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Chapter 1033

Life Death Ancestral Symbol



Mo Luo was startled. He was in disbelief as he stared at a smiling Qing Zhi. He involuntarily exclaimed, “Does that mean that you have obtained an Ancestral Symbol as well? However, why can’t I detect it?”

“There are only eight Ancestral Symbols in this world. How can it be so easy to obtain one? Moreover, it is also no easy feat for an Ancestral Symbol to acknowledge you as its owner. Not everyone can become the owner of one. Do you think that everyone is as lucky as you or Lin Dong?” Qing Zhi helplessly shook his head and said.

“Then…” Mo Luo frowned. Just who had the fourth Ancestral Symbol?


Two light figures rushed over from the area below. Mu Lan and Elder Chi Yun appeared beside the Qing Zhi duo. Mu Lan glanced at this enormous light plate that enveloped the sky. He hesitated for a moment before asking, “Are you going to use that thing?”

“Mm, the Yimo king is their strongest warrior. Since we have met one, we must definitely kill it.” Qing Zhi’s eyes narrowed. An extremely sharp murderous intent flashed across his eyes.

“However, it is rumoured that this King Destroying Heavenly Plate needs to be enchanted with four Ancestral Symbols, in order to be able to kill a Yimo king.” Elder Chi Yun spoke in a somewhat hesitant manner.

“This divine object was created by the Symbol Ancestor. Back then, the world experienced a great calamity. The Symbol Ancestor used the eight great Ancestral Symbols to enchant the King Destroying Heavenly Plate. After which, the light plate covered the land and killed eight Yimo kings in one fell swoop.”

Qing Zhi smiled. He quickly looked towards Mu Lan and said, “We will need to ask brother Mu Lan for the fourth Ancestral Symbol.”

Mo Luo and Elder Chi Yun were startled. Their eyes were promptly thrown towards Mu Lan. The latter’s expression was complicated as he sighed and looked at the ground below. There was a delicate figure located at that spot.

“My Immortal Sage Whale does indeed have an Ancestral Symbol.”

Mo Luo duo revealed a startled expression upon hearing these words. It was likely that this was the first time that they came to learn of it.

“May I know which of the eight great Ancestral Symbol does the Immortal Sage Whale clan possess?” Mo Luo spoke in a deep voice.

Mu Lan was quiet. He softly said, “Life Death Ancestral Symbol.”

Mo Luo’s eyes shrunk. His voice carried a little shock: “The Life Death Ancestral Symbol that allow its owner to live forever? The symbol that will never be destroyed?”

“There is nothing that truly lives forever in this world. Even someone as powerful as the Symbol Ancestor eventually disappeared from this world. Hence, even less need to be said of an Ancestral Symbol that was created in this world.” Mu Lan laughed bitterly.

“The Life Death Master, who was one of the eight great Ancestral Symbol owners, is an ancestor of our Immortal Sage Whale clan. She died from serious injury back then. My clan placed her corpse at the deepest part of the Chaotic Demon Sea. When we cleaned her tomb a hundred years ago, we discovered a glowing light emitted from it. Then, our clan found a black and white light egg. Moreover, the body of the ancestor had also disappeared along with the Life Death Ancestral Symbol.”

Mu Lan’s eyes stared at the delicate small figure on the ground and said, “After which, the egg was secretly taken care of by our clan and a little girl eventually emerged from it…”

Mo Luo inhaled a breath of cool air and asked, “Is it that girl, Mu Lingshan?”

“Aye.” Mu Lan nodded.

“This…” Elder Chi Yun widened his mouth. He asked hesitantly, “Is that girl your Immortal Sage Whale clan’s ancestor or… the Life Death Ancestral Symbol?”

Mu Lan smiled bitterly. His expression was uncertain.

“She should be the Life Death Ancestral Symbol.” Standing beside him, Qing Zhi said. He glanced at Mu Lan and continued, “Back then, the Life Death Master was far too seriously wounded. Even though she tried to reincarnate, she failed to do so. Hence, the Life Death Master should have completely disappeared from this world. Mu Lingshan, who was born from the light egg… should be the actual Life Death Ancestral Symbol.”

“An Ancestral Symbol… How did it become a human?” Elder Chi Yun asked incredulously.

“Every Ancestral Symbol has a spirit. However, it is indeed rare that an Ancestral Symbol would appear in human form. Moreover, even Mu Lingshan herself does not know that she is the Life Death Ancestral Symbol. Although our ancestor has died, she clearly had a mysterious connection with the Life Death Mysterious Symbol. It is precisely this connection that led to Mu Lingshan’s birth.” Mu Lan explained.

“Currently, Mu Lingshan possess the body of our Immortal Sage Whale clan, while being the Life Death Ancestral Symbol at the same time. This mutation is the first of its kind in the world.”

Mo Luo was amazed as he nodded. It was likely that he did not expect the Life Death Ancestral Symbol to hold such a secret. Mo Chen fondled his chin and said, “In that case, it explains why that girl is so close to Lin Dong. It is likely because of his Devouring Ancestral Symbol.”

Qing Zhi smiled and said, “It is rumoured that when the eight great Ancestral Symbols were born during the ancient times, the Life Death Ancestral Symbol was the last to appear. As it was small and weak, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol swallowed it into its body and provided it with energy. Only after the Life Death Ancestral Symbol grew up, did it leave the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.”

Elder Chi Yun’s old face appeared quite strange. Why did it appear as though the Devouring Ancestral Symbol was pregnant with the Life Death Ancestral Symbol? Just what was the relationship between the two?

Mu Lan laughed bitterly. “The relationship between the ancestor of my clan, the Life Death Master, and that of the Devouring Master was fairly awkward during the ancient times. As the owner of an Ancestral Symbol, one would more or less be influenced by it…”

Mo Luo nodded. He understood this quite well, given that he was also an owner of an Ancestral Symbol.

“However, word of this must not spread. Although Lingshan is the Life Death Ancestral Symbol, she has yet to awaken her true strength. Thus, if the Yimo comes to learn of it, things would end up becoming quite troublesome.”

“Relax, activating the King Destroying Heavenly Plate will only require the enchantment of four Ancestral Symbols. There is no need to activate their strength. Moreover, I will also use my Reincarnation strength to set up a disturbance. Hence, no one other than me will know.” Qing Zhi said.

Mu Lan nodded after hearing this.

Qing Zhi stopped speaking after the explanation came to an end. He waved his hand before the green light plate, that covered the world, began to slowly rotate. The light plate was like an endless sea surface. Green light rose and a ripple that could seemingly destroy the world stealthily gathered.

King Tianming and the other two Yimo generals on the other side of the light plate, stared at this scene with grave expressions. It was clear that the name King Destroying Heavenly Plate had quite a strong deterring effect on them.

“Humph, the King Destroying Heavenly Plate might be powerful, but it requires the enchantment of Ancestral Symbols. There is only one Blazing Ancestral Symbol here. You must be dreaming if you want to kill me!” Demonic Qi surged within King Tianming’s eyes. Slowly spreading the pair of demonic wings on his back, his purple-gold lines spread and blotted out the sun.

In the distance, Qing Zhi clenched his hand. The hundreds of thousand feet large green light plate suddenly trembled gently. Layers of green light withdrew from the middle of the light plate before a green light ray suddenly shot out. Finally, it transformed into a palm sized green jade plate. The jade plate was like the full moon, it was crystal clear and beautiful.

“Mo Luo.”

Qing Zhi’s eyes looked at Mo Luo the moment the green jade plate appeared. The latter nodded solemnly. The flame symbol on his brow suddenly burned before bright red flames penetrated through the sky and shot onto the green jade plate.

Hum hum!

There was a mysterious line on the green jade plate as the light of the flame shone. A mysterious symbol quietly appeared.

“You dare to call it the King Destroyer with just the enchantment of a single Blazing Ancestral Symbol?” King Tianming laughed coldly when he saw this scene.

Qing Zhi completely ignored his cold laughter. Slowly shutting both his eyes, an invisible ripple quietly spread from the green jade plate.

Seated within the city rubles below, Lin Dong lifted his head to look at the green light plate enveloping the sky. The scene within was completely isolated and no one was able to see what was going on. Meanwhile, the surrounding sky also became extremely dark and it seemed as if all light had vanished at the moment.


Lifting his head to look at the sky, Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly hardened. He could detect a special ripple being suddenly emitted from within the space itself. Subsequently, it wrapped around him. The two Ancestral Symbols within his body emitted a slight tremor after he was wrapped by the ripple.

“Lin Dong, relax. I am borrowing the strength of your Ancestral Symbols to kill King Tianming!”

Qing Zhi’s voice suddenly resounded beside Lin Dong’s ears as his expression was altered. This led him to quietly sigh in relief. Next, he relaxed the suppression he had placed on the Ancestral Symbols within his body.


A black light and a thunderbolt suddenly whizzed out from his body after Lin Dong stopped resisting. After which, they disappeared in a flash.

“Truly powerful.”

Lin Dong involuntarily let out a praise upon seeing this. He could sense that the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol within his body and the Devouring Ancestral Symbol had weakened tremendously at this moment. Clearly, their energy were being extracted from them.

Lin Dong suddenly sensed a strange fluctuation appearing beside him while he praised. He hurriedly turned his head and was shocked to find Mu Lingshan’s small body suddenly emitting a strange black and white light.

“Big brother Lin Dong. Elder Qing Zhi says that he wants to borrow my powers…”

Fatigue seemed to have surged within Mu Lingshan’s large eyes at this moment. Her body staggered and she actually fell towards Lin Dong after uttering those words. The latter hurriedly caught her upon seeing this.

However, Lin Dong’s expression changed drastically when his hand touched Mu Lingshan’s body, which was emitting a black and white light. This was because he detected a surging and indescribably pure energy crazily rushing into his body like floodwater.

The energy was filled with pure Life Death Qi. These two completely different energies were perfectly merged together…

Lin Dong was a little stunned as he stared at Mu Lingshan, who had fell into his embrace. His body, which was exhausted of Yuan Power, was once again filled with energy. This incomparably pure Life Death Qi was actually being transmitted from within Mu Lingshan’s body. Moreover, what puzzled him the most, was that the energy within her body did not discriminate against him…

“Is this…”

A confused Lin Dong held Mu Lingshan’s delicate and soft body. He lowered his head to look at her exquisite small face. His eyes shrunk a moment later. He could see a black and white symbol slowly appearing on Mu Lingshan’s forehead.

He knew that symbol. This was because… It was one of the eight great Ancestral Symbols…

Life Death Ancestral Symbol.

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