood at the peak. There was a guard every three steps outside of this large hall, providing the place with an extremely tight security.

At this moment, a figure was seated on the leader’s seat within the large hall. Though half his body was covered by the shadows, it was still vaguely possible to see a metal tower like outline. An indescribable pressure covered the entire large hall and it caused the people below to perspire involuntarily .

“Lord Flame General, all the factions within a five hundred kilometre radius of the north-west area have been exterminated. Sir, you have gained great prestige in this battle. It is likely that the merit of the other lords cannot match up to you.”

The metal tower figure in the shadow did not reply to this praise. His strong body remained still.

The person below seemed to be used to this. After smiling for awhile, he said, “Additionally, this little one has received some other news. I believe that sir will be interested.”

“Speak.” A thunder like voice reverberated within the hall.

“Sir, you have always been paying close attention to the humans in the Beast War Region. It is rumoured that a human has appeared in the desolate plains two days ago. Moreover, he even defeated the governor of Blood Python City.”

The figure within the shadows lowered his head. His dark red eyes seemed to contain a monstrous like ferocious glow as he stared at the person below. “What is his name?”

“Oh…” The person below frowned and thought for a moment. Finally, he nodded and spoke hesitantly, “He seems to be called… Lin… Lin Dong?”


The person’s expression changed right after his voice sounded. A terrifying and ferocious aura gathered wildly within the hall before a shadow enveloped him. A metal tower like body had appeared in front of him in a flash. At the same time, a scar covered powerful hand grabbed his clothes and squeezed it.

That person was a little shocked as he stared at this metal tower man, which typically acted indifferently to most matters. He did not know why the latter had such a huge reaction.

“He… where is he?”

A thunder like sound exploded beside the man’s ears, causing him to feel giddy and dazzled. However, he was clearly aware of the temperament of the person in front of him. He did not dare to slight the latter as he hurriedly replied, “He is with members of the Nine-tail tribe. If my deductions are correct, he will likely head for the Nine-tail Village.”

“Additional, sir… because the human acted haughtily, there are currently many individuals looking for him. Even the Mountain General is planning on looking for that human…”

“Mountain General?”

There seemed to be a monstrous ferocity gathering within the dark red eyes of the metal tower like man. He quickly tossed aside the person in his hand before a thunder like voice across in the entire mountain.

“Everyone, prepare to leave. Send someone to tell that offal Mengshan, that if he dares to touch that person, I will exterminate his entire clan!” That person felt shock in his heart as he stared at that terrifyingly and ferocious metal tower man. He hurriedly nodded and quickly left the hall.

The many people within the entire mountain began to become busy. They packed their things and readied themselves to leave.

The metal tower like man finally exited the large hall after it became empty. Sunlight shone onto him. A scar covered sky devouring like fearsome tiger face was revealed.

At this moment, this extremely fearsome and rising general in the Beast War Region, whose hands were soaked with blood, looked towards the northern sky. His tiger eyes, which had become numb and emotionless after being dyed by blood, actually become unusual gentle. After which, the corner of his mouth twitched. That extremely brutal face revealed a simple and honest smile, which had not appeared for a long time…

Big brother… you finally came…

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