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Chapter 84
All I Can Do Now

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— Reus —


The first time that I felt scared of Aniki was when I left the mansion as a child.

I, who was scared because of Curse Child and left without permission, was beaten by Aniki. At that time, my body was really shivered, and I was scared if I was going to be killed.

It was scary, but… as I was aware of Aniki’s kindness now, I didn’t feel scared anymore.

Although there were times that I became scared like when I was being selfish or when I got scold at the time of eating snacks,  the feeling didn’t make my body trembled.

The anger that Aniki showed in the labyrinth of the school, I didn’t think that it was scary because it wasn’t directed at me. Rather, it was reliable and made me want to become stronger.

And now… the bloodlust unleashed by Aniki was thrown at me.

Even though Aniki was just standing, I felt that my body naturally trembled and my heart was tightly held.

Although I had encountered strong enemies and I had been directed by bloodlust during training… today’s bloodlust was incomparable.

“Reus. This is one battle, so come at me with the mind to kill.” (Sirius)

Aah… was there such a thing?

With those words just now… I noticed that it was pointless to lightly think, whether he was being serious or with all his techniques.

If didn’t fight Aniki with the mind to kill, I would be killed instead.

I instinctively… understood.

{…} (Announcer)

The announcer-neechan was silent, maybe because she was also overwhelmed by bloodlust that Aniki unleashed.

The game won’t start without the signal from the female announcer, and it seemed there wasn’t even a single complaint from the audience in a situation of the match wouldn’t start until how much time had passed. It looked like the audience also overwhelmed by the bloodlust and they couldn’t say anything.

And I, who personally received the bloodlust, desperately tried to suppress my body from trembling without averting my eyes away from Aniki.

“…It is unlikely that the match will begin if it stays like this. Shall we begin without the signal?” (Sirius)

This was… Aniki’s true appearance.

From that warm and calm voice of Aniki which was like Tou-chan, there was no emotion in it as if I was an unrelated person.

If Aniki loathed me, he would ordinarily show such eyes and voices.

To that extent… I didn’t like it

“What’s wrong? Are you hesitated with this degree of bloodlust?” (Sirius)

I didn’t like it… but since I didn’t want let you down, Aniki… I mustered my heart.

It wasn’t a scary situation.

Although Aniki wasn’t angry at me, for him to hurl such a bloodlust… I was tested.

To be tested like this, I was beginning to be recognized by Aniki.


“Ooooooo!” (Reus)

I roared with every effort after pulling my partner, forcibly suppress my fear.

To begin with, I wasn’t used to fear.

Fear was a sensor that perceived hostility, and if you could felt it, you could know and avoid danger. That was why Aniki said that it was important to control fear.

What I did just now was to control fear, and I would use all of my strength to fight Aniki with the intention to kill.

That’s… just it!

{…Ha!? I’m sorry! I was caught up with the bloodlust from Participant Sirius! Since Participant Reus also was prepared enough… I think that I will sta

rt the match. Well then, the Final Round… starts!} (Announcer)

That Nee-chan was somehow responded and the match began with the signal.

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And as the gong resounded, Aniki ran and he was already several steps closer to me. That unusual speed was still the same as ever.

Compared to Aniki, I was slow, so I raised my partner overhead without moving from the spot and wait.

“I’m going, Aniki!” (Reus)

I swung my partner down, and Aniki pulled out a knife almost at the same time, but I thought that I was a bit faster since I wasn’t moving.

However, since I didn’t even think that my sword would connect, I swung my partner down with right hand, and immediately released a left hand blow towards the rear.

At that moment, my Tekkou collided with Aniki’s knife, who went around behind me, and the sound of metal flipping resounded.

“Hmmm…” (Sirius)

“Kuhh!” (Reus)

Although I defended well against the knife with backhand blow swaying with intuition, Aniki was definitely aiming for my head.

And since Aniki was using knife made of Mithril, I might have been killed if I used a common Tekkou. However, since my Tekkou was also made of Mithril, I was able to stop the blow.

I loaded my strength to blow away the knife, but Aniki tilted the knife to catch my fist, twisted his body in the air and released a kick.

I avoided the kick aimed at my face by crouching down, and then, I swung my partner up while turning around, but Aniki avoided it in midair by using [Air Step].

When I thought whether he was taking a distance away from me with that momentum, he put away the knife and held his usual sword this time. It seemed like he was going to restart all over again.

{Eh… Just now, he made incomprehensible movement in midair… A-anyway! Even though we have seen the match with Participant Beowulf, Participant Sirius swiftly and skillfully went around the opponent’s rear… and to add to that, the sword and fists wielded by the fury of Reus!  How far both participants have trained!?} (Announcer)

I used [Shattering Strikes] towards Aniki who attacked from the front, but they were all avoided as I expected.

And then, Aniki took the openings occurred after the end of six slashing strikes and stabbed his sword, but I defended with my partner as a shield. I purposely made a smaller swing on the last slashing attack to reduce the opening, so I was able to defend because it was a greatsword with wide blade.

While keeping my partner as a shield, I tried to blow Aniki away with a ram attack.

“Not yet!” (Reus)

Swinging my partner up with one hand, I chased after Aniki while cladding my other fist with flames, but Aniki, who rearranged his posture in midair, pointed his palm at me.

“[Impact]” (Sirius)

“[Flame Shot]” (Reus)

[Flame Shot] was an original spell that I made and it had same power as the mid level fire spell, [Flame Lance].

Normally, it might be good to use [Flame Lance], but this spell was convenient because I could hit or skip it based on situations.

The flame wrapped around my fist jumped out at the same time as activating the spell. It hit Aniki’s [Impact] and caused a big explosion.

I couldn’t see anything because of the smoke blast. Without concerned about it, I swung my partner down at a place where he could be, but there was no response.

“–!? Is it that way!?” (Reus)

The smoke was blown off when I swung my partner at the direction where Aniki could be based on intuition and smell, and then I perceived Aniki who bend down to avoid the sword.

Aniki came closer by crawling on the ground from his bend position, so I unleashed a kick, trying to intercept him.

“…Ouch!” (Reus)

I thought that Aniki would avoid that, but he accepted my kick with his arm.

Although my posture wasn’t stable, the kick unleashed with [Boost] was powerful enough to easily blow people away. However, Aniki didn’t even make a slight tremble as if I was kicking a huge tree. …Or perhaps I should say, I was the one who felt pain!

Since the feeling of kicking felt strange, I looked at Aniki’s feet and there was a big crack on the cobblestone of the platform.

The shock received was dissipated through his feet, and the time when I realized that the technique used to ward off Jii-chan’s killer technique was…

“Aaggaahh!?” (Reus)

Aniki’s fist sunk into my stomach.

I was blown off to the rear with a blow that made me think that there was a hole in my belly for a moment, and I was rolling on the platform.

It hurts so much, but… I was prepared this much, so I could bear it!

As I arranged my posture, I stood up with both feet while rolling, but… there was an arm wrapped around my neck at the same time.

At the time when I noticed Aniki’s hand, my legs were swiped and I was thrown down on my back onto the floor.

{Participant Sirius, far from having caught up with Reus who blew away, he threw him on the floor. Obviously, the speed is getting higher than the previous match!} (Announcer)

This was bad… Aniki’s assault was stronger than I expected.

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At the last moment, I took a defensive stance to lower the damage, but Aniki hit my back and then he pointed his palm at me who was still choked.

“–!?” (Reus)

Although my breathing was disturbed, I had no time to relax.

Aniki released [Impact] at the same time I got separated because of the recoil of getting thrown on the floor, and the aftermath was I got blown away.

I got up while I was being blown away just like earlier. I somehow managed to stop myself from falling outside of the platform.

Thanks to the big distance between us, Aniki didn’t go for further pursuit. Finally, I was able to arrange my breathing.

“Gohooo! Haa… haa… that’s dangerous…” (Reus)

Aniki, who was looking at the platform which got hit with [Impact], turned over. However, he was still releasing bloodlust with cold eyes.

Aniki’s seriousness was only a little by the earlier exchange of blows, but I could see it.

I strengthen my body with [Boost], and if I wasn’t used of getting hit, I would be fainted because I couldn’t defend and avoid… no, if I didn’t do good, I might die. That was the degree of his assault.

In particular, the strength of the [Impact] was enough to crush the platform, so I would certainly lose consciousness if I directly received it.

{The assault is finally stopped, and a part of the stage was broken because of Participant Sirius’ spell! That was a chantless blow… aah, I’m falling in love!} (Announcer)

“Is it over?” (Sirius)

“That’s… not it!” (Reus)

After rearranging the breathing, I kicked the ground towards Aniki while enduring pain all over my body.

Although I didn’t like the difference in strength between me and Aniki, I understood that to certain extent. Even though I continued fighting like this, Aniki calmly handled my assault and made a precise counterattack.

Besides, even if it was said that we were killing each other, it would be alright to head out of the platform or surrender if I thought that it was impossible.

However… I absolutely hated if this was ended without being able to do anything.

Even if all my assault could be avoided… I couldn’t give up for it until I got defeated.

Even if he was stronger, even if the level was too different, Aniki was the same person as me. Whether Aniki would be careless or not, if my attack surpasses Aniki’s expectation even for a moment, it was definitely reachable.

Jumping into Aniki’s bosom, I unleashed a fist while swinging my partner, but Aniki handled it and took the opportunity to unleash a fist.

Although the fist unleashed was stopped with the Tekkou, the weight of the blow which was higher than the defense of the Tekkou made my whole body jolted and that gradually depleted my stamina.

If it’s just power, I had more than him. My body became bigger than Aniki, so I thought that was the only thing I had more than him.

Nevertheless, by making a small adjustment on [Boost] which was incomparable to mine, Aniki overwhelmed me and averted my assault with minimum effort.

Using Beowulf’s technique, [Heat Haze], Aniki kept moving after creating two  afterimages, but I was coping with my partner swaying according to my intuition.

It wasn’t really a proper swing. My intuition seemed strangely sharp unlike Aniki. In particular, the place where I attacked was where Aniki moved.

The present me was winning against Aniki only in regards of pure strength and born intuition. I was somehow able to keep it up because of that, but… it was a matter of time before I collapsed.

Far from Aniki jumped to avoid the swinging of my partner without being confused by the afterimage, he jumped into my bosom with a triangular jump in midair by using [Air Step] and plunged his knife.

I was somehow managed to defend it with Tekkou, but Aniki jumped over my head and went to my back, and the backhand blow released by reflection was avoided this time.

“Guhh! Not yet!” (Reus)

I tried to defend the fist released with my partner, but I couldn’t make it in time. Hence Aniki’s fist sunk in my body.

Rather than swinging my partner as a sword anymore, I used it more as a shield to intercept Aniki’s assault, but even with that, it didn’t stop the assault. I just couldn’t stop it.

I had no other choice but to attack now. Regardless of being beaten, I kept wielding swords and fists while defending only on my vital points.

{Participant Reus is boldly attacking, but that didn’t rival Participant Sirius’ fierce attack. But… Participant Reus is still hasn’t defeated yet! What an unbelievable will and strength!} (Announcer)

As Aniki avoided my kick, I tried to defend against his counterattack, the knife swung, with the left hand Tekkou, but he aimed at the uncovered part of the Tekkou and blood poured out because it got stabbed.

“Uooo! Wha!?” (Reus)

So I gave up on my left hand.

In short, I had to sacrifice my left arm and swung my partner, but Aniki calmly avoided by bending his leg like a whip, and then he aimed at my flank.

Defense… I won’t make it.

I would endure–…!?

{Participant Reus! He received attack again–…} (Announcer)

This was bad…. it was more than expected…

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<…It is difficult. I’m not sure how to fight an opponent who can disable my killer technique.> (Garve)








“Get a grip. Reus!” (Emilia)

Suddenly, I heard Nee-chan’s voice, and I regained consciousness by the shock of rolling on the platform.

It seemed that I lost consciousness a bit after being kicked by Aniki. I kept rolling on the platform until I was about to fall outside of it.

“It’s… not… over… yet!” (Reus)

Nevertheless, I stabbed the partner that I didn’t let go on the platform, and I managed to stop myself just before falling outside.

When I lifted my face up at the voice that I heard among the cheers of the audience, I could see Nee-chan’s figure shouting from the audience seat.

“Isn’t this the path you have chosen!? It will be rude for Sirius-sama if it ends without being able to do anything!” (Emilia)

Yeah… the usual training was intense, and wasn’t this just as similar to that? And the result hadn’t changed.

A single blow would be good enough.

I would show the strength of which I had grown up!

Until my heart completely broke… Until I collapsed… I would not give up!

When I got up with the support of the sword, Aniki was waiting with his knife.

{Participant Reus was able to endure it! Although I thought that he would blow off the battle with that earlier blow, he endured it just on the verge of falling! However, no matter how you look at it, Participant Reus is at his limit. I wonder what he would do from now on!?} (Announcer)

What did I see when I was fainted was the conversation with Lior-Jiichan that I had when he was teaching me, and the content of the conversation with Garve-Jiichan on the next morning after we defeated the enemy of Tou-chan and Kaa-chan.

At that time, I asked both Jii-chans about Aniki, but in the end, I couldn’t understand anything.

I didn’t know I saw such past dreams, but thanks to that, I remembered something.

It wasn’t over yet… there was a way.

{He is planning on something! Although he has wounds all over his body, it seems that Participant Reus still wants to fight!} (Announcer)

My stamina was at the limit, but my mana… there was still some left.

It was regrettable because I already couldn’t let out my voice anymore, so I just took the ‘Ultimate Destruction’ stance and waited for Aniki to attack me.

“…Alright.” (Sirius)

When I thought of Aniki, who could read my intention, lowering his waist with an unconcerned look, he ran up with momentum that broke the platform.

{‘Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style’ is a style that strikes with all of one strength. Even if he knows that it will not connect, just swing down with all of your strength!} (Jekyll)

Looking straight at Aniki who was getting closer to me, I…

“Arrghhh!” (Reus)

I swung my partner down with all my strength.

The sword that swung down stabbed into the platform, and the platform itself was shaking as a result.

Aniki’s movement was momentarily disturbed because of the shaking platform, but he quickly regained his posture, jumped into my bosom and tried to release a right hand fist.

“Anikiii-!” (Reus)

But, that present blow was a feint.

It was coincidence that the platform was shaken, but in order to distract Aniki’s mind even a little, I swung my partner.

I let go the hand that held my partner after it stuck on the platform, and then, I concentrated all my mana on my right hand.

My real aim was… this blow.

{I see. With all mana on his right hand fist, I can think nothing but to hit his opponent. That is his killer technique…} (Jekyll)

“[Wolf–…” (Reus)

“Too slow!” (Sirius)

Faster than the killer technique that I learned from Jii-chan, Aniki’s fist, which could break rocks if he was serious, was driven into my belly.

He never used it in training. It was a blow that surely robbed my consciousness.

“…Hmm!?” (Sirius)

“Aa… aaarrgghhh–!” (Reus)

Still… my consciousness was barely at bay.

And when Aniki’s noticed a slight crack on the floor spread from my feet, that was just before my right fist struck Aniki’s chest.

If it was me until now, I would have fainted by that blow, but he got hit while I imperfectly did the technique that relay the shock to the feet used by Aniki

The incomplete part was, if the original technique could relay 80% of the shock to the feet, I could only relay it about 20%.

Even if it was just 20%, it was good enough as long as I didn’t lost consciousness and the mana gathered on the right hand didn’t dissolve.

“Huh…” (Sirius)

At that time, Aniki, who had been releasing bloodlust, was laughing.

Although Aniki’s reaction was slightly later than the blow that I threw with everything I got, he was defending by using his left arm before my fist connected.

Since Aniki’s feet were on the floor, even if I completed my fist swing, the impact would be relayed and it would not cause much damage.

Although he defended that, it was probably good enough if that made Aniki laugh. Even if it ended like this, I thought that he would praise me.

But… it’s not over yet…


As I had my right arm on his chest, I couldn’t move my legs in order to hold out. And the left hand… was available.

So, as soon as the right hand fist hit, I stretched my left arm to the rear…

“[Impact]!” (Reus)

It was inferior compared to Aniki’s, but I was releasing an [Impact] that could still blow people away.

The shock wave, which was released with a small amount of mana, pushed my back and added more force to the right fist.

“Kuhh!?” (Sirius)

Aniki narrowed his eyes with a slight impatience.

The technique that relay shock through the foot was extremely difficult, and it could fail with a small adjustment of mistake.

The adjustment was likely to fail because of the pushing from the blind spot, which was my rear. Hence, Aniki seemed to have given up trying to relay the shock and chose to endure it.

“Ooooo—!” (Reus)

Since my stamina and mana had run out, this was really the last blow.

When I swung my fist with all remaining strength, I sent Aniki’s flying together with his defending left arm.

Understanding from the feeling of the fist, that blow just now… was surely decided!

{It-it was decided! With a single blow from Participant Reus, it blew Participant Sirius!} (Announcer)

“Ye-..ay!?” (Reus)

At the moment that I was delighted, my body was also blown as if I was attracted by the blown off Aniki… No, I was really being pulled.

From the tightening feeling on my belly, I found out that Aniki’s [String] was wrapped around it.

In that slight moment when Aniki was sent flying, he already prepared for next move.

Really… when I finally thought that I could send a single blow, this happened.

“That’s it…” (Reus)

… It was Aniki that I aimed for.

Since I had no more power came into my body, I also couldn’t resist and I was pulled by Aniki.

He had already rearranged his posture at the point where I was pulled, and I could see Aniki’s figure of holding a fist.

Although I was about to lose my consciousness… this was a match, and since I blew him away, it was also natural to be blown away.

I closed my eyes while I thought about losing consciousness before I could at least feel pain.

“…Eh?” (Reus)

However… no matter how much time had passed, I didn’t feel any pain.

When I opened my eyes to confirm it, I wasn’t hit even though I got pulled. Instead, I was gently received by Aniki, and it seemed I had been laid on the platform. Aniki stooped over to look at my face.

He was expressionless as usual, but he didn’t intend to do anything to me anymore.

When I was relieved because I thought that I would seriously be killed from that bloodlust, Aniki lifted me and showed the arm that I hit.

“This is the left arm that you hit, and apparently there is a crack on the bone. Although there are many problems…” (Sirius)

And there was completely no bloodlust released even until now…

“It was splendid, Reus.” (Sirius)

Aniki was smiling.

“I am… Aniki’s disciple… after all”(Reus)

And I lost consciousness as I smiled.

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